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just friends?

it’s actually all we are; just friends, little did I know all that was going to change that night.
Butterflies filled my stomach for no apparent reason as I was walking to his house. I’ve been down the same route so many times I know it like the back of my hand, never had nerves, yet this time was different for some reason. The butterflies were starting to hurt as if they were trying to escape my tummy. Maybe I should start by explaining that the ‘his’ I’m referring to is my best friend Henry. What can I say about Henry? Gorgeous, luscious blonde hair, amazing green eyes that I can never look into for too long, plump lips which I must admit I sometimes catch myself looking at, a strong muscular body to die for with a tattoo of a lion on his right arm and one on his peck saying “smile while you still have teeth”. I love him and although everyone in my college can’t understand how we’re just friend’s, it’s actually all we are; just friends. Little did I know all that was going to change that night.

Ring ring

“yo baby girl where are you?” a rough seductive voice came through the other end of my phone.

“Almost there knob cheese. Call me baby girl one more time and trust me when I say, you won’t have the equipment to make a baby any time soon. Capiche?”

My ears filled with his warm, husky laugh.

“yeah yeah shut up and get here faster, the popcorn is getting cold and I’m about to fall asleep so run run run”


The phone call had left me smiling for some apparent reason. As I approached his front gate my hands began to shake I noticed, it left me so puzzled but I continued on hearing the door open. I don’t know how he does it but Henry always knows when I’m about to go through the gate and he stands there at his door waiting with open arms. I ran up to him, gave him my usual punch on the arm then wrapped my hands around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist and we hugged. This time however our hug was so much tighter than usual and lasted twice as long. Maybe we just missed each other? Grabbing my hand with one of his, and with the other my bag, he led me into the living room, basically dragged me. Letting go he went into the kitchen to get the popcorn as I plonked myself down on the sofa and lay down, taking up all the space. He came back in, gave me a raised look and began to speak.

“ummmm what do you think your doing missy?”

“well” I replied with a sigh “I believe I am lying down on this lovely piece of furniture but this oaf is blocking my view. The oaf is you I hope you know”

“ooooh is that so?” he replied with a huge smile “and what would you do if I told you that everything in this house belongs to me, therefore that piece of furniture is mine and since your on it, it means your technically mine too”

“Well I would simply say I refuse to be your property and if staying here means I am I can quite simply leave”

He laughed again, came up to me and began tickling me as I laughed uncontrollably until I surrendered. Once I had, he pushed me to the side so that we were cuddling as usual ready for our movie to start. Lying on his chest I could hear his heartbeat yet this time it was faster and deeper and I became paranoid wondering if maybe it was my heart beating not his. My nerves were getting to me again, I couldn’t take being in his presence anymore.

“Listen, I’m really tired, had a long week so why don’t you finish the movie whilst I go to bed? I’ll see you tomorrow morning ok?” I said nervously

Henry gave me one confused, maybe even hurt, nod. After giving him a kiss on the cheek I began climbing up the stairs to the bathroom. Brushing my teeth and washing my face calmed me down somewhat which made me glad because I didn’t want him asking me questions. He worries about me so much and I didn’t need him worrying tonight because I knew deep down that these weren’t bad nerves but rather the opposite. Walking to Henry’s room I took off my shirt as I opened the door and saw our weekly bed arrangement: his double bed (for me) and a blow up mattress on the floor (for Henry). Throwing my top on the floor I undid my trousers and slowly pulled them down and kicked them off to the side also revealing my red lace frenchies that matched my red lace bra holding my B cups. My back was facing the door as I unhooked my bra and threw that to the floor too but suddenly I heard the door open behind me. I completely froze hearing Henry’s footsteps get closer to me. I expected him to scream and just run out the room but he just kept coming closer. His footsteps stopped right behind me as I felt his body heat on my back. The tips of his fingers lightly touched my back as he then wrapped his hands around my waist from behind, slowly feeling his lips on my neck lightly giving me a few kisses there.

“What are you doing Henry?” I managed to whisper

“shhh Cleo, I’ve been thinking of doing this for so long now, Every time we hug I wish that I didn’t have to let you go, every time you smile at me I just want to kiss those lips, every time we cuddle I just want to touch you. Everywhere. I didn’t know if you felt the same way but tonight, tonight I knew” he whispered back

I breathed loudly in response, mainly from how good it felt to have his hands on my naked waist.

“Just say no” he whispered right in my hear

“I’ll never say no” I replied.

I felt him smile at my ear. He grabbed me tighter and kissed from my ear all the way down to my shoulder as his hands wondered up from my tummy up to my breasts. His touch was so soft yet eager, I couldn’t help but bite my lips as I rolled my head back completely onto his chest behind me. Every now and then he would bite my neck, my ear, my shoulder as he played with my nipples and squeezed my breasts. With one hand I ran my fingers through his hair behind me and with the other held one of his hands on my waist. Our fingers intertwined I turned my face to me his, still with my back facing him, our eyes met and for 5 seconds we just looked into each other until finally our lips met. First it was a slow, soft kiss, it became deeper, more passionate until I felt his tongue slightly slip into my mouth. This making out turned me on completely and I never wanting him to let me go. Finally I turned around to look at him as our eyes met again. I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring him closer to me as his hands wondered to my waist again, our lips got close again however not quite touching, he brushed his lips against mine making me yearn for them until I couldn’t take it anymore and I pressed his lips to mine. This time our kiss was getting wilder, he bit my lip from time to time and his hands were wondering all up my back. I ran my hands down his shirt till I got to the bottom, I grabbed it, our kiss broke for a split second as we looked at each other again. He lifted his arms and I slowly lifted his shirt off revealing that beautifully sculpted body.

I ran the tips of my fingers up his abs and kissed from his pecks all the way up to his lips. He suddenly grabbed me so tightly it felt like I was lifted off the ground slightly and he pushed us both back till I hit the wall, though his hands stopped me from getting hurt. He ran his hand from my knee up to my thigh making me shiver, grabbed my leg and lifted it pushing me even more up against the wall. Our kiss not breaking once. His hand still grabbed onto my leg he smiled through our kiss and broke it slightly. Slowly moving his lips to my ear he whispered...

“Just say no”

I couldn’t believe he was saying this.

“Henry I want you”

His husky laugh filled my ears again. “Good” he whispered “cause I don’t think I would have been able to stop”

With that he moved his other hand between my legs and lightly traced my clit over my frenchies. I began to tingle as he was hitting the right spot with his experienced hands. I couldn’t help but bite his lip which to him was a good sign. He moved his hand from my knickers, moved to my back and pulled my off the wall so my back arched closer to him, me leg dropping from his grip. The kiss deepened and deepened as I felt his hands on my knickers, pulling them down. Once they were off he put them in his back pocket of his sweats, smiled at me cheekily then kissed me again. I pulled down his sweats to reveal his boner through his boxers. Before they were off he pushed up against me, his cock crashing into my thigh. He pulled off his boxers grabbed me from behind picking me up and pushed me up against the wall again as I wrapped my legs around his waist. My lips touched him everywhere from his lips, to his face, to his neck, to his shoulder. Whilst doing this his hand travelled down my body and his fingers slid into me, his other hand holding me lifted off the floor against the wall. His fingers began to work with a “come to me” motion. My breathing became deeper so I wanted to experiment with him too. Taking my hand I grabbed his huge cock and began to play with it. The deeper he kissed, I knew the better I was doing. Both our breathing synced and deepened so he slid his fingers out of me and dropped me gently to the floor, never letting go of me or breaking our kiss. Once on the floor, he bent down and picked me up so that we didn’t have to stop our kiss and he carried me over to his double bed. Laying me down, he laid on top of me, our bodies so hot and yearning for one another, his cock bulging and throbbing, my pussy soaking wet and needed him inside. Kissing down my body he sucked on my nipples, forcing slight moans out of my lips. Getting lower and lower he got to my pussy and began to lick me out. He knew exactly what I wanted, which must have come from knowing me so well. Within minutes I had to grab onto his covers to stop myself from screaming.

Henry looked up, and came back so that his body was directly over mine. Things were so hot and we both knew what was about to happen. He stared into my eyes for a few moments and said

“baby tell me if I hurt you at any point”

This wasn’t my first time and he knew it but he was always worried about me so I nodded and with that he grabbed onto his cock and slowly slid it into me; it was so big I felt a prick of pain at first but didn’t dare tell him because what came after was pure pleasure. His first movements were gentle, just to loosen my tight pussy up slightly, my hands on his shoulders the whole time, but I needed him deeper in me, I needed him to go harder, faster. Picking up the vibe he sped up, pushed himself deeper in, went out further just to thrust himself more into me every time, so powerful it left me out of breath with every movement. The pleasure was unbelievable, he was hitting it, I wanted him even deeper so I grabbed onto his hips and pushed him with every thrust lifting my own hips to match his movements. He would kiss me passionately every now and then, always keeping eye contact with me. For a moment he stopped, so I spun us around and slid him inside me myself as I was on top. He was shocked I could tell but I didn’t care, I wanted to be in control this time. I went up, down and around, up, down and around, speeding up, lifting higher. Henry closed his eyes as my moans escaped my mouth, riding him was getting me closer and closer to my happy ending. As we neared our finishes he moved his hips as my riding became more intense, I knew we were going to cum at the same time, it was building up, building up, building up until finally I felt an explosion in me making me catch my breath. Once it was all done I fell, lying down beside him. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers again.

“you know I love you” he whispered.

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