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Based on true events

I awoke to the sound of my cell phone vibrating impatiently, I rolled over and snaked my hand out just enough to grab my phone and retreat back into the warm cocoon of covers. I answered the vibrating phone, my mind still hazy with sleep.

“Hello?” I said not fully comprehending the name I had read on the caller id.

“Hey babe” said Jacob. His musical voice cleared my foggy mind and put a smile on my face.

“Hi” I said, “What made you call?” Half hoping and half knowing his answer.

“Well I’ve got a long weekend off from school and wanted to know if you wanted to do something?”

“Sure you know I’m always up for hanging out,” I said trying to keep the excitement from my voice.

This was the way our relationship had always worked, one of us would get time off and call the other one for a casual hook up. We had tried actually dating once but we soon discovered that we didn’t have that kind of relationship, though we always anticipated each others calls on lonely Friday nights.

“How about I pick you up at about 5 and we can go to a movie?”

“Sure that sounds great, see you then, bye babe.”

From those few moments on the phone I could already feel my pussy getting warm and wet. Jacob and I had a lot of sexual tension and just thinking about him could set me off. I had hours until he was going to pick me up so I took a luxurious long shower, relaxed, and tried to keep my fingers from straying down to give my pussy the release it needed.

Finally 5 rolled around and I had dressed my slim 5’5” frame, small but perky breasts and tight ass, in my favorite skin tight skinny jeans that showed off all that my long lean legs had to offer, black high heels heals, and a sheer low cut white shirt, all over a sexy black bra and thong set that I had just gotten from Victoria’s Secret. I thought it had just the right amount of sex appeal for our date.

At a little after 5 I heard the door bell ring and I made my way over to the door. I opened it to find Jacob standing there looking very sexy in jeans, a grey shirt and black jacket. Jacob is about 5’10” with long lean muscles and 6 pack abs, just thinking about then turns me on.

Without a word Jacob wraps me in his strong arms and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue danced in my mouth setting off electric currents thorough my body. He ended the kiss with a playful bite on my bottom lip, and finally said, “Hi baby did you miss me?”

I answered by pressing my soft body to his hard one and pulling him into my lips. I feel like I’m going to explode. When we finally broke away we stood back and looked each other over panting slightly, “What do you think,” I said finally, and he laughed pulled me out the door.

We spent the car ride to the movies chatting about innocent things like school and work while our hands ran up and down each others legs, every time his hand would brush by my pussy I would feel another squirt of wetness coat my pussy. I could feel his rock hard dick throbbing under my hand, begging for release but this was only the beginning.

We bought tickets for some movie that had been out for a while so we knew there wouldn’t be too many people, and by the time we got into the theater there were only two other couples and they were sitting together near the front. We took two seats in the very back.

Soon the previews started and Jacob’s mouth was on mine and his hands were caressing my back and breasts. I was on fire, all of my senses were tingling. I ran my hand down his tone torso to the button on his jeans I played with the button until Jacob whispered, “Are you just going to tease me all night?” And not being one to disappoint I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulled out his rock hard cock, and engulfed it with my mouth.

I ran my tongue over the head tasting his delicious pre cum, Jacob’s hands went to the back of my head and pushed me down on to his thick cock. I could hear his muffled moans as my nose was pressed against the base of his dick. My hand snaked inside his pants to cup his heavy balls. I rolled his balls in my hand and licked the base of his twitching dick. My tongue wrapped around the head and I savored the salty sweet taste that I had always loved. I ran my tongue up the tender underside of his cock causing Jacob to grab my hair and pull me further on to his dick.

Jacob began thrusting himself in and out of my mouth I licked him hard and could feel him getting ready to blow. I loved the feeling of his smooth cock sliding between my lips and hitting the back of my throat. I licked faster and Jacob shot a thick jet of cum into my mouth, as he grunted with pleasure. I swallowed greedily and sucked his cock until it began to soften. I smiled at him with my mouth full of cum and gave him a deep kiss, sharing his luscious cum between us. When I broke the kiss he simply growled his approval, slid my shirt up and began to trail kisses across my bra and down my stomach.

For the first time in with seemed like ages I looked at the screen, I saw the lead characters locked in a passionate embrace and it only excited me more. An almost painful tweak of a nipple brought a moan to my lips and my eyes back to Jacob who had one hand under my bra and the other undoing my pants.

I could feel the pressure of his strong fingers and hot breath on my thong covered sex, he ran his fingers up and down my slit occasionally grinding them into my swollen clit. I was moaning softly now trying not to attract attention, but his hands felt so good. He finally breeched my panties and slid his tongue over my steaming sex, my hips bucked and I pushed my pussy into his eager mouth.

I let out an involuntary moan while the waves of pleasure rolled over me. He thrust two fingers into my pussy and began to fuck me with them. My pleasure was reaching new bounds as he bit down on my clit and flicked it rapidly with his tongue. He teased me with long slow licks that just reached my clit making me shudder with anticipation. His soft lips pressed into me, his tongue explored my pussy, and his fingers plunged into my sopping wet hole. Jacob knew exactly were to put his hands and lips in order to bring me to a mind blowing orgasm.

I was trying so hard to stay quiet but a rather loud moan escaped my lips as I came, hard. My skin was tingling and every touch was like a jolt of electricity. I could feel his fingers thrusting at my g-spot and his thumb grinding into my clit, making my orgasm last longer than it ever had before. It felt like a million tiny orgasms were happening one after another.

One of couple in front of us finally turned around and sent us disapproving looks, causing Jacob and I to smile and giggle softly at our private joke, if only they knew what was going on.

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