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I've waited for so long

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I've been waiting for him to get home for months and tonight I get to have him in my arms
I've been waiting for this for months. Constantly thinking about it. My fiancé, Matthew, is in the Marine Corps. He came home for a few days in July, but it's December now. He'll be home for three weeks. I get more excited every day. This is what I've been waiting for for five long months. I've missed him so much.

A girl has needs, and while I'm more than happy to pleasure myself, it feels so different when it's a living and breathing man pumping into you. Especially when he's the love of your life. All I've been able to think about since he left was fucking him. Everywhere. On the stairs, in the car, in bed, on the floor, in the shower. Anywhere I can get my hands on him. And tonight I pick him up from the airport. ... 

I sat, feigning patience, in the comfortable chairs the airport had, watching for his flight to get in. I'd gotten here too early in my excitement to see him again. Feel him. The screen on the wall said his flight was on time, arriving in five minutes. My legs were crossed and I was flicking my foot in impatience. I checked my phone impulsively every few seconds and couldn't be bothered to even pretend to look at any of the magazines. They didn't have what I wanted. I glanced at the screen again. It flashed and the status of his flight changed to "arrived." I couldn't help myself, I stood and began to pace. 

The arriving passengers began to file down the stairs, greeting loved ones with smiles and kisses. But where was he? Finally, at the back of the group with the rest of the stragglers, I saw him. I caught his eye and waved, bouncing on my toes slightly. It was all I could do to keep from running up the stairs to him. As he reached the bottom of the stairs I began to walk closer and he met me with a great sweeping hug that lifted me off my feet. He whispered, "hey beautiful, fancy seeing you here" in my ear and I laughed. 

Although he was staying for three weeks he hadn't brought any luggage so we headed straight for the car. 

"You don't realize how much I've missed you darling," he said with a rough voice. 

"Maybe you could help me understand a little if you showed me?" I replied quietly. I've always been the more timid one in our relationship, but man I couldn't have wanted him anymore than I did right then. 

He looked at me questioningly and I walked a bit closer to him, letting my hand "accidentally" brush up against his crotch before moving away slightly. 

What sounded like a low growl came from the back of his throat. "Don't tease me like that, it's been too long." 

"Who said I'm teasing you baby? I know how long it's been... I want you." I was feeling even more bold now, knowing he wanted me just as badly. 

By this point we'd made it to the car. The parking garage was half empty and the only car next to me was empty and shielded us from view. 

I made to unlock the drivers side door and he pressed his body against my back, putting one hand on my waist while taking the keys then resting the other arm against the car door. 

He nuzzled his head against my neck, putting his nose against the soft spot just behind my ear. A shiver went up my spine as he breathed out lightly then nibbled gently on my earlobe. 

"Do you really want me to show you how badly I want you? Right out here in the open? Where anyone could see us..." He trailed off while moving his left hand slowly from my waist and up and over my stomach, then even higher yet to caress my breast. At this point I was feeling weak in the knees. My breathing was becoming more labored. He pushed against me even more, grinding his hard cock against the top of my ass and moaning quietly into my ear, knowing how hot that got me. 

"Oh god," I moaned quietly and pushed back into him. "Yes, fuck yes." 

Suddenly the car shielding us from view went off twice, the tell tale sign of it being unlocked. We heard footsteps and voices getting closer to us. 

Matthew pushed against me once more before chuckling and handing me back the keys. He glanced back and winked at me while walking to his side of the car. I fumbled with the keys and tried, unsuccessfully, to open the door. I took a deep breath to steady the shaking in my limbs and managed to unlock the car the pull the door open. 

I settled into my seat and took a few more slow, deep breaths before leaving over and unlocking his door. We buckled in, and I started the car, managing to get into gear to reverse. The drive home was anything but uneventful. He distracted me the whole ride back with his fingers, causing me to stall multiple times on the way back home, and keeping me uncomfortably aroused as he played with my clit and trailed his fingers all around my pussy. 

We finally got home, and I parked crookedly in the driveway in my rush to get him into the house. I needed him inside but it had been so long. I wanted this to be just as romantic and comfortable as it would be passionate. 

We got sidetracked just inside the door when he slammed it shut the shoved me up against, lifting me legs and putting them around him as he ground against me and desperately kissed and bit at my neck. "I need to be inside you." He thrust against me more desperately, clearly frustrated by not being able to have easy access with my jeans on. 

"Ungh... Uh... Get me to the bedroom." He gripped me more tightly then turned and carried me to the stairs before stopping again to rip my shirt open and bury his face in my breasts. He tore the bra down and started sucking and biting at one nipple, while taking his hand and rolling the other one between his fingers. I moaned loudly and ground against him. He switched so his hand replaced his mouth on one nipple and vice versa. 

"Oh god please fuck me baby," I moaned out, begging him. I needed him in me so badly. I was aching. 

He picked me up again, this time like a baby, and carried me up the stairs, my nipples still outside of my bra, hardening even more with the air hitting my moist skin. I turned my head and started trailing kisses on his neck, biting a few times. 

We got to the bedroom, and he kicked the door open before throwing me down on the bed throwing himself down on top of me. He got between my legs as continued his onslaught on my nipples, this time using his hands to unbutton my pants. He got up and pulled them off quickly, along with my panties. Instead of bringing his face up to mine he began to kiss me from the bottom of my left and up to my toes, stopping to suck on them and unbutton his own pants. He kissed up my leg, from my ankle to the inside of my calf, lifting my leg to get to the back of my knee.

I was panting and squirming, eager for him to fuck me already. I needed it and I begged him, trying to thrust myself towards him. He smiled and continued to kiss up my leg, going even more slowly while kissing up my inner thigh and getting even closer to my wet cunt. I couldn't imagine how he could possibly have this much control in him to tease me like this when I was just about losing it. Finally he got to my pussy and blew on it slightly, making it tingle and making me want him that much more. He gave it a single agonizingly slow and long lick from my hole to my clit before moving away and reversing his process down my other leg. 

"Stop fucking teasing me goddammit! Lick my pussy now!" I yelled, I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to feel him, needed that release and intense pleasure. 

"Oh baby now where would the fun in that be? You know I get off watching how bad you need me to fuck you. Why would I go faster when I can listen to you beg? Won't you beg some more baby? Tell me what you want me to do to you." 

He smiled up at me then wrapped his arms around my legs, pulling me closer to him where he stuck his face right against my pussy without giving me time to answer. 

"Oh god yes yes yes just like that! Ungh yes!" He alternated between long strokes going up and down, swirling around my clit then my lips, pulling back and sucking on them, then sticking his tongue as far as he could into my wet cunt. He continued, bringing me closer to orgasm and sweet release with each second. He stopped flicking my clit with his tongue to look up at me when he knew I was seconds from orgasming. I thrust myself back towards his mouth but he held on to me and I couldn't reach. 

"What do you want baby? Tell me what you want? I won't let you finish until you beg me, tell me what to do." He looked at me expectantly with an aroused grin on his face. 

"Oh god tongue fuck me! Suck on my lips and make out with my pussy! Suck on my clit and don't stop until I- Aahhh ungh oh god fuck yes FUCK FUCK ME!" I ground my pussy against his face while I screamed and began to orgasm. As soon as it started he leapt up and thrust his hard cock into me an started pumping away. 

"Oh fuck yes baby you like it when I eat you out like that, yeah? You like it when I make you fucking beg? Yeah baby ugh god you feel so fucking good. Oh god baby I don't know how long in gonna last you're so fucking warm oh yes." 

My orgasm finished, and I was still so turned on and still needed more. The more Matthew talked dirty to me the worse it got, and I needed release again. Feeling his weight on top of me, feeling him thrust in and out of me, slowing down to pull all the way out, run his head on my clit the thrust back in as hard a deep as he could, I was so close again.

I arched my back and met his thrusts, trying to tilt my hips so he could reach my g-spot. The slight change in position made him go even deeper inside me and it felt like bliss. He leaned over to suck my nipples then plant sloppy kisses on my neck while he continued to fuck me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled myself into him.

He grabbed both my hands in one of his and held them above my head while he leaned down and started in on one of my nipples again. He brought his other hand down to my clit and started rubbing in fast circles. All the attention overloaded my senses as I started with a moan that turned into a scream and he thrust desperately into me before moaning loudly then thrusting in once more as he came then let himself fall on top of me. 

"I've missed you so much baby oh god you felt so fucking good. I never want to be away from you for so long again, I don't know if I can do it. Oh god I love you." He kept muttering sweet nothings as he kissed my neck and jaw, slowly circling my clit once again while I rotated my hips against his fingers. 

We fell asleep with his hand between my legs and my leg thrown over his body.

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