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Just a Bad Day

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Have you ever had one of those kinda days? The kind where you should have just stayed in bed. You know it's a bad day when you totally fuck up a wet dream! (But that's for another time.) Anyway, you get the idea of the kind of day I was having.
My boyfriend came home from work. He could tell by my demeanor I was having a less than stellar day. He pulled me into his lap, grabbed at my shoulders and could feel the tenseness being held within. The more he squeezed the more I could feel my body easing just a bit. A moan slipped from my lips. One of his hands released from my shoulder and quickly slid to grasp one of my tits.

I reach my hand up to keep his on my breast; he knows with a little coaxing I can have an orgasm by just manipulating my tits. By this time I can feel his cock starting to awaken through his jeans. I settle into his lap, where I can feel his cock on my ass crack. I wriggle my butt against him. I take his other hand and situate it upon my other breast. He is kneading and squeezing my tits and nipples, till I'm at the point of no return!

I start gyrating my hips as a HOT flood of juices trickle out from my pussy. My body tenses up and he squeezes my mounds even tighter. After the first waves of pleasure subside, he lifts me up and turns me around on his lap. He begins kissing me gently at first then darts his tongue into my mouth. I suck on his tongue like its a little tiny cock slipping in and out of my mouth.

He lifts me up by my ass and carries me to the bedroom. I remove my clothing and instinctively my fingers search out my clit and pussy. He kisses me tenderly on the lips and tells me softly to close my eyes. My fingers are darting in and out of my pussy, and I feel the second of many orgasms rush through my body. I don't know what he is searching for, but I can hear rustling near the closet. He says to me in a soft but stern voice, "Baby, keep those eyes closed!"

Off in the corner I can hear a faint buzzing sound, I want to open my eyes but alas I do not. A grin appears on my face knowing that my Love has bought me a new toy. He gets onto the bed and says, "Baby, open your legs!" I do as I am told.
He places BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) on my clit and a surge shoots right through my body. My hips begin bucking against the new toy. He sticks one finger inside my pussy and roughly hits my G-SPOT!! Knowing exactly what pressure to use he centers himself between my legs so I can squirt on his face. My body jerks, my legs go taut, and my body rises to an upright position. He removes the vibrator form my clit and replaces it with his tongue and lips. My fingers grab at his ears and hair to pull him closer to me. Feeling another orgasm about to wrack my body, he stops licking my clit and gives a gentle but firm bite on my little nub. "OH FUCK, OH FUCK!!" I scream as this sends me over the edge one more time.

By this time my clit has ALMOST reached its end. I grab him and pull him up to me and tell him to FUCK ME NOW!! He takes his red hot poker and places it at the opening of my love tunnel. He doesn't shove it in as I would like. He loves to take his time. He teases me for mere moments, till I grab his ass and pull him into me. My pussy pulsates on his cock as another wave of orgasmic pleasure washes over my body. My fingers grab onto his ass and keep him held there as I let the feeling flow out of me.

He leans into me and gives me a deep kiss, I can taste myself on his lips and tongue. He pushes me back onto the bed and gives my pussy the pounding that it has needed and wanted. He then removes himself from the tight confines of my cunt. He takes his knees and uses them to hold me down while he shoves his cock deep into my mouth and throat. My tongue slips into his slit; I can taste the pre-come that has gathered there. My tongue slithers down to his balls and gives them a few quick licks.

He pulls me off the bed so we are standing beside the bed. His hand takes and slaps my ass a few times, each harder than the one prior, till my ass is a lovely shade of RED. He bends me over where my ass is shinning right at him. He reaches into the drawer and grabs a bottle of lube. He pours some onto his cock and my tiny asshole.

He rubs his head against my bud, which makes a moan slip from my lips. I reach behind me and grab my cheeks to grant him access. He enters me with resistance. I try and relax my body to allow him into my depths. I relax my body enough he can completely and totally enter my ass, till I feel his balls tickling my clit.

He starts with a slow rhythmic motion, my body meets him stroke for stroke till we are both undulating to the same waves. I can feel his cock growing harder as the circumference enlarges, I know the end is near. A grunt comes from deep within my Love, he grabs my hips and pulls me hard onto his member. I feel him lose all inhibitions into my bowel. Squirt after squirt he fills me up.

Satisfied and in post orgasmic bliss, he lies on the bed and wraps me into his arms. He lifts my chin to his and says, "So this hasn't been such a bad day after all!" He kisses me on the lips and we fall asleep in each other's arms.

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