Just Good Friends

By BigGirlAmyJ

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I had been celibate for a year or more since my last relationship broke down and I was horny. Horny but self contained, I never really went for one night stands and since I hadn't found myself in the position of being involved in another relationship (as it was the last thing I wanted) I was stuck. I would be walking in town running one of my many errands and all I had to do was see a  tall dark haired man with a hard body and cheeky smile and I'd feel myself getting wet. The thoughts I'd have whilst wandering around would have surprised the old dears around me that's for sure! I'd check out all the men I could see. Would his cock slide easily into my mouth and down my throat? I'd wonder. Would he play rough or is he into gentle lovemaking. What would his face look like with my pussy juice all over it? After a year of pleasing myself, learning what I would like and no man to add to the pleasure I was close to exploding but still I'm not the kind of girl that finds it easy to instigate a flirtation and it was beginning to get to me.

It was Friday night and as normal me and my group of friends were out in the local pub, its the same ritual we've been going through every couple of weeks since my split. There are four blokes. Three girls and we always have a whale of a time getting drunk, dancing the night away and going back to mine to finish the party. It always ends the same, me coming downstairs at eight the next morning to a lounge of hungover people making them bacon sandwiches and tea and then spending the next day doing something ridiculous, mini golf is a group favourite.

This particular Friday was no different, at the start. We drank and danced and then we kind of drifted apart Steven went home with the new gay guy in town, Marie went home early because she got way too drunk way too quickly and the others well they all just dispersed, all except for me and Lee. Lee is one of my closest friends and a bit of a ladies man to boot, we get on like a house on fire often drink till dawn and always laugh at how fabulous it is that we are such good friends. It was past two in the morning and I was well and truly drunk, I realised it was time for me to go home.

“Get a cab with us” shouted a random group of people – I may have been drunk but even I knew better than to jump in a cab with a bunch of strangers. Lee protectively draped his arm around my shoulders, winked at the guys in the cab and shouted back “It's all right lads but I'll be walking her home tonight” leaning into me he whispered “kiss me” for effect I looked up to his face put my hand against his cheek and slowly brought my lips to his. It was our first kiss and it was electric, as I pulled away I looked at him as I was quite stunned by the impact it had on me. That was when I saw it. Pure unadulterated lust in his eyes and I knew that this was where I had to make a decision about our friendship.

“Come on then” I whispered as I took a tentative step towards home and reached up and held the hand that was still draped over my shoulder. “Walk me home”.

We didn't touch apart from that arm across my shoulder and barely spoke on the 10 minute journey, I suppose we were both contemplating the consequences of what 'this' would do to our group dynamic and our friendship. I had to smile as we walked into my lounge, he'd been here a hundred times before but he looked awkward and uncomfortable. In that moment I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything else in my life.

I walked up to him, stood directly in front of him and got as close as I could without actually touching, I'm shorter than he is by around three inches which is hard as I myself am six foot two. It was a heady experience, standing there my face upturned slightly feeling his breath on my face, I leaned in as if to kiss him but thought better of it and moved my mouth to his ear, I could feel him breathing harder and faster and it was a sweet torture for me not to touch him but I needed to know this was what he wanted.

“Do you have any idea how much I want you inside me tonight” I whispered. It was like I'd flicked a switch, all of a sudden his hands were tangled in my hair and his mouth was crushing mine, I couldn't think all I could do was kiss back! our tongues exploring each others mouths mating wildly, like if we didn't kiss we'd just run out of air. Slowly he stopped kissing my mouth moved to my cheek, my ear and then started working his way down my neck. “God that's good” It's one of my favourite things, having my neck kissed and Lee was a master, I was so wet it was unbelievable and I couldn't help but groan.

I pushed him back, he looked unsure of what I was doing but there was no mistaking his erection so I carried on. Now I'm quite body concious, I'm a tall girl and I have a curvaceous figure, I'm not svelte like a model, I have big boobs and hips and arse but I'm not ashamed of my body, I just don't get it out for just anybody so this was a new experience for me. I was wearing a black satin blouse (short sleeved) and a black pencil skirt. I often favour the modern twist on the fifties style secretary look. I feel incredible when I'm dressed like that. I looked him in the eye and slowly unbuttoned and discarded the blouse to show my breasts almost spilling out of the fuchsia coloured bra I was wearing. He reached out a hand and slid the right strap down my arm, he didn't fully release my breast but smoothed his hand under the bra and squeezed until I bit my lower lip. “Jesus Amy you have the most fantastic tits I have ever seen, touched, tasted” He lowered his head then and sucked my nipple hard into his mouth through my bra as though he were drinking from me. Every time he sucked I felt my pussy clench, I was so turned on. I buried my hands in his hair and kissed the top of his head.

He lifted his head and I cried out in disappointment, my nipples were hard as bullets and he smiled at me, bringing his mouth back to mine kissing me. I felt his hands pushing my skirt up. This was it, I thought, he's going to fuck me, I could feel myself begin to quiver with need. But he didn't he grabbed my arse and lifted me up, leaving me no choice but to wrap my legs around his waist, I could feel his cock straining against his jeans which were rubbing my pussy, he didn't say anything just carried me upstairs and dumped my unceremoniously on my bed. I scooted to the edge of the bed as he hurriedly stripped off. I was mesmerised, I'd never seen such a beautiful cock. He began to open my legs but I put my hand on his. “No, not yet, I want to taste you” He looked at me for a moment and stroked his hand up and down his cock a few times, just as I thought he was going to say no I wrapped my hand around the shaft, looked up at him and licked the pre cum that had appeared at the tip.

I'm not sure what he said then, It was a mixture of a word and groan but it turned me on so much, I had to taste him properly. I took him into my mouth inch by inch, pulling my head back every now and then while slowly moving my hand up and down whatever remained of the shaft rotating and gently pulling up and down while I licked the head, sucked the head and tasted anything that dripped from the tip, I kept doing this, teasing him, making him groan my name until I slowly took him deeper and deeper into my throat until he was all the way in, I stayed still for a moment stopping the gag reflex and began to massage his balls in the hand that had been working the shaft. When I felt his hands straining in my hair as he wanted more I swallowed as deeply as I could with his cock in my throat and moved my head backwards letting him pull my head back onto him with as much force as he wanted, each time letting his cock go deep into my throat, squeezing his balls and even letting my finger tease his puckered arsehole, I never penetrated it but the sensation made him clench in mock orgasm and he pulled out of my mouth fully, pushed me back in the bed yanked my fuchsia thong off and opened my legs.

I was soaked, I could smell my sex and knew he could too, it was such a turn on being there watching him stroking his huge swollen cock as he looked down at my imperfect body. He lowered himself to his knees and the moment I felt his tongue plunge into my wet hole I came. My hips bucked as he licked my clit and lapped at the hole. Every time his tongue entered me I bucked, I couldn't help myself, I was so turned on I was creaming all over his tongue and he was lapping up every last drop. Finally he climbed on the bed, I'd moved so we were both kneeling at this point, he was behind me as I felt his hand slide up my hip over my breast and he rested it on my neck using just enough pressure to turn my head to the left so that I could look at him.

“I've never been with a woman so receptive before” he almost growled “Kiss me, taste yourself on me” I snaked my hand up to bring his head to mine and kissed him like my life depended on it, every time I sucked his tongue, bit his lip and just tasted his mouth I could taste the salty nectar that was mine on him, I could feel myself juicing up just knowing that it was my cum all over his face. “I taste good on you” I whispered. It was too much, he pushed me down on to all fours and plunged his cock deep into my wet pussy.

He rammed his cock into me over and over, his left hand was pulling my hair back as I panted and moaned as the pleasure of feeling him pounding me washed over me in waves. He was getting harder and faster, I could feel his other hand round the front of my pussy rubbing my clit and slicking up with all my juice, I knew what he was going to do but god when he using my juice to wet his thumb and then feeling him slide it into my arsehole made me cum all over his hard cock.

“Like that do you” he groaned out “Yes” I whispered barely able to function but wanting more. “I'm going to slide my cock in there....would you like that” “Yes.....please”

He pulled out of both holes then opened my arse cheeks and began to lick around the hole. “Any lube Aim?” he asked. It sounded like he asked me that everyday and that made me laugh, he rewarded me with a good hard slap on the butt cheek and followed it with the throaty laughter we always found so easy to share. “Lube?” he repeated and I pointed to the top drawer of my bedside table. Leaning over me he opened it and we looked at each other, me with my rosy red cheeks and him with raised eyebrow. I knew he'd seen all the contents, handcuffs, lube, porn, all sorts of toys. He took the lube shut the drawer and went back to where my arse was sticking up in the air. He squirted the lube onto my puckered little hole and rubbed a vast amount on his dick before I felt the head of his cock squeezing past the entrance. I was biting the pillow “You OK?” he asked as he slowly continued pushing his cock deeper and deeper. I love anal sex but I'd never had a cock so big plunder my arse before and it hurt, in a good way but it still hurt. I nodded “More” I barely said, but he heard.

He began to move rhythmically, pounding his cock into my arsehole. “Fuck me harder Lee, I need it harder” I would say every now and then, every time I did I could feel him swell a little more. “Play with yourself Aim, I want you to cum on your fingers while I cum in your tight little arse, god this feels good .......I never knew......Oh god...I'm gonna......I'm about to” I was so close and I could feel him - he was literally about to explode into my anus so I clenched and it triggered off the biggest orgasm I have ever had. Literally moments after I began to clench around him he yelled out my name and emptied himself into me.

As he pulled back he tenderly kissed my arse cheek where he'd slapped it earlier, reaching out he grabbed some tissues of the bedside table and soothingly cleaned all his spunk and my dribbling cum from me. It wasn't long before we lay together silent, me in the crook of his arm with one hand on his chest, him playing with my hair.

I was just starting to doze when he spoke “I never knew you were so......” I didn't let him finish, a little nervous about what I might hear.

“There's a lot you don't know about me Lee” I felt him look down at me and his free hand settled atop mine on his chest.

“Well I think I may have to come back and find out more about this other side of you if that's OK”

I smiled “I'd like that” I barely got the words out before he kissed the top of my head and we drifted off to sleep.