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It is London

Two internet friends meet for the first time

It is London, it is spring and to me it is a miracle she is here. Months of e-mails and messaging are forgotten as a dream appears.

I watch her step from the taxi and walk up the stairs and into the foyer. Even if I did not recognise her face, her shy hesitant steps would give her away. I wave and start to move towards her, shaking apprehensively until I see her smile and move towards me.

“Hi, how are you?” Her voice, just those four words, goes straight to my heart.

“Hi there, I’m well, you?” What conversationalists. I reach out and take her hands in mine; electricity seems to course through me. She moves closer and our faces close until that glorious moment when our lips touch, fleetingly at first. Again they touch and again and again, each time longer and more open until finally we press our lips hard together and our tongues make love as they snake in and out of our mouths.

Reluctantly we pull apart and move towards the elevator. Swiftly we arrive at our floor and make our way to the room. Once inside, the bags are dropped and again we are kissing and holding each other tight. My hands roam over her back, hers through my hair. Kisses become more urgent and caresses firmer and more adventurous.

As her tongue threatens to take over my mouth, my hands grip the cheeks of her arse and she thrusts towards me. Sliding my hands lower I reach the hem of her dress and start the journey upwards again, this time on warm soft, smooth flesh. As I reach and squeeze her bare cheeks I hear her moan in my mouth. Her hands leave my head. Zip! Her dress is dropping to the floor. She is naked before me, hot, lusting and wanting.

She moves to the bed and lies down on her side facing me, smiling and patting the bed beside her. I need no second invitation and am soon lying face to face with my young love. Pulling her to me, our bodies touch, skin to skin for the first time. She sighs and I feel a warmth unknown before.

Gently stroking her face with the back of my hand, I look into her beautiful hazel eyes and I want to live in their constant gaze. My hands on her cheeks, I pull her towards me and we kiss softly. Her eyes slowly close as my arms go around and hold her to me.

My lips are on her face, kissing her, licking her; her face, her neck, oh that lovely, lovely neck. Kissing up her neck to her ears and then my hands are stroking her back. My kisses are on her shoulders slowly making my way to her stunning large breasts, fingers now tracing her spine up to the nape of her neck.

Lips are now trailing across her mounds till I find a large, erect nipple. A kiss, a lick and then I am suckling softly listening to her moaning quietly. Suckling harder and tweaking the other nipple with my fingers, I feel as well as hear her breathing changing.

Kissing on below her breasts, across her belly, my nostrils filling with her aroma. On to her thighs, inside thighs, her body thrusting up urgently seeking my attention. My mouth lingers over her wet and glistening cunt, feasting my eyes on her beauty.

Licking a lip she quivers. Kissing her lips and all the way back towards her arse, I feel her pushing, seeking release. I kiss her lips and allow my tongue to slip between them. She gasps and moans loudly. I lap up her delicious juice as my tongue continues its internal examination. Moving slightly my tongue and mouth are both over her very large and engorged clitoris. A flick of my tongue and she jumps as if electrically charged. My mouth closes on her clit and I am almost trying to swallow it whole. Sucking and flicking, a finger gently entering her arse. I feel her climax mounting, her breathing faster, her voice urging me on.

“Oh yes honey, please, more just like that oh, oh ohhhh.” The words disappear and are replaced by an almost animal sound, low at first then growing into a roar and ending with a short scream as she holds my face tight against her cunt, thrusts hard and then collapses, panting.

As she floats on her personal cloud, I move up alongside her and, as she comes down, hug her and fall asleep with her. As I drop off I wonder what will happen in the rest of this new life together.

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