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It Started With an IM

Sam and Susan have trouble hiding their lust in the office
It was the second Friday of the month and that meant the marketing staff would be spending the better part of their afternoon in the company’s conference room. Originally this meeting had been a good idea. Staff members sat around the large table, had lunch and discussed the various things that each of them was working on with their varied clients. The monthly meeting had seen the cross pollination of ideas that had certainly been good for everyone involved. But that was over 18 months ago, before a new department director had decided to cut out lunch to impress company management with his cost savings. Now the director ran a tightly structured meeting that was nothing short of long and boring.

For Sam, a twelve year veteran of the department, the only good thing about the meeting was that Susan was in the room. Unknown to any of those sitting around the table Sam and Susan had been having an affair for the past three years. In fact, Susan had moved in with Sam about nine months ago. Just five months ago Susan had been promoted to the marketing staff and now had an office just two doors away from Sam.

They had kept their relationship totally quiet because it was against company policy for co-workers to be romantically involved. Neither of them was willing to give up their relationship because of stupid company policy. So they worked just doors away and maintained a friendly co-worker type demeanor for everyone to see.

They had been exceptionally careful to the point of having as little contact in the office as possible. Susan had let it be known that she had a wonderful boyfriend. She even had a photograph framed and sitting on her desk to complete the deception.

Sam had been divorced for nearly six years. Those around him knew absolutely nothing about what he did when he left the office, but that was no different than when he had been married. He was certainly friendly enough and well liked in the office, but he had always been secretive about his personal life.

Sam and Susan had met quite accidentally outside the office at a party and fell in lust within minutes of making eye contact. Their relationship from the first night had been nothing short of steaming hot, starting with ripping each other’s clothes off.

Once they discovered that they worked for the same employer it happened again on Friday after work and they didn’t crawl out of bed until time to go to work on Monday morning. Even after three years together and five months living together, their lust was still strong and consuming. It was not uncommon for one of them to text the other at work requesting a lunch meeting so that they could get naked and fuck like a couple of animals.

Susan was almost thirteen years younger than Sam. He felt like it was a large age gap, but it wasn’t for her. She had always preferred older men. In fact, she found men her own age to be dull and without any depth. Most of the people that worked with Susan would have probably described her as an attractive woman, but probably not pretty. That was an image that she had worked hard to develop because she wanted to climb the corporate ladder as a result of her work and not the size of her tits or the shapeliness of her ass. In fact, she dressed to cover her assets and wore glasses that hid her beauty.

When Sam met her at the party, he did not recognize her and didn’t know that she worked with his firm until several weeks after their meeting when she walked into his office and took her glasses off.

And now … here they were, sitting in the same meeting across the conference table for each other. As always happened, Joel (or Dumbass as he is known) had taken the floor to give everyone a lesson in how to be a bore. He had started making this his personal time to inform every one of his enlightenment and superiority each month. In response to his grandstanding, the rest of the attendees had begun to bring their laptops and iPads to the meeting.

Today was like last month’s meeting. He was explaining his wonderfulness while everyone was doing something with a computer. No doubt some were playing games and some were catching up on email. Sam was answering a client email when his Instant Message box popped up.

Susan: What a dumbass!!

Sam: Him or me?

Susan: Him, of course. Can’t we just shoot him?

Sam: A very good idea. We’ll shoot him and tell God he just died from over-talking.

Susan: LOL. What are you doing?

Sam: Just doing some email. You?

Susan: Actually. I was thinking about you & me & schnapps

Sam: Really?

Susan: Yes, really. GOD that was just wonderful

Sam: It was good. No - not good. Simply incredible.

Susan: Correct. Absolutely incredible. I think you made me cum four times and each time was bigger than the first one.

Sam: You know my motto - I live to serve

Susan: You served me very well. My panties are wet just thinking about it.

Sam: Well, don’t ask me to stand up right now. If this meeting ends I’ll have to remain seated for a while.

Susan: Are you really hard, baby?

Sam: Like a rock. Thinking about our five hour sex marathon, of course I’m hard.

Susan: Can I crawl under the table and take you in my mouth?

Sam: Have I ever told you no?

Susan: Not for anything sexual. It was pretty good in the tub too. Everything was good and you just never quit. Is it the vitamins you take?

Sam: No, it’s just you. I’ve told you hundreds of times. You excite me beyond reason and I simply can’t get enough of you.

Susan: What would you like to do to me right now?

Sam: If we were in my office I’d have you bend over my desk like you were reading papers. I’d slide my hand up inside your skirt to see if your panties were wet.

Susan: Oh they are, sweety. I promise you that.

Sam: If I found them wet you know that I would slide a finger inside you.

Susan: I love the way you finger me. You’ve gotten me off so many times with your fingers I can’t believe it. You really have magic fingers.

Sam: It’s a lot easier to get you off with my fingers if I can get one of your breasts in my mouth. That always works.

Susan: Stop It! OMG. I read that and both of my nipples got hard. You know how much I love the way you treat the girls.

Sam: If I had one of your nipples in my mouth and a finger inside your wet pussy I’d get you to cum in seconds.

Susan: I hope that no one in this meeting has said anything important because my mind is totally between my legs right now. I can just feel your cock in my mouth and know what it tastes like.

Sam: You like that little clear bud of liquid that you squeeze out when you stroke me?

Susan: Oh yes I do! And sometimes when you are ready to cum you have a lot of it. I know by your taste that you are close.

Sam: Now it’s my turn to tell you to stop it. If I get any harder I’ll have to move under the table so that no one can see.

Susan: I’d like to watch you jerk off from over here. And then when you were ready to finish I’d crawl over to you and make you cum in my mouth.

Sam: You do like to watch. I like to see how big your eyes get when you watch me.

Susan: You should see how big the wet spot is on my panties right now. When we get home I’m making you take them off of me with your teeth!

Sam: That would be my pleasure and then I would run my tongue through your wetness and suck on your clit.

Susan: How soon after this meeting ends before we can go home. I want you right now!

Sam: I am expecting a call from a client at 4:30. He is on the west coast and said he’d call me then. As soon as I’m finished with him I’ll be on my way home. You wanna go home and wait for me in bed?

Susan: NO! I don’t wanna wait that long, but I guess there is no choice. Maybe I’ll wait with you and you can show me those papers on your desk.

Sam: But you could go home and get a head start with one of your toys.

Susan: I don’t want a toy! I want that hard thing in your pants. I want it in my hands, in my mouth, in my pussy and any place else you might want to try.

Sam: You want some schnapps on your rosebud?

Susan: I don’t know about the schnapps, but I do want you to know how good you feel in my ass. OMG, now I’m even wetter. The thought of you buried inside me like that just gave me cold shivers … or maybe they were HOT shivers.

Before Sam could write a reply he heard the director as he started his normal “Let’s wrap this speech up.”

Blessedly this meeting was coming to an end and he could get out of here. It was almost 4:00 and hopefully he could be out of the building and heading home to Susan by 5:00. He already knew that this was going to be a long night because when he got Susan excited early they both seemed to just go on and on.

Sam: Wrap it up, baby. This party is about over and you can get an early start home. You know that everyone else is going to be slipping out the exit in a matter of minutes.

Susan: I’ll talk to you before I leave. I’m dripping wet!

The director stood and began to make some stupid remarks about how everyone could learn some things from these meetings and how he was impressed with everyone’s attentiveness. It took all of Sam’s self-control not to snicker out loud at his remark. Of the twelve people in the room, on the dumbass was nodding his head in agreement. The others were all busy turning off their computers and getting ready to head home.

Sam and Susan walked out of the conference room trying not to look at each other. As it happened Sam was the last to leave the room and Susan was just ahead of him. Before she had cleared the door Sam took the opportunity to lightly run his hand over her ass and feel the small thong panties that she was wearing. Under his breath so that no one could hear he said, “If you have to wear them, I prefer them wet.”

Before Sam could even get back to his office he saw two of his co-workers with computer cases under their arms walking to the backdoor of the office. He chuckled to himself knowing that even though they had reserved parking spaces just outside the office front door, those that planned on slipping out early always parked in the back so that the boss and the receptionist couldn’t see them leaving. Because he was senior, not to mention that he didn’t give a shit, Sam parked in front and left when he felt like leaving. Of course, truth be told, he was almost always one of the last to leave.

Back at his desk he was once again totally involved in his own business and looking through his notes for the telephone call that he knew would be coming shortly. At 4:31 his private line rang. He glanced at his computer screen to see the small window pop up to tell him who was calling. He leaned back in his chair, picked up his phone and said, “You’re a minute late, Bill. You’re losing your touch.”

“Hell, son. I’m in California and life is just wacky out here. Who can keep track of time with all of the beautiful women running around half dressed,” Bill answered with a laugh. “I’m at LAX right now and hoping my plane will leave on time. I might actually get home before midnight.”

“Well, I’m glad that you are getting to go home, Bill. I’d hate to think that you had to spend the weekend out there with all of those loose California women,” Sam said. “I have those numbers that you wanted to go over if you have time.”

Bill was launching into a business discussion when Sam felt a presence in the room. As he moved to pick up the papers on his desk he glanced at his doorway to see Susan standing there with an odd smile on her face. As he listened to Bill, Sam watched her walked slowly across his office until she was standing in front of his desk.

Susan didn’t say anything, but held her hand out to Sam. He quietly put his hand out to her and she placed something in it. While he cradled the phone between his shoulder and ear he opened his hand to find that she had given him a small piece of fabric. He opened it to find that she had given him her white lace thong panties. She stood there smiling at him as he opened them up and found that as she had told him during them IM, they were indeed quite wet. Instantly he felt his cock harden as he looked up at her.

“I’m sorry, Bill. I was distracted by someone at my door,” Sam said into the phone as the panties under his nose and breathed in the fragrance. “Please repeat that last thing you said.”

“You got one of those sexy women in your office trying to give you a blowjob before they go home?” Bill asked. I guess I should know better than to call you on Friday when they’re all trying to get into your pants,” Bill replied with a laugh.

“Not at all, Bill,” Sam said. “Let me put you on speaker phone so that I can go through these papers.”

As Sam reached for the button on the phone to put Bill on speaker he said under his breath, “I thought you were going home. What are you doing?”

Sam heard the click on the phone and said, “Can you hear me, Bill.”

“Of course, I can,” Bill replied. “I don’t have a lot of time, so I’d like for you to give me your estimate on that advertising campaign that we discussed on Tuesday. Do you have that yet?”

“I do,” Sam said looking at the papers on his desk, but not failing to see that Susan was slowly walking around to his side of the desk. As he began describing the analysis that he had done for Bill, Susan came to stand beside him.

Her nearness was certainly disturbing and distracting because he knew that she was completely naked under the dress that she was wearing because her panties were lying on the top of his desk. He talked a little more and watched as she picked up the panties, opened then and held them under his nose. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “You see what you do to me?”

As Sam finished his report, Bill said, “That’s great, Sam. As always, you’ve given me exactly what I needed and the insight that I expect from you.” Bill paused a second and Sam could hear a loud voice on Bill’s end of the conversation. “They’re calling my flight, Sam. I got lucky and they’ve given me an upgrade to first class for my trip home. So if you don’t mind, I’ll let you go so that I can board this flight first and get a glass of scotch down me before this bird leaves the ground. Thanks again, old son, and if you don’t mind, copy that report and email it to me.”

“Consider it done, Bill,” Sam replied as he looked up to see Susan smiling at him. “I’ll have it out to you before I leave here. Safe travels. I’ll talk with you next week.” He hit the button to disconnect the call and turned back to Susan.

Before he could say anything, Susan put her hand in front of his face and slipped a finger into his mouth. It took only two seconds for him to understand that she wanted him to taste what was on her finger. There was no mistaking that her finger was coated with the sweetness of her pussy. He sucked on the finger as he looked up at her.

“I couldn’t wait any longer,” she said. “You got me so excited and so wet in the meeting that I just didn’t have any choice. I went back to my office and sat on my soaking wet panties and knew that I needed some relief right away. So I closed my door, took off my panties and masturbated while thinking about your hard cock in my mouth. I’m guessing that you can taste it on my finger.”

Sam put his hand on the inside of her knee just below the hem of her dress. As he began to move it slowly upward he said, “There wasn’t any doubt what I was tasting, baby. But what I really need is to taste the source of that sweetness. What I really want is to run my tongue between your legs, suck on your clit and finger you until you scream with pleasure.” His hand reached the spot between her legs where he found her puffy, wet lips. Without prelude, he slipped a finger into her wetness and began to slowly slide it in and out as he watched her eyes close and the smile of satisfaction spread over her face.

Sam continued fingering Susan as he kept an eye on his doorway, being very careful not to get caught. Very softly he said, “You’ve been a very naughty girl. Coming in here like this could cause us trouble if someone were to see what I was doing.” His thumb slid up to cover her clit. He watched her smile turn into a look of intense pleasure that he knew very well. "Now I’m going to make you cum one more time and then you are going to go home, strip off all of your clothes and wait for me naked. When I get home I want to find you on your knees with your face in a pillow. I don’t want any talking. I just want you wet and ready. I’m going to come into the bedroom, drop my pants and give you the fucking that you deserve. And when I’m ready, you will get on your knees, take me in your mouth and suck every ounce of my cum until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

Susan grabbed the side of his desk as her entire body shook while her orgasm raced through her. She leaned against his desk to keep from falling over. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked into his. Finally she said, “I was naughty and I hope that you aren’t terribly angry with me. I’ll go home now and be ready for you when you get there. And maybe after you’ve punished me properly you’ll want to run your tongue between my legs and punish me some more.” Susan gave him her biggest smile. “It’s Friday, baby, and I’m hoping that you punish me like that until Monday morning.”

Sam let his finger slip out of Susan’s sex. While she watched he put the finger into his mouth and licked it like a lollipop, looked into her eyes and said, “Count on it.”

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