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Jas and April # 3: Corset and Dog Tags

Meet me for lunch. Wear your new corset, garter, hose and heels...
Jas called early one morning out of the blue.

“Meet me for lunch. Wear your new corset, garter, hose and heels. Oh, and baby my dog tags are on."

I was immediately excited and horny as hell. I kept thinking what does “my dog tags are on” mean?

Did it mean that Jas was working and would be in his uniform? He had told me several times the likelihood of me actually physically seeing him in his combat greens would be little or no chance at all. I so hoped I was right.

It was a fantasy of mine to undress Jas, and to be at his service. To me there is nothing like a military man in uniform. The way they walk, the confidence they ooze, and the pride in the job they are doing. It is just sexy as hell to me.

I had a feeling this time with Jas was going to be different. I don’t know why, but I had this nagging feeling. Maybe it was the anticipation, or the excitement of getting caught. I didn’t know what it was, but whatever it was, I felt it.

I got ready. I showered, shaved, and used my favorite lotion. I fixed my hair and make-up, threw the requested items in a bag, and dressed. Just as I walked out the door, the phone rang.

“Baby, be there in two hours. Go to the front desk and give them your name. Pick up the key and get dressed. Do not cover up when you answer the door.”

It took me about 90 minutes to drive to the hotel and check in. When I opened up the door the heat is already on and there was a long stemmed purple rose lying in the middle of the bed. As I reached down for it, my cell buzzed notifying me of a text from Jas

‘Get ready. Be there in 20 minutes.’

Laying down the rose, I reached in my bag. I pulled my things from it and got undressed. I put on my corset, garter, hose and heels, and then there was a knock at the door.

“Baby it’s me Jas, open the door.”

As I opened the door, Jas stepped through, and I notice his truck parked in front of our room.

“Jas, your truck? What are you doing?” I said.

“Fuck it! I don’t care who sees it! Damn baby, you’re beautiful. Fuck, look at you so damn sexy. You smell good too, I love the corset. Help me get out of this uniform. There’s no buttons it’s all Velcro, I’ll get my boots,” he said quickly.

Jas’ whole manner and personality had changed. It was almost like he was in a hurry, and didn’t care about the usual things. While I tried to figure things out, he reached for his combat boots and started to unlace them, pulling off the right then the left. He lined them up perfectly beside the couch. He stopped and looked up at me.

“Come here babe, I need you now," he said smiling.

Sitting down on the couch he pulled me to him and I straddled his thighs. Jas’ hands were everywhere, in my hair, rubbing my legs, back and ass. His face went into my cleavage and I felt his tongue licking the inside of my breasts.

“Help me get out of this uniform baby, please."

I reached for his collar, undoing the Velcro one by one. I noticed his service pins. I reached down and kissed them and whisper a thank you.

“No thanks necessary, baby. It’s my job," he said.

Jas took his jacket and folded it up and laid it down at the opposite end of the couch. He turned back and I reached for the end of his shirt and started to lift it over his head. He was gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy and smelled so damn good. His dog tags fall between us, I reach for them rubbing my fingers across them, and I bring them to my mouth and suck.

“Get me out of these damn pants April. You’re going to ride my cock and play with my tags baby."

Standing, I reached for his belt and he unbuttoned his pants, they came off along with his boxers. Standing there in front of Jas he started stroking his already hard cock.

“April, get on the bed. Lay down on your back get comfortable baby.”

I lay down, putting a pillow behind my head, and just took Jas in. Standing there naked, stroking his hard as hell cock and looking at me.

“Open your legs April. Let me see your pretty pussy."

I spread my legs and brought my left leg up just a little.

“Baby, are you wet? Show me; touch your cunt for me, April. Let me see how wet you are. Finger fuck your cunt for me, beautiful. Let me see you pleasure yourself for a minute.”

I took one hand and opened my pussy lips. With the other I rubbed my clit and fingered myself with my middle finger, in and out. I was soaking wet, and I knew he could see my juices and my thighs starting to shake.

“Stop! Don’t touch yourself again. Stand up baby."

I moved from the bed and Jas lay down.

“Ride me. Ride my cock, baby. Fuck me til we both cum.”

I stood there for a few seconds thinking about seriously not rushing this. I put one knee on the bed beside Jas’ legs, I slowly raised the other. As I settle myself, I remembered that I wasn't wearing panties. I didn’t drive almost two hours just to ride his cock. I wanted more. I guess it was the bad girl in me, but I needed to play a little. I needed to see how far he would let me go, letting me use his body, our bodies to satisfy us.

I ducked my head and hid my eyes from him. I lowered my pussy over his shin and slowly rubbed against him. I was wet so I knew he felt the wetness against his legs. I slowly crawl up his body, pulling myself along until I get to his thighs. I stopped, and sat back on my knees and looked him in the eyes.

“Baby, what are you doing? I told you to ride my cock, not play.”

I reached up and lowered the strap of my corset and took out my right breast.

“Jas I need to play, please.”

“Show me baby, show me what you need to play with, show me how you need to be played with April.”

I lowered the straps and cups on my corset and my breasts fell free. Using my first finger and thumb I pulled on my nipple, and brought it to my mouth. I took my nipple into mouth and slowly licked and started to suck it.

“Fuck April, you’re so fucking hot. Come here let me help. Let me suck those nipples for you.”

Jas pulled me closer to his mouth. He took both hands bringing both of my breasts to his mouth. He slowly licked my nipples, biting lightly and sucking. I reached behind me and caressed Jas’ balls and rubbed his cock head against my pussy. I slowly lowered my cunt onto his cock. I leaned forward so Jas could suck my nipples and started to ride him. He felt so good inside me. I could feel his thickness moving in and out, moving our hips in perfect fucking rhythm. I ran my hand across his chest; using him leverage to stroke longer and harder. I hear his dog tags rubbing together; I reach for them and hold on to them while I’m riding him.

Letting go of my breast Jas put one had in my hair pulling me down to his lips, and he softly kissed me, and then lightly nipped my bottom lip with his teeth.

“April, you’ve been a naughty girl. You sent me sexy pictures, dressed like this. When I opened your fucking email this morning I had to see you, had to fuck you. I wanted you. I wanted you dressed like this while we fucked.”

Jas pulled me in closer, laying me flat on his chest, rotating his hips, running his hands down my legs playing with the hose and straps on the garter. Jas moaned, rubbing, cupping my ass cheeks, and then pulling them apart. Suddenly he flipped us over, him on top in a missionary position, arms wrapped around my legs so I am open wide. I could feel his hand on the back of my thighs, playing with my hose and garter straps. His dog tags dangled between us. He pulled back, getting to his knees. Then he pulled my legs from around his waist. He laid one down on the bed and still holding the other he laid my heel covered foot against his chest.

“Such pretty shoes baby. When I opened your email this morning all I could think about was you laid spread open with me between your hose covered thighs like this. I needed to hear your moans and say my name.”

As I wrapped my legs back around his waist, Jas laid down on top of me and wrapped his arms around my back He started to pound me. I could feel him getting thicker and thicker with each stroke of his thick cock against my pussy walls. Jas suddenly pulled out of me.

“Open up baby and swallow."

I loved the taste of us on my tongue. The taste of his cum mixed with my juices was so intoxicating. Jas put one hand in my hair and fucked my mouth, shooting his cum at the back of my throat.

“Swallow. Swallow it, baby. Mmmmm April likes my cum doesn’t she?”

Jas slowly pulled away from my mouth, laying me back on the bed. He kisses my lips, and started to work his way down my body, kissing my eye lids, nose, cheek, ears, and neck. He reached my tits and slowly circled my right nipple with the tip of his finger, softly blowing on my nipple, but not quite touching. My nipples were so hard. They were almost hurting. The arousal was so intense my thighs started to shake. My breathing got shorter and harder, but he just kept going, back and forth between my nipples, taking turns. He aroused me almost to the point of no return, but then suddenly he stopped. He bit my right nipple and squeezed the left. My orgasm was sudden and so intense. I could feel my pussy juice running down the crack of my ass.

Having an orgasm just from having my nipples stimulated was one of the fantasies that I had told Jas about. He made it come true.

“On your knees April.”

Smack! Jas smacked my right ass cheek first, then my left, slamming his cock into my pussy in one stroke.

“Arch your back baby. Let me have this pussy.”

He slammed his cock into my pussy over and over. I felt the burn, the heat, the build up from his strokes. Suddenly Jas stopped. He removed his hands; no longer touching me at all. Then I felt a touch, just light touches of his finger tip on my lower back slowly moving lower and lower until he reached my ass.

“Mmmmm, April. Your ass is so pretty, baby. I’m not going to fuck you here today, but I am going to fuck your ass baby.”

I felt Jas’ hands on my thighs as he held me in place. He dropped one kiss to my ass. Smack! Once, twice, three times on each cheek. Jas’ slammed his cock into me balls deep, bumping my wall and pulling out then pushing back in. I came again hard. It was so intense as I clenched and milked his thick cock.

“Now baby. I’m cumming now! Fuck April!"

Jas pulled away sitting on the side of the bed. He reached for the rose, and lightly rubbed it against my cheek.

“Next time I’m taking your ass, and I will lick your pretty rose baby," he said.

I can hardly wait.
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