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Kara's Spring Break (2)

Kara delivers much needed relief.
Kara's reaction was urgent. She hastily undid Tommy's shorts, yanking the snap apart and jerking the zipper down. Her hand shot under the elastic of his briefs and gripped his cock.

Tommy's head flew up, breaking the kiss. “My god girl, what has gotten into you? Slow down, I'll do it. I'll get 'em off.” Using both hands he pushed his shorts and briefs down, then kicked them off his feet. He grabbed his jersey and yanked it over his head. “And since you're so anxious, you need to be getting that thing off too,” he admonished, pointing toward the t-shirt, “I'm ready to feel your hot body against me.”

As Kara ripped the t-shirt off and tossed it aside, Tommy roughly pinched her nipples, then ran his hand down her stomach and buried it between her legs. He rubbed on her pussy lips and flicked her clit. Kara wrapped herself around him and grabbed hold of his cock.

Bill heard the comments and was sure they were about to get it on. This wasn't going to be quite as good as watching them from the upstairs window had been last summer, 'But Christ... Kara, sitting there between us in nothing but a t-shirt? ...and then rubbing up against me? Holy Shit! That Tommy is one lucky son-of-a-bitch!' Bill took his cock out. He wasn't hearing much of anything – an occasional sigh or moan was all – but he was already plenty hard. He stroked lightly, waiting for the sounds of action.

Tommy and Kara had dialed it back, but continued to gently tease each other and plant suggestive kisses on one another. "For having been so anxious, you're certainly being quiet now," said Tommy. "Whatcha thinkin' about?"

"I was thinking about Bill, and how crude it was for Julie to ditch him like she did."

Kara and Julie had been sorority sisters in high school. Julie went to a different college though and the two girls had not seen each other since the summer. On Saturday night, a few hours after Kara's arrival, Tommy, Kara and Bill had run into Julie at one of the more popular Spring Break night clubs. There was an almost immediate chemistry between Bill and Julie. Julie had surprised them all by spending the night on the boat with Bill.

In the morning she had joined Kara on deck for an early cup of coffee. Julie gushed to Kara over how much fun she'd had. She talked about how wonderful Bill was, wavy hair, movie star face, broad shoulders, washboard stomach, great buns, fantastic in bed and on and on.

Then she dropped the bomb. Julie said she had a thing going with a guy she met in college who was arriving later that day. She would be spending the rest of the week with him. Julie was gone before Bill got out of bed.

"I feel sorry for Bill," Kara said.

"And I do too," said Tommy, "but there's nothing we can do."

While Tommy continued to massage her pussy and kiss her breasts, Kara thought about that afternoon on the boat. They had gone sailing.

Kara lay face down on the deck of the boat in that nothing bikini they had bought on Saturday. She undid the strings to the top. She was soaking up the sun and thinking how shitty it was for Julie to disappear like she had and leave Bill alone.

After a time, Kara wanted to turn over and sun the other side. She considered leaving her top off, but with the guys in the cockpit only a few feet away, especially with Bill being alone, it didn't seem quite appropriate. When she reached behind to re-tie her top though, Tommy surprised her by suggesting she leave it off.

Kara really did want to leave it off and as long as Tommy was encouraging her, she was going to do it. She hesitated momentarily for effect, then rolled over and closed her eyes as if embarrassed.

It didn't bother her, although it should have. After all, she had gotten naked in the pool when Bill had visited during the summer. And just yesterday she had made love to Tommy while Bill was driving. Bill had probably already seen more of her than he would now. Out on the open water though, with the sun shining and two guys staring at her bare tits, it was definitely exciting.

After a time she had opened her eyes and sat up.

Kara was still topless and Bill was looking right at her. She saw that he had a serious erection. Just knowing that someone wanted her that bad caused her nipples to harden and her pussy to get damp. It was a real turn-on to have Bill staring at her nearly naked body.

And then again tonight, wearing nothing but a t-shirt while playing that drinking game with Tommy and Bill.

As much as Kara had liked Bill's attention, she knew she had been at least moderately bad, teasing him the way she did. As Tommy sucked on her nipples she felt them harden. She had to wonder, 'Is it from Tommy's attention or thinking about Bill staring at them?' Kara liked the thought of Bill watching.

She imagined Bill was standing beside the bed as Tommy continued his ministrations. Kara took hold of Tommy's cock and spread the pre-cum over it's length. Between her thoughts and the reality, Kara was dripping with desire. She urged Tommy between her legs, positioning the head of his cock at her entranceway. A small cry escaped her lips as Tommy thrust into her. Kara's mouth hung open in a silent scream as Tommy repeatedly drove into her, punctuating each stroke with his own groan of delight.

Seated in the darkened galley, Bill hung on every sound, imagining Kara's gorgeous body wrapped around him with his cock buried in her velvety pussy. Hearing her and Tommy reach the height of their pleasure, he stroked faster, bringing on his own climax. The boat went quiet as the excitement drained from his body. Some minutes later he dragged himself into the v-birth and fell asleep.


Kara was the first to awaken on Monday morning. She and Tommy fell asleep shortly after making love the night before and they were both without clothes. Kara got up and wrapped a beach towel around her, tying it on the left side, under her arm and below her hip. Even though she was bare underneath, the towel was substantial enough to modestly cover her. She went to the galley to fix breakfast.

Kara made coffee and toasted bagels before waking Tommy and Bill. Bleary eyed and still half-asleep, the men struggled into their long baggy swim trunks before stumbling into the galley. They joined Kara in the eating nook near the center of the boat.

Although feeling in need of a shower, Kara thought it was kind of sexy to be eating breakfast with two guys while wearing nothing but a towel. Unfortunately, at least in her mind, Kara was the only one who knew how little she was wearing. The guys were too wasted to notice that there was no bikini string around her neck.

It had rained during the night and the boat was damp, however the morning sun was bright and while they were eating, it heated up fast. Whether from love-making or the muggy weather, by the time they finished breakfast, they all wanted to clean up.

The boat did have two showers, but as with most boats of that size, the showers weren't comfortable and no-one used them unless absolutely necessary. Fortunately, being at dock-side, they could use the marina's showers, an option they all considered preferable.

Tommy, Bill and Kara went topside and jumped across to the dock. They had picked up soap and bath towels but remained dressed as they had been at breakfast. Kara was still wearing a beach towel and so far was the only one who knew she was naked under it.

Even though it was Spring Break, it was early and the marina was still deserted. Even without anyone around, being in a public place in only a towel raised Kara's excitement level, and with the excitement came daring. As they walked to the bathhouse Kara said, "I don't really want to go in the women's side by myself; I'd rather go in the men's side with you two."

"I think we might like that, but what if someone else's in there?" Tommy asked.

"You check first, and if someone comes in after we're there, I'll just have to deal with it."

"Kara," Tommy said patiently, "there are no shower stalls, just several shower heads against the wall, and the trunks are going to come off. I suppose you could leave your bikini on if you want, but Bill and I are going to be naked."

Tommy was on Kara's left. She undid the knot below her hip and opened the towel to Tommy's gaze. He probably shouldn't have been, but he was still shocked when he saw she wasn't wearing anything under it. As Kara re-knotted the towel she said, "I wasn't concerned about nudity."

Tommy turned toward Bill as they arrived at the bathhouse. "I'm going to make sure it's empty, if so, Kara's coming in with us. You okay with that?"

"Sure," Bill said. "Of course."

Tommy went inside, then came to the door and motioned Kara and Bill in. As Tommy had said, there were no shower stalls or curtains. The shower room had four shower heads along one wall and a couple of wooden benches opposite.

Tommy knew by now that Kara wasn't wearing anything but Bill expected at least a bikini. Kara dropped her towel and went to one of the middle showers. Her complete nudity stunned Bill. He felt like he should turn away but he was mesmerized. The sight of Kara naked caused his dick to harden.

Without taking his eyes off her, and with considerable difficulty caused by his physical state, Bill stripped off his trunks and stepped under the shower to her left. Tommy watched Kara and delighted in the effect she was having on Bill. He pulled his trunks down, exposing his semi-erect cock, and got under the shower on Kara's right.

Kara's nipples became firm and her pussy was moist, not just from the shower either. Being naked with two men watching at close range was a considerable turn-on. Yes, she'd been topless on the boat the previous day, and she'd even taken off all of her clothes when the three were swimming last summer, but being watched up close like this was still a thrill.

As they adjusted their showers, Kara turned first toward Bill, then toward Tommy. Satisfied they were watching, she looked down and soaped her breasts, rubbing the soap bar across her nipples until they became hard. Continuing to look toward the floor, she put the soap between her legs and rubbed it against her pussy until she was thoroughly engorged. As she rinsed herself off she snuck a peek to either side to see that her show had produced the desired effect.

Tommy put his hand around his rod to soap his erection, but Kara playfully said, "Let me do that." Kara stepped over to face him. She still had the bar of soap in her hands and stood with her back to the wall, affording Bill a profile view. She soaped Tommy's rigid shaft, then rinsed it off and gave it a sloppy kiss on the head before returning to her own shower. Kara glanced at Bill - this last part had been too much - his cock was throbbing.

For the second time in as many days, Tommy surprised her. "Hey, what about Bill?" he asked. Tommy wasn't sure how he felt about Kara touching Bill's cock; he wasn't even sure she would do it. Bill's face was painted with nervous anticipation and Kara licked her lips like she might want to do it. Both looked at Tommy - he nodded his acquiescence.

This was more than any of them could have imagined. Bill had dreamed of Kara since meeting her in early summer. Now she was right next to him, wearing no clothes, and he was about to feel her hands on his cock. He expected to explode as soon as she touched him but he told himself it would be worth the embarrassment.

Tommy was excited but couldn't sort out his true feelings. He liked having Bill drool over Kara, even liked Bill watching while Kara played with his cock, but he quivered with uncertainty at the prospect of Kara touching Bill's cock. He hoped she didn't like it too much.

For Kara, having men look at her when she was naked was a major turn on. It was especially hot when she could tease them further like she just had with the soap, and see their erections grow in response. Recently she found she liked men touching her and had also learned it was especially exciting to be watched while having sex. Touching Tommy's cock with Bill watching was thrilling, but after all, Tommy was, sort of anyway, her boyfriend. What would it be like to have her hands on Bill's cock while Tommy watched?

Kara took the bar of soap and leaned against the wall under Bill's shower as she lathered her hands. Bill faced her with the water pouring over his head. Kara gently wrapped her soapy hands around his cock. Her legs went rubbery as the excitement surged through her. Bill twitched at the feel of her hands on his dick but didn't shoot his wad as expected. He moved his hips back and forth, slowly fucking Kara's hands. Tommy watched and felt sensations he had never known before.

Everyone was at their limit. It was about to get out of hand and only Kara could stop it. She shoved Bill under the shower and rinsed the soap off. Then she pushed him away and turned abruptly to her own shower. She knew she had been bad. And she had nearly lost it. She stood there and let the water pour over her as she thought about what had almost happened.

Bill couldn't believe how close he'd been to an orgasm or how badly he wanted Kara. He stumbled from the shower, picked up his towel and collapsed on the bench.

Tommy wasn't sure what to think either. It wasn't as if he and Kara were in a committed relationship though. Part of him had wanted her to continue, but another part wasn't so sure. It had been exciting though, probably more so than any time previously in his life.


Around ten that night, Tommy and Kara were dancing in one the island's more traditional night clubs. It was a place where the band actually played belly-rubbing type music, but wasn't so loud you had to shout over it. Although themed for an older crowd, at this time of year the revelers were mostly Spring Breakers.

“You're not wearing underwear,” Tommy whispered as his hands wandered over Kara's flimsy attire.

“Surprised?” she asked with a cheshire cat type grin.

“I guess not really,” Tommy allowed, “But what you are wearing is also pretty thin.”

Kara felt she needed to defend herself. “Yeah, but the dance floor is dark, and we are at the beach, so I would imagine I'm not the only one being a little more daring than I might at home.”

“Oh, don't get me wrong, I do love it,” Tommy said, caressing her butt through the thin brown silk. “I was just thinking though...”

“Thinking? Thinking what?” Kara replied, enjoying the feel of Tommy's hands.

“Well uh, Bill and Paul are with us and they haven't hooked up with any girls yet... so I kinda thought you might dance with them some.”


“You know, the way you're dressed and all... I just wasn't sure how you'd feel about it. I mean you did get kind of wild with Bill and me in the shower this morning, but you hardly know Paul.”

Kara stopped dancing and looked into Tommy's eyes. As she did so, she undid the two lower buttons on the blouse. “I'm okay with it,” she teased, “That is, if you are too.”

Tommy stepped back and gave Kara a thorough once-over. Her legs were bare, the shorts were really short with big leg holes, the shorts and blouse were tissue thin and her nipples poked out prominently. Kara parted the blouse where she had just unbuttoned it, exposing her midriff, all the way to her belly-button.

Tommy gulped as he looked at the expanse of skin. “Yeah, hell yes I'm okay with it. As long as you don't mind finding me with a hardon every time you come off the dance floor.”

Kara wrapped her hand around the bulge in Tommy's shorts. A smile crossed her lips. “You mean like now? Not as long as I get to do something about it later.” Kara played with Tommy's cock until the song ended.

At the table, without even sitting down, Kara grabbed Paul's arm and pulled him toward the dance floor. “Come dance with me,” she said. Paul stumbled slightly as he was pulled out of his seat. Bent over in feigned reluctance, he allowed himself to be dragged to the dance floor.

When Tommy, Kara and Bill had started out that evening, it had been just the three of them. Originally they had been looking for a girl to make it a foursome. In the previous club though, instead of finding a girl for Bill, they had run into Paul, a classmate of Tommy's. They had invited him to join them. Now they were looking for two girls.

The plan was to have a couple more drinks, then go for a night sail. At least that was the intention, but so far, even though they had come across several girls that were known to one or another of them, they had not been successful at getting any to join up for the sail.

Paul had just met Kara. Yeah, it was hard to take his eyes off her – killer body and dressed like she wanted to show it off - but he didn't really know what to expect on the dance floor. She was here with Tommy so he figured he better be careful. He put his arms around her waist. She put her arms around his neck. He tried halfheartedly to keep a respectable space between them but Kara had other ideas. The more his erection grew, the more Kara pressed herself into it.

As the song ended, Paul surprised Kara, himself too, by leading her from the dance floor. It had been a real turn-on, having her rub up against him, but he was afraid if he continued, he would get into trouble. As they sat down, Paul said, "It's probably just as well that we haven't found anyone. Lisa, my girlfriend, is here too.” Everyone looked at him in surprise. He continued, “She wasn't feeling so hot so she's back at the condo. She's probably already asleep but I should be getting back there anyway. I really shouldn't even be thinking about going sailing with you guys."

Tommy had never seen Paul quit before midnight. He was the original party animal and Tommy had never known him to be concerned about what Lisa thought either. Still, she had come to the island with him and he did seem genuinely concerned about how she felt. So maybe there was more to it than he thought.

Paul finished his drink and left. It was after eleven and it was, once again, just Bill, Kara and Tommy. Kara got up and went to the ladies' room. When she returned, another of the bottom buttons on her blouse was undone, also an extra one at the top. Only the button near the bottom of her breasts was still holding the blouse together.

Even though she was a top student and generally serious about the things she did, Tommy had also seen that Kara could get pretty crazy. Although he had been a little slow to come around to it, he did now like this side of her. Kara showing off and dancing and flirting with his friends was a real turn on, especially when like tonight, she was so obviously having fun too.

Tommy turned to Bill. “Dance with her.”

Bill gave Tommy a kind of bewildered type of look. Kara grabbed Bill's hand and tugged him toward the dance floor. “C'mon,” she said, “You heard him. Let's go.”

For the next hour or so, Kara alternated dances between Tommy and Bill. She was on fire. No matter which one she was dancing with she insisted on having their hands under the hem of her shorts, playing with her bare butt. She rubbed her midsection against their erections and sometimes traced her fingers across the front of their shorts. The top button of Kara's shorts even 'accidentally' came undone.

Around midnight, when they still hadn't found anyone for Bill, Kara suggested the three of them should go sailing anyway. Considering how little Kara was wearing, and the way she had been acting, Tommy and Bill enthusiastically agreed. They left the bar and headed for the marina.


While Bill and Tommy were getting the boat out of the slip, Kara disappointed them by saying she was going below to change clothes. Their spirits were rejuvenated however when she came back on deck wearing the skimpy bikini she bought the first day. With the sun down and even a slight chill in the air, Kara's choice of attire announced loudly, 'It's play-time!'

Considering how she looked - tiny white bikini, no lining - Tommy had trouble keeping his mind on sailing. With Bill's help though, he did get them through the cut and into the Gulf. It was a beautiful night, stars overhead, three to five foot swells and enough breeze to make for a great sail. In spite of how she was dressed, Kara sat quietly to one side. Even when Bill sat next to her, she remained dignified - that is, if it is possible to be dignified while wearing so little.

Once they were clear of the jetties, Kara got up, saying she was going to the bow and enjoy the light spray. She rapidly became dripping wet, but seemed to be enjoying herself in spite of the dampness and night air.

Kara turned and called for Tommy to come up to the bow and sit with her. Even though he wasn't anxious to get wet himself, Kara's wet and almost naked body looked so enticing he could not refuse. Bill took over the helm as Tommy crawled over the deck.

Kara was facing forward, her legs dangling over the bow. Tommy sat behind her with his back to Bill, his legs stretched along each side of her. He put his arms around her wet waist and urged her back against him. Tommy kissed her neck and cupped his hands over her breasts.

Kara whispered, “You can take it off if you want.” Tommy didn't have to be told twice. He hastily untied the strings and removed the damp top. For several minutes they played in the ocean spray, Tommy's hands gliding over the wet contours of Kara's tits, along her dripping thighs and between her legs, while Kara massaged the bulge in the front of Tommy's shorts.

He was ready to do it right there but Kara reminded him, “We're ignoring Bill.”

Tommy looked at her like a kid who had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He picked up Kara's top and offered it to her, asking though, “You think you really need to put this back on?”

Kara looked toward the cockpit and Bill. “Not unless you think I do.” She held a finger against her lip, watching Tommy's reaction.

“Well uh... it'd be okay with me if you left it off... and I'm pretty sure Bill would like it too.” Kara stared briefly at him, trying to read what was in his mind, then turned toward the cockpit. Tommy followed, the top still clutched in his hand. They made their way to the cockpit, Kara wearing nothing but the tiny string bottom of her bikini.

Tommy dropped Kara's top on the floor of the cockpit as they sat down on one of the side benches, leaving Bill standing at the helm, surprised, but pleasantly so, by Kara's brazenness.

Bill knew Kara was pretty much of an exhibitionist, and it certainly wasn't the first time he'd seen her topless. Before though, there had always been some sort of excuse for her to show off her near perfect tits. This time, there was none. Bill's imagination went wild. Still he did his best not stare as the three of them carried on a conversation devoid of any mention of Kara's bare breasts.

Tommy 'accidentally' brushed an arm against one of Kara's naked breasts. He offered an excuse but Kara blew it off. As they continued the busy talk, Tommy put his arm around Kara's shoulders. His hand dropped to one of her breasts. Kara leaned against him, making her body more accessible. Except for an occasional sharp intake of breath, she pretended not to notice Tommy's hands playing with her tits. Bill kept his eyes looking forward.

A lull came in the conversation. Kara turned and kissed Tommy; then rubbed her hand across the front of his shorts. She looked at Bill. Although he was pretending to ignore things, Kara could tell he was really watching. She winked at him, then turned and got on top of Tommy, facing and straddling him. Brushing her bare tits against him, she gave Tommy a wet sexy kiss with her mouth full open, inviting his tongue to enter her.

Tommy drove his tongue into her mouth while sliding a hand inside her bikini bottom. Kara was sopping wet, and not just from the ocean spray. He pummeled her already erect clitoris, then put his other hand in and slid a finger into her dripping pussy. Kara arched her back and drew Tommy's head into her breasts. Hoarsely she urged, “Undo the ties.”

Tommy looked at Bill who quickly looked away. Still looking in his direction, Tommy put his mouth to Kara's ear and quietly asked, “Are you sure?”

Kara looked into Tommy's eyes which were quite obviously focused on Bill. It wasn't as if she had never been seen naked by Bill. That morning in the shower he had even seen her kiss the head of Tommy's dick. “Yes, I'm sure,” she declared.

Tommy looked again at Bill who was no longer making a secret of his interest. Tommy put his lips to Kara's ear and whispered quietly, “With what you are sitting on, you have to know that I'm all for it.” He undid the ties. As the flimsy material dropped away he clarified, “I just wanted to be sure it was what you wanted too.”

As confirmation, Kara lifted up and ripped the bikini bottom from under her. She was astride Tommy, wearing nothing. Tommy's hands roamed over her naked flesh, playing with her ass, her tits and her pussy. He still had his clothes on, but that was not about to deter Kara. She pulled his cock out of his shorts and rubbed the head of it against her bare pussy.

Tommy looked up. Bill had a hand buried in his shorts. Tommy had never been watched before, at least not that he knew of, but sensing Kara's rapidly building excitement he knew he wanted to be. He gripped her ass in his hands and lifted, the lips of her pussy sliding against his cock. Kara reached between them and pushed the head of it into her. A low moan escaped her lips as Tommy lowered her onto his dick. As his balls pressed against her, she threw her arms around him and sucked his tongue into her mouth.

Kara's back arched; her head snapped back; she grabbed the back of Tommy's head, pulling his lips to her breasts. As she rode Tommy's cock she turned her head toward Bill. Seeing the movement of his hand in his shorts, she put her finger between her lips, sucked on it and managed to say between thrusts, “I know... I'm being really bad... but you don't care do you.” Bill's head swiveled from side to side as he stroked faster.

Hearing Kara's voice, Tommy looked up, his face flushed and twisted from exertion. “Huh,” he eked out, a moment before the first of the sperm shot from his cock. Overcome with his climax he shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!

Kara's body snapped forward, smothering Tommy's face in her tits. She tried to explain. “I was just uh... uh...” but with Tommy's cock pulsing within her and his cum flooding her pussy, she instead screamed out, “Oh shit!” and thrust her hips against Tommy's as the excitement burst within her.

She wrapped her arms around Tommy's head and slid her pussy up and down his cock, sucking all of his cum into her. Then rolling off, she splayed herself on the bench seat, her ass on the edge, her feet spread apart on the floor of the cockpit and her shoulders against the gunwales. She tossed her long brown hair over her shoulder and closed her eyes, allowing her feverish breathing to subside.

Tommy tucked his cock into his shorts and buttoned up. Although his breathing was still anything but normal, he struggled to his feet. Looking at Bill whose rate of breathing was also somewhat elevated, he said, “I can take the helm if you want to sit down for a bit.”

Bill looked longingly at Kara, naked and with a freshly fucked look about her. Nodding, he took his hand out of his shorts and passed the helm to Tommy. Weak-kneed, he plopped down on the side bench, next to Kara.

Her eyes opened. She looked as Bill's eyes shifted rapidly between her heaving tits and dripping pussy. Kara looked at Tommy. “Pretty bad, huh,” she offered.

“Actually, I kinda liked it,” he replied with a look of satisfaction. Motioning toward Bill he added, “And it doesn't look as if he thought it was too bad either.”

Kara turned her head to Bill. Her eyes locked on the sizable tent in his shorts which he was making no attempt to hide. Kara surprised both of them by wrapping her hand around the protrusion. Then speaking to Bill she purred, “I guess you did kind of like it.”

Bill nodded cautiously. Kara shot a look at Tommy, wondering what he thought about her hand being on the front of another guy's shorts. Surprised, but also thinking it might be fun to see what Kara had in mind, Tommy nodded almost imperceptibly. With her eyes still fixed on Tommy, Kara unbuttoned and unzipped Bill's shorts. She took his cock out and wrapped her hand around the bare shaft. Tommy's expression did not vary.

Kara turned her attention to Bill. To a smattering of grunts and groans she stroked his cock. Bill brushed his hand along her naked thighs, coming to rest on her glistening pussy lips. Turning again toward Tommy, Kara saw his head moving slowly side to side. Turning hastily back to Bill she pleaded, “Please no, I'm still sore.” Kara had thought it necessary to lie.

As Bill withdrew, Kara took hold of his balls with one hand and stroked his cock vigorously with the other. Bill's breath came faster; his cock pulsed and his cum shot into the air. Kara, conscious of Bill's sudden sensitivity, shifted to a slower and more gentle stroke, grinning as rope after rope of his cum shot forth.

Bill's cock went limp in Kara's hand. She got up and stepped over to where Tommy was standing at the helm. She pressed her naked body against him and gave him a quick kiss. “You really have changed,” she whispered. With her finger under Tommy's chin, forcing him to look into her eyes, she added, “You like me being bad, don't you.” She turned and went below, but winked at Bill before dropping from sight.

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