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Katie and me

It only took one look and I knew Katie must soon be mine.
Looking back on it I can now see that it was inevitable. Katie with her shoulder length black hair and stunning blue eyes walked into the office for the first time.  She stole my heart and gave me a hard on in it's place. 

Even now, after knowing she dyes her hair black and wears blue contacts, it still brings my cock back to life. Katie was assigned to my area for me to train and over the first few day we got to know each other very well. 

She had just left a bad marriage and had told me she was not looking for a relationship because she wanted to find herself. 

I told her "That's ok.  We can just be friends with benefits." 

I don't know what came over me. I had never been that forward before and I don't know if I would ever do it again. However, it is what got me the invitation to her apartment tonight.

I arrived with a bottle of wine. She answered the door in a little black dress that left little to the imagination. It showed off her petite frame, making her a cups look larger than they were. Little did she know what I had planned for them in just a few short hours.

She invited me in and took the bottle of wine to chill it for dinner.  As she put on the finishing touches I set the table, lit the candles, dimmed the lights and turned on her music.  While she served up the meal I served up the wine.  We settled down to a nice meal and meaningless conversation. 

After dinner, our sexual appetites got the better of us and we barely made it to the bedroom.  I tore that dress right off of her exposing her pert breasts and I had to have them.  I attempted to suck her left nipple to my throat.  I then turned my attention to the right nipple.  I alternated between her breasts.  Licking, sucking, and nibbling on first one then the other.  But what had the greatest affect on her was when I took my tongue and traced her areola's, kissing each little bump.  Halfway through this exercise on her left breast brought on her first orgasm.

She was kicking and screaming for cock when I was only halfway through with her right breast.  I had no intention of granting her request at this time for I wanted to give her more oral pleasure.  I finished with her breasts and started to use my tongue to trace lines from her breast to her sweet neatly trimmed pussy.

Oh the ecstasy that awaited the both of us.  I don't know if I have ever seen a woman come out of her panties any faster than Katie did that night.  I slowly traced around her lower lips with my tongue, encircling, and moving ever closer to my much anticipated treasure.  When I finally reached her slit, she was soaked.  She tasted better than the wine for dinner and was easily more intoxicating.  I quickly located her clit and sucked it into my mouth trying desperately to have it hit my tonsils.  Two quick sucks and she came harder than she had all night. 

I began to digitally stimulate her with my first two fingers on my right hand while messaging her breasts with my left, and sucking on her clit between drinking her cum. 

She came again and again.  Each time begging for me to fuck her.  Begging to feel my cock ram into her tight pussy.  After her climax for the ninth time I decided it was time to oblige her begging and give her what she asked for. 

Katie quickly undressed me and gave an audible gasp when she saw my raging hard on.  It was harder and longer than I have ever seen it.  It was a good eight and a half inches long and three inches around. 

Katie decided that with it that large she would need to lube it first with her mouth.  I knew that it wouldn't take much to send me over the edge and when she cupped my balls with her hand tracing the underside of the balls with her fingernails, I shot my cum down her throat. 

Instead of becoming slack I grew even harder after cumming.  I then pulled her legs apart and began to gently slide my cock in until my balls hit her bottom.  I then began to fuck her as hard as I possibly could.  Her screams of pure ecstasy echoed throughout the room as she had her largest and loudest orgasm yet.  Her pussy muscles tightened pulling me in.  Trying to pull my entire body into hers.  Her primal scream ringing out she tightened her vise on me.  I could not hold out any longer and I shot my load deep inside her. 

We fell asleep in each others arms, both of us the happiest we have ever been.
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