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I've waited for you

Here he was again. It's been over a year since I've seen him yet here he was again, in my house. Ryan always turned up when he got bored of his latest 'girlfriend'. 

I suppose I should have been flattered that he was always drawn back to me, but I never was. The only emotion I ever felt when he paid me one of his visits was guilt. Pure guilt. Guilt that I had lied to myself again about being over him. Guilt that I let him back into my life. Guilt that I couldn't say no. Guilt that whenever he was near me my heart pounded, my stomach did somersaults and my underwear was soaked.

I stood, going through the motions of pouring drinks, waiting for him to make his move as he always did. We both knew exactly what he had come for, the pleasantries were for nobody's real benefit. We both knew what he wanted, and what he would undoubtedly get.

Suddenly, Ryan materialized inches away. He'd soundlessly taken off his coat and his hot breath tickled my neck, making my knees weak. I turned to face him and his dark eyes dropped to my breasts, concealed behind layers of clothing. His eyes lingered at my ample chest for a few seconds before he met my gaze, his piercing blue eyes seeing right into the heart of me as always, melting my heart. I could see the need in his eyes as we stared at each other, the true animal desire that had my heart fluttering like a school girl with a childish crush.

My breasts pressed tight against my sweater with each deep, shuddering breath I drew in, my nipples painfully sensitive and the dull ache between my legs all had me wishing he would hurry, take what he had came here for and give me all that pleasure I remembered each night since he had gone.

Ryan gently swept a finger over my cheek and across my lips, making my breath hitch in my throat and I nearly sighed. Still, he smiled like he knew what I held back.

"I want you so bad," he whispered. "I've missed you every day."

I lifted my gaze, meeting his stare. "Don't lie to me. I know why you're here. Take what you need."

Ryan's eyes flashed anger, but also passion and for a long moment he stared at me as if waiting for me to say something else, but I didn't and in a heartbeat he pounced. His hands dragged through my long hair and his lips were suddenly hard against mine, coaxing my lips open as his tongue invaded my mouth, dancing against my own. I moaned deeply in my throat and his kiss became more intensely demanding. Taking control, he pulled me closer to him, his kiss becoming more urgent. He wanted more of me.

I leaned into him, my hands snaking up his shirt and flattening against his rock hard muscles, nearly moaning again as those muscles tightened at my touch. Ryan pulled me closer, and I retracted my hands, instead curling them around his neck, needing to feel him against me, pulling myself into him and closing the remaining few inches of space between us that prevented me from feeling all of him.

He didn't let me down, and pressed me against the door, the hard ridge of his jeans touching where I needed it most. My skin tingled at the contrast between the cold door and Ryan's hot skin burning against me and the throbbing between my legs increased, desperately needing to be touched. His hands finally found my breasts, his fingers kneading until I moaned again when he found my nipple, twisting it through the fabric.

"Look at me." Ryan said, pulling his lips away from mine a fraction. "I want you. Only you this time. I'm here for you, I'm back for you. Tell me you want the same."

"You." I whispered huskily. Desperately wanting to believe these old words this time. "I want you."

His eyes flashed, and in a fluid movement he yanked my sweater over my head, revealing the bright purple lace of my bra. His lips claimed mine once more as his hands fumbled with the clasp of my bra, before impatiently pulling it from me to reveal my naked breasts. For a second neither of us moved. Ryan swallowed hard, his eyes on my breasts before he pressed a warm palm against one, the other suddenly covered with his hot mouth, his tongue lapping over my nipple, sending shock waves to my soaked pussy.

Too quickly he pulled away and he leaned in to kiss me again, my fingers shakily unbuttoning his shirt as we backed to my sofa, losing clothes until we tumbled backwards. I was naked, but Ryan still wore boxers and he took a moment to gaze sensually at my body, his eyes predatory.

A little desperately, I pulled him down on top of me, sliding his boxers down his legs and kissing him hard. He moaned, deepening our kiss and his hands ran down my back. I could feel his erection against me, and lifted my hips needing more.

Finding it. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I thrust my hips as Ryan finally pushed inside my wet pussy and I closed my eyes at the pleasure of being filled. His hands gripped my hips, his fingers digging deep as I arched my back, taking him deeper, opening my eyes to see the pleasure on his beautiful face as we began to move together, slowly at first, then faster. My hands clutched at his back, clinging to him, breathing in his scent as his took me, hard. I met each one of his thrusts, his movements sending bolts of lightning through my body, lifting me higher like no one else could. Ryan's breath was hot and fast against my neck as I felt my orgasm build, waves of pleasure coursing through my body as I dug my nails into his back gasping his name.

With a cry I came, my body reaching fever pitch as every muscle in my body tightened against him. I kissed him hard and with a moan of his own he became rigid as he thrust into me, finding his own climax and breathlessly moaning my name.

Breathing heavily, he fell into my arms, his head on my shoulder and he kissed my neck as I wrapped my arms around the shoulders of the man I loved, hoping to god that this time he would stay. For a few seconds we just lay that way, breathing heavily. Then he turned to face me.

"I meant what I said," he whispered breathlessly. "I'm back for you. I love you so much."

I didn't answer, just nodded as I drew his head back to my shoulder, stroking his hair as the tears of relief rolled silently down my cheeks.
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