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She was supposed to be my planner but she wasn't getting the job done...
I was brand new, literally days old, when I first realized that this company was going to be much harder work than it looked like when I interviewed. But it was a chance to switch from commerical to military customers and I knew in the long run that was the right thing to do. It was so early in my tenure though and I was already worried about how long I could take it. Two years, I told myself. It has to be long enough to look like decent experience on the resume. Another thing I hadn't realized while touring and interviewing was that the team was quite small. Eighty people in all and only about twenty in administration. So quickly I came to know everyone involved in my project and already had made good friends with a couple of my coworkers. Given the small team of workers though, there was constant strain of who's priority was the real priority - and I found myself fighting for administrative help from the buyers who were greatly overloaded. Jaimee was my assigned buyer but she was also working two other projects. I'd already become frustrated with her. She spent a lot of time socializing but the conversation was centered on how overloaded she was. On top of that she appeared to have no skills or experience at how to prioritize her time or apportion the tasks she had to complete. This resulted in the managers arguing that they were each taking up too much of her time, when in fact she was hovering around 50% effective. As the new guy I tried to play it fair but stern with her. I realized she was overloaded but I frowned on the socializing but you have to cut a happy medium in these situations - there's no point in ostresizing yourself. I played along with the banter, each time sticking around just long enough to be friendly but not long enough to get pulled in or identified as part of the problem. We were making good headway purchasing parts for my program so I wanted to give her some space. Arriving at her office door one mid-week morning, I was frustrated that the list of items we'd talked about her completing this week was definitely not getting done.

"Jaime there's no way you will get all these parts processed this week! We have to talk about how to get this done", I complained. "Good morning to you too", she sulked. She looked like she was in a bad mood already and turned her back to me looking back to the spreadsheet in front of her. I took a deep breath, obviously this was not the time to go off. Then I noticed her jeans were riding low and she had a nice pink thong on. Usually she was quite demure but her amazing body was hard for guys to ignore, (and girls too most likely). "Nice thong", I said, trying to lighten the mood. She looked down and realized almost half her ass was exposed. I didn't just see the thong, I almost saw all of it. "Oh. Um. That's embarassing", she said adjusting her chair and sitting more upright. Her face was red now, not with anger but with embarassment at her predicament. "Don't worry," I said, "I've seen one or two of those before. And I hope you don't me saying you have an amazing ass. I don't think I'll forget that vision any time soon.". She adjusted again, uncomfortable but she smiled this time. I waited. Evenutally she turned to look at me. Her cheeks blazed but she was still smiling. Her beautiful brown eye struck me and her tousseled blonde hair looked windswept but stylish - almost Farrah Fawcett-ish. "Sorry", she was impish now. "Listen I know you have a lot on. When do you think you can get to this? I really want to get it done today", I asked. "I have to finish this analysis first, it's for the executive briefing on Monday and then I'll work on yours; but I don't think I can have anything to review until 4 or so. Is that okay?", she asked. "I'll swing by after my 4pm meeting. I don't want to keep you here too late.", I replied. "It's no problem, I'd rather go home for the weekend knowing it was done, so I don't mind staying late tonight to finish it.", she offered. "Okay, great. I'll probably be here just after 4.30pm", I said as I turned to leave. "Oh, Ron?", she was getting red faced again I noticed as I turned to meet her question, "Let's get some food brought in, it might take a few hours to finish.". "Alright. I tell you what you keep working, I'll run down the road and get something after my meeting and then be back here right after that.", I offered. "Great. See you later.", she said turning back to her spreadsheet.

The craziness continued for the rest of the day and I my feet barely touched the bare earth. One meeting rolled into the next and before I knew it I was in the 4pm stand-up managers meeting in the factory. Despite the chaos we were delivering on-time so the meeting was no more than a perfunctory run through the weeks achievements and plan for next week. I was on my way to Jaimee's office by 4.40pm when I remembered the food request, so I made a detour to the parking lot and headed to the shopping mall down the road. Crusing into the parking lot I scanned what was available and settled on Thai food. I ordered and waited on some mild curries, nothing spicy but plenty flavorful. As I waited I spotted the wine shop next door and decided to step in and be nosey. It was quite a nice shop, with a good selection. I grabbed a couple of bottles and picked up the Thai, shoving it all into one bag for ease of transportation. Back at the office I walked through the open offices realizing it was after 5 and most people had left. In fact, although I didn't check every office, it sure looked like we might be the only ones here. "Here you go," I said setting the food on the desk. "Looks like everyone has left, huh?", I asked. "Yeah I actually just walked through to see who was around and didn't see anyone. Evening shift will lock up later.", she replied. Pulling open the bag I asked, "So food first, spreadsheet later? Or spreadsheet first, food later?", I asked. "Well it's still hot so we should eat it now", she said looking into the bag. "Oh you bought wine?", she said quickly pulling one of the bottles out. "Oh no, that was for home", I said embarassed. "Yeah but no-one is here so what do you say?...I know I could use a glass after this crazy week", she asked. "Hmmm I don't really have any utensils or glasses", I said, wishing now that I had thought about it. "Oh we keep that in here," she said, pulling open her bottom drawer, "We've have had a few bottles when we've had a good contract win to celebrate. I know I have an opener but I am not sure about glasses". She rumaged around and pulled out a corkscrew. "Hmmph," she said frustrated, "I don't see any glasses. Dang." We looked at each other pondering our options. Then a smile spread across her face, she looked like she had an idea but didn't want to say it. "What?", I asked. "Well not to sound like a drunk or anything but we could open it and just take turns drinking out of the bottle!", she offered looking slightly embarassed but determined. "Ah...well...I guess...", I said looking at the bottle then back at her. "Oh heck why not," I said ripping the foil off the top and plunging the corkscrew in. Once open I offered it to her, "Your go first", I said. She took the bottle from me and put it to her full lips; taking a long swig and then spilling slightly and rubbing it with the back of her hand, she giggled, handing me back the bottle. "Why not", I thought to myself and took a long drink. "Boy that is good. Good choice," she finally said. This was interesting indeed. It felt like we were flaunting all office protocal and ettiquette rules but I didn't know what it meant. She was very cute, a little bit sassy and I still couldn't get the image of her thong out of my mind. I had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. "Gotto go to the boys room. Be right back", I said, turning. "Okay I'll be right here.", she replied.

In the bathroom I pee'd taking several deep breaths and relaxing. I knew we had work to do but somehow, with everyone gone, it seemed more relaxing - and we certainly wouldn't have the phone ringing and interruptions. That would be good at least. We could focus and crank this work out. Strolling back to her office I could hear dance music - she had put on some "background music" she said and I realized she had shrugged off her sweater and was now wearing a close fitting strappy undershirt. Her jeans looked low on the hips now the sweater wasn't hanging low on her and I could see the top of her pink thong. The shirt matched the thong. Then I noticed the wine bottle - she had almost drank half of it! I was staggered. How could she have drunk all that so quickly? "Holy moly," I said, "Did you already drink this much wine?". I stood there mouth open looking at her. She giggled. "Listen," she said, "We need to relax a little. This place makes everybody crazy and rude. I think we should have some fun." "But what about the spreadsheet?" I asked. "Ah, really, who cares? I mean, what if we did it Monday? Who would know?", she asked. "Well me," I thought, it would impact several things next week. I wasn't sure and she could tell I wasn't. She siddled up to me, "You looked stressed out. I think you should drink some wine and we'll chat a little first. Then we can eat and do the spreadsheet.", she was slightly pleading now, realizing that perhaps I might decide to call it off and go home. "Okay. Five minutes of relaxing," I said "But we really need to get this going". I sat down grabbing the bottle angrily. I took another long swig and closed my eyes trying to let the tension go. I felt her hands on my shoulder blades gently massing but kept my eyes closed. "You are tense," she tutted, "You need to relax some. Let's see if I can help". I let her massage my neck and shoulders. Shivers ran up and down my spine at her light touch, her nails scraped me occassionally sending sparks into my head and my cock began to stir. I opened my eyes. She was behind me but leaning over, her tits were at my ear. Red faced I turned away, realizing I was staring and then adjusting in my chair and as I realized my cock was hard. She cleared her throat near my left ear, I turned and her boob was positioned right in front of my face. The nipple was hard, straining against the light fabric of the shirt. She slipped the strap from her shoulder and let it fall. Only the nipple was holding up the shirt now. I took a deep breath then leaned in and took the nipple in my mouth. She sighed and pulled me closer to her, her other hand grabbing a handful of my hair. "Aaah," she said. I gripped her tit with my hand, kneading the flesh and sucking on the nipple. My cock was pressing hard against my pants, her hand was slipping down my chest toward it making it jump in anticipation. She ran her hand down the shaft and back up, gripping the head. My turn to sigh. She walked around in front of me, removing the other strap of her shirt and letting it fall. The shirt hung on her nipples which were proud and erect. I loved that the shirt hung there on her nipples. I grinned. She turned away from me, leaving the shirt hanging, she bent over pushing her ass into my face. The thong was prominent now and her ass was tight and although it was on the bigger side, I definitely considered it her best feature after her gorgeous face. She unhooked the jeans and slid them down over her hips, revealling her ass right in front of my face. I was entranced. Looking over her shoulder, she giggled. "Do you like?" she asked. "I guess you didn't notice the tent I am making here, huh?" I replied. Out of the jeans she was dressed now only in a small shirt hanging over her tits and a thong. She stepped in front of me, "Take the shirt in your teeth and pull it off", she commanded. I did as she asked, grabbing the cloth between her tits and pulling it down over the firm mounds, exposing them finally. She shivered in delight and shoved her boobs into my face. I reached up taking a handful each and smelling her soft skin, delighting at the goosebumps and how firm her nipples were. "Suck them, please," she almost pleaded, groaning slightly. I kneaded her tits in front of my face, occassionally taking a nipple in my mouth sucking hard enough to make her gasp but trying not to hurt her. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Finally I slid my hand down her navel, brushing the cloth of her thong at her pussy. "Aahhh", she sighed. I rubbed more vigorously, pushing my fingers against her labia and rubbing the clit with my thumb. She started to grind her hips in rhythmn with each pass of my hands, swaying back and forth. I could feel she was very wet so I inserted two fingers into her pussy. She gasped, rising slightly but then plunging her tits into my face and her face into my hair. "Oh yes. Rub my pussy" she said, almost whispering. My thrusts intensified as her hips began to grind on my hand; my fingers pushed deep insider her. She was moving quickly, her eyes shut, gasping as she built toward an orgasm. I felt it coming and reached under her with my other hand to stroke her ass; she jumped but ground down on my hand, feeling my finger at her anus. She looked deeply into my eyes, a wild look of passion on her face, "Fuck me now", she commanded. "No. Come first then I'll fuck you," I replied. She smiled and then suddenly tensed as my fingers delved into her. I took a nipple in my mouth biting hard and she came, riding the waves, her knees buckling. "Fuck yes, " she gasped collapsing into my lap.

Catching her breath she looked at me, "Still want to work on the spreadsheet?", she asked. "Not tonight", I replied, grabbing the wine bottle off the desk and taking a swig. She greedily copied, dribbling red wine from the corner of her mouth and it traced a rivulet down her neck, across her collar bone and onto her tits. I licked the stream up to her neck and we embraced in a deep passionate kiss. Tongues swirling, her weight grinding onto my lap, my cock felt like it would explode soon. I pushed her back and stood, releasing my pants and letting the drop to them floor. I undid my shirt and tie but she couldn't wait and immediately took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Kneeling in front of me she looked awesome. Her tits swung gently in time with her strokes and I could see the pink thong rise from her ass over her hips. She reached down and pulled aside the thong and began to rub the pussy that was already lubricated. She looked up at me, "Just a quick lick to get you ready", she said. "I think I'm good", I said but I didn't stop her. Putting my cock in her mouth she began long looping strokes with her mouth and tongue that felt sensational. Her hand cupped my balls and she pressed my cock back into her throat, almost gagging. Her hand was working furiously at her pussy and the sight was almost too much for me. Pulling her to her feet, I twisted her around and pushed her over so she was holding the back of the chair. I spread her legs and rubbed my hand across her labia, checking that she was still wet, while moving the thong to one side. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy, teasing the lips apart and lubricating it, ready for the thrust. Her wide hips and ample ass looked magnificent, everything I had imagined and more, and to see her now prone in front of me, arching her back to offer up her womanhood was almost too much. I concentrated on insertion, teasing a few times more before finally thrusting deep insider her. "Oooooh", she said, pushing her hips back against me, "Deeper". I grabbed both hips and started long slow deep thrusts, enjoying each insertion. She reached underneath and grabbed my balls, sending me over the edge. Immediately I began to pound as hard as I could, the orgasm building in me quickly but I wanted to delay it as much as possible. Holding my breath and tensing I felt her pussy tighten around me and her legs began to buckle as she came. I couldn't hold it any longer and began to stream my come deep inside her. My cock pulsed again and again, each time I tensed and felt her come in rythmn. It was intense, fast and energetic.

Relaxing she turned to me, my cock slipping out her, and embraced me in a long passionate kiss. Her arms around my neck she pulled away to look into my eyes. "Feel better? Less stressed?", she asked. "Yeah definitely. It was a little fast, sorry about that", I said, "I guess I was more bottled up than I thought!". "Oh it was very good. I definitely enjoyed the energy.", she said. Standing there, feeling her naked skin against me I rubbed her back lightly and she sighed, "That feels nice. Keep going". For several minutes we swayed, her arms wrapped around my neck and my hands drawing light circles around her back and ass. My cock began to stir to life and she noticed immediately. She rubbed her thigh against it and smiled at me. "Again?", she asked. "Almost there," I said smiling back. She ran her hand down my chest, rubbing my nipples lightly and cupped my balls. My cock stood to attention almost immediately and I savored the feeling of her hand holding me tightly. "Feels good.", I said, "I like how your hands feel holding me". Slowly she kissed her way from my neck, to my chest, to my stomch and finally, kneeling again in front of me. Looking into my eyes, she rubbed my shiny cock head with her tongue. "Ummm I can taste you and me on there. Tastes good", she said and then took the hardness into her mouth. She bobbed her mouth on my cock, again running fabulous circles with her tongue - if I didn't get hard without her help I was sure she could make it happen quickly, with that kind of technique. I took a handful of her hair in my hands and she looked at into my eyes again. My cock bulging her cheek she smiled then slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and let it pop out; a long rope of saliva running from the tip of her tongue to the tip. "You get very hard", she said smiling, "I like that." "I want to fuck you again - a little bit slower this time", I said pulling her to stand in front of me. Turning her to one side I gripped the inside of on of her thighs and lifted the leg up in the air, almost to my shoulder height. My cock was inches from her labia and we both watched and I rubbed it slowly against her clit. She threw her head back in ecstacy, her mouth forming a perfect 'o', one hand on the table to support herself. I put the head inside her and pulled it out. She gasped. I put the head in again and immediately pulled out. She gasped again, "Oh come on don't tease!", she said pleadingly. I gripped her hip with my off hand and plunged my cock into her. Her straight leg buckled slightly and recovering her balance she said, "Again. Please!". I started a long slow pump of my cock into her, delighting at the sight of my cock parting her lips, her tits swaying gently in time with my thrusts and her face contorted in ecstacy. I rubbed my fingers on her clit while I continued pumping. I wanted her to come standing up. Nothing made me feel hornier than watching a beautiful woman come on my cock, her knees buckling, grasping for balance but pushing harder down onto the hard pole pulsing into her. Removing my hand from her clit I put one finger in her mouth and she greedily sucked on it. Licking the juices and sucking on it like it was another cock. She shifted slightly so her straight leg was leaning up against the table, so she could let go and use her fingers on her clit. She rubbed furiously, sucking my fingers hard and fast. I took one boob in my hand and kneaded it in time with my strokes. She was building quickly to orgasm again, whimpering quietly, her eyes hard in concentration, tonguing my fingers. "I want you to come on me", I commanded and she did almost immediately. "Oooh, yes! Oh your fucking cock feels so good.". She gripped the edge of the table, her knees buckling and thrashing, pushing her pussy down onto me. Her nipples were at full erection and I pinched one, holding her in the midst of the orgasm, using the tingling from the pinch to encourage more convulsions in her pussy. I could feel it pulsing on my cock.

As her orgasm subsided I decided I was going to make this last a little longer. I flipped her over again so that her ass was pushed high in the air and she gripped the back of the chair. I thrust back into her, grabbing and handful or hair and yanking it back. I pumped long, slow thrusts into her, enjoying the wetness and grip of her pussy. Her ass looked great and I was transfixed by the firm flesh. She arched her back, looking over her shoulder at me, her eyes smouldering with wanton desire. "It's been a while since I fucked like this", she said, "The boyfriend is a bit wham-bam-thankyou-mam. I like this better." "Your pussy feels amazing and I love how you look in this position.", I said, truly enjoying the sight and feeling. Her hair cascaded onto her back and she reached back to put her hand on my lower belly, one finger each side of my cock, feeling it pump into her. I reached forward to cup her tits, kneading them and pinching the nipples. We gyrated like this for several minutes, both lost in the sensations and erotic moments. "You fuck good", she said smiling; finally breaking the silence that had only been punctuated by heaving breathing. "So do you", I said. "Okay, my turn to drive...Lay on the desk", she said pulling away from my cock. I slipped out of her and climbed onto the desk laying down. She climbed on top, squating over me, positioning her pussy over my cock that was standing proud and erect. Bending her knees she split her pussy gently with my cock, tensing and shivering as she pushed down and enveloped me inside her. She bounced on me, pulsing my cock in and out of her, balancing there without touching me with anything other than her pussy. It was an amazing sensation and I revelled in it. We continued for several minutes, my cock swelling as she thrust it into her but not quite enough to reach orgasm. The long, slow pumping was incredible. Every part of my body sung in joy watching this beautiful woman ride my cock, a wonderful look of enjoyment and desire on her face. She began to pump harder and faster, her breathing was heavier and labored and I could feel her tense and build toward another orgasm. She sat upright, her thighs not against my side, and reached behind her to ran her fingers nails along my balls. Immediately they tightened. She smiled, sensing the change. "Are you ready?", she asked. "Oh yes", I replied. I rubbed my thumb on her clit in time with her thrusts and she continued to stroke my balls with her fingernails, sending chills up my legs. My orgasm built quickly and I fought it off, trying to withhold long enough to have an impressive and long eruption. Finally I could hold it back no longer and grabbing her hips I ground her onto me and thrust deeper inside her. The streams pumped into her and she came as soon as she felt it, heaving on me, thrashing her hair around and coming with me. I came into her several times, each time feeling strong and my cock growing slightly as it pushed into her. Her pussy clasped my cock, milking it and convulsing. We ground our bodies together violently, relishing the orgasm washing over us, both lost for long seconds in our ecstacy.

She lay on top of me and I realized we had both slipped off to slip. For how long I didn't know but this beautiful woman lay on top of me, her arms wrapped around my neck and her head nuzzled into my shoulder, breathing gently and evenly. I ran my fingers down her back and she shivered, then smiled. "Oh did we fall asleep?", she asked, turning to look at me. "It looks like it", I answered, looking over my shoulder. But there was no clock in the office. "I should get going", she said sheepishly. "The boyfriend is going to wonder where I've gotten to. I told him I was working late but he's probably waiting". Climbing off me she gathered her clothes. I followed suit, picking up my disgarded things and dressing quickly. As I was going home I didn't worry if I looked unkempt, shoving the tie and socks into my pocket. "Thanks", I said. "For what?", she said grinning. "For the relaxation class. It was good!", I answered. "I needed it too. It was pussy is still pulsing and I think I'll remember how that felt for a while!", she offered.

Walking out the our cards, after shutting down the office and making it look like someone hadn't been fucking in it, I leaned in to kiss her. "Thanks again", I said, "You are so beautiful...and you fuck good! I wouldn't mind doing it again but since you have a boyfriend I won't bug you about it", I said. "I loved how you felt in me. I hope we do this again soon. I could use a good fuck me like a bad-girl session occassionally!", she said. "Have a good weekend, then", I said turning to my car. She reached out and turned me back to her, rubbing her hand on my crotch, and kissing me passionately. "I think I'll be dreaming about this tonight and all weekend", she said, "See you Monday." "Yeah," I called, "And then we'll finish that spreadsheet, right?!". "Oh yes. You just got first priority over everyone else from here on out!", she replied closing her car door. I started the car and drove away wondering what next week would hold.
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