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It's Only Polite

The start of a long affair in many hotels.
She worked as the receptionist for a stereotypical Chartered Accountants firm; a bit stuffy and boring. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that one day, an erotic wind would bring into the office, an adventure.

It was the end of February, still rainy and cold out and she was wearing a long red tartan wrap skirt and a black fine knit sweater, black lacy thigh ups and black high heels. It was a business day, busy like most, as tax season was around the corner.

The front door opened and in came a guy; not particularly good looking, but with a huge energy about him. He was wearing a motorcycle leather jacket and a messenger bag slung from his shoulder. He stopped in front of the desk, and she looked up. Flirt!
"I'd like to pay my bill," he said.

"Name?" she asked.

She turned to her computer, to look up his account, as he leaned in closer. He could smell her perfume, soft and sexy. She could feel him. She told him the amount due and he brought out his cheque book, filling it in and saying that the cost was like being eff'd up the butt. She was shocked at his comment, but highly amused that he would actually say something like that to her.

She took his cheque, smiling at him and said "Well, perhaps the next time I'll request lube for you."

To which, he roared with laughter. He winked, and asked for her card. "I'd love to chat more with you, if you are interested."

She handed him her business card and her phone rang. He left.

She was still chuckling about the exchange later, when a new email from him was received, giving her his msn messenger address. She logged onto her own and added him. He responded right away with the line ~ "it's only polite".

It’s funny how the connection was made. A huge erotic energy was formed, from the first meeting, over msn messenger, to text messages and phone calls. When she mentioned something about this client in the office lunchroom, wanting to know more about him; Andy, one of the CA's, said that he had been married not long and had a six-month old son.

Andy looked directly at her and said, "Don't play with that fire."

She innocently said, "What fire??"

So, she plunked it all to the back burner, not responding to his messages. Then, he came in again to pay his current bill. He wrote out the cheque and asked her if she would like coffee, in the shop, in the lobby of the building.

She thought, "Why not, I’ve been good!?" As she grabbed her bag and told her replacement, he stood waiting at the elevator.

When the elevator arrived, they got in and she stood to the back. He came right over to her, kissing her and hands cupping her ass. She was in awe of the passion she felt and tasted in his kiss. He said he had wanted to do that for the last month. He had thought of her so often, wondering what she tasted like.

The bold move told her that he wanted more. They had their coffee (hot chocolate for him) and he asked her if she would play with him. She told him that she was a single mother and that this type of play was not conducive to her lifestyle. He said it was no problem, that he would rent a hotel room for play. He wanted and needed to feel her.

He proceeded to woo her; nothing vulgar, but lots of double innuendos. When she saw his number, she got moist, thinking of what might happen. After numerous requests from him, for a playdate, she finally gave in. He rented a room at the Crowne Hotel and he texted her the room number. At noon, she left the office, walked up the street a few blocks, wondering to herself what the hell she was doing. But it felt so damn right!

Up the lift she went to the 8th floor. There, down the hall, the door was ajar, awaiting her. She opened up the door, to see him sitting in the chair, shoes removed and talking on the phone. He promptly ended his call, got up and tossed his cell onto the chair. She moved into the room after closing the door. Taking off her coat, he took it from her and hung it up. She was feeling rather nervous, but so excited and wet. She turned to look at the king-sized bed, and she felt his hands and arms go around her waist.

No more words.

She stood still.

He explored. His hands roamed, slowed, sneaked inside fabrics, pulling up or down fabrics, seeking hardness, warmth and wetness. He was groaning at how she felt. He was kissing the back of her neck and as the fabric was being pulled away, his lips were following.

Eventually, she stood there, naked except for the thighups and shoes. He moved to sit on the bed, admiring her. He removed his clothing quickly, all the while holding her with his eye contact. He reached to her hips and pulled her forward onto him. Kissing, hand roaming, hard, wet. The shoes flipped of, and she wiggled up, hard nipples aching for his mouth. She abandoned all other thoughts, except the hedonistic experience she was having.

He flipped her, to continue his mouth's exploration of her body. Down from her mouth, down her neck, taking time on her hard pink nipples, under her breasts, across her flat tummy, along the curve of her hip, to the top of her thighs, moving in between her thighs, to a wet wonderful honeypot. He groaned again, the smell of her sex was such a turn on. He got comfortable and moved his nose and mouth in on the wetness, exploring her lips and her clit. She raised her hips up when he moved ever so slightly away. Her hands found his head and pulled him in closer. He gave a chuckle, but knew that she had abandoned all her doubts and concerns. His lips and tongue explored her, coaxing her to cum for him. Her breathing was shallow and her moans were low. He could feel it building. He wanted her juice. At last, her thighs completely opened up relaxed and her tummy tightened, her back arched and her breathing was held. She came against his tongue. He stayed, not moving, letting her pulses subside quietly.

He then, moved up, kissing her belly and breasts along the way, quietly putting on a condom, and then letting his hardness enter her without any help. It knew exactly where to go. He was inside her with just the one movement, her eyes widened and her hands pulled his hips into her deeper.

"Don't move," she whispered.

He stopped. He was watching her face intently. It had been a while since feeling a cock inside her pussy and she was loving the feel of his hardness and how he filled her up. She was feeling that wetness starting again. Her hips moved involuntary, wanting and needing more. His cue to start. He started slowly moving against and into her. Pulling back slowly and turned on even more by how she wanted him back inside her. The pace was leisurely, with a teasing playfulness, until, he could feel her need again for another orgasm. It was such a turn on, to see and feel this woman beneath him. His need became more. He needed to cum in her. They rocked harder with and against each other. He had never felt this connection with anyone, including his wife. Her breath was shallow and her pupils large. She stopped moving and was holding her breath. He felt her cumming against his hardness and he lost it. He had to cum. He groaned. He moved a couple of more times, thrusting very hard, releasing his orgasm. He stopped moving completely and sank onto her body. Her arms were around him, slowly moving in a caress. Her breathing was laboured, and she was purring like a kitten. He kissed her.

They stayed like that for a number of minutes, with small chitchat. He told her that that was the most fantastic time he had ever had. He'd never forget it.

She smiled at him, thinking to herself, "what the hell did I just do, and on my lunch break?!"

He got up and went for a shower. She lay on the bed until the shower started. She quickly got up and dressed, leaving him in the shower, without a good bye.

Back in the office, she had a smile on her face and was surprisingly not hungry for lunch.

Then her cell phone buzzed with a text message, "It's only polite for me to say thank you and let's play again soon."

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