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Just a place to crash

gotta love your neighbors!

I’d just moved into the apartment.   It was just a crash pad, a place to stay while I worked during my 7 day shift as an air ambulance pilot. I’d be commuting back and forth from Denver for my week off.   The job itself kept me pretty busy with 12 hour shifts but I was usually home by 6 or 7 and every other week I alternated working days or nights.   I’d usually read a book after making dinner or watch TV.   Sometimes I’d get online and read some stories or check up on the news.   Now and then the mood would strike and I’d write a little bit. Cooking became a hobby.   I bought a small grill to put out on the balcony and experimented whenever I could.


One of the apartments next to me was pretty noisy.   Getting used to apartment living again was going to take a while.   Usually it was just loud music but once in a while I could hear the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking coming through the thin walls. I guess I’d just have to get used to it. Anyway, it would only be for a week at a time.   Some of my neighbors were quite attractive and I had to remind myself that I was just a horny old goat and to behave.


One evening I was grilling some chicken for supper and one of my neighbors poked her head around the dividing wall between our balconies.   She said they always smell what I’m cooking and that it smells great!   I smiled and said “Thanks!” Why don’t y’all join me sometime”.   It just kind of popped out, but I would just enjoy the company and not have to talk to myself for dinner.    “Now?” she asked. “Sure, why not?   I’ll just throw some more chicken on here.”   I replied.   She asked if she could bring anything and I told her that she didn’t have to I was making a Caesar salad with grilled chicken.  


Soon there was a knock at my door, and two lovely girls were standing there with a bottle of wine. I said   Hi!   And welcome!   Come on in.   They came in and introduced themselves.   The one I talked to on the balcony was Jillian and the other one was Claire.   They were both going to college and working part time. I told them I was sorry about the messy place and the lack of décor, but I just worked here on my 7 day shift and was off every other week.   It was just a place to crash.   Jillian asked where my dishes were and I showed her the cabinet and the silverware drawer.    They set the table and opened the wine.


I finished grilling the chicken and started slicing it.   We talked about their studies and my job.   In the back of my mind I wondered which one I’d listened to through the walls and tried to match the voice with the face and voice I was listening to now.   I was pretty sure it was Jillian. I sliced the chicken and made the rest of the salad.   I tried not to stare at the girls, but it was hard to say the least.    Short shorts and tee shirts will do that to me every time.   I even noticed Claire’s thong lines under her shorts. Jillian… welllll, I couldn’t tell. We sat down and had a great time talking and eating. I was tickled to have some company for a change. Even though I was only here for a week at a time it still got too damn quiet living alone.  


Jillian and Claire did the dishes and straightened up my kitchen while I put things away in what passed for a living room.   We sat for a while after and talked.   I told them that they were welcome to come over and have dinner with me anytime and that I was getting this cooking thing down pretty well.   They looked around my place and asked if I’d mind if they decorated it a little.   They thought it looked kind of depressing and empty.   I reminded them that I wasn’t here that much but sure, I’d leave them a key. We said good night and I thanked them for coming over. It was fun talking to them and I hoped we could do it again. I showed them where I left the key.   They thanked me for supper and Jillian even kissed my cheek as she left.  


The next day I left the apartment at 6am for a 12 hour shift at the hospital.   I thought to myself “What in the hell was I thinking giving strangers a key to my place”.   They seemed like nice girls and I didn’t keep anything valuable in there. Besides it gave me something to think about.   I thought they might come over and maybe straighten the place up a little.   I need to keep it cleaner maybe get a book case and another table and lamp. The shift was pretty uneventful; I only had to transport a cardiac patient from a small town hospital to the University hospital here in the city. I stopped off to buy some groceries on my way home and got back to the apartment around 9pm, but it wasn’t my apartment!   There were pictures on the walls in the living room and everything was neatly put away. There were some plants by the windows and the place looked like…    well a home.   My bedroom had some pictures on the wall and a new comforter on the bed. I looked at my nightstand and there was my copy of penthouse lying on the shelf underneath.   “OH SHIT!”   I was so embarrassed!   I’d completely forgotten about that being there.  


There was a note on my refrigerator saying that they hoped I liked what they did and that it was fun. There was a number on the note so I called it. Jillian answered and I said I loved it!    I said “It’s kind of late tonight but why don’t you two come over for supper tomorrow night I’ll fix some steaks.”    Jillian said they’d bring a salad and that they’d be over at 7:30.   I watched TV that night for a bit, read my book and turned out the lights early.   As I lay there trying to go to sleep, I could hear moaning on the other side of the wall. Great!   That’s ALL I need!    I turned over and covered my head with a pillow but it seemed like it just got louder. I finally gave up, turned on my light and picked up my copy of Penthouse.      Propping my head up with the extra pillow, I thumbed through the pages listening to the moaning behind my head and reached down……   A bolt of electricity went through me as I noticed one of the pages was marked with a corner folded down. “Damn! No way!”


The next day was pretty busy.   A couple of routine transfers and then a pretty bad accident on a stretch of highway near the mountains.   That was enough to keep my mind on work for most of the day.   By the time I was finished and had refueled the helicopter, I was a sweaty mess and I smelled like jet fuel too.   I stopped off and bought some steaks on the way home.   I walked in and started the grill as soon as I got back to the apartment.   Then while it warmed up, I stripped off my flight suit and started the shower.   Tossing my clothes in the hamper, I stepped under the hard hot stream of water and washed off the day’s dirt.   I turned the water off, dried my hair and then stepped out of the shower.   I heard voices coming from the kitchen and quickly wrapped the towel around my waist.


I walked out of the bathroom to get some clothes and Jillian was standing there smiling.   “I hope you don’t mind us coming a little early, I wanted to help make dinner”.   She said. “uhhhhh   sure” I replied   “Let me get dressed real quick.”   I definitely noticed Jillian’s short skirt and blouse.   I closed the door and hurriedly put on some jeans and a polo shirt. I walked into the kitchen and said   “Hi! Y’all caught me a bit early.   I’ll start the steaks now.”   Claire handed me a cold beer and both girls sipped their glasses of wine. Claire was in jeans and a sweater. Her auburn hair was in a ponytail.   Jillian was in a khaki skirt and white blouse and wore sandals. Looking at her as I sipped my beer I couldn’t help but think about the moaning and the turned down page.


The steaks were done quickly and we sat down to eat. I was totally enthralled by both girls and before I knew it, it was after 9.   Claire’s cell phone rang, it was her boyfriend and she said she had to go.    I stood up and walked her to the door, glancing back at Jillian, surprised that she stayed sitting on the couch with her legs curled up under her. Claire said “Thanks for dinner and the wine.”   I shrugged and said “Anytime” I caught a hint of a look between them as she turned to leave. I walked back into the living room and asked Jillian if she wanted another glass of wine but she said “No thanks.   I’m fine”.   I sat down at the other end of the couch and took another sip of my beer.   Jillian was smiling back at me. Her blonde hair fell loosely around her shoulders.  


“Thanks again for fixing up my place” I said “I really do like it”.   She laughed and said it sure needed it. As much as I resisted, I couldn’t help but let my eyes run over her body. Jillian’s skirt had ridden up her legs and her breasts filled out her blouse very nicely.   I could make out the lace of her bra through the thin cotton cloth.    I stood up and said that I’d better get the dishes.   Jillian picked up hers and Claire’s glasses and followed me into the kitchen. She stood beside me as I rinsed the dishes, our elbows touching sending yet another shock wave through me. I pressed my hip against her and she leaned closer.   We finished the dishes but I was reluctant to move.   I liked her standing there. Her perfume was just enough to tease my senses without being overpowering.


I put my hand on her waist and turned her toward me.   Her brown eyes looked up at me and she smiled.   Damn! But she was beautiful!   She put her arms up around my neck, stood on her toes and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her toward me. I opened my mouth and kissed her back. The kiss was electric. Her body melted into mine. I broke our kiss and chuckled. “Was this planned?” I asked. Jillian grinned and said “For weeks! It just took us a long time to work up the nerve to ask ourselves over for dinner.”   “I’m glad you did.” I replied “but...   You don’t mind the gray hair?”    She smiled and said “I LIKE it” and ran her fingers through my short hair.   We kissed again and I ran my hands over her back and then her bottom.


I kissed her ear and then her neck, lightly sucking on her soft smooth skin. She raised her knee up along my thigh.   She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. We kissed again and then I pointed at the magazine on my nightstand and asked “You?”   She laughed and said “Actually that was Claire’s idea”.   “Hmmmm let me guess.” I said “Your bedroom is right…. there.” and tapped the wall by my headboard. “mmm hmmm”   Jillian replied as she pulled my polo shirt up and over my head.    “You know how thin these walls are?” I asked. She answered “You should hear Claire! But I can tell when you get into bed.   You bounce the headboard every time”.   I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts were exquisite and were barely constrained by her lacy bra.   Her dark pink nipples were hard and visible through the lace.   “We’ll test it tonight” I smiled.


Jillian ran her hands over my chest and then unbuttoned my jeans.   I kicked off my shoes as she slid my levis down off my hips.   There was a definite bulge in my boxer briefs and she gave me a playful squeeze.   I reached around her to unhook her bra, but she whispered “Not yet. You first” She squatted down and slid my jeans down and helped me step out of them.   Then she slid my boxers off, looking up at me with a big smile. She took me in her hand and gave the tip a kiss.   She stood and then pushed me back on the bed.   She opened the magazine and then looked at me grinning.   She ran her hands over her breasts and then her stomach.   She looked at my hardness and said “go ahead”.   I stroked it slowly as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.   “WOW! I managed to croak as her firm breasts were freed from her bra.   They were perfect. Her nipples were slightly upturned and very hard.   She cupped her breasts and squeezed them, massaging them and tweaking her nipples.


I almost lost it so I had to stop.   She unzipped her skirt and it fell, leaving her in a matching lace thong.   I whispered “Damn you’re hot!”   She stepped to the bed and stood between my knees. Jillian took my hands and guided my fingers to the sides of her thong.    I slowly slipped it down off her hips and leaned forward to kiss her tummy.   She leaned forward far enough for me to take one of her nipples into my mouth and suck on it gently. I slid her thong down over her bottom and then all the way off.   She straightened back up and I stared at her. Taking her whole body in and caressing her hips. She was perfect.   The small tuft of hair revealed that she wasn’t a natural blonde and it was thin enough to see the delicate cleft between her legs.   I pulled her over on top of me and we kissed again. Her breasts pressing against my chest and her legs spread and I felt her white hot wetness against my thigh as she pressed against me.


Our kiss intensified as I held her hands above her head, causing the headboard to thump on the wall. Almost immediately there was a knocking on the wall. We both laughed.   I kissed her hard and then worked my way down her incredible body. Licking and sucking on her nipples and listening to her sighs and moaning.   I held Jillian’s hips in my hands and as I slid lower down on her body, I cupped her bottom and kissed her belly button and then lower. She scooted down a little and lifted her hips.   I kissed the inside of her thigh and licked my way up to her swollen lips.   Her scent was a drug that drove me wild.   I sucked on her lips and then parted them with my tongue. Tickling her button with the tip of my tongue then slipping it inside her as far as I could.  


She tasted wonderful tangy sweet and a little salty.   I felt her fingernails digging into my scalp as she writhed under me.   I couldn’t hear anything except the roaring in my ears as I teased and explored every part of her.   She bucked and screamed as she came.   I didn’t stop, wanting to drive her over the edge again and again.   Her wetness washed over my chin and her body shook uncontrollably. Her hands gripped my hair and held my head tight.   I finally let up and kissed my way up to her face again and we kissed. Our tongues wrestled and swirled, probing deeper and teasing each other.   Jillian wrapped her legs around me as we kissed Reaching down and guiding me into her.


I sucked on her ear and neck as I slid deeper into her.   I thought she was hot before, but now it felt like I was being sucked into a furnace. The roaring in my ears was so loud that I could barely make out her voice screaming as she moved wildly underneath me. She was as wild as a tornado, responding to my thrusts with a wild twisting motion that seemed to squeeze the life out of me. Our kisses shouts and moans took on a life of their own.   I pushed hard into her, wanting to get as deep into her as was humanly possible.   Arching my back, I exploded inside her, pushing holding her tight as I twitched and jerked, filling her.   She shook and screamed one last time seconds later. Her legs clamped me in a grip that I couldn’t break.   My mind was blown. Slowly the roaring in my ears subsided and I collapsed on top of her.   We kissed gently and I wiped the sweat from her forehead.   She held me inside her for a while longer.   I could feel her muscles fluttering around me milking every last drop.  


I rolled off her and we lay on our sides looking at each other.   Our chests were heaving as we caught our breath.    I smiled at Jillian and said “Wow!”   She giggled and said “Wow yourself!   That was great!”   “I think we entertained Claire next door too”.   We both laughed .   Jillian snuggled up next to me draping her leg over mine, resting her head on my chest and drawing a circle on my nipple with her fingertip.   I drifted off to sleep filled with her scent, her beauty and the feel of her skin next to mine.   The next morning I woke up in the dark of the morning.   There was a note on the pillow next to me.   I opened it. There was no writing just the imprint of two lips in red.

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