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Jesse and Robert- Love at First Sight?

Proof that cheesy pick up lines can and do work
I can still remember that day, lifeguarding at the pool. It was another sweltering summer in Georgia and this peach, no matter what, has never gotten used to the heat and humidity. I was sitting in my chair, somewhat bored, twirling my whistle on its lanyard around my fingers. Back and forth and back and forth, just waiting on the next adolescent prank that would force me to blow it.

“Excuse me…. Should I walk by again?” I heard a voice with a distinct accent say as I looked down from my perch.

“Excuse me?” I asked as I looked down at the tan boy that stood in front of me clearly trying to get my attention. At 6’2”, athletic and lean with a mop of wet brown hair and crystal blue eyes….he had it.

“I asked if I should walk by again,” he said smiling and with a deep voice and an accent that was either distinctly British or Australian. (My southern ears are not that discerning.) “You know… just in case it wasn’t love at first sight.” He grinned.

And with that insultingly cheesy pick-up line, this high school boy and British transplant started a dialogue with me, UGA student (and so beyond high school guys), that brought us to where we are today. This is not the story of our first date, but the story of our first sexual encounter. The reason being—Robert pursued me for so long before I relented and went out with him for the first time, that we’d all be asleep before I ever got to our real “first time.”

But a little background first. My name is Jesse and I’m a sophomore at UGA in a little town called Athens, Ga. During school, I work as a personal trainer at a local gym and during summers, I work as a lifeguard. . I’m 5’6, 105, athletic and lean. Since every guy will want to know my chest size, I am a 34C. Robert, at the time we first met was a high school senior at a private school in Athens having just arrived a few months earlier. He was also a very gifted lacrosse player and would become a star athlete his senior year. And as would happen, I’d end up spending many nights warming a bleacher watching him practice and play. It was during these times that I absorbed every single inch and aspect of his body, how he moved when on the field—his speed, agility, and acumen—a true athlete with an animal’s prowess. And how he looked off the field—watching and cheering his teammates, stripping his jersey and equipment off, showering himself with a bottle of water to assuage the heat, rubbing his chest, flat tummy and ultimately tugging at his real equipment as he stood on the sidelines.

Yep. I was smitten. It had been four grueling months of non-stop Robert/Jesse hanging out at every free moment we had. I say grueling, because, although he had made it to first and second bases during some unusually torrid make-out sessions, we had not gone “all the way.” That had been my choice, not his. And I felt like if I had to hear one more story of “blue balls,” cold showers, and three or four masturbation sessions a day, I’d explode. We had passed the point of telling each other we loved each other and did so with ease. And I believed, rightfully so, that we had passed the point of him telling me anything I wanted to hear just to get into my pants.

And, it was also during this time that Robert and I learned more about each other, especially our “turn ons” and “turn offs” that would ultimately lead us to the other stories you have read so far. For instance, Rob doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body; me, one or two. And he seemed happiest then, as now, when I would wear sexy or slightly revealing clothes. I thought he was just proud of me in front of his friends, which he is and was, but I learned he was also turned on with other guys looking at me and checking me out. As I’ve said, he’s quite a voyeur. Likewise, with me being exhibitionistic, Robert learned that public displays of affection (with some discretion) were fine and in a funny moment or two, I didn’t mind flashing him, his friends or strangers.

So there we were, almost five months into our relationship. It was late summer 2010 and as usual in the “sultry” south, it was “hot as 40 Hells,” as we like to say down here. The pool party had happened spontaneously at Robert’s best friends house. His name is Lake, which I think is kind of a cool name for a guy. Lake was the football hero of their high school where Robert was the lacrosse champ. So all their friends were the jocks of the high school, the cheerleaders and their immediate friends.

Lake’s parent’s were gone for the weekend and evidently they had more faith in him than we all did. And we were right--- party at Lake’s house! As you might imagine, it was bedlam; loud music, tons of alcohol, screaming students and lots of laughter. Thank God I wasn’t on the “clean up the house committee” before his parents got home.

The night was gone. The morning was upon us and the crowd at Lake’s house had dwindled to a dozen or so people. Some were in the pool. A couple or two had drifted off to the sides to make out and a couple of couples had disappeared into other rooms behind closed doors. Robert and I were one of the couples who had paired off in the shallow end of the pool.

I pulled my lips away from his passionate kiss. “Think there’s a vacant room in the house?” I asked.

Robert looked at me and replied, “I’m sure were can find somewhere, let’s go.” We emerged from the pool, grabbed our towels and headed inside. We went upstairs. First bedroom on the right was Lake’s and the door was shut. Robert tried the knob and pushed it open. Standing, with his back to us, was Lake’s naked form thrusting in and out of a girl he had bent over his bed. He looked around, saw us and said, “come on in guys, the water is fine.” And while we were both definitely intrigued, this was our first time together. We backed out and tried door number two. Inside that room was Robert’s friend Taylor, a lacrosse teammate , lying flat on his back with a girl riding him cowboy and another girl squatting over his face hold onto the headboard for dear life. All three glanced up and while we could’ve stayed there as well, we moved on. Finally and unbelievably we found the unused master bedroom.

Robert smiled playfully and ran in place for a second then ran three steps and jumped onto the bed. I joined him, falling on top of him. Our towels fell away and there we were in just our swimsuits. I looked in his eyes, he put his hand to my cheek and drew me in for a kiss. He beamed, and I smiled back. He took my face in his hands again and kissed me again. I fell backwards onto the bed, and he just leaned over and propped himself up so that he was above me, but not laying on me too much, never breaking the kiss. His hand started moving from my back to my tummy and up under my bikini top. His touch felt hot and so good.

My hand slid down to his swim trunks and I outlined his throbbing cock with my fingers. As I’ve said before, he is hugely satisfying down there, as I was about to find out. I pulled at his suit as he released my top. I slid my tongue down his taut tummy and followed his light treasure trail down.

I was way too horny to tease him. I just grabbed his cock and began massaging it as I tried to take it in my mouth. He moaned and then began groaning with pleasure. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I kept swallowing and swallowing his hard beautiful cock. In the back of my mind, I always knew my lack of a gag reflex was going to come in handy someday. He slowly began fucking my mouth with his dick as his moans became louder and his thrusting became more regular.

I pulled my mouth away while still tugging on his nut sack, looked at him and told him there was no way he was cumming yet. I stood up, pulled off my bikini bottoms, leaned over and straddled him slowly lowering myself onto his dick. It hurt, my pussy stretched but it felt so good. I started to drop lower, and lower, stopping to get used to it every now and then, then I gasped and squealed in pain. Goddamn his dick was ripping me apart. Robert kissed me and told me just to take my time. I braced myself, and sunk down lower on him, until I felt his balls on my pussy lips. I adjusted to it, then slowly rose back up, then went back down. Soon Robert caught on and started meeting me half way, pumping into me, instead of me and getting our rhythm down. I was no virgin but I can tell you I’ve never been fucked like that before. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, Robert threw me off him and rolled us over so he was on top started pumping into me faster and faster. I felt the pressure, the heat building up as he rammed into me again and again.

I was moaning, my back arched as I cried out his name and suddenly, without warning, had the biggest orgasm I had ever had. My eyes rolled back in my head and I ran my fingers through my hair. I shivered and jerked and finally just lay there trying to catch my breath. Robert slowed down his rhythm and finally stopped, pulling out. I was confused because he hadn’t cum yet.

As I lay there in my post orgasmic stupidity, Robert crawled up beside me, leaned in and kissed me, then moved his massive organ up to my face. I turned my head toward it, kissing and licking all up and down the shaft tasting my own juices that had just coated it. I parted my lips and he began fucking my mouth. My head was laying to it’s side on the bed as Robert held it from behind and began a rhythmic skull fucking that was getting me all worked up again.

I had my right hand on his shaft and was pumping him as he face fucked me. It wasn’t long as he moaned loudly, forced me down onto him and I began feeling his massive load shooting down my throat and filling my mouth to overflow. He kept fucking me and his cum kept going. He pulled out and I continued to stroke him as three or four more heavy ropes of cum flew over my face and onto the bed.

He collapsed on top of me and we found our bodies in a big cuddle. As we lay there we could here the pounding of the bed in the guest room beside us as Taylor, Robert’s lacrosse buddy and his two girls were evidently finding their orgasms. Just as we were coming back to life ourselves and beginning to move around, the master bedroom door flew open and in walked Lake and the girl he’d been fucking just a few minutes earlier in his bedroom. Lake’s cock was engorged and he had a huge smile on his face. “Hey guys,” he said, “mind if we come join in?”

To be continued.

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