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Kara's Hot Tub Party

Kara's last-year college fling lands her in a hot tub with three guys.
Kara held the skimpy top in front of her. She draped it over her bare breasts and hooked it in the back. It had a one inch band of stretch denim that went across the tops of her breasts and fastened in the back. It was tight enough that it didn't need straps to support it. Hanging from the denim was four to five inches of white lace hankie type material. That was it.

Tonight, for the first time since her prelaw days, Kara was going out alone, actually with her friend Leia, but she didn't have a date and wasn't expecting to see anyone she knew. Choosing what to wear would once again be a challenge.

For the last two and half years, George, Kara's boyfriend during most of law school, had often made suggestions as to how she should dress. George had met Kara in law school. She had allowed him to think that it was through his encouragement that she had become sexually adventuresome. George did not know that Kara's exhibitionist tendencies were nearly in full bloom when he met her.

And it wasn't as if it was all old hat either. Kara was becoming enormously aroused when she showed men, sometimes women too, more than they expected to see. So far her greatest thrill had been when she and George made love while George's friend Harold was playing with her tits.

But George was going to clerk for a judge in San Francisco and with half a continent between them, their romance, which was more lust than love, was destined to fail. A week ago they had agreed to split now, rather than wait for the inevitable Dear John letters that would certainly follow their physical separation.

There was one month until graduation, after which Kara would become an associate attorney with Grayson and Locke in Dallas. They employed nearly five hundred attorneys worldwide, about two hundred of which were partners. At present there was only one female partner. With Kara's credentials she was all but assured of becoming the second female partner in one of the nation's most prestigious law firms.

She had only a few weeks left as a student in the liberal college town she had lived in for the last six years. Tonight she intended to take advantage of the fact that other than her friend Leia, she would probably never see any of these people again.

Earlier Kara had showered and shaved her legs and pussy, then admired her naked form in the mirror. Her body still had the trim youthful look of the gymnast she had been in high school. In the past, Kara had recalled, it had been George's hands that touched her naked body. If she dressed tonight as she had for George, she would have hands touching her that she had never felt before. The thought of strange hands on her breasts and between her legs was deliciously sinful. Kara had gone to her closet and found the low-cut jeans George liked.

They looked pretty much like ordinary jeans. They were made of moderately faded denim, had slightly flared legs, a zip up front and a snap at the waistband. Kara had sat on a nearby chair and without putting on panties or hose, had struggled to pull the jeans over her sculpted calves and thighs.

With the jeans snuggly embracing her legs she had taken a deep breath, then forced the air out of her lungs. With her lower abdomen as small as she could make it, she had tugged the jeans over her hips, raised the zipper and pressed the snap closed. Then she had inhaled deeply. The snap had miraculously held.

What made these jeans special became evident. Not only were they exceptionally tight but the waistband was so low it barely concealed the small amount of pubic hair remaining just above her clit. In the back, even though they hugged the curve of her butt, the belt area didn't even come close to reaching her waist. It exposed the first inch or so of the crack in her ass.

Kara had looked in the mirror. Turning to one side, she looked over her shoulder. The back of the jeans was high enough to keep them from falling off but low enough to show the top of her butt. She turned to the front.

Kara had been topless and her c-cup breasts stood out proudly from her thirty-four inch rib cage. A deliciously bare abdomen would be left by almost any top. There was at least five inches from her belly button to the top of the jeans. “That'll attract attention,” she had thought, licking her lips.

Kara had rummaged through her drawers to find a top that would go with the jeans. She had considered tee's, tanks, camisoles and other styles but nothing had seemed quite right. Ultimately she selected a top so revealing she had worn it only once. With the jeans and this top Kara was certain she would be a show stopper.

She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. There was at least ten inches of bare midriff showing. The low waistband of her jeans accentuated the flatness of her stomach. The protrusion of her breasts caused a small gap between her rib cage and the bottom edges of the top.

She appraised herself as if she were a guy sitting next to her in a dimly lit bar. It was obvious that her top was at least partially transparent, and she was probably braless. When she looked carefully she could see her nipples, her areolas, and even her breasts. On the other hand, with just a quick look, the kind she would get from most people, it wasn't evident how exposed she was.

If a guy looked closely, and this was the part Kara liked best, he was likely to keep right on looking. Her nipples hardened slightly and a small dampness developed between her legs as she imagined all the guys who would be staring at her tits and dreaming about removing her jeans.

It was time to pick up Leia. She quickly brushed her shoulder-length brown hair, then went into the closet to pick out shoes. Kara was not wearing hose and her feet were bare. She picked out a pair of red strappy heels, slipped them on, and buckled the straps. With the heels Kara was about five nine. All that bare skin on such a tall woman looked so sexy.

Even though it was after eight, with daylight saving it was still light. Kara attended a southern university, the University of Texas at Austin, and it was already warm enough to go without a jacket, even at night. Leia was waiting and came right out when Kara stopped in front of her apartment. She was wearing a white tank top and khaki miniskirt. As she ran to the car, Kara thought Leia looked pretty hot.

Leia slid in, slammed the door, then turned to Kara to say hi. But when she saw Kara she went speechless. After several seconds of silence Kara said, "Well?"

"You're not really going dressed like that are you?"

"Sure, why not? I'm not interested in handing out my phone number and then waiting for the call that never comes."

"With that outfit," Leia said, "you'll be giving out more than just your phone number."

"I know mother, but it's what I want, so what difference does it make?"

Leia understood the tone of voice and what it meant to be addressed as mother. She backed off. "Well I'm sure you've considered what you're doing. I know you'll be careful so I guess it really doesn't make any difference. Lets go. I've got to see this."

Kara pulled away from the curb. "So you won't be too embarrassed to be seen with me then?"

"Oh no, quite the contrary, I expect you'll attract a lot of men. Of course I'll probably have to get away from you to be noticed."

Kara looked at Leia and saw bare legs nearly to her crotch and a thin tank top that obviously didn't have a bra under it. She remarked, "You're not going to be hurting for attention."

They drove the rest of the short distance in silence, found a parking place and went in. It was much darker inside than out. The air-conditioning caused the club to be almost cold. The nipples on both girls reacted to the change in temperature, but for Kara, the cool breeze on the underside of her breasts was a reminder of how little she was wearing. Her nipples jutted out sharply, causing the thin material of her top to stand out even further from her body, in turn allowing even more cold air to envelope her breasts.

As their eyes adjusted to the darkness they spotted a small high-top near the dance floor. No sooner had they gotten sat down than several guys came and asked them to dance. Although Kara and Leia thought a couple of them were reasonably good-looking, neither of the girls was ready to dance yet and eventually the guys left. Kara had been bent over the table and no one noticed her low cut pants or transparent top.

A waitress came and took their order. While they waited, three guys, all nice looking, came past their table, looked them over and sat down nearby. It was early and the club wasn't busy yet. The waitress returned quickly with their drinks.

No sooner had they received their drinks than a guy came to the table and asked Leia to dance. It was someone she had dated a few times in the past and she readily went with him to the dance floor. Kara looked around, hoping to get rescued, especially by one of the three guys at the next table, but it was not to be and she sat there alone. Leia and her friend eventually returned. Jason, Leia's friend, sat down with them. They talked and sipped their drinks a few minutes until Jason asked Leia to dance again.

Kara was determined that this time she was not going to sit alone. Out of the corner of her eye she could tell that the three at the next table were looking in her direction. They were on her right side and nothing was between her and them. Kara noticed they had a good profile view of her. She intended to take advantage of it.

Kara looked down at her chest. Then she took hold of the denim band on her top, and acting as if it had slipped down, pulled it up. As it moved up, the small amount of material covering her breasts moved with it. The lace caught on her nipples, then jumped free. It had the same effect as someone teasing her nipples. They grew and got harder, causing the flimsy fabric to hang even further from Kara's body. Most significantly however, she had pulled the band so far up that the lace was now just at the bottom of her breasts.

A sideways glance confirmed that the three were watching intently. Kara raised her arms and put her hands behind her head, pretending to gather her hair into a bun. Her back was arched, her tits jutted out firmly and the top rode up until the undersides of her breasts were exposed.

Kara was bare from the low-cut waistband of her jeans all the way to the bottoms of her breasts. She turned sensuously a little to each side, keeping her hands behind her head as long as it looked reasonable. It worked. Kara watched the guys flip coins to see which would ask her to dance. Kara didn't care, any one would do.

She looked up as one of them walked the few steps from their table to hers. "I'm Cliff," he said. Then just stood there.

Kara became flustered. She expected him to ask her to dance but he just stood there. The silence was deafening and Kara eventually said, "And I'm Kara. Did you want to dance?"

"I'd like that very much," he said, then stood there until she got out of her chair and preceded him to the dance floor.

As they got to the dance floor, the deejay started a slow song. Cliff tried to be polite and hold Kara in a traditional slow dance position. Kara foiled him by putting her arms around his neck. Cliff loved the look and feel of Kara's bare skin but was reluctant to touch it. He held Kara several different ways but no matter what he did his hands came to rest on bare flesh.

Kara put her mouth to Cliff's ear. "Put your hands where you want. I don't bite and I like to be touched."

"Umhh... thanks. I mean, you really look hot. I just didn't want you getting pissed off at me." Cliff put his hands on Kara's back, just below the lace of her top.

"I'll let you know if you do something I think you shouldn't." Cliff was dancing with his waist back a little from Kara's so she wouldn't feel his raging hard-on. Kara added, "And you don't have to dance so far back. If I was offended by the feel of a man I wouldn't be dancing."

"I wish all girls were like you," Cliff said. His hands were now under the top and moved cautiously toward the front. "Some girls will do anything to get a man's attention but they don't want to be touched."

"They don't know what they're missing." Cliff's finger-tips brushed Kara's breasts and lightly grazed her nipples. Her body tingled. It was as if a jolt of electricity passed through her. She didn't realize until now how much she missed George's constant touching.

Kara had just met Cliff but already wanted his hands all over her body, except not on the dance floor. She said, "I love what you're doing but there are other people here. Maybe you better keep your hands on the outside of my clothes." She put her mouth to Cliff's ear and added, "... at least for now."

"Sorry," Cliff said. "Too tempting. I just had to feel them." Cliff's hands came out from under Kara's top and instead roamed across the bare flesh of her stomach, her abdomen and her back. Kara melted under his touch. When Cliff's finger slipped down the crack of her ass she delayed a considerable time before asking him to remove it.

After a couple of slow numbers the deejay went back to faster music. Cliff broke away and started into a fast dance but Kara said, "I need something to drink, can we go back to the table?"

Cliff obviously didn't want to but he replied, "If that's what you want. Can we dance later?"

Kara had noticed that in many ways Cliff was lacking in confidence. She guessed that he expected her to find someone else to dance with. She winked at him and said, "We'll dance again, but right now I need a drink." She headed toward the table with Cliff following.

On the dance floor Kara had seen Leia with Jason. Leia had whispered to her, "I won't need a ride. Jason's taking me." Kara knew that Leia would not be at the table when she returned. Nevertheless, she feigned surprise and said to Cliff, "My friend still hasn't returned. Would it be okay if I join you and your friends?"

"Oh yeah. They'll be glad to have you sit with us." Cliff's enthusiasm picked up. "Sure. Get your purse; I'll take your drink." Kara grabbed her purse and followed Cliff to the nearby table. It too was a high-top on the edge of the dance floor. Cliff pulled out a stool and helped Kara up. He sat next to her.

Cliff introduced her to his friends, Mike and Ed. Kara thought they all seemed so young but she had seen the waitress card them so they must be at least twenty-one. Kara was only twenty-four so at most they were three years younger. George had been older. Maybe she had gotten used to him and his friends. Anyway, these guys were nice, and good-looking too.

No one spoke. Kara saw that Mike and Ed were staring at her chest. Cliff of course knew, but she figured Mike and Ed had just realized how little she was wearing. Kara looked at them and said, "Yes, my top is sort of transparent and no, I'm not wearing a bra. Those really are my tits you're looking at." Kara locked her hands behind her head and said, "Do you like?"

"Uh... uh... of course," Mike said. "I mean, like we all wanted to dance with you."

"So it could have been any one of you then?"

"Yeah," said Ed, "but Cliff won."

"And I was the prize. I suppose I should be flattered," Kara said. "After I have some of my drink, we can all dance ..." Kara paused. "... that is if you don't mind sharing." In a sort of chorus, the guys agreed they'd like to do that.

Kara felt Cliff's hand on her abdomen. As he reached under her waistband, she put her hand over his and moved it away from her jeans, toward her belly button. Then she unsnapped her jeans and put Cliff's hand back where it had been. As she picked up her drink she gave him a conspiratorial smile.

Cliff felt what Kara had done and understood the invitation she had extended. His fingers lightly grazed her flesh where the jeans had been snapped. Then he grasped the zipper and lowered it. Cliff's fingers tiptoed through the remaining portion of Kara's pubic hair. She nearly died when she felt his hand so close to her pussy.

Kara turned to Cliff and whispered, "Having fun?"

"Oh yeah," he whispered back, "and you?"

"Uh huh, lovin' it," Kara said softly. "Only problem is, that's as far as you go. The pants are too tight for you to get your hand in."

"We could go someplace where you could take them off."

"Sorry, I'm not ready for that yet. But don't stop, please." Kara sighed as Cliff caressed what was left of her bush and struggled unsuccessfully to reach her clit, a fraction of an inch lower.

To everyone at the table Cliff said, "I've got tunes, booze and a hot tub. Whaddaya say?"

Mike and Ed quickly agreed but Kara wasn't so sure. She said, "You have a house?"

"Well, I live with my brother and his wife, but they're gone for a few days so I guess it's mine."

Kara considered. She really did want to go but she had decided she wasn't going to fuck Cliff, at least not tonight. Mike and Ed provided a little safety in that regard. No one seemed inclined toward gang rape. If she took her own car she would probably be okay.

"I'll take my car. Can someone ride with me to show the way?"

"I'll ride with you," said Cliff. "We all rode with Mike so we have only one car."

"Okay, lets do it," Ed said. Kara stealthily zipped up her jeans. She couldn't get the snap closed with one hand though and left it undone. The four of them downed their drinks and headed for the door. In the car, Kara realized she hadn't covered all of her bases.

"Cliff, you know I love your hands but I've got to drive and you're going to have to stay on your side of the car. Okay?"

Cliff acted as if the air had been let out of his balloon. With a hang dog look he said, "Alright, I understand."

Cliff and Kara drove uneventfully across town to his house. Mike and Ed followed. Kara parked on the street so as not to get blocked in. Inside, Cliff tried to kiss Kara while fixing a drink. As much as she wanted to be kissed, she wasn't about to let anything get started. She held him off.

It was a glorious night and they went out to the back deck where the hot tub was. Cliff took the cover off and felt the water. "I thought it would need adjustment but it feels okay to me. Anyone else want to test it before we get in?"

"I'm going to need something to wear," Kara said to a chorus of groans. "Well I'm not getting in the tub naked with three guys. Do you have a tee shirt I can wear?"

"My tee shirts are all in the laundry but I should have a clean undershirt."

"What's the difference, tee shirt, undershirt, I don't care, just find it and point me toward a bathroom."

"Follow me," Cliff said as he walked back into the house. He pointed to a bathroom. "Use that. I'll bring you the shirt."

Kara went into the bathroom and removed her clothes. While she undressed she thought, 'Maybe I was too harsh. I've been teasing all night. They want to see the rest of me. And Cliff, I've let him do everything but fuck me. They've all been perfect gentlemen. If they don't act up I could take the shirt off. It'd be as much fun for me as it would for them. I mean, being naked with three guys in a hot tub?'

Cliff knocked on the door. Kara cracked it and he handed her the shirt. As she closed the door he said, "Join us when you're ready."

"I won't be long," Kara said through the door. She was already naked. She pulled the undershirt over her head. It was long, almost reaching her knees. She could position the straps to cover her nipples but her breasts would still be uncovered. The straps were too long and the shirt itself started below her breasts.

Kara looked around the bathroom for safety pins. In a closet she found some. She took the top off and using safety pins, pinned the straps such that they were about three inches shorter. She put the shirt back on.

When Kara looked in the mirror now it looked right. Even if the arm holes were still too big, her breasts were mostly covered. And even though she hadn't intended it, the bottom of the shirt was higher now, mid-thigh, same length as her short dresses.

The undershirt's material however, was so thin that when it got wet it was going to be totally see-through. Kara mused, 'I wanted to show off tonight; I guess I get my chance.'

Kara opened the door and made her way to the back deck. When she got to it her new friends were already in the tub. She saw clothes piled on the deck and guessed they were naked. 'Que sera,' she thought.

There were friendly whistles and cat calls as she approached the tub. Kara grabbed her drink from the table and stepped into the water. The three made room for her to sit down. As she had expected, when the undershirt got wet it was seriously transparent. But Kara thought, it's dark out here, I'm under water, who cares? Then she remembered that the three guys were probably not wearing anything and in spite of being in hot water, her nipples hardened.

For twenty to thirty minutes the four of them sat in the tub, sucking on their drinks and chatting about anything and everything. Kara thought that if these guys were going to do her any harm, they would have already done so. At one time or another each had gotten out the tub to refresh his drink. They were naked but none of them had any more than a semi-erection. She was among friends.

Kara needed to refresh her drink. She stood and everyone looked at her. The undershirt was plastered to her body. It was as if she wore nothing at all. Her nipples protruded a good half inch. They were centered on half dollar sized areolas which in turn were centered on firm c-cup size breasts. All of it was clearly visible. Kara drank in the admiring pairs of eyes. She decided it was time to get naked. She gripped the hem of her undershirt and pulled it over her head.

Kara stepped out of the tub to freshen her drink. Mike said, "Holy shit, she's gorgeous."

Kara blushed as Ed said, "Imagine what it would be like to have one of her tits in your mouth."

Cliff had had his hands on most of her body but he didn't say a word. He imagined instead how wonderful it would be to have Kara's velvety pussy caressing his cock. Kara fixed herself a drink, then returned to the tub. She basked in the stream of adulation that flowed from Mike and Ed.

Ed described the glories of licking Kara's nipples. Then he talked about how sweet it would be to have her legs wrapped around his neck while his tongue ventured between her lips. Kara could have taken offense to his remarks but she didn't. She accepted them instead as compliments. She even considered briefly how good it might feel.

As Kara sat down she said, "You can look and you can talk about me, but keep your hands, and anything else, to yourself."

Again there was a chorus of groans but Kara knew they would behave, or at least she thought they would. Mike sat on one side of her, Ed the other. Cliff was across from her.

Kara felt Mike's hand on her knee. She considered saying something but decided against it. She thought, Mike isn't doing any harm and it feels nice anyway.

Then she felt Ed's hand on the other knee. Kara rationalized that since she hadn't done anything to stop Mike, she couldn't very well say anything to Ed. With a guy on either side of her, each rubbing a knee, she started to tingle.

Kara had guessed that Ed was somewhat bolder than the other two, so it didn't come as much of a surprise when she felt his hand on her breast. Despite the pleasurable feeling, Kara needed to put a stop to things.

She turned to Ed but when she opened her mouth to speak, Mike slid his hand up her thigh, right next to her pussy. Jesus, Kara thought, here we go. She gave in to the inevitable and pressed her pussy against Mike's hand. She mumbled, "Ohhh shit."

Mike caressed Kara's engorged pussy lips with his fingers, inserting one, then two fingers between them. Kara reacted by humping his hand. Ed watched as her hips gyrated beneath the water.

Ed took his hand from Kara's knee, placed it on her stomach and moved downward to her little patch of pubic hair. His fingers explored carefully until he found her clit. Kara let out a breathless sigh as he circled her tiny pleasure button with his fingers.

With each thrust of Mike's fingers Kara's hips rose higher. Across the tub, Cliff who had expected to bed Kara before the night was over, watched mesmerized as she delighted in the actions of his friends. Not to be left out he reached to the bottom of the tub and picked up Kara's feet. He lifted them, along with her legs, out of the water and onto his shoulders.

With her legs on Cliff's shoulders, Kara lifted her body until her torso appeared to float on the surface of the water. The tub was small and Cliff's head was between her knees. He looked at Kara's pussy and watched as his friends drove her into a sexual frenzy.

Kara's head was on the back of the tub. Ed put his face over hers and kissed. Mike bent over Kara's chest and took one of her breasts into his mouth. Cliff turned his head from side to side and kissed the insides of her thighs as he inched closer to her pussy.

Kara's resistance withered as hands and lips roamed over her naked body. Still, she was resolute about one thing - she might have a mind blowing orgasm her friends would witness, but she wasn't going to fuck anybody.

Mike had taken over Kara's tits. With his hand he caressed a breast and pinched its nipple. His mouth covered the other breast, gently biting the nipple. Kara surrendered her tits to his ministrations.

Kara intertwined her tongue with Ed's as he sensuously stroked her clit. His fingers danced around her nub sending waves of pleasure deep inside her.

Cliff licked the insides of her thighs. Mike's fingers were still in her pussy but he seemed more interested in her breasts. Kara greedily wanted Cliff's tongue in her pussy.

As if he had been reading her mind, Cliff removed Mike's hand from between Kara's legs. Mike was so absorbed with her breasts that he barely noticed. Kara held her breath as Cliff's tongue slithered up and down her puffy lips. The tip of his tongue parted them. He pressed his mouth against her pussy and sank his tongue in as deeply as he could.

The air rushed out of Kara's lungs; she squeezed her legs around Cliff's head; she thrust a breast into Mike's mouth; she pressed her lips against Ed's and devoured his tongue. Kara's secretions flowed from the walls of her pussy and into Cliff's mouth. He savored the taste and swallowed it greedily.

Kara fucked Cliff's face and crushed his head between her legs. The tip of her clitoris peeked from under its hood and Ed lightly brushed his fingertips against it. "Oh Jesus!” she exclaimed.

Kara's nerve endings tingled as she built toward a climax. “Oh my God,” she groaned. Her partners sensed the impending explosion and increased their vigor. “Yes... more... more... oh please...” Kara begged. She clenched her teeth, striving unsuccessfully to keep her voice low.

She bucked and jerked uncontrollably. “Yes... yess... yesss... oh yessss," she screamed. As the orgasm surged through her, Kara lightly pushed their mouths and hands away. Her knees went weak as she slithered back into the water. Never before had she experienced such an intensity of emotion, and she hadn't even been fucked.

As Kara continued to wind down, the four of them lounged in the tub and sucked on their drinks. She felt exceedingly amorous toward her lovers. They had given her the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Kara raised up and sat herself sideways on Mike's lap. She turned her face toward him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. "Thanks for making me feel so special," she said to him.

She got up from Mike's lap and stepped across the tub to Ed. Kara spread his legs and stood between them, her exposed pussy about even with his chin. She put her hands on either side of Ed's face and pressed his lips to her clitoris. "Next time," Kara said, "I want you to suck on it."

Kara turned and crouched in front of Cliff, her head barely above the water. She reached into his lap with both hands and encircled his cock. "And you dear boy, have the most magnificent hands and tongue." She put her mouth to his ear and whispered, "Next time I see you, this cock is mine." She gave him a peck on the cheek and climbed out of the tub.

Kara picked up the wet undershirt and walked toward the patio door. She felt three pairs of eyes boring into her backside as she entered the house. Kara waved and closed the door behind her. As she put her clothes on Kara reflected on her plans to leave for Dallas. She thought it unfortunate that she would probably never see any of these friends again.

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