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Train time sex with a twist

Killer sex


Typical the last train of the tea time rush packed and I got to go to the end of the line, oh happy times. She thought as she moved trough the carriage doors and tried to find room to stand. Well at least I’m on my way home at last she thought as the train pulled into the next station; a tall black guy boarded the train behind her. Very tall slim in looses fitting sports bottoms and a t-shirt showed his well-developed chest off nicely.


If she had not been so engaged in day dreaming about his body may be she would not have fell as the train jerked into motion again. She felt her self-falling then felt strong arms round her waist as he caught her and stopped her falling to the floor. She could feel a bulge pressing against her back, she realised it was his erection; he is a big boy indeed.


Her short skirt had ridden up when she fell and her bare thigh was visible above her stocking top, he lifted her back to her feet and his hands slowly ran down her buttocks and round to the side of her legs slowly running over her taught suspenders that were showing through the material of her short skirt.


She stood away from him slightly and turned to face him, thank you for stopping me from falling she said breathlessly, he didn’t answer straight away as his eyes were glued to her ample bosom, and more to the point her nipples now for some reason so erect and proud through the thin material of her sheer silk blouse. She felt a tingle of electricity race through her body as she realised just how turned on she was.


Luckily before it got any more awkward the train pulled into the next station and as if by magic a seat appeared as the train emptied. She readily sat down and removed a magazine from her bag so as she could pretend to read, the article on the train killer, And not notice his eyes burning into her with a burning wanting passion. She tried to concentrate but the warmth between her legs was just too much for her to ignore. She stood and moved to the toilet compartment so she could relieve the tension in her body.


She did not even bother to sit on the seat she quickly ran her hand over her erect nipple and teased the bud between her finger tips moaning softly at her own sensual touch. Then she placed her hand under her skirt moving slowly up the leg felt the dampness in her cleft, she moved the material to one side, and gently inserted a finger up past the second knuckle. She began to massage her self internally and rubbing her clit all the time imagining it was the handsome stranger that was bringing her off and not her self. She felt the climax s it hit her and she gasped with relief. As the warm wetness closed in on her finger as it slowly finished her self off.


Well at least that will satisfy till I get home I suppose. She adjusted her skirt checked her make up and was about to go back to her seat when she realised how wet her panties were. She was uncomfortable like this so best remove them.


She was pleased to see her seat was still available and there was no sign of the handsome stranger any more, was she disappointed or not, she was not really sure.

She looked up as the train pulled into the station only to notice the carriage was all but empty. Once the passengers had departed she was the only one left. She felt a sense of disappointment and excitement as well. She was alone and could do as she wanted as she was at least an hour before the next station, the idea of shagging that black guy was such a turn on she felt her self getting wet all over again.





She closed her eyes and started to fantasize about him, and the bulge he had in his trouser bottoms. There was a noise she opened her eyes startled as he was sat opposite her. I went to get a coffee from the buffet car he said hope you didn’t think I had left he said. His eyes she noticed never leaving her tits.


You know for a white woman you are a real turn on he told her, well you got me all horny any way and I just want to screw you to the seat. Sorry but if you are turned on its not my fault and I wont sit here and be talked to like that. She said as she rose to leave the carriage. At that moment the train jolted again and she fell into his arms again.


You will have to be more careful he told her, she just looked into his deep blue eyes and    said let me up please, no problem but first admit your as horny as I am. I am not in the last turned on, well that was what she tried to say but he silenced her with a kiss of such tender passion it set her body on fire with passion. She responded immediately by fiercely kissing him back biting his lip and sucking into her own mouth greedily.


His hand was unbuttoning her blouse and his finger was tracing a pattern over the aroused erect nipple, she moaned inwardly with desire and pleasure, as he took the nipple between two fingers and massaged it so gently. She placed her hand on the bulge in his tack suit bottoms feeling the length and girth of his swollen cock. He moaned as she massaged the shaft through the material.


He opened her silk blouse and lifted the cup of her breast and sucked greedily on the nipple while all the time massaging the other one between his fingertips. She was so turned on and needed to feel his swollen cock parting her swollen pussy lips as he pounded her to climax. She felt his fingers slowly moving up her inner thigh, he gasped with pleasure as he felt the wetness of her pussy realising she had no knickers on.


His finger parted her swollen wet lips and moved straight to her clit and slowly massaged it the placed a second finger there as well and massaged it between two fingers, gently pulling and teasing her clit between his finger tips slowly turning her on more and more with each gently squeeze, she felt the climax as it built inside her and she pressed her pussy down on to his fingers with urgency at the point of climax he slipped two finger inside her, and massaged her pussy. He removed his fingers and licked her pussy juice off them


He stood up and roughly laid her on the seat and lifted her skirt he buried his head between her legs and parted her pussy lip with his tongue licking so deeply, entering into her swollen quim and licking her juices and moaning so softly as he did so.


She knew she was coming and pushed her self harder on to his eager mouth as he furiously lapped at her swollen pussy licking her so deeply and pushing his tongue onto her.   All she could think of was getting his cock in there instead of his tongue. The climax was fantastic she arched her back as she came a multiple of times it seemed never ending. He lifted his head and kissed her with a passion and softness that surprised her. After he had licked her out with such enthusiasm and force.


She pushed him away and asked him to stand up for a minute, he did as asked and she pulled his tracksuit bottoms down and his boxers. Her breath was taken away when she saw the size of his swollen cock. She licked the end parting the foreskin. And teasing the end of his cock tasting the salty spunk that had leaked during the pleasure he had given her.


  She took most of the length into her mouth and sucked greedily wanting to taste his spunk properly. She cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them as he moaned softly with pleasure. She felt his balls start to tighten, just before his spunk exploded in her mouth, she licked and sucked greedily s she took every last drop.


They sat together kissing passionately as he lightly fingered her pussy keeping her wet swollen pussy lips happy and touching her clit every now and again to keep her moaning with pleasure. She reached down and grasped his cock and slowly massaged it to full hardness again. He turned her from the seat and took her across the carriage to where there was a table between two seats. He bent her over the table and started to part her pussy lips with the tip of his swollen cock she begged him to put it in fully. Tell me what you want he asked I want you to fuck me properly she replied. He pushed into her with force and started to thrust in and out as she moaned louder and louder.


The train much as it did not stop at any stations till the end of the line it still slowed down for safety reasons when it went through stations. She could see people on the platform as he fucked her from behind and that was turning her on more and more as well. She felt the climax building as his massive cock pounded in and out of her she felt his balls slapping against her pussy lips as he pounded into her. She climaxed seconds before he did she felt his body tense, and felt pussy fill with his warm spunk. He pulled out of her and dropped to his knees and started to lick it as it dribbled out of her pussy, she moaned softly as he licked her dry.


She dressed in silence just as the train pulled into the last stop on the line. She opened the carriage door and as she walked away, she wondered how long it would take before they found his body. They are so easy just fall into them and they are yours so easy. And as they say so many men so little time. As even the smaller stations like this one are getting cameras fitted and making her job so bloody hard.