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Surprise comfort with an ex
I laid on the carpeted floor, chest down and back exposed to the air. Wearing only a pair of shorts, I watched whatever tv show was playing, unable to conjure the strength to move my arm to the remote and change the channel. Heat radiated from my shoulders and back, caused by the terrible sunburn I had experienced in the pool earlier that day. Every motion of my upper body shot tendrils of pain raking across my skin. When I finally landed on the floor in the living room in the most comfortable position I could manage to get in, I was content to not move for the rest of the weekend. No amount of Aloe Vera could bring relief from the constant fire on my back.

As another episode of Cake Boss came to an end, I felt slight tremors of foot steps reverberate through the floor pressed up against my cheek. Probably my sister getting something to drink. Why else would anyone in my family come down the stairs in the middle of the night?

I felt somebody sit down next to me. I grimaced as I turned my neck from the tv, causing my skin to reposition itself on my back and causing a new wave of pain shoot through my shoulders. When I finished repositioning, I finally took notice of my visitor. She definitely wasn't anybody in my family.

"Ashley? Wha-? Why are you here?" I asked. I definitely didn't expect to see her face... Like ever again.

"Saw you got a little burn today. Thought maybe I'd help out." She said referring to the pictures I posted on my Facebook. "That is a nasty one..." She trailed off as she eyed my bright pink skin on my back.

"How did you even get in here?" I demanded.

"You always leave the basement door unlocked. Remember?"

Forgot about that. Sometimes late at night I'd be playing video games but I'd leave the basement door unlocked in case my girlfriend at the time or, if I was single, Ashley wanted to stop by for a steamy make out session on my futon.

"So... Why are you here?"

"I told you," she said quietly as she bent over to whisper in my ear, "I want to help..." She then traced her tongue behind my ear down my neck. Soft kisses peppered my neck as her ever so gentle fingers lightly caressed my tender flesh on my back.

"I'll be right back." She said as she got up and walked into the kitchen. I watched as her hips swayed in her summer dress that ended mid thigh, showing her perfect, tan, fit, toned legs to me. I began to feel pressure against the floor as my dick began to respond to my increasing arousal.

When Ashley returned, she was carrying a cup in her hand and instead of sitting beside me, she straddled me and sat on my butt.

"What are you doing?" I tentatively asked. I was in quite a vulnerable position and I was currently at the mercy of my ex girlfriend.

"Just relax," Ashley whispered as she reached into the cup. I heard clinking sounds then something terribly cold was placed on my back. At first I was shocked and braced my self for the worst, but my timidness soon became pleasure as the ice cubes Ashley was putting along my back immediately began to melt against my smoldering skin.

The frozen cubes melting into cool liquid along my terribly burnt back felt amazing. My breathing became deeper and heavier as relief coursed through my body.

"That feels great Ashley."

Then a new sensation. Ashley leaned forward and began to run her tongue along the small puddles of water settling on my back. This brought out a long moan from my lips.

"Ashley..." I whispered. She continued to gently spread the cool water with her tongue as she reached up to and intertwined her fingers with mine. 

This went on for 10 minutes. Ashley applying soft wet kisses on my back, spreading the cool puddles of water with her tongue, and drawing moans of pleasure from my mouth.

Finally I pulled on her arms, making her get off of me, and sat her down on the couch. I lifted my self to my knees, biting my lip to hold back my painful sigh. There she sat in front of me. Beautiful as ever. Without taking her eyes from mine, Ashley slid her fingers under her dress and slipped her panties down her legs. She smiled and threw them at my face. I caught them and realized they weren't panties, they were her thong. My favorite one for her to wear.

"Well... This is new..." I commented. Ashley and I did a lot of fooling around. But we never had sex with each other.

"Just..." Ashley paused, seeming to be unsure of her next words. "Just fuck me." She whispered as she stretched her foot towards me. I took a hold of her leg, kissing my way up her calve, her thigh, her pussy. I gave her a long lick going up her slit, drawing out a sigh of ecstasy from her lips. I continued to lap up her pussy and passionately ate her out, continuing to build her sexual tension.

Ashley pulled up her dress and in one smooth motion removed it from her body. Sitting in my arms in only her black strapless bra.

For the first time that night, I leaned forward and kissed her. As the kiss grew more passionate, she gently rubbed her fingers up and down my back, still mindful of my sun burn.

I broke the kiss and looked to Ashley. My arms were wrapped around her body and my hands wandered to her bra clasp. Without breaking eye contact, I unclasped her bra. She pulled it from her body, letting her tits free, and threw it on the floor. I finally allowed myself to stare at her ample, full tits. Her nipples were puckered up and erect. She lifted a hand and pulled and squeezed her own breast as her gaze lowered to the bulge in my shorts.

Knowing what she wanted, I slid off my shorts and boxers and kicked them off my feet, letting my dick stand at attention. I knew this was Ashley's favorite part. It was not the first time she has seen my manhood and she always told me her favorite part of sex, besides the sex, was the first exposure to each other. She finally lifted her eyes from my dick to me and smiled. This would be our first time with each other. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in closer. Taking a hold of my dick and guiding it to her pussy, she brought me to her entrance.

Just as my head touched her lips, I leaned forward and kissed her, opening her mouth and colliding my tongue with hers. As I ran my fingers through her long black hair I pushed myself into her, causing her to gasp from the sudden pressure filling her up. She opened her eyes and smiled and said once again, "James... Fuck. Me."

With her encouragement I let myself go. I began pounding her pussy, letting my hands explore her body as I accelerated my rhythm. Executing powerful and fast thrusts into her, I let her hot wet pussy devour my cock.

Our tongues danced with each other in between ragged gasps and moans. I had to cover her mouth to muffle her moans and prevent her from waking my family upstairs.

"I'm gonna cum!" She whispered after peeling my hand from her mouth. "Oh GOD I'm gonna cum! Don't stop James! Ugh harder!"

I kept going. I was close too. At any moment I would explode. And I could feel Ashley tighten up around my cock.

I slid my hands under her ass, slightly lifting her off the couch. I spread her ass slightly and slid a finger between to massage her ass hole. This got off some girls and I was curious if it would have the same effect on Ashley.

It did.

She began to writhe and spasm from the train of an orgasm that hit her. Seeing her "O" face combined with the flush ruddiness of her cheeks was too sexy to handle. With a groan of ecstasy I came, rope after rope inside her. Filling up her pussy.

My pace slowed as my dick softened. I pulled out and tried to get my bearing. When I looked up I saw Ashley, wearing the biggest smile as her chest lifted and fell with her heavy breaths.

"Glad I came over?" She asked with a wink.

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