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Jasmine Incense

A woman comes to a man's flat...

I was sitting on my couch, watching the news, and suddenly I hear a knock at the door.

"Danny? It's me, Madison... may I come in for a second?" you say to me from behind the door.

"Hey babe! I'm quite glad to see you. Sure, come on in, beautiful... the door should be open," I say, anxiously anticipating your arrival. You walk through the door, looking quite beautiful in a skirt and blue sweater, and I tell you so as you sit beside me on the sofa, and I place my arm around your shoulders, pulling you close.

"It's rather nice being you arms, Danny," you tell me in your sexy voice, and you lean forward to kiss me on my cheek, and then kiss me full on the lips, flicking your tongue along my upper lip.

"It's great having you in my arms, too, beautiful," I respond, and return your kiss with passion, easing my tongue into your sweet mouth. "I've missed you, Madison," I say to you, looking deeply into your pretty hazel eyes.

"I've missed you too, Danny," you tell me, and kiss me lightly while pressing your body against me.

"Come here, Madison... I'd like to show you something," I say smiling, and slowly lead you to my bedroom door. "Like it?" I ask you as I enter and light a stick of jasmine incense. "Come in and sit down... See if the firmness is up to your standards," I say, smiling as I do.

"It seems fine to me, Danny," you say as you sit down close to me on the bed. "And I like the firmness of this as well," you say, smiling as you slowly graze your fingertips across my hardening cock.

"And you know, I kinda like like the firmness of these," I inform you smiling as I softly cup your breasts through your dress. As you continue to slowly stroke my cock through my jeans, I place my hand on the inside of your thigh, slowly inching my way toward the heat emanating from your pussy. With my other hand I quickly undo the buttons on the back of your sweater, and I reach in to deftly undo the snap on your bra.

"Why, thank you, handsome... I was hoping you would," you smile, and after you quickly undo the buttons on my button-down shirt, you begin to slowly undo the snap on my pants as you softly kiss and lick on my chest.

As I reach your fragrant pussy, I slip my finger under your panties and softly caress your swollen pussy lips, and I feel you unzipping my jeans and gently take my hard cock in your hand. I remove my finger, and finding the waistband of your panties, I begin to ease them down your shapely legs. As I do, I raise your skirt above your hips, and your beautiful wet pussy comes into full view. I lean forward to kiss you hungrily, and as we kiss passionately, our tongues intermingling, you slowly work my jeans down my legs, and you take my hard cock in your fingers. You pause for a moment to remove your skirt, and lie back on the bed, legs open, allowing me a view of your wet pussy.

I slowly kiss and lick my way up your inner thighs, and as I reach your juicy pussy, I softly run my tongue across your distended lips, tasting your fragrant juices. As I take your glistening pussy lips into my mouth, softly sucking on them, you raise your legs over my shoulder, giving me much better access to your treasures. As I move my mouth up to softly tongue and suck on your proud clit, I move my thumb to your puckered rosebud, and softly massage your ass as I wrap my lips around your bulging clit. As I softly flick my tongue at your erect clitoris, my hand gently lightly caresses your tight ass, and you moan as my thumb continues to gently massage your tight puckered rosebud.

Your legs tremble in your first orgasm, and I gently turn you over on your stomach, and I gaze lustfully at your beautiful upturned ass. I run the head of my swollen cock along your distended pussy lips, and as I slowly push my hard cock into your tight pussy, I reach my hand around your shapely hips to softly massage your sensitive clit. I begin to build to a slow rhythm, and I can see your tight pussy clinging to my stiff cock as I withdraw. You moan as I drive my cock into the depths of your tight pussy, and you look over your shoulder and smile at me sexily. I begin to gradually quicken my pace, and the sounds of your wet pussy fill the room. I sense a familiar tightening of my swollen balls, and I begin to thrust my cock into your tight wet pussy harder while softly massaging your proud clit. I give one last powerful thrust, kissing and sucking on the side of your neck as I shoot a stream of warm come into you.

"Firm enough?" I joked.
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