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Jazz Club

A dream Friday night!!!

We make a date to meet up in a dark seedy jazz club, it’s a busy night and full of people,

There are people everywhere, and they have got a couple of really good bands on, so you know it’s going to get really busy in there,

I’m standing in a   corner close to the   front where the stage is , it’s   almost dark with very little light,   dressed in black shirt and black trousers, I see you come in, looking really hot in a little black number which   just fits to the top of your knees, backless with just a strap that you have around your neck which is holding the front of the dress up, as you get nearer I can see the slightest erection from your nipples pointing out of the dress, I notice you’re not wearing a bra, as your breasts bounce gently as you walk towards me, you get closer, I have a drink ready for you, and you take it from me and sip from it, not saying anything, yet saying everything through your eyes.


The band starts and the crowds start getting closer, you turn around and start to watch the band, as you come back to stand close up against my chest and me, you tilt your head back and whisper, ‘I’ve shaved and I’m not wearing any knickers’ head forward again, as you   start   to move slowly to the rhythm of the band, as you enjoy the music.


I get closer to you and have you up against me while we were watching the band, it was very dark and crowded in there, so much so that we even had people standing in front of us, but luckily we were in the corner, slowly I would start to stroke your back, in that lovely, sexy backless dress that you were wearing, gently, teasingly, I would get nearer and nearer   to  your left breast, from the inside of your dress, gently fondling the bottom of your breast with slow circles with my first two fingers then a gentle fondle with my hand, I can feel you getting closer and closer to me, your cheeks now firmly up against my cock, which is now quite hard and standing to attention.

I pull you even closer to me, the music quite loud now, people enjoying themselves, I feel my cock now nicely between your cheeks, and I can feel you slowly moving ever so gently side to side, arousing me even more, and every now and then moving very gently up and down against my cock.

I slowly move my hand over your breast and touch your nipple, so erect, so perky, it's like a little bullet, I start to play with it squeezing it, flicking it, and running my fingers around and around it.

I'm feeling really turned on, you're pushing your bottom up against my cock even more I can feel your cheeks on either side, so nice and so warm, slowly with my other hand I move my hand down to your back , down to your bottom and gently I lift your dress up, really slowly so that no one would notice, no one would anyway they are all enjoying the band, the place is really full now, only standing room, and people are literally just inches away from you. I start to stroke the bottom of your cheek, my other hand still fondling and playing with your hard and erect nipple, it feels like it almost wants to pop out, your cheek feels so nice so soft and smooth, I move back a bit, so that there are a couple of inches between my cock and your bottom.

I start to squeeze your cheek first one, then the other, all the time trying to touch in-between   the gap, and gently pulling your cheeks apart as my hand goes over them, I 'm so hard, my cock is trying to leap out of my trousers, I pull your cheeks apart and go finger my way to your pussy, I can feel your lips, I pull them apart, gently finger   your hot moist lips as they part and the love juices start to come out, I can feel the juices all over my middle finger, I push my finger in even more, just inside your pussy and start to play with your clitoris,

MMMMMMMMMM that feels good, I can feel your heart beating faster and faster as my other hand is now firmly over your breast and really massaging your breast and nipple,   squeezing   and caressing your whole breast.

I start to pull your cheeks apart even more with my right hand palm pressed firmly against them,   as I feel your wet lips and the juices oozing out, I put my middle finger deep into your cunt, right up to the hilt, it's totally covered in your love juices I can feel it dribbling all onto my hand all over   my palm, I rub it all over your wet clean shaven pussy, as it runs all over, I can feel the heat from your pussy on my palm. I start again , first with one finger, then two, pulling them in and out and each time thrusting them in slowly as deep as I can go, I can feel the inside of your moist wet pussy, what a great feeling, so wet and so warm, I have 3 fingers up now, and I can feel you pushing your bottom really hard up against my hand, the crowds in front are dancing away especially the guy standing right in front of you, once or twice he's come really close almost bumping into you, but he is totally oblivious to you me.


My fingers are now going in and out of you with a lovely rhythm you turn your head and look into my eyes with your half closed eyes, and that dizzy feeling of euphoria, I can hear tiny whispers of moans and groans coming from you as the back of your head rests upon my chest and as you try and lift yourself onto your toes as you push yourself up against my hand which is going in ever deeper into you.........


God I am feeling so hard, my cock is throbbing and so hot!!, I take my left hand off your breast, and slowly undo my zip, I want that hot juicy pussy so much, I lift your skirt up with my left hand, tucked away now, right in the corner, all dark and dingy, the music is so loud as we stand close to the speakers, you start to arch your back as you try and push your bottom up against me, I grab your cheeks with both hands and pull them apart, and with my right hand I direct my cock into your pussy, I can feel those moist, warm love juices all over the tip of my cock, I rub my cock around your pussy lips even more, until my cock is wet, and   half way up your bottom making your cunt soaking wet, God you're so wet, as I feel you rising up onto the your toes and lifting yourself up to push even harder up against me.


I start to push my cock into you, as you push your   bottom hard up against me, I feel it going deep inside you, just then I notice a fire exit door behind us, right in the dark corner,

I take my cock out and try the door, it opens , I grab your hand and we sneak out, and I shut the door...., wildly.... , passionately...,   I start kissing your neck, I undo your neck strap and let the dress fall to your waist, I start sucking on your nipples hard, pushing you up against the fire door, which is now locked, still hearing the muffled sounds of the band and the people inside, sucking on those nipples like bullets , so hard and so juicy, I want to bite hard onto them, sucking them off, I start to suck harder and harder on them with my teeth around them, just biting enough to be hurting . My hand is up your dress and all four fingers inside your wet juicy cunt, as I start to masturbate you vigour sly, fingers going in and out trying to get   my   whole hand inside you,   you who are all wet and moist, while I suck even harder on your nipples, whilst with my other hand and fingers I am trying to reach your   deep inside your arse.


I turn you around and push you with your tits hard up against the cold metal fire door, lifting your dress up and then spreading your cheeks apart, almost splitting them I can see your beautiful hole and pussy clearly in the moonlight, I get onto my knees and push my tongue deep inside your wet moist juicy pussy, flicking away, tasting your clitoris and feeling the warmth of your swollen lips on my tongue, I stand up take my cock and thrust it back up into you, deep.., deeper....,     as far as I could go, I pull it out all the way and again thrust it in,   deeper then before, all the way, I grab your breasts with both hands and start to fuck you hard, as fast as I can each time fully out then back in all the way, I'm squeezing your breasts as hard as I can, squeezing your hard nipples in between my fingers again thrusting in and out really fast I can feel myself cumming but keep going faster and faster,   and then just as I am about to come, I turn you around and force you to kneel and move your head down onto my cock, making you take it all in,


I grab the back of your head and push my cock deep into your mouth, all the way to the back of your throat, while you kneel before me sucking hard on my cock, caressing my balls as   you suck hard and deep, I start fuck your mouth as fast as I can, you can hardly breathe as I hit the back of your throat with my cock until I finally I explode and cum into your mouth,   you gulp all my love juices down as much as you can, while the rest is dribbling down the side of your mouth onto your breasts, where you can feel the warmth from it.

You suck on me until I’m dry,   and you start to massage my balls again, caressing and fondling them, you haven't finished with me yet as you look up into my eyes with a glint, I lift you up and start to kiss you passionately,   as we start to deep throat each other with our tongues, kissing wildly, frantically, passionately I caress and squeeze your breasts hard , I start to move my mouth between your mouth and your nipples, you're masturbating my cock, I can feel it getting harder again, growing with each stroke,


Rock hard now!!, I see an old table by the side in the moonlight, we move to it and I lift you up onto it, Spreading your legs apart as far as I can, I go down on you, my tongue jumping around darting in and out of your pussy, that juicy hot pussy, sucking hard on your lips, biting your clitoris, pulling apart your legs wider still, and your lips as far back   as possible, I go in as deep as possible with my tongue, fast and hard, in and out, lapping up all those lovely juices, my cock rock hard now I stand up, put your legs onto my shoulders and push my hard cock up into you pussy thrusting it in as far as I can go, then all the way out again, and back in, deep as possible as I lift you up with your bottom in my hands pulling you towards me, fast fucking you, all the way,   in then out, sometimes hitting the side of your pussy but forcing it in anyway, that slight tinge of pain with all that pleasure arousing you even more I can hear you moaning, and groaning, asking me to go harder and harder, ‘‘fuck me, fuck me, come on baby fuck my pussy’’ as I fuck you faster and faster deep as possible, at full speed now.


I can see your head going back, your back arching as I stroke your clitoris with one hand while I fuck you deep and hard,   as you push your arse up towards my cock whilst I held your cheeks with my other hand, and then finally you cum......., legs trembling......... thighs shaking...... while I'm still fucking you, you can't stop cumming, the juices are overflowing all over my balls, running down your cheeks and in towards your bottom, that lovely warm silky feeling..........  and slowly as it subsides, my cock still inside you, rhythm slowing down, to a gentle and slow thrust, your pussy getting tighter and tighter, I give one last deep full shaft thrust and plunge my cock into you as deep as it will go and hold it there, you can feel yourself explode as the last of your orgasm peaks, I’m feeling your whole body quivering on the end of my tip before I finally take it out slowly, and while you’re still quivering,   I kneel down, spread your legs apart, and slowly, gently, go down onto you pushing my tongue in deep to lap up the last of all those warm creamy juices still oozing from your sweet pussy as you close your eyes and lose yourself in that feeling of ........................ecstasy...................... .  

This is how I want you.

J xx

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