James 3

By 11608amazing

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“what do you want?” he whispered against my lips. I ran my hands over his shoulders “you”
Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, how fate had brought us together like this, there was no way we just happened to be in the same spot at the same time. That out of everyone he chose to come into my chat. I smiled as I walked up his driveway, I wondered to myself about him often. My stomach began to tighten and turn as I reached his door, it got like this every time I knew I was about to see him. I rung the doorbell and exhaled trying to calm my heart from imploding. James opened the door, he smiled when he saw me “Hey” he said slightly surprised. “I hope it’s okay that I stopped by” I said pressing my lips into a hard line. James smiled laughing lightly “of course it is” He said stepping back opening the door wider. I walked inside “No ones home” he looked at me with a small smile.
I knew that smile, and it wasn’t a surprise that sex was a must. We took every chance we got, I looked up at him and bit my lip lightly “how long are they gone?” I asked eyeing his body. James shut his front door and stepped towards me closing the small space between our bodies lacing his fingers with mine. I looked up at him and smiled “They will be gone for another two hours or so” he bit his lower lip lightly and leaning towards me. I leaned up meeting his lips with mine and let go of his hands running my fingertips along his arms. I felt his arms start to wrap around me and I smiled pulling away from him. His arms reached out for me as I walked backwards trailing my hands down his arms until he was out of reach. He looked at her curiously and I smiled slowly waiting for him to follow me. James tilted his head and smiled grabbing me. I squealed as he lifted me up and carried me into his living room. I kissed him as my feet hit the ground and pulled him back onto the couch. He fell on top of me lightly then looked down at me and smiled. I eyed his body above me again before looking up into his eyes. James ran his hand over my stomach balancing himself on the other arm. I smiled and closed my eyes feeling his fingers reach under the hem of my shirt. I heard him smile as he leaned down to kiss my neck lightly. I exhaled deeply, arching my back pressing my body into his, his fingers glided across my skin causing me to moan a little. James’s lips moved across my neck pressing his tongue in different spots. My hands wrapped around his body pulling up his shirt. He leaned off of me and pulled the shirt over his head, I smiled and sat up pulling my shirt off as well. I undid my pants and pulled them down kicking them off to the side. He stared at me and pulled me on top of him kissing my neck down to my collar bone then back up to my jaw line. I exhaled a deep jagged breath moaning softly as his lips barely touched my skin. He kissed my lips lightly and pulled back a little “what do you want?” he whispered against my lips. I ran my hands over his shoulders “you” I responded in one word. He smiled and pushed me back down leaning over me and unbuckled his belt sliding off his pants. James’s lips were against my neck sucking lightly his hand lifted me to unhook my bra flinging it to the ground. I moaned entangling my fingers in his hair. His lips grazed over my shoulders and my breath quickened as he continued to move down, soon his lips found my breast, I leaned my head back arching my back as his tongue slide across my breast sucking lightly. His hand on the other massaging it gently, He kissed his way back up to my lips before sitting up taking off his boxers. I smiled pulling my underwear off and pulled him back on top of me. I kissed him hard wanting him inside me already. He groaned lightly as I grabbed him. He leaned up again grabbing a condom, and rolling it on before leaning over me again. I pushed him towards me raising my hips to make his entrance quicker, I moaned as I felt him push through, A small groan came from him kissing on my neck. I moved my hips in motion with his, gripping his back scratching my nails down it. He groaned again thrusting harder into me. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure as his hips crushed into mine. James kissed my lips hard, I moved my lips against his biting his lower lip lightly. James’s pace quickened and he groaned kissing below my ear. I exhaled deeply feeling my body tremble, the pleasure was growing intensely fast and I could feel everything about to explode, I moaned loudly to his small groans as I felt a burst of relief. James slowed down to a stop and looked at me. He kissed me and smiled, I stared up at him and wondered again how I got so lucky.