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It's Not Just Tease

The teasing is fun, but they're eighteen now. It should to be more.
Kara debated with herself over what to wear for breakfast. Since school had ended, she didn't have a real reason to be fully dressed that early in the day. She didn't even need to get out of bed. However, it had been the established custom, even when she was not in school, that Kara and her father would have breakfast together before he left for the office. She had always gotten fully dressed.

Kara had turned eighteen in her last year of high-school and as a graduation present, her father had taken her to France for a few days. While there, ignoring her father's raised eyebrows, Kara had sometimes gone without a bra, occasionally left an extra button or two undone, and once even gone topless at the beach.

Kara was still wearing what she had slept in. It consisted of a frilly white shorty pajama top and matching panties. It wasn't transparent, but it was thin enough so as to make it obvious she wasn't wearing anything under it. Kara really didn't want to put on any more. She was already imagining what it would be like to wear the sleep set in the back yard while having her second cup of coffee.

Her father's attitude about how she should be dressed was considerably different than her own and he was not likely to be as accepting as he had been on their trip. For breakfast with Daddy, she would at least need to cover herself with a robe. She found one in her closet that was not too old-ladyish. She hoped it would be acceptable.

When John Radcliffe came into the kitchen he was startled by his daughter's unprecedented dress. She had put on a black satin shorty robe over the sleep-set but her legs were bare and there was a hint of cleavage. It was more skin than he thought appropriate but after all she was eighteen now and they were in the privacy of their own home. Exhaling slowly he resignedly said, “All grown up now I guess.”

“Then you don't mind... that I didn't get really dressed.”

Mr. Radcliff shook his head dismissively while looking at his grownup daughter. “I might have thought it more appropriate if the robe had been longer, but...” He swallowed hard. “I guess it's time I quit trying to make those decisions for you.” Kara blushed but nodded her understanding.

After Daddy left, Kara fixed herself a second cup of coffee and headed for the backyard, untying the robe as she went. Sitting down at a table near the pool, she removed the robe and threw it over the back of the chair. A pajama top and panties was not something she had ever before worn outside, even in her own backyard. Kara thought however, that it was exciting to be outside while wearing so little. The skimpy attire did seem appropriate for the Texas sun, and there was minimal risk of being seen.

The single threat to her privacy was a window in the second story of the house next door. It was the bedroom window of Kara's long-time friend Tommy, who should be downstairs at this time of morning. She thought however, that she detected movement at the upstairs window and wondered if he was watching her.

Tommy had become one of Kara's closest friends after the loss of her mother. A couple of years back she had even had a 'crush' on him. Recently however, in spite of being in the same graduating class, the two had not had much contact. In a way, Kara kind of hoped that Tommy was watching.

As it turned out, he was. After noticing movement in the yard next door, Tommy grabbed a pair of binoculars. What he saw caused a stirring in his shorts. The girl next door was splayed out in a deck chair, soaking up the morning sun while drinking her coffee. She looked to be dressed as if she had just gotten out of bed.

Kara had filled out some since Tommy had last spent any time with her, however he could see there was still not an ounce of flab on her. Her breasts were a bit larger than he had remembered, but still not to the point where they were likely to sag. And the legs, 'Oh my God,' he thought. Kara's pajama top was waist length and it looked as if the only other thing she was wearing was a pair of panties. Tommy rushed downstairs and into the backyard.

While sipping her coffee, Kara watched Tommy from the corner of her eye as he entered the backyard and wandered over near the hedge separating their properties. The shrubs forming the hedge were relatively new and still quite thin, having replaced a rotten fence that had been taken down a year or so earlier. Kara, even with her head turned away, could see that Tommy was sneaking occasional glances in her direction. “Hey stranger,” she called to him, “C'mon over if ya got time.”

'Yes!' he thought, but wanted to make it appear as if the meeting was accidental. “I was just checking to see if the hedge needed trimming,” he lied, then continued while working his way through one of the thinner spots, “I'm surprised you're up. Why so early?”

Kara tucked her bare legs under the table, shielding them and her panties from Tommy's immediate view. She was pretty sure however that it had been Tommy at the upper window, and that he was already well aware of how little she was wearing. She suspected, perhaps even hoped, that was the real reason Tommy had been 'inspecting the hedge'. “Sit,” she commanded, “I got up to have breakfast with Daddy.”

Tommy spotted the robe hanging over the back of Kara's chair. 'Must have taken the robe off after her father left,' Tommy said to himself. He continued to analyze the situation. 'But why? To get sun on her shoulders and legs? Maybe... or maybe just because she likes having her clothes off.' Whatever the reason, Tommy was not complaining.

The pajama top was so thin, it was obvious to Tommy that she wasn't wearing a bra. And those panties? Judging from what Tommy had seen from his window, he was pretty sure there wasn't much to them either. As he took the seat on the opposite side of the table he remarked, “Haven't seen ya in while, you been gone?”

Kara found it intoxicating to be so bare, almost naked, while outside, talking to her neighbor. “We just got back from France. Daddy took me there for my graduation present.”

Tommy was studying the girl across the table. It was a good thing the table was hiding the physical manifestation of his thoughts. He spoke while continuing his imaginations. “I knew you guys were gone last week but I had no idea. I mean France... cool.”

The shoulder straps of Kara's sleep set had slipped from her shoulders when she first sat down. She had left them that way as she liked the feeling of having so much exposed, especially now that Tommy was so obviously enjoying the view. Kara leaned forward with her elbows on the table and let her top slip even lower. She asked, “Did you miss me?”

Tommy gasped, his mouth hanging open. Kara's top had very nearly fallen off and now just barely covered her nipples. Focused on the sight of her nearly naked breasts, Tommy stammered, “Uh... It's kinda hard to miss someone you never see.”

Kara knew that Tommy was seeing quite a lot of her right now, but responded as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. “We used to see each other every day.” She continued to lean forward.

Tommy was totally taken back by the view he was being afforded, yet Kara didn't appear to be concerned in the slightest. “Yeah,” he managed to eke out without looking up, “But I guess we kinda went our separate ways during the last coupla years.”

Kara took her elbows from the table and put her hands on the arm of the chair, as if to get up. Continuing to afford Tommy a nearly unobstructed view down her top, Kara acknowledged, “You're right ya know, it has been that long. I got so busy with gymnastics, drama club, yearbook and a bunch of other stuff that I almost never got home.”

“Uh... parties too,” he added. Tommy was still staring and still having trouble with his speech.

Kara was well aware of the effect she was having but continued her charade. “Yeah, that too, but you weren't at any of them.”

Tommy at long last raised his eyes and looked into Kara's. “No. My friends and I were probably studying, or fooling with computers, or -”

Kara stood up abruptly and took a couple of steps toward the house, then stopped. She had moved far enough so that Tommy now had an enticing view of what she had been hiding under the table. She turned slowly, giving him ample time to look her over. “I'm going to get myself another cup of coffee. Would you like one too?” Kara watched as Tommy's eyes moved slowly down and then up her bare legs, fixating on the spot between her legs.

Tommy imagined running his hands along Kara's smooth calves, up her muscular thighs and over her butt-cheeks. As he focused on the narrow strip of cloth between her legs he could see it was freshly damp. Tommy knew that Kara was as excited as he was.

They were both grown up now, but it didn't look like the game had changed much. Kara's teasing now was certainly not of the innocent type it had been in years past, but it was still teasing and she was probably about to make some excuse for leaving him hanging, just like she had always done. It was time for him to turn the tables.

“Thanks, but I should be going. Stuff to do for Mother, ya know, but I could make it tomorrow morning... that is, if you want.” Although he didn't really want or need to leave, he was going to make Kara wait, at least until tomorrow.

Kara was pretty sure Tommy didn't really have anything he needed to do. He was paying her back for ignoring him for so long. That, she knew, had been a mistake, and knew now that she was going to have to make up for it. She knew also though, that it would be an even worse mistake, to try and do it in one day. “Okay, tomorrow morning then,” she reluctantly responded, “As soon as Daddy leaves.”

As Tommy got up to go, it was Kara's turn to look. Tommy might be a geek, like her girl-friends had said, but he was also quite a hunk. Before he turned away, Kara noticed that Tommy not only had acquired a nice package, but from the look of it tenting out the front of his shorts, he still enjoyed being teased. She knew though, that it couldn't be just teasing.


When John Radcliffe entered the kitchen the next morning, Kara turned from the preparation counter where she had been standing and posed as if for a picture. Today she had dressed more like she might be headed to the mall. She was wearing a print blouse and a pair of tasteful shorts.

Mr. Radcliffe realized his daughter had probably chosen her attire with his sensitivities in mind. “Now that's more like you should be dressed with your 'old man',” he said cheerily. “What's for breakfast?”

Kara beamed. “Sit down and you'll find out.” She carried the pancakes and sausage to the table, than sat down across from him.

The conversation initially was about what Kara had prepared for breakfast, eventually gravitating to a discussion of who he was meeting that day at work. Finally, they got to talking about her. “So tell me, what did you do yesterday,” Mr. Radcliffe quizzed.

“Tommy came over when I was sitting on the deck. We talked for a while.”


“Just after you left. I was finishing my coffee.”

Mr. Radcliffe hesitated, remembering quite vividly what Kara had been wearing when he left the previous morning. “I guess you got dressed before you went out to the backyard,” he said hopefully.

“Well, no, not exactly,” Kara replied sheepishly.

Mr. Radcliffe did not want this to come off as if he were being critical. He was sure that Kara had behaved sensibly and wanted to show his understanding. “Well, you did have the robe on.” Instead of Kara nodding her confirmation, she turned her head and looked away. “You did still have the robe on, didn't you,” he asked more forcefully, already afraid of the answer.

Kara looked back at him and replied in a similarly forceful manner, “No, Daddy, I didn't, but I can explain.”

John Radcliffe bit his lip, trying to contain his anger. “I think, I'd rather you didn't,” he said through his teeth. “Tommy must have -”

“What?” Kara shouted. “Must have what?” She knew she was in trouble. Kara paused, struggling with what to say next. Lowering her voice a bit, but still exhibiting considerable belligerence, she taunted, “You do approve of him don't you.”

Mr. Radcliffe felt he had been too judgmental. He attempted to steer the conversation back to a less confrontational place. Adopting a somewhat more friendly tone he replied, “Well yeah, I think so, but didn't you tell me a couple of years ago you didn't like him anymore.”

Kara sensed her father was trying to be understanding. She tried to sound less argumentative herself. “I think I changed my mind.”

“I would hope so! With what I suspect you were wearing under that robe, you better like him a lot.”

“Daddy, it isn't like you're thinking. But he is coming over again today... after you leave.”

“Well at least you're wearing clothes today,” he snapped. Mr. Radcliffe looked away. He knew he'd let his emotions get out of hand again. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. “On the deck?” he asked.

Kara sensed that her father really was trying to be understanding. “Uh huh. What are you thinking, Daddy.”

“I'm thinking,” he said with a sigh, “I wish I had a girl like you next door when I was growing up.”

“That is the nicest thing you could have said, Daddy. Somehow, I knew you'd understand.” Kara didn't think her father would have been so understanding, if he had known she planned to change into something less conservative, as soon as he left. She wasn't in the habit of hiding things from him, but being forthcoming on this was going to have to wait, at least for a day or two. John Radcliffe got up from the table, kissed his surprisingly mature daughter on the forehead and left for work.

After he was gone, Kara began thinking about her meeting with Tommy. Having been practically naked with him yesterday had been a real turn on, almost as much as that stranger putting suntan lotion on her at the beach in France. She'd gotten wet with Tommy staring at her almost bare tits, imagining his hands, maybe even his mouth, sliding over them and toying with her nipples.

She returned to her room and stripped off the shorts and blouse, bra too. She replaced them with a loose fitting, tissue thin, blue print sleep shift, its wrinkled texture attesting to its intended use. It was cut low, extending upward to just below her armpits and only slightly above the swell of her breasts.

The shift could probably have been supported by Kara's breasts alone, but it was intended to be held in place by two wide shoulder straps, attached near the top of the shift with four large buttons, two each in the front and back.

The shift was also short, only an inch or so below her panties. With what she had been wearing yesterday, she couldn't have gone without panties, but today, with the shift covering all but her legs, it might be fun. Kara got all tingly at the thought of having coffee with Tommy while being totally bare under the shift.

Kara had slept in her panties and was still wearing them as she returned to the kitchen. She hadn't intended to go quite so far, at least not today, but the excitement she felt at the thought of doing so, overcame her. She slid the panties off and dropped them on the table.

Kara looked out the window. Tommy was already seated at the outdoor table, his back to the house. Kara poured two cups of fresh coffee and put them on the table, next to the panties. Then, before opening the door, she slipped the shift's shoulder straps down on her arms. “Can I join you,” she needlessly asked as she stepped out.

Tommy turned at the sound of Kara's voice. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. “I was hoping you might. At least that was the plan,” he answered.

Kara pulled a chair from the table, not the one across from Tommy, but the one closest to him. “Really? I got the impression yesterday that I was boring you.”

'Yeah sure,' Tommy thought, 'And from the looks of things, today might be even more interesting.' He continued the game, “Yeah, well, I had other things on my mind.”

Kara moved her chair back from the table and faced it toward the sun, directly over Tommy's shoulder. “I poured it but then forgot it. Will you go in and get the coffee please. It's on the kitchen table.”

Tommy noted with delight that every movement Kara made as she wrestled the chair into position, caused the top of the shift to inch lower. “Sure, get yourself fixed. I'll be right back.”

Tommy stepped into the kitchen and went straight to the table. He reached for the steaming cups of coffee, but hesitated when he saw the panties. He picked them up and found them still warm. Kara had just taken them off.

'Oh my God,' he thought, 'There isn't anything under that flimsy shift she's wearing.' He held the panties to his nose and inhaled the aroma, then dropped them back on the table. Snatching the cups of coffee, he made his way carefully to the door.

Kara hadn't been overly concerned about her top slipping, but she had worried that a gust of wind might lift the hem of the shift before she got seated. She knew that Tommy would find the panties next to the coffee and know she was bare under the shift, but she wasn't planning to flash him. For today at least, it would be exciting enough for both of them to just know she wasn't wearing anything under the shift.

Kara had just gotten seated when Tommy kicked open the back door and came out juggling the cups of coffee. As his eyes darted from one cup to the other, Kara positioned herself in the chair facing where he would sit.

Tommy put the cups on the table and looked at Kara as he sat down. He felt a stirring in his pants as he thought about how bare she was under the shift, even more so because she obviously wanted him to know. His eyes went to the flimsy piece of fabric that barely covered Kara's pussy.

Kara's legs were spread, ostensibly to get some sun on her inner thighs, but actually to come as close to exposing herself as possible without really doing it. She knew where Tommy was looking and it added to her excitement.

He continued to stare between her legs. “Does your father know we are having coffee together.”

Kara knew it had been smart to pull the shift a little lower on her breasts, providing extra material to keep covered what Tommy probably thought of as her 'pussy'. “Of course,” she replied, “We even talked about it.”

Tommy's eyes drifted upward until they were fixed on her breasts. There was not as much showing as there had been yesterday, but the sight was still pretty spectacular. “Yesterday too?” he asked while staring at her chest.

Basking in Tommy's attention, Kara was as sexually excited as she had ever been. She felt as if she was about to burst. Amidst her deepening breaths she managed to reply, “Uh huh... and before you ask... no... he doesn't know how I'm dressed. I was dressed differently for breakfast. But he does know about yesterday. I made the mistake of telling him.”

Tommy's eyes jerked upward to meet Kara's. 'Whoa,' he thought. “And he doesn't care?” he asked incredulously.

“Of course he does. But he is way more understanding than your mother.”

“What about my mother?”

“You've forgotten about the time she caught us?”

“When we were skinny-dipping in your pool ya mean.”

“Uh huh. A coupla years ago.”

“Yeah, we must have been sixteen then. I remember noticing how girly you'd become.”

Kara turned up her nose. “Girly? I don't remember having a lot to brag about.”

“Well, you didn't have curves like you do now,” Tommy said, his eyes roaming over Kara's barely covered body, pausing at the spot between her bare thighs, “But it was still enough to get my motor running.”

Kara grinned. “And just what was it about me that got your motor running.”

“Do I have to say?”

Kara's lips opened into a wide smile. “I'd like you to.”

“Well, your butt was kinda cute, especially the way you kept sticking it in my face.”

Kara turned red. “I did that! Oh my God. What else?”

“Uh well, your whatever you callems. They were kinda cute too.”

Kara looked down at her breasts. “Really? They were quite a bit smaller back then.”

“Uh... well... I thought they were just fine. I liked 'em a lot.”

Kara leaned forward. The shift dropped away, nearly baring her entire chest. “I was hoping you still might,” she said with a grin.

Tommy looked down the top of the shift. Today he could even see the nipples. He gave an embarrassed look at the bulge in his pants. “I thought that was obvious.”

Kara looked devilishly at the tent in Tommy's pants, her gaze lingering too long for Tommy's comfort. He tried to divert her attention. “Yeah, We did have some fun.” He looked back at the sight being offered him.

Kara smiled inwardly at the thought of what Tommy was seeing. “Do you remember helping me out of the pool, just before your mother got there.”

Tommy looked up. “Yeah, but what about it?”

The edges of Kara's lips turned upward and her eyes got bigger. “You just said, you had thought my butt was cute. Now tell me you didn't notice it rubbing against you.”

“Well, sure I did, but that was an accident... Wasn't it?”

“Not an accident, Mr. Class Valedictorian,” Kara announced.

Tommy jerked a look at his watch. “Oh my God, I almost forgot -”

“What? Forgot what?”

“I'm supposed to take Mother to Gram's.”

'This isn't happening again,' Kara thought. “Now?” she asked, her face registering disbelief. “You're coming back though, right?”

“Not 'til tonight, but I can see you in the morning again, if that's okay.”

Kara was thinking she must have the plague or something, the way Tommy had run off two days in a row. “Yeah, I guess so,” she said with resignation. “I'll still be here, I expect.”

Kara was seriously disappointed. Attempting to make the best of it though, she decided she would work on her tan. Other than Tommy's window next door, and of course their own windows, the Radcliffe's backyard was relatively private. But with no one other than Kara home at either house, she would be able to lay out at the pool, topless.

As Tommy made his way through the hedge, Kara returned to the house. On her way through the kitchen she picked up the panties she had left for Tommy to find. Dreaming about what might have been, she took a brief nap, allowing the sun to climb a little higher. On awakening, Kara put on one of her many bikinis and made her way to the pool.

Kara rinsed off with a quick dip, then parked herself on a nearby recliner. The bikini Kara was wearing had been bought when she was a size or two smaller. The top did little now to cover her ample breasts, exposing a goodly amount of skin between, as well as on the sides and undersides. It would be considered indecent if she were now to wear this undersized bikini in public, but in the privacy of her backyard it didn't matter.

Kara spread suntan oil on the exposed portions of her body and under the edges of her bikini. She thought she saw movement at Tommy's window, but Tommy was gone with his mother to his grandmother's house and Mr. Taylor was at work. It had to be her imagination.

Kara loosened the ties on her top, removed it and spread a thin layer of oil over her breasts. She lowered the back of the recliner and closed her eyes, imagining herself again on the beach in France, basking in the attention her uncovered breasts had attracted. She rested a hand on the warm spot between her legs and caressed it lightly with her fingertips.

Kara was jarred from her day-dream by the sound of the back-door at Tommy's house. Fearing it might be his mother coming to lecture her again on how 'proper' girls should behave, she hastily put on her bikini top. Listening intently for further clues, she was surprised and relieved to hear Tommy's voice from near the hedge. “Can I join you?” he asked.

It had been Tommy that Kara had seen at the window. He must have been watching her, probably with binoculars. Now he was on his way over, expecting to find her topless. Unfortunately for him, maybe for her too, she had already put on the top. “Sure, pull up a chair,” she offered.

Tommy plopped down on a nearby lounger but instead of turning it to face the sun, like Kara had done, he left it facing her. The two studied each other for several minutes without saying anything. Kara, who had been staring unabashedly at the bulge in the front of Tommy's swim trunks, finally broke the silence. “I do have bikinis that fit, you know, but I didn't expect you to be back this afternoon.”

Tommy saw where Kara was looking and drew his knees up, attempting to disguise his growing predicament. He then acted as if it was her problem, not his. “Don't apologize. I like it.”

Kara craned her neck to look past Tommy's raised knees. She made it quite obvious what she was looking at and Tommy's face turned a shade of crimson. He stammered, “Uh... Maybe I shouldn't be here.”

“Oh no, I'm glad you are, but I thought you were going to your grandmother's. What happened?”

“I told Mother I felt sick so I could come home.”

Kara watched Tommy closely as they talked. Over the last couple of days she had come to realize that she had dismissed him much too quickly a couple of years before. He certainly wasn't the gangling geek her girlfriends had thought him to be. She even thought his 'package' would be worth suffering whatever faults he might have. “Well you're obviously not sick and I like talking with you about the fun we used to have. So stay. Please.”

Tommy didn't need much persuading. He had claimed sick primarily because of Kara. Not only had he missed spending time with her the last two years, but the last couple of days had convinced him that she was probably the hottest girl ever. Whatever, he wasn't about to get shut out like he had the last two years.

Tommy and Kara talked easily about the many things they had done when they were younger and avoided mention of the times their games had become sexual.

Changing the topic of conversation caused an improvement in Tommy's condition and he eventually lowered his knees. Kara however, wasn't as pleased. It had been fun for her to see the effect she was having on Tommy.

“You're mother is gone for the rest of the day then?”

“Yeah, Dad's picking her up when he gets off work.”

Kara stretched her arms over her shoulders and loosened the bikini string tied behind her neck. Conversationally, she continued her questioning, “They won't be home until...”

Tommy stared as Kara brought the ends of the strings around to the front and released them, exposing even more of her breasts. “Uh... six-thirty or seven I would guess.”

Kara reached behind her and untied the final string holding the top in place. “Daddy will be home before then, but you don't have to rush off, do you?” Kara dropped her hands in her lap, allowing the top to fall and exposing her breasts fully.

Tommy caught his breath at the sight. “Uh uh... no, I don't have to go.” He hastily pulled his knees up, attempting to conceal the rapidly growing tent in his trunks.

“You don't have to hide it,” Kara pointedly said. “In fact, I rather like that you're getting excited.” She threw the bottle of tanning oil to him. “Make yourself useful, dummy.”

“Uh... you want me to put this on you?”

“You don't want to?”

“Well yeah but uh... where?”

Not my face and neck. You did see me do them didn't you.”

“Uh, yeah... I did, uh huh.”

“You sure you're up for this?”

“Well yeah, but like of course. For sure. I'm just surprised is all. I didn't think uh... at least not today... anyhow.”

Kara looked sympathetically at Tommy as he choked on the meaning of what was taking place. “You know, Tommy Taylor, you really are a geek, but I think you're going to be worth the trouble.” Kara steadied Tommy's hands as he nervously removed the cap from the lotion. “Quick, please, before it clouds over.”

Kara lay back and put her hands over her head. If her breasts had been smaller they might have melted into her rib cage, but instead they rose proudly in support of her rigid nipples. Tommy gazed longingly. He had often dreamed about Kara's breasts but had not anticipated an opportunity such as this.

Tommy began by applying oil to Kara's feet and legs. His hands remained cautiously below her knees, but he was scarcely able to contain the excitement he felt over the close-up view of the insides of her thighs and barely concealed mound.

Continuing to deny himself the ultimate expected pleasures, Tommy moved to Kara's stomach. Still cautious, his hands barely brushed the edge of her bikini, and not until after he had applied oil to every inch of Kara's stomach, did he finally allow himself the thrill of venturing up the lower slopes of her breasts.

Kara was not immune to the goings on either. This was already way more exciting than the stranger in France. And she didn't need to hide her emotions. No one other than Tommy was present. She could just let whatever was to happen, happen.

Tommy's pulse rose and his breaths came quicker. He moved back slightly to keep his growing erection from poking Kara in the side. When Tommy's fingers grazed her nipples, Kara sighed and locked her hands behind Tommy's head, drawing his lips to hers. Their mouths opened and their tongues became entwined.

Although Tommy was anxious to continue the kiss, he relented as Kara pushed his lips toward her breasts. There was a slightly oily taste from the lotion he had just spread there, but that was not going to deter Tommy from savoring each of Kara's delightful breasts. As Tommy's tongue flicked across them, Kara's nipples grew firm with excitement.

With her breaths coming ever faster, she hastily untied the strings at either side of her bikini bottom. Raising herself slightly, she pulled the swatch of cloth from under her. Tossing it to the deck, she grabbed at Tommy's midsection, desperately clutching the tent in his trunks.

Tommy was short on experience, but his instincts took over. He tugged his trunks over his hips and dropped them to his feet. As his cock sprang loose, Kara clamped her hand around it and with the other on his backside, pulled him down on top of her. Her thighs spread wide as she urged Tommy's cock into her pussy. Together they groaned in delight as Tommy's shaft slid into her.

Kara had experienced sex before, but only once, after the Senior Prom in the back seat of a car. This was way better. Not only was there the excitement of being outside and it being daylight, but she knew Tommy really wanted her, probably more than anything else in the world. Most importantly though, she also wanted him.

As Tommy's lips pressed into Kara's, she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue deeply into hers. He likened the overall sensation to what it might be like if Kara's head were between his legs, or alternatively, his between hers. It was nothing like he had ever felt before.

As Kara relished the feel of Tommy's cock, repeatedly penetrating her innermost depths, she expanded her excitement by imagining what her mouth might do to Tommy, and what she hoped his mouth would do to her.

Greedily wanting every possible sensation, Kara took Tommy's hands and placed them on her breasts. She coaxed him into grasping them firmly, while at the same time lightly brushing the tips of her nipples. Tommy repeatedly pressed his full length into her and soon they reached the point where they felt they were going to explode.

Kara's knees edged upward, ever closer to her chest. She grasped Tommy's butt in her hands, holding him in tightly as she began to tremble. Her eyes closed tightly. She took several quick short gasps, then let the air out of her lungs with a cry of ecstasy.

Tommy, his urgency heightened by Kara's display of excitement, arched his back and grunted as he shot his sperm into her. The two clung tightly to each other as the waves of pleasure rippled through them.

For several minutes, they stared silently into each other's eyes as their breathing returned to normal. Kara spoke. “How 'bout we take a quick dip, then have something to eat.”

“Mother's not home to interrupt... we could -”

“Go skinny-dipping? That's what I had in mind, dummy.”

“Oh yeah... uh fine... lets do it then.”

Kara jumped up and dove head-long into the pool. She swam a way underwater before surfacing. “Whatcha waiting for,” she yelled.

Tommy walked along the pool deck to where Kara stood in waist-deep water. He cannon-balled in, practically on top of her.

“Hey, watch it!” Kara chided as Tommy surfaced and grabbed her from behind.

Tommy cupped his hands over Kara's breasts and pressed his growing erection against her backside. “Just wanted you to know I was learning.”

“So I notice, but if we start fooling around again, we'll never get any lunch.”

“Not sure that would be all bad, but I think I can wait 'til after lunch.”

“Whoa... you're pretty frisky for a guy who used to keep turning me down.”

“Uh yeah... well, I guess I didn't understand.”

“Oh, is that ever an understatement.”

“Jeez, I guess I really didn't understand.”

“Boy, I'll say! Let's get some lunch.”

Kara scrambled away and climbed out of the pool. Tommy followed quickly. They dried each other with Kara's towel and hastily redressed in their swim attire. Kara's too small bikini was still causing Tommy some unusual feelings, but both now thought that was okay.

In the kitchen Kara motioned Tommy to a chair, “You sit. I'll fix some lunch.”

Kara busied herself scurrying from the refrigerator to the counter and then to the stove. Tommy watched, hypnotized by the too small bikini she wore. The top exposed most of her breasts and the crack in her butt showed well above the bottoms.

Kara put sandwiches and cokes on the table, then sat down, across from Tommy. As they ate his gaze remained fixed on her nearly exposed breasts. Kara could see that Tommy was staring, actually in a sort of daze. “What... ” she said, “Earth to Tommy...”

“Uh, sorry... I was just thinking about something.”

“I know its small... but I told you it is old... I've had it since I was a lot smaller.”

“Two whole summers, almost three years lost. Its hard to believe I was so stupid.”

“But you're not going to be anymore, right?” Kara untied her top and threw it on the floor.

“Uh... what if your father comes home.”

“He's working.”

“Yeah, but what if he does come home.”

“He's seen me like this.”


“Sure, on the beach in France. I went topless.”

“In front of your father?”

“Uh huh. And there were lots of guys that saw my tits. One even helped me put on the suntan lotion.”

“Yeah, but this is not France, it's your kitchen and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't think too highly of you being topless with me here.”

“You're probably right. He got upset enough just to find out I had taken my robe off when we were having coffee yesterday. In fact, he had even been upset when he thought I was wearing the robe.”

“So my question again – what if he does come home with me here and you topless.”

“I'm not really sure. Even this morning, I wasn't all that sure he really disapproved. I think he is secretly pleased that I'm developing an open mind about such things. On the other hand he isn't quite ready for me to stop being a little girl. I kind of think he might like knowing -”

“Knowing what? You're not going to tell him are you?”

“Hey, he's not stupid. He's knows I met you yesterday and he knew I was meeting you today and he knew how I was dressed, well at least yesterday, and not about the panties, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what I had in mind.”

“You mean -”

“Yeah, but you wanted it too didn't you?”

“Well, yeah but I thought you were just teasing.”

“I'm not sixteen anymore.”

“I've noticed,” Tommy said as he finished his sandwich, his gaze still fixed on Kara's bare chest.

Kara stood up from the table and took Tommy's hand. “You're right, we lost almost three years. I hope you're not planning on losing any more.”

“No,” Tommy replied as he got up and followed Kara into the bedroom.


That night, when Kara and her father were having dinner, he asked, “Well, did you see Tommy this morning?”

“Uh huh.”

“Are you going to tell me about it?”

Kara had never talked to her father about being with boys. “Nothing to tell.”

“Well, if you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to.”

“I do, but just not yet.”

“Well, whenever then.”

For the rest of the evening they talked about other things. But when Kara went to bed, she was still wishing for some way to tell her father about Tommy. Like she had told Tommy that afternoon, she was pretty sure her father knew what was on her mind. She didn't want to think it was something she had to keep hidden from him.


John Radcliffe usually woke his daughter in time for breakfast, but the next morning Kara awakened by herself, well past the time her father would have gone to work. She and he had been up till late the previous night and he must have gone off without waking her. Then Kara heard the sound of his electric pencil sharpener and realized that he had instead stayed home, and was already at work in his second floor office.

Kara still hadn't told her father about Tommy, but his being home gave her an idea for how she might do it. The desk in her father's office looked out over the pool. Tommy was coming for a swim later in the morning. Kara quickly took a shower and then dressed in one of her skimpier bikinis. She covered it with an old shirt of her father's. Stopping in the kitchen she found a Danish and made herself a cup of coffee. She took both with her to the pool.

Kara acted as if she thought her father had gone to the office without waking her. Because of the bright sunlight she could not see into the office, but expected that her father would be looking over the pool. It was his favorite way to work. She walked to the far side and sat in a recliner facing the house.

John Radcliffe looked up from his work and watched as his daughter sat down in the recliner. He guessed she did not know he was still at home, as she had not said anything to him. He would join her later, but for now he had work he needed to be doing.

Kara finished her coffee and Danish. She heard a door slam as Tommy exited the back of his house. He quickly made his way through the hedges and Kara motioned him to the chair beside her. Like he had the day before, he turned the chair so he was facing her.

John Radcliffe looked up from his work as the neighbor boy sat down to talk with Kara. She acted as if she had been expecting him. Mr. Radcliffe couldn't tell what was being said, but their body language suggested it wasn't anything of consequence. He turned back to his work.

When he looked up again, Kara was removing the shirt. He was shocked to see how little she wore under it, especially so, since she seemed oblivious to Tommy's presence. He reached to close the blind but hesitated. He had no desire to watch his daughter in a barely-there swim suit but he felt that the interaction between Kara and Tommy was somehow related to what his daughter had been unable to tell him last night. He continued watching as she got up from the recliner and headed for the pool. Tommy followed her down the stairway into the shallow end.

Holding hands they waded to a point where the water was about waist deep. Kara leaned against the side of the pool with her back to the house. She reached behind herself and untied the top of her bikini. Removing it, she tossed it on the pool deck. John Radcliffe could only see her bare back, but he did see that Tommy Taylor's view was not so restricted. It suddenly became clear what Kara had been unable to tell him. The easy familiarity with which Kara and Tommy talked to each other while Kara was topless, spoke volumes about what likely had already taken place between them.

Kara had grown up, she was no longer 'Daddy's little girl'. He closed the blinds.

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