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Katie Awakens To Pleasure

Katie wakes to a surprise..
It just turned midnight. The sky is full of clouds and the rain is dripping down onto the house, tapping against the roof and windows. I just got home from the gym, tired and sore, and the only thing on my mind is the thought of lying down with Katie’s gorgeous self and holding her in my arms.

I make my way up the stairs quietly, creeping into my room trying to not wake her up. The room is completely dark and she’s lying there on my bed partially under the covers, but I can still make out that she’s only wearing a T-shirt and panties. She looks so peaceful laying there asleep that I almost don't want to wake her, but I can't resist.

I gently crawl into the bed, moving myself under the covers as I pull them fully over her. I carefully position myself between her legs, my head close to her knees. I begin, just slightly, running my fingertips against Katie’s legs, sliding them up and down. She gently opens her eyes, feeling the slight tingling sensation of my touch on her skin. Realizing what is happening, she smiles gently and continues lying there, waiting to see what happens.

I remove my hand, only to be replaced with my lips, placing them just above her knees and towards the inside of her right leg. I begin kissing my way up Katie’s leg, sliding my lips along her skin between each kiss. My lips travel up her thigh until finally reaching the lining of her panties. I stop for a moment, leaving Katie curious and intrigued about what I will do next.

Suddenly, she feels my warm tongue against her body, as I trace the lining of her panties with it. Katie closes her eyes, tilting her head back and letting a soft moan escape as she feels her pussy becoming moist at the thought of my next act. However, I remove my tongue, and she soon feels my lips return to her smooth skin, now working up her stomach, pulling her shirt up as I go. She reaches down and starts running her fingers through my hair, slightly grazing her nails along my scalp. I smile for a moment before continuing my trail of kisses, now just below her breasts.

She can feel my lips traveling up between them, and then slowly drifting over her right breast, until finally reaching her nipple. As Katie feels my warm tongue slide over her nipple she gently arches her back, pushing her breasts out towards me. I continue, circling my tongue around her nipple as she starts feeling her pussy dampening even more, her body filling with ecstasy. She can hear the rain picking up, beating faster against the windows while at the same time her heart beats faster from my touch. I blow softly onto Katie’s nipple, the cool breeze causing her nipple to become hard.

Suddenly, she feels my warm lips wrap around her nipple, my teeth grazing against it while my hand slides up her body to her other breast. I quickly place two of my fingers against her nipple, rolling it between them and slightly pinching. She releases a soft moan as I continue, gently biting and sucking one nipple while rubbing the other.

At the same moment, Katie can feel my other hand slipping underneath her panties, moving down to the very edge of her pussy and beginning to rub. As one of her hands is still on the back of my head, pulling me closer to her breast, she moves the other down into her panties, placing it on top of my hand and guiding mine down against her pussy, inciting me to keep rubbing as she pushes my hand harder against her pussy.

I can feel her pussy now soaked as she waits in lust for my fingers to pleasure her further. Katie suddenly feels two of my fingers slowly sliding along the lips of her pussy, gliding up and down. Gradually she feels them pressing harder against her pussy until finally it stops. I pause for a moment, doing nothing. Her head was laid back and eyes closed.

She could feel her pussy and whole body waiting in desire, lusting for me to move inside of her. She opens her eyes, confused about the pause. Just as Katie moves her head to look down, a crack of thunder booms from outside as she feels two of my fingers quickly rushing inside of her. Katie can’t help but throw her head back again and moan as my fingers slide in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

She can feel them massaging the walls of her pussy, delving deeper inside of her every time. Her hands slide up to her breasts, beginning to rub her nipples as my fingers continue filling her with pleasure. Suddenly, she feels a third finger also slip inside, her pussy now tightly clenched around my fingers. At the same moment Katie slightly pinches her nipples, moaning loudly as all three fingers push inside of her. I keep rubbing them along inside of her pussy.

As I go on, she can feel me moving faster, shoving my fingers harder and deeper into her tight pussy just as the rain pounds harder against the windows. A flash of lightning bursts through the window, granting a quick display of her back arched and Katie pinching her nipples as her legs are stretched all the way apart with my fingers as deep as possible. Suddenly a fourth finger as I quicken my pace, continuing to ram my fingers inside of Katie. Moaning even louder, she can feel herself filled with ecstasy as she thrusts her hips downward, pushing herself into my fingers. Her pussy burns with pleasure.

I can feel the muscles inside her pussy tightening around my fingers as she nears her climax. Wanting to hear her sweet screams of pleasure, I thrust my fingers inside of her all the way. Katie’s juices begin flowing out over my fingers. As I pull my fingers out, her juices run out, flowing down her pussy and leg to the bed.

Katie lays there on her back, breathing heavily, as her whole body trembles and her legs are shaking. She feels my tongue run along her pussy for a moment, and then my trail of kisses running up her body until I reach her lips. After a moment of passionately locking our lips together and our tongues lightly caressing each other, I move my lips up to her ear and softly whisper, “We’re just getting started”.

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