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Jessica and Owen Chapter 1

Jessica loves it when Owen pulls her hair

  I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. I slid them down his legs so they were piled around his ankles. I looked at his beautiful cock and took it into my hand. I kissed his thighs and the his tip. Once it was hard I stood up and began to kiss his lips. He nibbled on my in return. I kissed his down his cheek to his neck where I continues to kiss and every once in a while would run my tongue over his skin. I then moved to his ear where I began to gently nibble on his lobe. I ran my hands from where they were positioned on his hips up to his chest. They were under his shirt which I then pulled over his head and discarded somewhere near to where were standing.

I kissed him a bit longer before going back to my keeling position on the floor. I took his now rock hard cock into my hand and then immediately put it into my mouth. I love the way he tastes and the way his cock hardens even more in my mouth. I began to move my lips up and down his shaft, moving my hand with my lips. As I did this, I looked into his eyes. I began making moaning noises to go along with his. I took his cock out of my mouth and ran my tongue along each side of it before returning it to my mouth. I could here him grunting loudly and muttering things either to me or to himself. By this point I was pretty turned on. I could feel my wet pussy and longed for him to rip my clothes off, but at the same time I wasn't.

He had one hand rested gently on my head, just supporting it. I had been going the same speed the entire time. I moved his cock in and out of his mouth which flicking my tongue around. I then felt his hand grasp my hair. He began pushing my head so his cock moved deeper and faster into my mouth. His moaning was getting louder. I could feel his cock hit the back of my throat making me gag a few times. I loved it when my hair was grabbed tightly but this wasn't enough for me. Owen never really did this so it was better than nothing. I wanted to feel that small amount of pain that made everything more enjoyable. But this was still amazing and I was already dripping.

His hand relaxed on my head and began to move to my pussy. It wasn't time yet so I pushed his hand away, and although he was confused he didn't protest. My knees began to ache from sittinf on the floor, so I stood up taking his cock out of my mouth. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him onto his back on the bed. This allowed me to bend over his cock more comfortably.

I continued moaning and making sounds that I knew he liked. He pushed my head away and I knew he was about to cum. He began pumping his cock furiously then put it back into my mouth seconds before shooting his load into my mouth. For some reason it took me a bit by surprise causing me to pull my head back a bit, but I still manage to catch it all in my mouth. Instead of swallowing it, I spit it back onto his cock which began to harden again. I began to lick all of his cum off his cock while gently massaging his balls. I could feel his cock harden even more against my tongue and I resisted the urge to put it back into my mouth. Once he was all clean we both sat up.

“That was amazing Jess” Owen said kissing me. “I'm sorry I grabbed your hair so hard. I didn't mean to be disrespectful just got caught up in the moment I guess” We hadn't been dating too long and he had never done that before.

“Owen, you can do that any time you like” I told him kissing him.

He didn't say anything else. He pushed me gently onto my back so I was laying down. He reached up my skirt and pulled my black thong throwing it somewhere on the corner of the bed. He brushed two fingers across my wet pussy.

“I can see you did like that”

I lifted my pelvis off the bed so he could pull off my skirt, but instead he pushed it up, so it was around my waist. He spread my legs apart and inserted one finger into my pussy. He moved it in and out slowly, before inserting another one. I moaned softly and closed my eyes to intesify the feeling of him inside me. I could feel myself about to cum but before I could, Owen withdrew his fingers. I expelled the breath I had been holding with frustration.

He put his head between my legs and began to kiss and the lick the top of my inner thighs. I wanted him to thrust his thick cock into me but he didn't yet. Instead he teases me, moving his kisses upwards and just as I though he would touch my pussy, he would move them down again. When he tought I had had enough, he moved to my pussy. He licked around my lips and then my clit. I shuddered slightly at the intense feeling of him lightly licking my clit. He then began to fuck me with his tongue. I felt the familiar feeling in my abdomen. It felt like I had to pee, but I really knew I was about to cum hard. I began to moan louder, almost screaming as he continued to tongue fuck me. It was almost too much. I began to push his head away but he pushed my arms to my side and held them there. This made me cum releasing my fluids into his mouth.

I thought we were done, and would take a break before doing anything else, but instead he lifted my legs above his shoulders and he slid his hard cock into my pussy. He moved it in and out slowly as we kissed each other. It was when he did this that I felt more than lust, I felt a strong love for him.

“Turn around” he whispered quietly.

I turned around and positioned my self so that I was on all fours. He grabbed my ass and slapped it once. I moaned louder.

“You like that?” He asked knowing from my moans that I did.

He entered my pussy again and began pounding me hard stopping every once in a while so he wouldn't cum. I put my hand behind my back to hold his, but instead he pinned it to my back while he grabbed my hair with his other hand, pounding me harder. I pulled my head forward so he would grab my hair tighter. He pulled his cock out of me and I turned around just in time for him to cum on my stomach.

I looked up at Owen and smiled. “I love it when you are rough like that” I said which I think gave him an idea for later...

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