Joy Ride

By firecat2005

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Amber reveals lust for a co-worker

It was Friday after work and my car would not start.   Just as luck would have it Amber walk by and asked if I needed a ride home.   Yes I replied so I followed her to her car.   She is a real looker with a great shape. She has a great set of knockers on her, long blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful tan skin. She was wearing a pink blouse and full black skirt.


During the drive home we exchanged small talk. Talking about how she liked to go back to college and get her degree. Until she pulled off onto a dirt road that leads up between some trees with a lot of underbrush. She

finally pulled over and stopped. She turned towards me and her skirt came up on her legs. Actually, I think I saw her pulling it up as she turned. I know she had to see me looking, I wasn't very discreet.


"You like my legs, Tom?" Amber asked. I stammered a yes back at her, as

she pulled her skirt up even higher. I tried to get a look at her panties,

but didn't see them. Then she just abruptly said, "Let's get in the back

seat." And without waiting she moved between the two front bucket seats and

I followed. "I have something to tell you I have a huge crush on you and want to make out" she told me.


I was caught a little off guard, as she was 25 and I am 40; she was so beautiful and I didn't consider myself that good looking. I fantasized about   her as that distant, untouchable, attractive, woman that older guys only dream about. "Sure." I replied. She was in the corner of the back

seat and I leaned towards her to kiss her and she put her hand on the back

of my neck and pulled me to her. Our lips met and she immediately opened

her mouth. She was really into the kiss and it didn't take me long to respond. Our tongues touched and started intertwining together. She would stick her tongue into my mouth, play with my tongue then slowly pull her tongue back letting me follow it into her mouth. Once there she started sucking on my tongue very gently and seductively. It goes without saying that she had me rock hard by now.


I swung one leg over her two legs, which were half out on the seat then

dropped off to the floor board at her knees, and leaned in and really

started kissing her. We would just touch the tips of your tongues together

as if it was a kiss within a kiss. Our tongues would push against each

other as if they were dueling. We were kissing deep and hard when I felt her forefinger and thumb gently take my wrist and guide my hand to her bosom and rest it on her breast. Our kissing became more intense and lustful as I started fondling her breast through her blouse and bra. I could feel the erect nipples through the materials.


Then she pushed me back a little and sat up. "Here, unzip my skirt." she

said as she unbuttoned her blouse I reached behind her and pulled the zipper down her ass. She removed her blouse. She was wearing a low cut pink, lacy bra to match her pink blouse. Her melons pushed up over the top of the bra and looked so sexy. I could just see the upper outline of her areola. She leaned forward, kissed my neck and said, "Now the bra." I reached back behind her unclipped the clasps and reached out took the two thin straps over her shoulders and pulled them out to her arms then down her arms as her magnificent breasts became exposed. I know she was watching me as I just gawked at them. She pulled her arms from the bra straps and the bra joined her blouse on the floorboard. I massaged and squeezed her breasts, pinched and twisted her nipples. Then I lowered my head and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on her. The minute my lips touched her breast, her hands were behind my head pulling me onto her forcing her breast into my mouth. She was way too large for me to get it all the way in my mouth but I enjoyed trying. Her nipples were very sensitive because every time kissed one or pinched it or twisted it or teased it, I could feel her body respond.


She was now very hot and excited and her hand went down to my fly and quickly unzipped it. She quickly undid the button and then just pushed them down, briefs and all. She squirmed out from under me and pushed me back against the seat and immediately went down on me. She was very good at it and could take my entire cock in her mouth. She would go down on my shaft and then come up and kiss and lick the head as if she was making love to it then go back down on me and bob up and down a few times then back to the head. Then off and kissing and licking up and down the sides, fondling my balls with her hand, then sucking my scrotum into her mouth.   She licked up the underside of my cock, toyed with the tip of my cock some more licking the precum from it and again taking all I had to offer.


Then she slowly pulled off of me and leaned back in the corner of the seat. She looked at me and said, "My turn." I lifted one leg and started kissing her calf. While holding her one leg in the air, I licked my way down her calf to the underside of her knee. I kissed the soft delicate skin and heard a low moan come from Amber. I left the knee and moved to the inside of her thigh.   I couldn't get over how firm her legs were, yet so velvety smooth...especially her inner thigh.


I came up for air and began pushing her skirt up to her hips so that I

could get to her panties to pull them off. As I pushed the skirt back my

mouth fell open...there it was no panties and no pubic hair, just her

completely shaved pussy looking back at me. I find it difficult to

adequately describe here how glorious it looked. She had tan lines from a

bikini, which allowed the area to be surrounded by a deep tan color while

her pink, puffy pussy lips rested in a small patch of cream colored skin. I

had never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life. Then Amber

reached down and with her middle and index fingers she slid them slightly

inside her slit and then spread her pussy lips apart so I could see the

deeper pink skin covered by her wetness. The sun was out, it was a bright

day and she glistened in the sunlight.


Amber said in a raspy, passionate voice, "Lick it, kiss it, lick me." My

tongue came out even before I started moving my head down, my eyes wide

open looking at the inside of a pussy out in the open in bright sunlight. What an intoxicating sight. When I reached her, I touched her with just the tip of my tongue. She held herself open for me and I explored that forbidden garden with the tip of my tongue. Savoring the wonderful smell and sweet nectar produced by her glands. When the tip of my tongue reached her clit I toyed with it and teased it. Amber's body started gyrating, her head started moving from side to side, she started mumbling, "Oh yes, yes you did it, that's it, yes, yes, oh you wonderful man, ohh, Ohh, OHHH,HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." as she came onto my face covering my lips and tongue. Amber's whole body went into convulsions and I tasted the sweetest love juice of my life.


As Amber started coming back down to earth, her eyes reopened, the flush

redness of her face started subsiding and her eyes widened as she seemed to

see me for the first time. "I got to have it." She said almost in panic

mode. She pushed me back against the back seat in a sitting position, got

up on her knees and swung her leg over my lap. She reached down between us

and grabbed my cock in her hand and held it in position as she found her

opening with the head of my cock. She quickly released my shaft and sunk

fully down around my cock. The look of contentment on her face was as if

she had been given a drink of water after being on the desert for a

week. She didn't waste any time starting to bounce up and down on my

lap. She through her arms around my neck and began kissing as her hips were

rapidly moving her pussy up and down my swollen ramrod. I didn't have to do

anything, Amber was doing all the work, all I had to do was sit and enjoy,

and enjoy I did, but sit I couldn't do. I started trying to thrust up as he

squatted back down on me.


Up and down, up and down, we fucked and fucked and fucked. We kissed and

fucked and hugged and fucked and licked our faces and fucked and then I

became tense and started thrusting up into her faster as I shouted, "Here

it cums Amber, here it cums. I'm going to give it to you; I'm going to let

you have it." There was no doubt in Amber's mind what I was talking about.


She shouted back at me, "Go ahead shoot it into me, fill me with your

semen, let me feel it all. Fuck me, cum in me you wonderful man."


As hard as I tried to hold back I couldn't any longer and my body went

stiff I tried to hold back, but the explosion happened and I shot my wad

deep into Amber. The minute I told her I was close she had put a hand down

between us and started teasing her clit and almost as if timed she clinched

her pussy muscles around my cock tried to push me out but I wouldn't go, I

just kept firing until we both went limp. It seemed like hours before I finally softened inside her and slowly withered until just the head was left inside her. She didn't dare move or the head would escape her, also.


We sat there and she kissed me lightly on the lips. "Tom, this is true, I

am not just saying this. That was the best fuck I have ever had. Even

better than my boyfriend and he is good."


All I could think to say was, "You have the prettiest pussy I have ever

seen." Amber smiled and we kissed again and then she decided we better get

cleaned up. She took a wad of tissues from her purse and wiped her pussy

clean and slipped on a pair of panties she also had in her purse. We

cleaned the back seat were she had sat on me and were she had squirted on

me then headed to town.


As she dropped me off at my house she asked, "Can I give you a ride home again sometime"


"Sure, anytime." I said.