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Just the Tip

Tags: tease
This is the opening of a story I'm working on now :)
“ Now slowly pull down his boxers,” Joi commanded from her leather office chair. The thin brunette reached down to the waistband of the man across from her and slid her fingers between the fabric and his flesh. “Stop, Ashley.” The girl freezes in position. “What is this game?”

Ashley, scolded, withdraws her fingers. Her knees cross as she fidgets. Joi glances at the gap between the girl's inner thighs.

Joi looks over the top edge of her glasses. “The game is service. And that means?”

Ashley hesitates. “On my knees?”

“ Is that an answer or a question?”

Ashley stands up straighter. “On my knees.”

“ That's better,” Joi encourages. “Always on a lower level. Now if the game calls for romance or seduction, equal footing would be fine. The game of service has very specific rules. And never, ever, ever pink undergarments – unless told to wear them of course.” Joi smiles softly. Some girls need to be broken, others coaxed. Ashley is one of the latter. She considers Joi like a mother and never wants to disappoint her.

“ May I change them please?” Ashley asks, making contact with her round, brown eyes before lowering them.

Joi stands up and adjusts her white lab coat. Her heels click on the tile floor as she approaches the couple.

“ Your doing just fine,” she uses her fingertips to lift Ashley's chin. The girl's eyes so innocent – especially when she unconsciously batts her long lashes. Joi pushes a few of Ashley's loose strands of hair back over the girl's soft shoulder. “Here, put on these.” Joi reaches into the hip pocket of her lab coat and pulls out a pair of white panties.

Ashley takes the undergarments. Joi turns and goes back to her seat.

Ashley waits for Joi to be seated. She then slides down her pink panties and steps out of them. As the girl begins to put on the white thong, Joi takes stock of her; toenails painted egg shell blue, calf and thigh muscles taut, pussy hair closely cropped in the shape of a pie.

“ Now Ashley, slowly pull down his boxers.”

Ashley looks at the tile floor. Joi knows exactly what the girl is thinking. It's hard. Yes dear, so is life. It's cold. So are nights in the arms of a man who just used you. It will hurt. Dear god girl, are they teaching you anything in that school?!

Her knees touch the ground. She shifts a bit.

Now for the fun part.

Ashley looks up into the eyes of her partner. He's tan with heavy features and a hairy chest. If she had to guess, he'd be at least forty years old – more than twice her own age. The look he shoots back is one of knowing lust.

Sliding just the tips of her fingers into his waistband, she bites her lip.

Good girl. Now slowly.

As she lowers his undershorts, first a thick patch of dark and curly hairs spring out. Down further and the shaft begins to be revealed. Joi forces back a smile as Ashley pulls the waistband lower and lower and still the end is nowhere in sight. Two inches, three inches, another inch, two more. By the time his entire cock is exposed, seven meaty inches of flaccid meat dangle before Ashley's innocent brown eyes. It took Joi a long time to find such a worthy prick.

Ashley turns to Joi with her round eyes begging a question.

Yes dear. Sometimes life wants to fuck you with a huge cock. And you have no choice but to choke on it.


Hope you enjoy the taste! Working hard to complete the full work!

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