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Keep the noise down.

Tags: plane, oral, sex
Mason and Arianna join the mile-high club....
This is my first story on here, I hope you like it.
Criticism is welcomed.

He silences me with a deep, intense open mouth on open mouth kiss that sucks the air clear out of my lungs, curls my toes and nearly sends my hormones through the roof. We’re an extremely sexual couple; an undeniable and insanely powerful physical attraction exists between us and there’s times when it’s absolutely impossibly for us to keep our hands off of each other. And we make no excuses for it; we love to have sex and we’re extremely good at it. Anyone that complains about it or expresses disgust at how often it happens is just jealous they’re not in our shoes.

The tip of his tongue brushes enticingly against mine and all of my resolve crumbles; all rational thoughts fly totally out the window. I shove my fingers roughly through his hair and down his neck; my nails painfully digging into the skin as he releases me from his tight embrace, slides his hands under my ass and effortlessly lifts me up off the lid of the toilet.

Before I can even attempt to question or object, I find myself spun around and unceremoniously dropped onto the ledge of the stainless steel sink; the cold surface presses against the back of my legs and the cheeks of my ass and I shiver violently when Mason's slightly calloused palms drift along my thighs as he aggressively shoves the bottom of my dress up to my hips.

“What are you doing?” I whisper harshly as he hooks his index fingers around the thin straps of my undies. “We can’t do this! Not here! Everyone knows we’re in here! All your family is out there! Are you insane?”

“Everyone’s probably already thinking we’re getting busy,” Mason says, and then roughly yanks my panties off my hips, snapping one of the elasticized straps that hold them on hips in the process. “They probably all wish they were joining the mile high club.”

“You’re insane!” I cry, as he tosses the now useless pair of panties in the nearby trash can.

“Horny,” he corrects with a cheeky grin and then kneels down in front of me, shoves my thighs open and proceeds to tightly grip my ass and yank me forward. “Now you just be quiet and enjoy it, okay?”

“This is crazy…” I mutter. “…completely crazy…you need to just stop and…” my sentence is cut short as the touch of his tongue against my clit draws a mewling sound from between my lips. This is so wrong in so many ways.

Through the thin walls and the equally as fragile door I can hear the other occupants of the plane laughing and chattering. Life goes on as normal and everyone seems to be completely unaware about the fact that my boyfriend is currently going down on me a mere few feet away. In the bathroom of their private jet. And when he removes one hand from my ass in order to slip three fingers inside of me and aggressively thrusts them in and out as his tongue continues it’s delicious torture, all thought of anyone outside of this cramped room completely escapes me.

My orgasm hits hard and fast; my eyes close and my head falls back against the mirror above the sink and my hands fist in Mason’s hair and I bite down on my bottom lip hard enough to draw blood as I attempt to stifle the scream of pleasure. And my eyes are still closed and my chest is still heaving and I’m lost in a state of oblivion when Mason finally pulls away; I’m barely aware of the vacancy left behind when he removes his fingers from inside of me and somewhere in the distance I can hear the unbuckling of a belt buckle and the sound of a zipper being drawn down and the swish of fabric as it hit’s the floor. And then the weight of his body and his scent assails me as he leans in close and places his lips against my ear.

“Just keep the noise down…” he whispers, and then plants a palm against the mirror and curls an arm around my waist and pushes into me in one strong, fluid thrust.

I bury my face in his shoulder in order to muffle the cry that explodes from my mouth and then wrap both arms around his neck as he sets a frantic, almost desperate pace. There’s no time for slow and attentive; it’s a rough and quick pounding of hips against hips and the undeniable sound of flesh slapping against flesh. And suddenly I’m aware that something feels different; instead of the slick and artificial feel of latex there’s throbbing veins connecting with moist vaginal walls. It’s the first time we’ve ever had sex without a condom; we’d both been under the impression that we’d been sleeping with other people so we’d always used rubbers on top of me religiously taking the pill. And although he doesn’t need to assure me that he’s a hundred percent clean, I trust him; I know he wouldn’t take such a bold step and make such a serious decision for both of us if there was even the slightest chance that something was wrong.

For the first time in four years I feel as if we’re completely connecting. As if the trust we’re so blatantly displaying for each other only elevates the passion and the intensity.

A second orgasm tears through me and he clamps his hand over my mouth in order to hide the scream that I‘m unable to hold back. Moments later he reaches his climax as well; eyes closing and his forehead falling onto my shoulder and my name escaping his lips in a low, animalistic moan that rumbles deep within his chest and makes me shudder from head to toe.

As I close my eyes and rest my cheek against his forehead and we cling to each other for dear life, the thought surges through me that this may very well be forever.

Mason may be forever. My happily ever after. My be all and end all.

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