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Job Interview

Street smart, sexy Veronica gets ahead with a downblouse flash and more at the job interview.
Job Interview

Don Abdul (c)

Waiting her turn in the reception area of the office, Veronica's smiles belied her internal turmoil and self-doubt. "What am I even doing here?' she asked herself, as she sized up the other girls that had turned up for the same job interview. They were every bit as pretty as she was, and she suspected some even much prettier.

If ever Veronica had on redeeming virtue, it is borne of her street-smart realization that she is not the ‘smartest of blonds'; she chuckled at the thought. Back at school, her grades were barely good enough to enable her graduate. As she sat and waited her turn, she decided if all these other girls were smarter than she was, then she had to find her own edge over them. She struck up a light conversation with the girls closest to her, and before long, the combination of her sweet angelic smiles, and her self deprecating humour encouraged the other girls to open up to her easily.

As veronica's name was being called to enter the interview room, she turned over the bits of information she had gathered about the other girls, and realized she needed to do something bold if she was going to get the job. As she entered the room, she smiled as she saw that the interview panel was made up of just one middle-aged man. Her mind worked quickly as she mentally fine-tuned her plan.


As the man stood to his feet to welcome her for the interview, Veronica dropped her purse right in front of his desk. Oops! I'm sorry, she said as she bent down to retrieve her purse, as she did so, the man who was still standing, got a full down blouse view of her gorgeous tits.

"There, sorry I dropped my purse"; she apologized again. The man was still in a daze, it's been a long time since he had set eyes on such an arousing sight. He marvelled at her figure too. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'6, and slightly chubby curvaceous figure. And, of course those very nice double D tits. Her waist was surprisingly small for her size and flared into a bubble ass. Her nipples were huge, and they poked at the front of her blouse.

"it's....It's alright Ma'am, by the way I am Norman Pierce", he said offering shaking her hand. "And I am Veronica Campbell, she said in a very husky seductive voice; my friends call me Roni, she added only slowly letting go of his hand as they sat down.

The interview proceeded for the next twenty minutes, and in rounding up Norman asked her his last question; So in summary, what would you say is the unique skill that would help you excel at the this job should it be offered to you?

Veronica thought about the question carefully, and then she responded slowly. Turning on all of her sexual charms, she said; "Well, I am multi-talented, but the most important skill I posses is my versatility, I perform well in the area of human relationships, and am especially great with stress management. Would you mind if I demonstrate those skills for you sir?"


Wow! He thought; Norman couldn't believe this was happening to him. At first he was scared, he almost picked up the phone to call security but the sheer audacity of her action, the lure of her very seductive figure, and his own curiosity all made him just sit there and watch the bizarre scenario unfold.

Veronica had locked the door, and returned to his side. She swiveled his chair sideways and got on her knees. Quickly working her way through his belt, and zipper, she slid his pants down to his ankles and took his growing erection in her soft feminine hands. Norman watched her open-mouthed, and when she enveloped his stiff hard cock in her sexy hot mouth, he tilted his head back and surrendered to her oral caress.

She allowed her saliva to drool down the shaft of his cock and then slurped it off, while massaging his balls. Norman's concentration was all over the place, and he was moaning aloud despite his best efforts at keeping things quiet in the office. ‘Jeez!' His cock was about to explode when she stopped sucking him and rose to her feet. Standing with her back to him, she hitched up her skirt, and then she slid down her sexy red silk thongs. She reversed into position astride his outstretched legs, lowered her ass over his crotch and then grabbed his throbbing cock with a firm but delicate grip, and slowly slid the head past her wet pussy lips.

Veronica rode his cock frantically, all of her hidden skills now on display. ‘Wow! ‘Never have I felt such a rush of sexual exhilaration; he thought. ‘Goodness!' this is exactly what I need around here'.

"Shit!" He nearly screamed as Veronica bounced up and down on his shaft faster. He tried to keep up with her stroke for stroke but she was just too horny to be tamed.

She leaned back to rest her back on his chest, and she whispered to him; "Feel my tits and fuck me harder". "Oh yesss!" He cried softly as he slipped his hands under her blouse, past her bra and grabbed her tits. As he toyed with her huge nipples, she rode his cock even faster and harder.

Veronica could feel the sexual tension in Norman build to a higher level, and she realized he was about to explode. He seemed to her like a screamer, and in that she saw another opportunity to present her skill in discretion and confidentiality. She leaned further back and found his mouth with hers, and then she reached down to rub her clit. The ripples so generated in her core spread rapidly through her body and she began to climax as Norman shot a volley of his cum deep inside her cunt, their ecstatic cries muffled by their kiss.


While they hurriedly fixed their dresses, Norman couldn't help but think of how he definitely would love to fuck her again... and again... and again.

Of course she got the job.

The end.
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