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When you least expect it, opportunity comes knocking...
It was a warm, June afternoon when we first met. I was in
the uniform store picking up my uniforms, preparing to begin a career
as a cop, and she was in the store getting her corrections uniforms
for her new career. She was about 5'2" with shoulder length brown
hair, well rounded, soft-looking breasts and a cute heart shaped
ass. As my eyes met hers, she smiled and said "Hi, my name's Jackie."
I'm Steve, a pleasure to meet you" I replied. "Are you new
on the job too?"
Before she could reply her sergeant called her to another
part of the store. "Hope I'll see you again, Jackie," I said as she
smiled and walked away.
I was assigned to 2nd shift, and one evening a couple weeks
later at about 7:15 pm I took a prisoner into the jail. As I was
finishing up my paperwork, I heard a sultry voice behind me say, "Hi
again." As I turned around I found myself staring into her rich,
green eyes.
"Hello!" I responded as my insides began to do flip-
flops. "I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much when we first met at
uniform supply. Would you like to get a drink after you get off
"Sure, I get off at midnight. Meet me in the parking lot at
12:15" she said.
The rest of my shift dragged on, like time was standing
still. At 10:45 pm when I got off, I ran home, quickly showered and
changed clothes and drove down to the jail. I was standing next to
my car when she came out.
"I can't go out tonight" she said, "but I can stay and talk
for a few minutes."
I opened the car door for her, walked around and got in. As
I closed my door she reached over and placed her warm, soft lips
against mine. As I returned her kiss, her tongue slipped between my
lips probing the recesses of my mouth. My hand went to her side, and
as we kissed, she moved her body, placing her soft, 36D tit in my
hand. I could feel her nipple getting hard, as she pressed against
Breaking the kiss, she said "I would love to go out with you,
but tonight is not a good night."
We talked for about a half an hour, getting to know each
other. "I have to be getting home soon, my husband is waiting for
me" she said. "I did tell you I was married, didn't I?"
Thinking quickly I replied "No you didn't tell me, but it
doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you."
"I'll call you soon" she said, as she got into her car.
Two nights later she called me and said, "What's your
address, I'll come over after work."
At 12:45, I was pacing anxiously in my living room. As she
knocked at the door, my heart jumped with anticipation.
"Hi" I said as she slipped through the door. She walked past
me, dropping her purse onto the couch. As I walked over to her, she
reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down to
her inviting lips. As we kissed deeply, our tongues darting in and
out of each others' mouth, I savored the sweetness of her kiss, the
fragrance of her perfume tickling my nostrils.
With my hands on her waist, she pressed into me, her nipples
standing at attention pressing into my chest while she ground her
pussy against my erect cock. My hands slid down to her ass, feeling
the soft round flesh through her jeans. Jas our kisses became more
frantic, she began fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. Placing
her hands on my now bare chest, running her fingers through the hair
she said, "I've wanted this since the first day we met." She fumbled
with the buckle on my belt, attempting to free my swelling
cock. "Where's your bedroom?" she asked.
Taking her by the hand I led her to my bedroom, where we
finished undressing each other. As I unbuttoned her shirt, her
beautiful tits were pushing to be released from her bra. As I
reached behind her, unhooking her bra her breasts sprang forth, her
pink nipples standing at attention, hard as a rock. I leaned down,
taking the erect bud of her breast into my mouth. She moaned as my
tongue circled around her hard, erect nipple. Squeezing with my
lips, she groaned, pressing her breast into my face. "The other side
is getting jealous" she said, laughing as my mouth raced to her other
Unzipping her jeans, I slid them down her firm thighs, past
her well shaped calves to the floor where she stepped out of them.
Now on my knees, I found myself looking at her panties, wet from her
love juice flowing from her pussy. Slipping my fingers under the
elastic band around her hips, I slowly pulled them down, exposing her
light brown bush, her lips glistening with moisture.
Pushing her back onto the bed, she moaned as my face pressed
against her mound, my tongue slipping inside of her slit, exploring
her sensitive inner walls. As my tongue probed, savoring the taste
of her pussy, her juices began f lowing more and more. My lips found
her swelling clit, and as I sucked it into my mouth and began
pressing her love button with my lips, she let out a soft
scream. "Oh, that feels so good" she said, as her hands pressed
against the back of my head. "I'm going to cum, I'm cumming!" she
exclaimed as a burst of her pussy juice flowed onto my face. Burying
my face into her womanhood, I could feel the heat emanating from her
as her hips bucked up against my face, wanting more and more.
Rising up from her, I stood up, unzipped my pants and dropped
them to the floor, freeing my bulging cock from confinement. As I
stood there, cum oozed from the slit at the tip, running down my hard
shaft. As I looked down on her exposed body, she reached out and
took my cock into her soft hands, squeezing and pulling me toward
her. "I want that" she said, as she cupped my swollen balls in one
hand. "Fuck me, fuck me now and fuck me hard!"
She guided the head of my dick into her wet slit, and placing
her hands on my waist she pulled me into her, arching her hips to
meet my swollen manhood. As my cock slipped into the hot recesses of
her tight puss, we began to move in rhythm, my dick sliding in and
out of her hot, wet womanhood. I could feel the muscles inside of
her, gripping and releasing me, massaging my swollen cock, attempting
to suck the hot cum out of my balls. As we moved faster and faster
her moans became louder. I could feel the hot jism swelling in my
balls, pressing toward the passage in my cock. As we fucked with
abandon, I could feel her release, her pussy massaging my shaft,
pulling at the cum inside of me. "I'm cumming again! I'm cumming
again!" she screamed, as my jism raced through my cock, pumping my
load into her hot pussy.
After our explosive simultaneous orgasm, we collapsed into
each others arms, where we lay for a while, kissing softly. We made
love again, this time taking our time, savoring our love.
After a couple of hours, she got up, dressed and slipped out
the door. Before leaving she said, "I'll be back again."

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