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Just Being Neighbourly

Pleasuring the neighbour...
I bought our house in the country to have some peace and quiet, but wouldn’t you know a developer would buy the land next to us and put up a bunch of new homes. At least he made the lots pretty big so the houses weren’t right on top of us, and he didn’t cut down all the trees. At that time, only one house had been built by ours.

A pretty brunette named Kim, and her husband, John, moved into that house in June, and I went over to say hello. They seemed like a nice couple, although we didn’t seem to have much in common. They were in their late twenties. I was in my forties at the time.

I’ve always liked building things, but never had the time until that year. I’d saved up a couple of weeks of vacation and decided to take it all at once. My mower and tools were filling up the garage, and I needed a small workshop. I found plans for a small barn that I could build by myself, and the lumberyard delivered all the stuff the last Monday morning. I was happy doing what I like to do – building something.

It was just after lunch that I saw Kim come out of their house. I remember because I almost hit my thumb instead of the nail I was starting. She wore a tiny little bikini and was carrying a blanket and a wicker basket. The bikini was having a hard time holding in her breasts, and the thong. Well, even though I was a distance away at the time, the cameltoe was obvious. Kim waved at me and walked back to where I was working. An opening there in the big oak trees let in the sun. I watched as she spread out the blanket, sat down cross-legged facing me, and pulled a bottle of sunscreen out of her basket. I could see I wasn't going to get much carpentry done that day.

The next day, I was up early, and got the other two walls of the barn up just before noon. I ate lunch and went back out to start on the roof. Just like the previous day, Kim came out with her blanket and basket and walked back beside my barn. It’s a good thing I had on my tool belt or she’d have seen my cock starting to stand at attention.

Well, somehow I got a few of the rafters up that afternoon, although it was hard to keep from staring at Kim all the time. She caught me a couple of times, but she just smiled and waved, the rest of the week was a repeat. Thank God the sun was out all week!

Evidently Kim and John went somewhere that weekend, because I didn’t see her again until Monday. I was putting on siding when she came out to the shed and spread out her blanket. I said “Hi” and went back to nailing. It wasn’t until I turned around for another piece of siding that I saw what she’d done. She’d taken off her bikini top and was rubbing sunscreen over her breasts.

I couldn’t keep from staring, even though Kim looked up at me. She just smiled and squeezed her left breast. The soft, glistening globe slipped through her fingers until she was holding only the nipple between her thumb and finger. As I watched, she stretched the nipple out and then closed her eyes as it slipped from her grasp. She looked up at me again, and did the same to the right breast. I started putting on siding again, but after one sheet, I had to stop. Kim was putting more sunscreen on her breasts, and it was obvious it wasn’t because she was worried about a sunburn. She was enjoying it too much. All I could think about was how those slippery breasts and rock hard nipples would feel in my hands.

She didn’t stop with her breasts. She squirted some more sunscreen on her hand and started down her rounded belly. I knew she was exciting herself when her hand slipped under the tiny patch of her bikini. Kim’s fingers worked beneath the shiny material for a while, and then she casually slipped the little triangle down her thighs and over the feet. Her fingers went back to the perfectly shaved lips and disappeared inside.

Now, there’s only so much a man can take, you know, and I had to do something. I started to go inside my barn to jack-off when she spoke to me.

“Jack, don’t go. Aren’t you enjoying this?”

“Uh, well yes. It’s not that. I have to, uh, I have to go get some more nails.”

“No, you don’t. I know what you were going to do. Do it here so I can watch.”

Well, they say there’s no fool like an old fool. I pulled out my cock and started stroking as I watched Kim rubbing her clit. Just after I grunted a couple times and blew my load into the grass, Kim gasped and arched off the blanket. She fell back, pulled her fingers to her mouth, licked them, and closed her eyes. In a few minutes, she stood up, picked up her blanket and basket, and walked over to me.

“Jack, how about showing me the inside of your barn, or whatever it is?”

Now, I had to be neighborly, so I showed her through the door and inside. Kim walked over and looked through the holes where the windows would be.

“Gee, from here, you can see my bedroom and bathroom windows. I’ll have to remember that.”

“Oh, I won’t be looking there, I promise.”

Kim was still naked and glistening from the sunscreen. She walked up to me and put her hand on my chest.

“I want you to look. I have this thing about older men, older women too, actually.”

“But, we’ll worry about that later. Right now, I want to get to know you a whole lot better. Neighbors should be really good friends, don’t you think?” Kim slipped her hand down to my crotch and grinned. “It feels like you want to be my friend. Why don’t you get rid of that tool belt so we can introduce ourselves?”

Some folks would call me stupid, but what would you do if you were in the same situation? Her hand was soft as silk and she knew how to use it. She had me standing tall and humping her fist in no time. I thought she might leave it at that, but Kim dropped to her knees and sucked me into her mouth. She was pretty good at that, too. After a couple minutes of those lips and tongue, I was ready to explode. Just as the wave hit me, she diverted my cock to her chest and I came all over her soft breasts.

“My turn” was all she said before she spread the blanket on the floor and lay down on her back. She beckoned me with opened thighs and outstretched arms.

“Kim, it’s going to be a while before I can do anything again. I’m not eighteen any more.”

“That’s okay. There are other ways to play.”

She tasted a little like sunscreen and a whole lot like ripe woman, and I loved it. I couldn't believe my luck, and thought about the siding I had to finish but I kind of forgot about that, though, when Kim groaned and pushed her hips up into my face.

“Damn, you’re good at this. I’ll have to send John over to have a talk with you.”

I slipped my hands around her thighs and up to her breasts. Her nipples were extended and stiff, and she moaned when I gently twisted them between my thumb and finger. Her clit had come out to play and I wrapped my lips around it and sucked in. She bucked so hard she almost threw me off her. I sucked again and rubbed my tongue over the sensitive little bud. Kim started to babble.

“Oh damn, damn, damn. I wanted this…. mmmm….wanted it to last….damn, now, now, Oh fuck, now.”

Kim pushed my face into her crotch and her hips jerked. I let her rest a few seconds and then started slowly licking from her opening up to her clit and then side to side. That always worked with Jenny, and Kim was no exception. I tugged on her nipples and she bucked into my face and cried out.

“Ah, ah,….Now….Now….Oh, God, Now.”

I started in again after her belly stopped shaking, but she giggled and pushed me gently away.

“If I do that again, I won’t be able to walk. There’ll be other days, honey.”

Kim put on her suit and gathered her things.

Kim walked from the barn leaving me disheveled, with her juices still shining on my faces, and as she rounded the corner she said, "I sure hope the sun is out tomorrow"

"Me too," I thought.

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