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Just friends

Standing at 5'7 with long legs, and a curvy figure, one might see how she could stand confidently. Her ass was pert and round, just right for squeezing during a particularly rough session- something she encouraged. Her eyes were a deep forest green with circles of gold surrounding the pupils and her hair was a rich shade of brown and always hanging straight down, hitting right below her shoulders. 

At the age of twenty-one, she had six men on her list. Five were at her beck-and-call and one that had her at his mercy most of the time. They ranged in age from twenty to thirty and they were all in it for the sex. Some had girlfriends, some had wives. It didn't matter to her and they didn't seem to mind. When she wanted sex, she simply said the word and they were there.

Tonight was different, though. She wouldn't be calling one of them. Tonight, there was someone else on her mind.

She had been working on this one for a while, and knew she would have to be careful in order to get what she wanted. He had only had one other partner in his life and had been left scarred from the heartbreak of that romance. He never wanted a woman to get too close, so he always insisted on staying just friends.

Something about his wall and unwillingness to see her as more than a friend made him more desirable. She carefully crafted a plan to seduce him. She patiently waited and built the foundation of a solid friendship before inviting him over. She used the guise of a movie night at her place to open the door of opportunity.

He pulled up around 9 pm. She saw his truck sitting in her drive and took one more look in the mirror before unlocking the door. She opened the door for him and his eyes immediately widened at the sight of her hair down and framing her face in a sweetly seductive way while her breasts strained against the fabric of a thin, white tank top. When she turned to lock the door back, he noticed a hot pink thong peeking out of her tight, black pants. He felt his cock begin to stiffen and he discreetly adjusted to hide his arousal while silently chastising himself for having such thoughts about his friend.

She couldn't help but drink in his appearance as well. He stood at 6'2" with broad shoulders, dark hair, and deep hazel eyes. He had a scruffy beard that he wore well and, like any country boy, he was dressed in boots, jeans, and his nicest pearl snap shirt. His hands were rough and calloused from working outside and she felt her pussy dampen at the thought of them touching her smooth skin.

She offered him a drink, and he accepted. She led him into the living room and explained that they would both have to sit on the small love seat because she was short on furniture after having just moved. She smiled sheepishly and he felt that stirring in his pants again. She pretended not to notice, but took a moment to size him up. It looked like this might just be worth her wait.

The movie started and each time a loud noise sounded, she was sure to clutch his arm and press her warm body against his. He could barely take it, his focus was nearly gone from the movie and he couldn't help but notice that she seemed to move closer to him as time elapsed. Before long, she was leaning on his shoulder. The edge of her right breast pressing warmly up against him. Looking down, he could see her beautiful breasts on display.

Her small pink nipples that were hard and straining to break free from the thin material holding them back. She reached over and placed a hand on his leg, and began absentmindedly drawing designs. He tried so hard to focus on the movie, but his arousal was becoming more evident. She slowly moved her hand, as if not noticing the struggle she was causing. Then, she looked up at him and caught his eyes. She flashed him a "come and get me" grin and that was all it took. He pressed his mouth firmly to hers and began kissing her with a passion she felt all the way to her toes. This was what she had been waiting for.

He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the bedroom. He pressed her up against the wall, still kissing her while his hands fumbled with her clothing, trying to pull it all off. His kisses trailed from her lips down to her neck, where the slight scruff of his beard only added to her arousal. She pushed him back, and in one quick flick of the wrist, she undid every pearl snap on his button up shirt. It was a trick she'd learned from fucking cowboys, but she wouldn't let him know that.

He ripped off her tank top and took her breasts in his mouth. She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair as he teased her nipples with his tongue. When she could no longer take it, she pushed him back and started peeling the rest of her clothing off. He shimmied out of his pants and was standing there in nothing but his underwear. She reached to pull them off of him, but he playfully pushed her back and informed her that she couldn't have that just yet. Her insides burned form his teasing. She NEEDED him inside of her and quick!

He confided that he had never had the opportunity to perform oral sex on a woman and was hoping she would allow for it. She didn't say a word, just laid down on the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy was glistening from her arousal. there was so much juice that it had began flowing down her leg.

He eagerly placed his calloused hands on her hips and dove his tongue straight into her little hole. She guided him back and showed him how to properly tease her clit with his tongue while fingering her tight pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, and teased her at first.

Finally, he dove in and ate her pussy like a starving man. Her body writhed, trying to hold back her orgasm and enjoy it as long as possible, but before long it was too much. She tightened up and grabbed fistfuls of his hair as her orgasm rocked her body.

She drenched his face while screaming out her pleasure, and there was juice soaking his beard and falling down his chest. As she lay there recovering from her first orgasm of the night, he took the opportunity to kiss her from her neck down to her swollen clit, leaving a trail of juices down her body.

After that, she reached for the waistband of his underwear. This time, he did not resist. Her eyes grew wide when she saw what she had been waiting for. She reached for it, but he stopped her and motioned that she should use her mouth.

Giving head was her favorite past time and seeing his large cock with pre-cum on the tip had her dying to taste it. Down on her knees, she licked the tip slowly, teasing him. Her tongue swirled around the head a few times before she took the entire 11.5 inches in her mouth. Thanks to her experience, she expertly deep-throated him without gagging.

As she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, she could feel him tighten. She knew he lacked experience and didn't want him getting off from this blowjob. She needed him inside of her.

As she felt him close to cumming, she stopped- forcing him to hold back his orgasm. He looked pained and confused until she drew him in close and kissed him hard. Then, she pushed him down on the bed. She straddled him, but didn't let him inside just yet. She rubbed the tip of his cock against her hot slit to tease him, while she leaned forward to make out with him and kiss his neck.

Finally, after soaking his cock with her juices, she slowly lowered herself onto it. His thickness was almost too much for her pussy and the length seemed like it would never end. Before long, his cock was completely filling her and she felt her pussy stretching to take in more.

He groaned with pleasure and began pumping up and down as she raised and lowered herself onto his cock. Before long, she adjusted to the size and the two were going at a furious pace. He grunted and she moaned out her pleasure, throwing out his name to add to his arousal and begging him to go harder. She had never been fucked by such a large cock before.

She reached up and tweaked her own nipples as she rode him and before long, her orgasm came. Her pussy walls clenched tightly around his cock and sent him over the edge with her. The two orgasms together made her orgasm even more intense and she dug her nails into his shoulder. He gritted his teeth from the pain, but came harder from the pleasure of bringing her to such an intense orgasm.

She rolled off him and lay there panting. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. That was the last thing she recalled before drifting off to sleep. The next morning she woke up to a warm wet feeling around her pussy. She moaned a little and opened her eyes to see him knelt between her legs, using his tongue to clean her up from last night's escapade. Now, that's the kind of wake up she liked.

So much for being just friends.

This is my first Lush story, so feedback is appreciated!

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