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James 4

please I whispered in his ear,
I looked up at him hovering above me, James smiled kissing my lips, I closed my eyes massaging my lips agianst his. He ran his hand over my leg and up my shirt. I bit his lip lightly and he smiled leaning up and sitting back staring at me beneath him. He ran his hands up my shirt and over my bra, I smiled up at him. He always knew how to tease me, I bit the corner of my lip as he lifted my shirt over my head. I stared at his body running my fingers up and down his arms, and tugging lightly at them wanting his body against mine again. He wrapped his arms around my back pulling me up against him, my eyes stared into his before kissing him again. I wanted him--bad. I always did, James's arms held me firmly against his body as he kissed my neck. I tilted my head and gripped the back of his hair. James's lips traveled along most of my neck before leaning me back down and kissing down to my shoulders and unhooking my bra. I let out a small sigh as his hand rested on my breast, I smiled slowly as he continued to kiss down my body, my eyes closed and a moan escaped my lips as his tongue ran over my breast teasingly. His hand behind my back pushed me up farther into his body. He continued to tease me by kissing along my stomach stopping at my waist, He kissed my hips and ran his hand from my breast to my thighs. I moaned pleadingly. He smiled against my stomach and ran his hand up my thigh between my legs. My body tightened as he rubbed me through my panties. He stopped and smiled up at me crookedly "dont..." I whined opening my eyes to look at him, He kissed me "why not" He asked in a seductive tone.
 I closed my eyes and smiled "your such a tease" I bit my lower lip and looked back at him. "Don't act like you don't like it" he kissed below my ear. I moaned and pushed him up, "Fine" I said. he looked at me confused for a moment as I pushed him back and crawled over him, "Two can play that" I said kissing him lightly. He looked at me curiously as I kissed his neck and ran my hands over his body, I felt his breathing become heavier as I ran my hands over his boxers, I smiled a little and kissed down his body, stopping at the edge of his boxers and smiled as my hand ran over his thigh, He groaned lightly. I loved it. I let my hand reach into his boxers and pull him from beneath. I looked up at him and smiled , he looked at me biting his lower lip. I lightly grazed my lips over him as his body stiffened and his head tilted back. I smiled and ran my tongue lightly over it. He groaned and I kissed my way back up to his neck. "Told you" I whispered. James tossed me on my back and leaned over me again, a deep lust in his eyes.
 He yanked off my panties and pressed his body down on mine. I sighed as his fingers explored me, I wanted him bad. I kissed his neck "please" I whispered in his ear, He looked at me and smiled kissed me before grabbing a condom. He smiled again leaning over me and pressed between my legs, I moaned as I felt him enter. He smiled as kissed me hard as I moved my hips to match his, He moved swiftly, gracfully as I grabbed his back wanting him deeper. He kissed my neck letting light groans out, I moaned feeling everything tighten. My body tensed and I pushed harder into his hips, feeling him inside me, James wrapped an arm around the small of my back and under my shoulder thrusting harder into me. I felt his muscles tighten as mine did. He thrusted into me faster as I felt everything explode my nails dug into his skin and I cried out in pleasure. James grunted before slowing down and leaning up to look at me. I smiled and kissed him before getting dressed again.
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