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Jas: The Second Meeting

The second time seeing Jas was a spur of the moment, spend the night, and fuck me good time
Jas: The Second Meeting

My second meeting with Jas was a spur of the moment, come spend the night with me, I ship out in two days, quick, hot as hell good time.

Jas is a soldier I met online. He’s sweet, sexy, and has muscles in all the right places, and top it all off, he has one hell of sexy deep voice. That deep voice gets him what he wants every time. Just the sound of his voice makes me wet. It makes my clit twitch and my nipples go hard. There’s nothing he would ask of me that I wouldn’t at least try.

This meeting wasn’t planned out at all. I was in such a hurry that I ended up lost and had to ask a police officer for directions to the hotel where Jas was staying. It was crazy.

He sent me a text saying, “Baby. Cardinal Inn room 201, text me when you pull up.” As soon as I got there, I texted him.

His return text said, “Doors open.”

I went up the stairs and pushed the door open. Jas grabbed me and kissed me. It was one of those, I haven’t seen you in so long, so now I’m going to fuck you good kisses. The absolute best kind of kisses. I don’t remember my bags hitting the floor or how my glasses were taken off. I only remember the sound of a zipper and being pushed to my knees.

Jas’ beautiful thick cock was out in his hand. He tasted so sweet as his pre-cum is rubbed against my lips.

“Suck it, baby. Suck my fat cock down your throat,” he said.

Slowly I sucked Jas’ cock, swirling my tongue around the head and shaft, taking him farther and farther down my throat, and our eyes met.

“Mmmhummm, suck me baby, you suck me so good,” he moaned.

I pushed his shirt up, running my hand over his chest to lightly play with his nipple while my other hand played with his balls. I looked up while still sucking his cock, and I thought to myself, "damn, he’s sexy."

His head is thrown back and his shoulders were braced against the wall. His right hand was in my hair and the left was in a fist pressing into the wall. He opened his eyes; his bright blues met my brown and his thighs started to shake.

“Oh damn baby, here I cum. Are you going to swallow?” he said.

I hummed on his cock and his whole body jerked as his cock spasmed. His cum was so sweet and hot. I loved the feel of it hitting my tongue and back of my throat. I slowly released his softening cock from between my lips and leaned back on my knees.

I looked up at him and he grinned. He reached for the door and closed and locked it. He then pulled me to my feet. Jas spun me around took me by the neck and bent me over at the waist. I was face down and ass up over the foot of the bed.

“I didn’t fuck you like I wanted before. This time I’m taking the pussy like I want it. Now turn around and undress us," he said.

He bent over and untied his boots and took them off. As he stood up, I reached for his ARMY t-shirt, pulling it over his head and off his body. He was so big and muscular, sexy, tall and smelled so damn good. I come back from the little trip my brain took taking in his body and remembered that he told me to undress him.

I ran my hands down his back. Since his jeans were still unbuttoned I was able to run my hands down and rub over his plump ass cheeks while lowering his jeans and boxers. He stepped out of them.

“Now it’s your turn baby, strip for me, slowly. Do it, then I’m going to spank that sexy ass while I’m fucking your tight pretty pink pussy,” he said.

I quivered at his words, realizing that he was going to spank me. My cunt clenched at the thought of him fucking me and spanking me at the same time. I slowly undressed for him until I stood there naked in front of him. He stood in front of me, watching me undress, and stroked his thick cock, he was hard again and I could see the pre-cum on the head seeping form his hole.

Jas reached for me and then he grabbed my hair with one hand. He placed his other roughly on my hip and pulled me into him. The heat from our touching skin was electric.Our shared lust gave us both goose bumps and we both shivered. Our lips met. Our tongues danced. My hands reached for him, and his fingers tightened in my hair and on my hip. He owned me.

“Turn around, put your hands on the bed.” he demanded.

With no warning, he slammed his hard cock into my cunt from behind. He immediately went balls deep. He stopped suddenly and began smacking my ass. He spanked me while grinding his big dick deep inside me. Smack! Smack! Jas pulled back and started moving in and out, picking up his pace and pounding my pussy. It felt so damn good, both the pain when he bottomed out, and the pleasure from when he pulled back only to push back inside me again and again. I could feel him getting thicker and thicker, moving in and out of me. I could feel my clit swelling and hear the sound of my wet pussy as our bodies slammed together. It was music to my ears.

“You feel so damn good, Jas. Please don't stop!” I begged.

“Put that leg up on the bed baby. That’s right. Open those thighs up for me. I wish you could see us, April. Your pretty pussy is wrapped around my cock baby. You look like your milking me baby, so damn sexy. I’m getting close to cumming, April. I’m going to cum inside this pussy," he said breathlessly.

His hand pulled my hair from behind and my back arched. The pleasure and pain from his hand grabbing my hair is too much.

“Jas! Fuck I’m cumming!” I moaned.

“That’s right baby cum on my cock!” he said.

Smack! He spanked my right, then left cheek, and I came. I thought my whole body would explode, the feelings were so intense.

“Damn baby here I cum, here I cum, damn!” he said.

Jas came right after I started to spasm, and I felt our juices mix and run out of my pussy. He laid against me, running his hands down my sides and playing with my nipples. I felt little aftershocks run through my body as the sensations from his hands caused my clit to twitch and my cunt to clench. His softening cock slid from me and our juices continued to run down my thighs.

“Baby, damn. I love this pussy!” Jas smiled as he smacked my cum filled pussy.
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