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Karen's Awakening 1

Behind the beauty and confidence was a woman who had only experienced vanilla sex.
This story is based on a true experience. Names and a few details have been changed to protect the not so innocent from their conservative, narrow minded relatives.

Karen stepped out of the bathroom, naked. I admired her tanned, fit body as she walked towards me with a grin on her face. Her large breasts swung gently from side to side. My erection grew as I a noticed the clean shaven mound between her legs.

“I shaved,” she said, “Like you asked me to.”

Taking her hand, I led her to the bed and got her to lie back. I parted her legs and buried my face deep between her thighs, wanting to feel the smoothness and taste the wetness. Her body writhed as my tongue flicked her clit. She pushed my face deep into her as she cried out in ecstasy.

Karen and I had met a few years before at a beach resort. She was there with her fiancé and I was with my wife at the time. Karin exuded sensuality. I could not take my eyes off her, her athletic body with perfect round breasts struggling to escape from her tight bikini top. My wife, instead of berating me for lusting after Karen, surprised me by saying that she would love to get into Karen’s pants too. I recall a night of great fantasy sex as we pretended that Karen was in bed with us.

After the weekend at the resort, we met up with Karen and her fiancé for drinks in a local pub once or twice, but we drifted apart, having different circles of friends and different interests. I got divorced and moved across the country.

Then, one day, I was paging through a community paper and began reading an article about a local personal trainer, and next to it was a photo of Karen. With nothing to lose, I sent a text message to the number mentioned in the article. Almost immediately I got a response. She remembered me and suggested that we get together later in the week.

Our first reunion meeting was over a drink in a bar that we both knew. She still looked as good as she had when we met on the beach. She had ended her engagement shortly after my ex-wife and I had last seen her and moved back to her hometown where I now lived.

Karen told me that she had often wondered what had happened to us. I gave her my life story and she gave ome hers. We were now both single and she had nt been in a relationship for at least eighteen months.

After much flirting and a raging erection hidden in my jeans, I suggested that she come over to my place. She turned me down, saying that she would not consider going to bed on a first date. Disappointed but not beaten, I kissed her goodbye and left with a promise that we would meet up again soon.

A few nights later I picked Karen up and took her for a meal at the only decent Italian place in town. We shared a bottle of wine as we told our stories and shared our dreams. We flirted outrageously and got progressively more daring between sips of good wine. Walking to my car hand in hand, I suggested that she come back to my place, and, to my surprise, she agreed.

Once home, we were all over each other and soon naked and in the bedroom. Finally I got to see this gorgeous fantasy woman in the nude. I was not disappointed, and neither was my cock. I noticed the thick bush of hair between her legs. I am a Brazilian kind of guy, but that did not stop me from exploring the gorgeous body lying on my bed.

Karen was very responsive to my cock sliding into her. She moaned gently as I thrust myself into her, but she was not very adventurous and seemed unwilling to try anything but the missionary position. It was not the wildest and most memorable sex I had ever had. She spent the night and we made gentle love the next morning.

Over the next week or two Karen and I spent a lot of time together. While her gorgeous body excited me, the vanilla sex frustrated me. I wanted something more, something wilder and more exciting.

One night we lay in bed together and I asked her about her fantasies. She said she did not really have any. She had lived a relatively closeted life and never thought of sex beyond a heterosexual couple making love in a bed. In all her previous relationships none of her partners had expected anything more from her.

I shared my wild fantasies with her, and how I liked my partner to be clean shaven as I am. I told her how I enjoy exhibitionist behaviour and how turned on I am by people watching me having sex; how I wanted to share her in a threesome with another man and another woman; how I wanted to film her masturbating and have wild, outdoor sex. I half expected her to recoil in horror but instead noticed that my talk was exciting her.

She rolled over onto me, rubbing her naked body over mine, dangling her magnificent tits over my face and said quietly “I want to try it all, but lets take it slowly.”

She then planted a kiss on my lips, leapt from the bed and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

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