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It's Just a Game

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Mark starts and on-line game of Scrabble .....
It’s Just a Game

Mark arrives home from work and throws his briefcase on the couch. He logs on and checks his e-mails. Nothing important. Nothing that can’t wait. He logs into Facebook and after adding a couple of comments opens up Scrabble. He needs a bit of light relief after the day he’s had:-

Game on.

Mark FATE 14pts

Hi Belinda, do you fancy a quick one?

Belinda DRAB 11 pts

I’d prefer a long one lol

Mark AB, FAIR 18 pts

I’ll see what I can manage ….. lol.

Belinda WHIPPER 18 pts

Mark WHINES 32 pts

Belinda FAIRY, VINY 31 pts

Mark JIG 22 pts

Had another ‘G’ and a ‘Y’ but wouldn’t have wanted to give you the ‘Y’

Belinda VOTED 17 pts

Hahahah jiggy jiggy lol

Mark KI, ON, KO 34 pts

Belinda TAIL TON 8 pts

Mark TAILS SAGO 33 pts

Belinda RUNE 12 pts

Mark UM NO ED MOD 19 pts

Belinda LICE 12 pts

Mark ROUTE RED 19 pts

I need something to eat …..

Belinda FATES SUMO 14 pts

I got something for you …..

Mark TON, TI, JOR 15 pts

Something hot?

Belinda NOT, ROOT 7 pts

Something very hot.

Mark ENTAIL 10 pts

Oh yeah. What might that be then?


( . )( . )


( y )


That hot, huh?

Belinda RING 6 pts

So I believe.

Mark KIS, EX, TONE, SEX 49 pts

What would you like me to do with it?

Belinda LI, QI 33 pts

What would you like me to do for you?

Mark GU, UM 15 pts

Go wherever the fancy takes you

Belinda DOZE 24 pts

Didn’t you have a C?? lol

Mark BADE, AL, BI, 20 pts

I’m afraid not ….. I could do with one …..


Rub it for me. Imagine my mouth on it. Licking your head and going crazy sucking it. Licking your balls. You’re getting harder. Your hand moves down to my shaved wet pussy.

(Belinda opens her legs, puts a hand up her short skirt and strokes at her wettening pussy through the thin material of her knickers)


Dirty girl …… carry on


Lol Are you hard baby? You start rubbing my clit and you’ve got me soooooooo wet. Your mouth moves down. I slide my legs open and your mouth moves down kissing it and flicking my clit with your tongue. I’m moaning and groaning.


My cock is so hard it’s throbbing.

(Mark can feel the blood punping into his cock. He rubs it through the material of his trousers).


We start to eat each other out. I beg you to fuck me so you ram your throbbing cock inside, fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. I want you. I want you deeper. God, you feel so good.

(Belinder slides her hand inside her knickers. She strokes at her lips which are already wet and juicy and ready for some cock).


Pumping your pussy.

(Mark undoes his trousers and lowers his zip. He reaches inside and releases his stiff, throbbing cock and starts to stroke it slowly from top to bottom).


Yes, baby. And sucking my boobs and my big nipples while you’re fucking me. You want to explode. I want to feel your hot cum inside me. God, you’re hard, babe. So bloody horny. Ooooooh yesssssss. I’m going to cum, babe.

(Belinder slides two fingers inside herself. Her cunt is wet and slippery. She withdraws them and uses the tip of one finger to spread the juice over her clit. Her legs tensen with the sensation).


I play with your clit and put a finger inside you with my cock ramming you.

(Mark strokes at his cock and feels his balls then returns to stroking his cock. He squeezes it tight to feel the blood pumping into it).


Open your mouth so I can squirt inside. Fuck. Cum for me, baby. Cum for me. Yessssssssssssssssssssssss. Oooooooooooooooooooh. Yeeeeeeeeee.

(Belinda places her two fingers back inside herself and slides them in and out wishing they were a cock).


I pull out my cock and pump my creamy thick cum all over you.

(Mark strokes faster at his cock and feels the cum starting to rise. He wants some pussy round his cock. Now).


Come, baby. You’re hot babe.


All over your tits……


Yesssssssssssssssss. All over. And in my mouth. Let me swallow every drop of you.


You kiss the cum back into my mouth.


Love to have my lips wrapped around your cock. Yes, babe. Cum honey everywhere. My ass, my tits, my mouth, my face, my back. In my ass and my pussy. Did you cum baby?


Oh, yeah. I’ve got cum all over me.

Been a pleasure playing with you, so to speak.

Belinda RAPE 6 pts

Hope you feel good xxx. My pleasure, baby. You made me feel good.

Next time you can tie me up and force me, ok?

Mark MALE 6 pts

Yeah, next time I’ll tie you up …….

Belinda WEE 18 pts

And piss on me …..

Mark FED 14 pts

Whatever takes your fancy lol. Looking forward to playing with you again sometime.

Belinda ALE, NE, BIN 10 pts

You can play with me anytime, baby.

Mark FY 8 pts


Belinda AY 5 pts


“Like now?” Mark asks looking over at Belinda sitting on the armchair. He strokes at his cock which is still throbbing and in desperate need of some pussy.

“Especially now,” Belinda responds.

She slides her knickers off and strokes at her full pink lips as Mark looks on practically drooling. She stands and crosses to Mark. Taking him by the cock she leads him out of the living room and begins to ascend the stairs. As the go up the steps she stumbles and quickly places both hands down to stop herself from falling. Bent over like that her pussy is on full show and mark wastes no time in steering his cock between her inviting lips. He sinks his shaft in all the way to the hilt and gasps. Belinda lets out a moan at the feel of Mark’s cock penetrating her. She holds herself still as he rides backwards and forwards.

“Oh yes, baby,” she’s saying. “Oh yessssssssssssssss”.

“Oh, I want to fuck you so hard,” says Mark as he looks down at his cock being squeezed by Belinda’s pink lips.

“Do it, baby. Fuck me, fuck me. I want to feel your cum all over me”.

At that moment a bedroom door opens and David, Mark and Belinda’s housemate walks out to see what all the commotion is about. They hadn’t even considered that he might be at home. He stands at the top of the stairs and looks down at the shocked couple caught mid-coitus on the steps below. They are too far gone to stop now. Belinda looks up at him.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me,” she wails as Mark continues with his pounding. He has no intention of stopping.

David feels his own cock stiffening and protruding from the dressing gown he is wearing. He looks down in embarrassment but can’t resist stroking himself. He looks at Belinda who is watching him. She opens her mouth, raises her head and lick around her lips. David needs no further invitation. He walks down the stairs and sits above Belinda. He slides his legs around her supporting arms and undoes his gown to fully reveal his cock. Belinda supports herself on one hand and uses the other to steer David into her mouth then uses it to play with his balls as she sucks ravenously at him. She moves her hand away and reaches between her legs and wraps it around Marks cock which is wet from her juices. She feels him tense as he fills her full of cum and at the same time the hot tanginess of David’s sperm fills her mouth. Her legs go weak and begin to tremble as she climaxes too and they give way as she falls and the three bodies end up in a tangled heap on the stairs.

“Who’s cooking tonight?” Belinda asks later.

“I will,” says David.

“Good man,” says Mark.

“After we’ve eaten maybe we should have a nice relaxing game of Scrabble,” Belinda suggests.

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