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It's Been a Long time Coming

His eyes burned through mine and I thought he could see my master plan of taking his virginity.
On a hot summer day the pool was my favorite place to be. Myfriend, John, always let me use his since I don’t have one. I was swimming laps one day when John joined me in the pool.

He jumped in and stopped me from finishing my work out, not that I really work out. I usually just want a reason to be in the pool.

“Hey!” he said enthusiastically.

“Hi John!” I said as I returned the enthusiasm.

“You look really nice today,” John admitted to me.

I blushed and realized I was wearing my new hot pink bikini. The top was low cut and the bottoms just barely covered my ass. It made me feel good that someone had noticed my sexy body.

We played in the pool as if we were 5 but in reality we were both 17. Playing turned into flirting in no time. Nothing’s ever happened between us but considering my recent boost of confidence it was about to change.

“Race you to the hot tub!” I exclaimed.

I ran up the steps as fast as I could. John was clearly faster than me because by the time I was half way there he grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder effortlessly. I screamed a little as he carried me to the hot tub.

He slowly put me down and I just smiled at his strength. I took the cover off and slipped right in. The heat felt so good on my cold body. John sat next to me and I slid my hand on to his thigh. His cheeks reddened a little and he looked at me. His eyes burned through mine and the confidence I once had vanished.

My heart raced as I sat on his lap with my legs draped over his. I put my arms around his neck and leaned close to him. I stopped there for a second to take in how close I had gotten. We were breathing the same air and he wasn’t pulling away so I slowly kissed him softly. I ran my fingers through his hair and teased his lips with my tongue before pulling away. He pulled my body close to his and kissed me deeply. As our tongues met my pussy pounded.

I grabbed one of his hands and lead him to my thigh. The second his hand touched me, my body shuddered. He caught on quickly and grabbed my ass tightly. I smiled as we kissed roughly. This burning desire crept up in us both. John’s hands were frantically searching my body.

“I think it’s time this moves to the bed room” John insisted.

He scooped me up in his arms and carried me out of the hot tub. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head on to his chest. His heart was racing just as fast as mine. It was reassuring to know he was nervous to.

We walked through the door way and he threw me onto his bed. I giggled and I got on all fours. With my ass in the air I smiled as he stood in front of me. He got on his knees and ran his fingers through my dark curly hair. John pulled my face to his and kissed me roughly. Just then I realized music was playing in the background. As soon as I noticed it was my favorite song I jumped out of the bed and danced; trying to look as sexy as possible. After a few seconds john joined me on the dance floor. He gently put his hands on my waist. His hands were cold but felt so nice on my body.

I pinned him to one of the walls and wrapped one leg around his. I kissed him gently before throwing myself on him. I knocked him over and lay on top of him kissing him softly. I slid my tongue in his mouth and looked for every curve and bump I could find. His hands were roaming my body and were once again on my bear back.

He gently pushed me over and crawled on top of me before shyly asking “Can I take your bikini top off?” I giggled and nodded excitedly. He slowly untied the knot at the back and pulled it over my head to reveal my C cup boobs. John kissed my neck gently and nibbled at my collar bone. As we kissed I gently untied the knot in his shorts and pushed them off slowly. He roughly pulled off my bikini bottoms and stopped for a second to see what now belonged to him; my body. John stood up bring me with him. He grabbed my ass and I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist. He walked over to the bed and slowly lowered us both.

Johns slid a hand over my breast and I shuddered under his touch. I flipped him onto his back and kissed his neck. I gave it a little bite and as I kissed it my hand found its way down to his dick. I slowly rubbed it and he twitched a little at the feeling. He put his hand on mine and made me rub harder and faster. I smiled and bit his neck harder than the last time. I tiny moan slipped his lips. His dick was growing in my hand and I couldn’t help but feel satisfied. I kissed my way down his body to his growing cock and licked it from bottom to top. I kissed the head gently and started sucking on the tip. I wanted to tease john a bit more but he put his hand on my head and pushed me down gently. He moaned and it turned me on so much more. I sucked and stroked faster and faster as time went on. He almost screamed out my name as he cummed all over.

I found my way up his body and kissed him softly. He pushed me on my back and licked my boobs softly. I moaned gently and it caught his attention. He played with my boobs a bit more before moving on to my wet pussy. He slid down my body and kissed my clit softly. I bit my lip and leaned my head back. He licked my clit and made my body burst into flames. John slowly slid one finger in my dripping hole. I could feel him going in and out of me. He slid another finger in my pussy and I bit my lip so hard it was bleeding. He twisted his fingers inside me and my body freaked. It felt so good; I threw my hands onto his head and made him lick me faster.

I didn’t last long with the way his hands moved in and out and his tongue all over my pussy. The walls of my pussy contracted all around his fingers. John kissed my stomach then my boobs and up to my lips. My body was still twitching a bit when he slid his dick into my pussy. It hurt, but the pain made the pleasure so much better. We moaned together from the pleasure of having each other near. Once he made it all the way in, he pulled himself right out then pounded back in and I almost screamed. He did that once more and I couldn’t stop myself I screamed and moaned his name. “John, I’m going to cum if you do that one more time.” I said between deep breaths, he slid his dick out and said “me too” as his dick pounded in he cummed inside me and I cummed all over his dick. He fell beside me and said “I'm feeling really hazy.” “Sleep” I replied softly. As we lay on the floor I thought of all the times I wished this would happen and it finally had.

I woke up about 10 minutes later. I looked next to me and saw john passed out. I smiled at the memory of what happened. I slid my hand over his dick and he woke up smiling. I kissed him softly and started stroking his dick gently. He stood up and pulled me to my feet. He picked me up and set me down on the wooden ledge of the window. I wrapped my arm around his neck and we kissed each other like mad. His hand made its way down my body and he played with my clit as we kissed. He slid his dick in my wet pussy and I moaned loudly. I hugged him tight as he made his way in and out of my pulsing pussy. "I’m not going to last long." I said as I moaned in his ear. He tried to reply but just grunted. I smiled and kissed him roughly. As he moved his dick in me, I bit his lip and played with his tongue.

My pussy exploded around his dick and I screamed as his cum dripped out of me. We sat motionless for a second before he fell over and stared at the roof. I joined him on the floor and said “john?” I paused “I think I like you” he laughed and pulled my naked body on top of his. “I’m not kidding. I think I like you. A lot.” I said quietly. He pulled me in and kissed me. This kiss was different from every other one. It was slow and romantic instead of panicked and frantic. Butterflies flied my whole body. “I think I like you to.” From that day on we were inseparable and spent almost every night exploring each other in different ways.

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