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Just Good Friends

A brief encounter with friends in a restaurant
Once a year we meet up with friends we have known for years. Our kids grew up together and are all still good friends. They moved away because of his job. He got the promotion at work but it took them about 5 hours ride north of where we all used to live.

We used to holiday with Joe and Lisa and the kids all got on like a house on fire. They were all in the same age bracket and because they were all a mixture of boys and girls, they never used to fight. We try meet up two or three times a year at one house or the other and then once a year half way for a meal and exchange presents for Christmas.

This is about the meal and the exchange of presents!

We arrived at the restaurant slightly early; I had to drive back so I was just drinking soft drinks. My wife, on the other hand, decided to have a glass of wine or three. Our friends arrived, we kissed as we always do (perhaps my friend's wife kiss lingered a little longer than normal), we got more drinks and went to sit at the table. More wine and the laughter started (I do not need a drink to get me going as I like to laugh all the time). I sat opposite my friend's wife and he was obviously sat across the table from mine.

A few more drinks and then I felt her foot touch mine. Inching up my leg while we chatted. Her face not giving anything away just chatting as we always do, about anything and nothing. It was a warm summer's evening and I had shorts on and her foot just kept running up my leg stroking the hairs. Each time getting a little higher now above the knee and onto the inside of my thigh. I looked at her and just got a big smile and a little giggle, like I had told something funny, then a wink. Her foot touched my cock on the outside of my shorts; I think my eyes popped out of my head...

“Everything ok with you two?”

The comment from our partners.

“Excellent” I said, “thank you”

....An even bigger grin and a deeper wink.

Her foot now moved along the length of my shaft, pushing a little harder as she stroked her foot against me. This went on for a while; she just lent back in her chair and acted like nothing in the world mattered. Then I could not resist... What's good for the goose and all that....Let’s see what she can take.....I started to move my foot against her leg...Her skin against my bare toes was soft and felt very silky. My toes were moving against her shin...then her knee......up to her thigh...all this time her foot was still rubbing me. Both sat back in our chairs grinning as our partners consumed more wine and laughed at the stories they were discussing (both in the same line of work). I could not resist it and moved a toe to her crotch area. She pushed against my toes and just about pushed me backwards as she ground her hips against me.

Well there are only so many soft drinks a guy can take without needing the loo. I made my excuses and walked through the restaurant out the back and into the gents. Two minutes later, I was walking back and Lisa was walking towards the Ladies. 

She smiled and, as ever we kissed, on the cheek, then said she was having a great time and was I? Well that took me about half second to think about

"I sure am thank you, the best time ever" I responded.

She smiled and kissed me again, on the cheek but then moved to my lips,

"I am glad" she said,

“It’s something I have wanted to do for years but never had the courage to say to you”.

I have always loved to see Lisa in her swim suit and once or twice when we were on holiday, I even caught a glimpse of her breasts as she bent over to pick something up in her loose fitting top. Beautiful pert little breasts with pink rosebud nipples...exquisite....Yes I had stroked my cock thinking of them many times.

Now here I was kissing her, our tongues touching and exploring....My hand wandered up to her breast, gently cupping it she moved into me and now she would be able to feel my erect cock against her...She suddenly backed off..I was worried, had I gone too far?

She smiled at me and grabbed my hand and led me through to the Ladies. No one in...Pulled into a cubicle and kissed again deep longing kisses hands wondering over each other’s clothes. Her hand felt my cock through my shorts and rubbed urgently. My hands on her breasts then squeezing her ass. Squeezing them both and kneading them with the palms of my hands. Lifting her skirt a little and feeling naked flesh against my hands. A tiny thong snuggled sweetly between her cheeks, my hand moving round and finding a damp patch on the front... She broke away from my kiss.

"Well, is this what you expected after what we were doing under the table."

She quickly removed her thong and pulled the front of her blouse open scooping her breasts out in front of me. I wanted to kiss them and suck on the nipples. But her hands started to tug at my belt and zipper.

“We have no time for foreplay, I want you now”

My cock was sticking out of my shorts as she pulled them down.

“Next time” she said, “we will have more time for fun”

“NOW I want you inside me”

She was firm in her words, she knew what she wanted and when....She bent over and leaned on the toilet, then guided me to her entrance and asked me to be gentle at first

"Your a little bit bigger and thicker than Joe" (always good to hear).

She was very wet and the head slipped straight in with little effort, I braced myself so as not to sink straight in, then slowly sank deeper and deeper. A soft moan escaped her lips.


I pushed into her so my balls were hard up against her ass. Starting to moving in and out slowly to start with, then picking the pace up...Harder and deeper.....Her hips pushing back at me keeping the rhythm of my thrusts...gentle cry’s of lust escaping her lips...telling me in a whisper how she had wanted to do this for so long....then she let out a loud cry..

"Oh YES cum now....please inside me."

As her legs started to tremble and her body quivered. I could feel the cum rising in my balls and along the shaft.....The first jet hitting the back of womb she gasped and said

“I can feel the hot jets hitting inside my pussy”

My knees were nearly giving way as I finished the last squirt inside her...Toilet paper to hand...a quick wipe...Adjust clothes...a kiss...She looked at me her eyes deep and sultry.

"Thank you." she said.

“It was all my pleasure honest." I replied

She asked if we might be able to meet for an afternoon so we can talk and discuss things

"Sure ring me on my mobile and we can sort it out."

Returning to the table my wife said “You have been a while.”

"Upset tummy” was my response...

“Don't go any further I don't want to know” she said.

“I won’t go into detail." I laughed.

I sat with a stupid grin on my face for the rest of the night...happy as a pig in shit. Lisa returned to the table and just started chatting as if nothing had happened....But the look in her eyes and the grin told me different.

She did call...but that's the next story

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