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A 22 year old soldier stationed in Germany meets a 19 year old French girl and they spend a romantic


By Pappy27

Copyright© 2009 by Pappy27

A 22 year old soldier stationed in Germany meets a 19 year old French girl and they spend a romantic weekend together celebrating his twenty-second birthday.

The following short story is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent or not so innocent.

The mistakes in spelling are due to individual languages e.g. Guasthaus (German name for a bar which may also function as a Bread and Breakfast in small villages) Bas Rhin (French town meaning Lower Rhine, in the Alsace Lorraine area of France approximately 50 Kilometers from the German border).

The reader should understand that the conversation between Jean-Paul and Gisele was strictly in French and what is being said here in the story is not verbatim since this story took place more than fifty years ago.

What prompted this story is that many of the people I know today have multinational backgrounds, European, or Eastern European, and they have brought back many pleasant memories of my two military tours in Germany in (1957 — 1958 and again in 1969 -1972).

The basic memories for this story are still vivid in my mind.

Hello my name is Jean-Paul DuMarais (AKA Frenchy) I am 5' 8'' tall blond hair with blue eyes, at the time of this story I weighed about 140 lbs and in good physical condition while I serving in the military. I was barely twenty when in late 1956 I was drafted into the US Army, and after completing Basic Training and AIT (advanced individual training). I was assigned to an Ordinance company in Germany (Ammunitions Storage Facility) as a truck driver.

Since I was bilingual I often found myself in places that my knowledge of French would be very useful.

The following incident took place during the early part of the winter of 57-58.

I had asked for a 72 hour pass in order to be off base for the weekend that I was turning twenty-two, I had gotten a room at a local guesthouse and I was sitting in the bar drinking a beer when I noticed an attractive young woman sitting by herself at a table not far from the bar, she kept looking to the door whenever someone would come in or go out as well. At first I thought that she may be expecting someone. As I watched her for the next 10 or 15 minutes, I noticed that her expression did not change and I felt that she may not be expecting anyone.

I finished my beer then went to her table and asked her to dance.

She told me that "I no speek englass".

So from her accent I thought she might speak French so I asked her in French to please dance with me.

She agreed and while we were dancing I introduced myself as Jean-Paul DuMarais and I told her that I was an American soldier with a French Canadian background I also asked what her name was.

She told me her name was Gisele and that she came from Bas Rhin in the Alsace-Lorraine area of France.

Gisele was an attractive girl of 19 with light brown hair and green eyes that sparkled like a crystal does when light rays fall upon it at the right angle. She was about 5' 2'' tall and weighed about 60 kilo's or about 125 lbs.

After we had gotten better acquainted, I told Gisele that I was celebrating my birthday asked her if she would join me by going out to eat.

She told me that the food here in the Gasthaus was excellent and not very expensive and that she would be happy to join me in my celebration.

We ordered from the menu and had an excellent meal. Even throughout the meal I noticed that she continued glancing at the door, as if expecting someone.

Finally I had asked Gisele why she kept looking at the door every time someone came in or left for that matter.

Gisele then told me that she had come to Germany looking for employment and that she had been in Germany for about two weeks and now she was almost broke and had no place to stay. Gisele also said that the weather and temperature was so severe that she did not know what she would do after the gasthaus closed for the night

My gut feeling at the time was that Gisele was not a woman of the night, so I asked her if she did not mind staying with a total stranger, I had rented a room at the Gasthaus for the weekend and she would be welcomed to stay with me.

Gisele looked at me with a quizzical expression on her face and asked me; "Jean-Paul, why are you offering me to stay with you when you do not know me."

I answered her: "Because we have been enjoying ourselves here all evening and not once have you tried to take advantage of me, when we ordered our meals, you had me order first, then you ordered the same meal I had ordered, you have not asked for expensive liquor like a working girl would, you have been drinking beer as I have, so I have confidence that you will not try to take advantage of me." I then added. "Does this make any sense to you?"

"Yes I think so! Okay', Gisele answered, "I will stay with you for the weekend but you must understand that this is not something I do all the time. That is staying with strange men. I can see in your eyes no malice, so yes Jean-Paul for this weekend we will be together.

We danced and drank until the bar was ready to close-up for the night, Gisele and I were a little hesitant as we left for my room, and as we left Gisele collected a small valise with her clothes from the bartender. The Bartender smiled at Gisele and told her in French "Bonne chance" (Good Luck). Gisele thanked him.

As we were walking upstairs to my room I asked Gisele if she knew the bartender, she said the he was a cousin from her dad's side of the family, but he did not have any room for her to stay because he and his wife were living in a small two bedroom apartment with their two young children.

After we got to the room both of us seemed unable to speak it seemed like we did not know how to continue. We were as two teenage virgins wondering what we were supposed to do next.

As Gisele looked around the room which was very neat and clean and she saw my uniform laying out on the bed, she exclaimed "Oh Jean-Paul you really are a soldier, your French is so good I thought you were playing with me".

I answered her: "The reason I speak French well is due to my growing up in a French Canadian home where only French was spoken, my grandfather lived with us and he could not speak English at all. Then when we began our schooling in our Parish School some of the subjects were taught in French and the other subjects were taught in English."

And to answer your other question; "Yes I am really a soldier as you can see I am a private first class."

I finally took Gisele in my arms and told her; "that there was something I had wanted to do since I introduced myself to her," I then kissed her.

Our lips became almost glued to each other; Gisele held my head with her hand and returned my kiss, I began to get a little bolder and I pushed my tongue between her lips, Gisele separated her teeth to let me in and we began the age old duel of the tongues. The kiss lasted for quite a while and when we broke off we were both breathless.

I started to unbutton her blouse and as I exposed some flesh I would bend down and kiss it then I would return to her lips and planted soft kisses on her lips, her eyes, ears and even on the tip of her nose. Then I would get back to exposing some more flesh and all the kissing would start over. I continued doing this until I had her blouse off.

As I was undressing her, Gisele started to laugh and say Oh Jean-Paul what are you doing to me, I have never been made love to like you are doing it to me please don't stop keep on loving me like this.

Once I had removed Gisele's blouse, she attacked my shirt trying to do the same as I had done to her, she was in too much of a hurry, I had to tell her to slow down; "Va pas si vite Gisele, va plus lentement s'il vous plait."

Gisele did slow down but both of us were laughing so much we could not accomplish our goals. We could not go on trying to undress each other. I ended up undressing myself and Gisele finished undressing herself.

When Gisele got down to her brassiere and panties she climbed into the bed.

After I had finished undressing, I kept my brief's on, then climbed into the bed with Gisele.

As I climbed in bed I sank down, it seemed, almost to the floor, the sensation was like sinking in water and yet floating as well. I had not realized that the mattress was a down and pin feather mattress. The Comforter on the bed was also down filled.

Although the room was chilly when we climbed in the bed, it did not take long for us to warm up being surrounded by these luxurious pieces of bedding.

I worked my way close to Gisele and we hugged and our previous oral duel resumed in a fierce battle, neither one ever had the advantage over the other, the duel ended into a mutual surrender.

While still in our embrace I reached behind Gisele and unfastened her brassiere, I then started to kiss my way down to her very firm breasts, going from one to the other and suckling at her nipples as if trying to be fed like a baby.

It did not take long for her nipples to harden and become too sensitive for me to keep sucking on them. Gisele was pushing against my head ad telling me to stop sucking.

I continued to make love to her breasts by kissing and licking the underside of them taking my time and working slowly down.

As I reached her navel area Gisele tried to pull my head up to hers but I continued working my way down, as I reached her panties I tried to take them off but her weight was keeping me from pulling them down.

Finally Gisele lifted her hips up from the mattress and helped me to remove her panties without tearing them.

As I proceeded downward, I finally reached her clit and began to lightly attack it with my tongue. Gisele finally quit trying to pull me away from her pussy as she was starting to orgasm without having her pussy touched.

Gisele kept saying; "Oh Jean-Paul, Oh Jean-Paul, Oh Jean-Paul, what are you doing to me, I have never had this done to me before."

As I pulled my tongue away from her clit trying to continue down to her pussy lips Gisele said. "Oh Jean-Paul, do not stop now, Mon Dieu (my God) do not stop it feels so good."

I continued to reach lower until I reached her pussy's lips, As I started to lick and reach inside her lips I found it so wet and warm that I headed back up and as my hard cock reached Gisele's pussy I placed it at its entrance and pushed in until I was in all the way.

As my lips reached her lips we started kissing and our tongues took up the duel that had taken place earlier in our love making.

Gisele's hips were gyrating trying to force me to move inside her pussy, while Gisele was telling me to fuck her and to make her cum, I would press myself hard against her body and not move I kept still trying to avoid cumming too soon,

When the orgasmic feeling finally settled down to where I could return to fucking, I did so in a slow rhythm, almost as soon as I started to fuck Gisele started to cum, "Oh mon Dieu, Jean-Paul Oh mon Dieu, Jean-Paul viens avec mois, Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, viens Jean-Paul, Ooooooohhhhhhhh." She cried out.

I still had not cum so I continued to fuck in and out slowly and a few minutes later Gisele started to cum again "Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, Jean-Paul," over and over she kept crying out.

This time I could not hold my orgasm back and I shot my baby making cream inside Gisele's welcoming pussy and as I was cumming I cried out, "Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, Gisele. Je t'aime (I love you).

On Saturday morning as I woke up I looked at Gisele and found her to be as beautiful as she had been to me the previous evening. I also recalled our wonderful night of love making.

As I was gazing at Gisele, she opened her eyes and looking at me she asked me why was I looking at her with a smile on my face.

I told her that I was recalling yesterday's enjoyable time and last night's wanton love making that we had done, and that this morning she still looked as beautiful as she did when I had asked her to dance yesterday.

We gently made love again until we had cum. Relaxing for a short time after our love-making we got up and cleaned up, then went out to breakfast,

After breakfast we returned to the room and Gisele started to pack her valise and I asked her what she was doing. Gisele told me she had to leave because she did not want to be a burden for me.

I reminded Gisele that she had agreed that we were to spend the weekend together. She put her valise up and we went back to bed for more love-making, we continued exploring each other and finding the erogenous zones to help keep us going until we were too tired and fell asleep. We woke up it was dark outside and the fire in the fireplace was out.

Looking at my watch and saw that it was almost 7:00 PM, we got dressed and went to the Gasthaus for supper and spent some time listening to the music, dancing and getting to know each other better.

We returned to the room before the bar closed for the night and we found the room tidied and a fire had been started in the fireplace.

The room still had a chill in the air so it did not take long for Gisele and me to be undressed and in bed.

Once in bed we gently embraced and started to talk about nothing in particular, both of us knowing that this was our last night together we avoided talking about what was in our hearts and minds.

We finally stopped talking and made love with great passion, knowing in our hearts we may never see each other again. After satisfying each other we fell asleep.

The next morning Gisele woke up a few minutes before I did, As I woke up I looked with half opened eyes and continued to breath softly as if I were still asleep as I was observing her I could see a sparkle in her eyes and yet I also saw what I perceived to be sadness. I opened my eyes and Gisele's eyes moved away from my face.

I reached out to her and kissed her then got up for a leak and to get ready to return to the base. Gisele also got up and once we were dressed and my bag was packed and Gisele's valise was ready we left in silence.

Neither one really knew how to say goodbye so maintained an uneasy silence, saying only what needed to be said.

After breakfast it was time for us to part I told Gisele "aurevoir, a bientot" (I'll see you soon). And we kissed goodbye. Gisele also told me goodbye and I started to walk to the base which was a couple of miles from the gasthaus.

As I started to walk away I turned my head and watched Gisele return to the bar where she had left her valise, as I was watching her she turned facing me and waved goodbye.

For the next few weeks I could not get Gisele out of my mind and I kept going to the gasthaus hoping that Gisele would return,

Every time I was at the bar I would ask the bartender, Gisele's cousin if he had seen or heard from Gisele.

The answer was always the same, No! He had not seen or heard from Gisele.

About a month later, I was sitting at the bar nursing a beer when I felt the cold outside air on my neck as someone walked in, I did not bother to look because every time I looked for Gisele to enter I was disappointed.

I felt a hand being placed gently on my shoulder and heard a voice saying gently Jean-Paul c'est moi (It's me).

Gisele! I cried out and turned around and kissed her. After greeting each other, I said, "Oh Gisele where have you been, I have missed you so very much, that I kept coming here hoping you would return, oh, how are you my love and kissed her again.

We went to a table and sat close together so we could talk.

I asked Gisele what she had been doing since I last saw her.

She responded that a few days after I left for the base she had found a job, it was not the best paying job but it kept a roof over her head and food for the body.

Gisele also told me that a couple of weeks later she had met a young man from home and that they were living together.

He was out of town for a few days on business, so she had thought and hoped that she would find me here, and be able to tell me of her good fortune.

We had been talking for more than an hour when I noticed that I needed to return to the base now. Curfew was in about an hour and a half.

I told Gisele I needed to leave and told her the reason; I asked her if she would walk with me to the barracks.

On the way to the barracks we would stop and kiss, swapping tongue until I finally told Gisele that I needed to make love to her one last time.

Gisele asked, "Where can we go, I want to make love to you too."

I said, "Right here on the side of the road. I took my overcoat off and placed it on a snow bank. Gisele raised her skirt and removed her panties and lay on the overcoat; I pulled my pants down and aimed my hard cock at her pussy.

I found that Gisele's pussy was very wet so it did not take any fore play to get her ready. I slipped my cock inside her pussy and stated to fuck it in and out of her pussy. It did not take long before we both started to cum.

After our mutual orgasms we stayed joined together until the cold air forced me to withdraw my cock from her warm pussy.

After getting dressed I kissed Gisele for the last time.

I never saw Gisele again after that cold winter night in Germany.

About eight months later my enlistment was up and returned to the states and home.

Every so often I think of Gisele and wonder what ever happened to her.

I hope that she has had a happy life.

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