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Kimmi Has a Secret From Mr. B

Mr. B followed Kimmi one night and couldn't believe where she was going ...

Kimmi and Mr. B had just been dating a short while. She was a graduate student and he was about ten years older than she was. They met in a nightclub and Kimmi was instantly attracted to him. She had not dated an older man before but loved his confidence and maturity and the way he handled her. Mr. B found Kimmi to be unlike any woman he had met in his past. She was naturally pretty and had a smaller frame, but ample breasts and bottom. Kimmi was an odd mix ... was inexperienced with men for a woman in her middle twenties. She had a shy innocence about her, but yet when they made love she came alive with expressions and a strong sexual appetite. She was shyly covering herself when undressed, but when he began touching her, she let go of her inhibitions and was writhing and screaming with desire. He had to prompt and encourage her a little to touch him and suck him, but after a few love-making sessions, she was devouring him like a porn star. Mr. B knew there was still more for Kimmi to explore sensually and sexually, though.

"Would you like dinner tonight, sweetheart?" Mr. B asked Kimmi.

"Ummm ... not tonight. I have my study group," Kimmi stammered.

"You must have straight A's, you meet with that study group so often," he said.

"Ummm ... yes," she said.

Later that night, Mr. B decided to surprise Kimmi at the university library. He had met her study group before and knew where they met. He saw them and walked towards their table. However, Kimmi wasn't there.

"Hi, I was looking for Kimmi," he said, smiling.

A girl in the group said, "Oh, Kimmi rarely comes. She is so smart she doesn't have to study much and still scores the highest grades on the tests. She really just shows up sometimes to help us study."

Mr. B was confused. Why had she lied to him? He remembered she looked a little uncomfortable when he was questioning her about her plans earlier. He decided to drive to her apartment. When he got there, he saw her car pulling out and decided to follow her.

"What are you up to, Kimmi?" he wondered aloud.

Mr. B followed Kimmi and was shocked when he saw her pull into the DollHouse ... a well-known strip club in town.

"Well, well, well," he muttered to himself. Mr. B waited about twenty minutes and then decided to go in and see what Kimmi was up to.

He sat in a corner and surveyed the room, but didn't see Kimmi. It was a crowded night and he noticed the girls on the stripper poles were really raking in the bucks. They were topless, but just wearing thongs on their bottoms. Nice breasts on all of them, but no one had the amazing nipples Kimmi had. Her nipples were just the right size for squeezing and sucking. He adjusted his pants as he was recalling how she squirmed and squealed whenever he ran his tongue over her nipples. Then, he saw her. She was in a tight server outfit with a blonde wig and more makeup than he had ever seen her wear. It was a good disguise, but he instantly recognized her big blue eyes and anxious smile she often wore.

"So, my dear, you have been hiding something from me," he thought. "I think I will have a little fun with you."

Mr. B stared at her until her eyes met his. He kept a poker face though, so she would not see that he recognized her. Then, he motioned her over. She had a flicker of horror cross her face, then slowly walked over.

"Yes, may I ... may I help you," she stammered, not looking him in the eyes.

"Yes, I would like a bourbon and soda," Mr. B ordered.

Kimmi looked relieved and walked off to get his drink. She didn't think he had recognized her. But, now she was upset that he was there. Why would Mr. B come to the DollHouse? 

Kimmi returned with his drink and decided to question him a little. 

"Do you come here often?" she asked.

Mr. B smiled, "First time, honey. But, I like what I am seeing, so I will be back."

Kimmi frowned, then recovered. Mr. B noticed her grimace and was secretly enjoying torturing her a little.

"No girlfriend?" she asked.

"I am staring at the only girl for me," he said smiling. 

He looked over to see a young girl giving a lap dance to a gentleman. She was rubbing her naked breasts in his face and grinding her pussy on his bulge in his pants. Mr. B pointed in their direction.

"Will you give me one of those, please?" he asked, smiling wickedly.

Kimmi frowned again. "I'm sorry, I am just a server and don't give lap dances," she said.

Mr. B reached up to stroke her face and brushed her nipple on his way up. Her ample breasts were able to bust out of that tiny uniform she was wearing, and Mr. B couldn't resist a touch. Kimmi jumped. She was upset with him, but damn, that man could ignite passion in her with the tiniest of touches. She was pissed her nipples became instantly taut at his touch.

"That's too bad," he said. "I'm very attracted to you, and wanted to get to know you better ... if you know what I mean."

Now, Kimmi was getting furious. She couldn't believe Mr. B was carrying on like this with a random woman. She had to find out how far he was willing to go. 

She bent down and whispered in his ear, "I can take a fifteen-minute break anytime during my shift, if you can wait a little while, we could go outside."

"I will be waiting ... not so patiently though," Mr. B smiled seductively at her.

Kimmi usually became wet between the legs when he smiled at her like this, but tonight, she was just hurt. She couldn't believe he was about to cheat on her. She would wait until he made his move outside and then bust him!!!

Mr. B decided to torture her more and walked over to sit in front of a pole dancer. He had no real interest in this girl but wanted to put on a show for Kimmi. The brunette on the pole slid down to the ground and crawled over to Mr. B. She bent her big bottom over in his face and was bouncing up and down. Mr. B tucked some dollars into her thong and could feel Kimmi's eyes searing a hole through his head. He smiled in delight. Another girl came over and was rubbing her naked breasts and spreading her legs so he had a full view of her pussy. He looked, but this girl had nothing on Kimmi's pussy. Kimmi's pussy was so tight and opened up for him like no other woman he had been with. She had perfect lips and a perfect pussy. He decided he had tortured Kimmi enough, and retreated back to his corner.

Soon, Kimmi came over and took his hand and said her break had started. She led him out the back door. 

"Where do you want to go," she said.

"How about my car," said Mr. B.

He led her to the car and unlocked the back door. He opened the door, slid in the seat, and pulled her inside beside him. 

"Well, this is it," thought Kimmi. "He is really going to cheat on me."

"What are we going to do now," she asked, fighting back tears of anger and hurt.

Mr. B looked at her sternly, and then said, "Well, I am going to give you a good spanking, Kimmi, for lying to me!"

Then, before Kimmi could react, he pulled her face-down across his lap and raised up her skirt.

"Whaaaaa?" she exclaimed, looking back at him. "You knew it was me."

"Of course, sweetheart. I would recognize those beautiful eyes under any disguise," he said. "We will discuss your deception after you get off work, but you are now spending your break getting a spanking." 

He pulled down her panties and delivered the first hard spank on her bare bottom. Kimmi yelled out and arched her back.

"Whaaa?" she yelled. "You are really giving me a spanking?"

"Oh yes, my dear. You need to be taught a lesson," said Mr. B.

Then, he brought his hand down again and again and again. Kimmy was trying to get up and he firmly held her in place with his other hand. 

He stopped the spanking to say, "You will never lie to me again, correct?"

Kimmi whispered, "No, I promise." Her bottom was on fire, but she had grown very wet also. His sternness with her turned her on and made her feel safe with him. She knew she deserved what he was doing.

Mr. B told her to count down ten more spanks and then it would be over. With each swat of his hand, she counted. When it was over, he gently rubbed her bottom. She spread her wet legs and his hand slid between them. He was not so surprised she had grown wet with the spanking. 

He sat her on his lap and she hugged him tightly. 

"I'm so sorry," she said, burying her face into his neck. "I was embarrassed I needed the money for school and didn't want you to know."

"Do not lie to me again," he said harshly. "Now, I see you have some minutes left on your break. How do you want to spend it?"

Kimmi smiled, even though her bottom still stung, and started to unbuckle his pants. Mr. B smiled and when his hard cock sprang free he rolled her underneath him and plunged into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and was quickly screaming with each thrust. He fucked her hard, letting go of the anger of her lie. She met each thrust with her own. Then, they came together screaming each other's name. 








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