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It was a great evening

Lots of teasing and pleasing
When I got home I had the house to myself, so I thought..... Why not take advantage of it. Laying back on the cool sheets with nothing but a smile. Hand gently caressing myself until I was about half way hard. I notice the tip flopping around as I started to softly stroke on it. Finally the ridge was as hard as ever, and the skin stretched tightly over ever inch.
Slowing the stroke, and with some squeezing I managed to produce a few drops from the tip. Which I quickly used to slickin up my hand. Taking my finger tips, and rubbing it all over the length of me before I went back to gripping myself. I watched as the drops came more frequently now. Over the rim, and down through my fingers as I became closer. Finally, I couldn't hold back any more as it shot out of me. The first rush coating my hand before I was able to raise my hips, and let the rest squirt out onto my tummy. Mmm....
Later that night....
Getting to bed shortly before 10:00 I lay in there with candles lit, and gently touching myself. Not hard. Just the finger tips along the length of myself while I waited for her to take out her contacts, and come to bed. She turned the light out and couldn't see anything until she got into bed. She noticed what I was doing, and I could see a sparkle in her eye. We started kissing, as I rubbed. She eventually took over as I was now completely hard. Asking me if I'd like a kiss? O yea!.
She just played with the head on her lips for the longest time! Driving me nuts. Then FINALLY started down on me. Just a little at a time. First dozen strokes didn't even cover the head. Just her tongue toying with me. Eventually I felt the rim pop into her mouth, and then back out again!!! UGH!!! You're tearing me up. My body FILLED with anticipation. A few more strokes made me clinch the sheets. Each of them deeper than the last. She asked if I was ready for her to take all of me? I managed to squeak out a yes, and without hesitation, she rests her lips lightly around me, and sunk me to the back of her throat.
I could feel her nose tickling my tummy as she sucked on me. I played with her hair as she bobbed up and down. Lacing my fingers in her hair, I held her head still and raised my hips to her. She seemed to like this because when I stopped, she asked for more. So, I was eager to complied. When my hips couldn't function any longer, I layed still, and worked her head. Taking my other hand and wrapping it back around my shaft as she stroked me with her mouth. Mmmm.... One hand on her head, and the other on my cock. I held her head still with just the tip in her mouth, and stroked on myself for a few minutes.
She took over reaching for the oil, as I layed back while her hand pounded me. I felt as if I was on the edge, but couldn't cum. She kissed on me again, and asked if I wanted her to finish me by hand, or in her mouth. I was speechless. I told her she had to decide. Neither was her answer. She wanted it splattered all over her chest. She flipped over, and I grabbed the oil. Between her luscious tits, I slid my throbbing rock hard cock. Leaning forward a few time for her to suck it all in. Then back to her chest.
Still, I was on the edge, but out of reach. She talked to me, hoping to feel the warmth rush out onto her chest, and neck. I mumbled out that I wanted to cum inside her! When I moved down, she was already soaking wet. I slid in with no resistance at all. I kissed her with forcefulness as I rammed in and out. I had to stop for a second so she didn't bite my lip when she came the first time. I asked if she wanted me to hold still while she finished, but she begged me not to.
Alternating the speed, and direction, I could feel her about to burst again. After her second orgasm she was so slick, I could hardly feel any friction at all. It was just snug pressure wrapped all around my dick. Up on my knees with her legs wrapped tightly around me, and her hips raised in the air I could feel my cock swelling, and I was about to cum. She could feel it too, and almost started to cum when I drove in, and she held me tight as I filled her up. Biting the pillow over her shoulder, I could feel her body shaking with mine. Covered in sweat, and trembling. Worn out, and exhausted, I collapsed over her. The wetness was incredible. My cum mixed with hers made for a huge mess on the sheets. Damp from our bodies, and soaked from all of the leaking fluid from each of us. I rolled over with a good night kiss. Still catching my breath, as I check the clock. Damn, It's well after midnight. 4:00am is going to come early! But I managed to work all day with a smile on my face still day dreaming about the previous evening. 
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