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Kitchen cleanup leads to the bedroom

A women gets a special surprise while doing dishes.
I was at the counter doing dishes when I felt his hands slip around my waist. His lips touched the back of my neck. He pulled me against his chest and I leaned my head against his chest. I felt his dick get hard when I pushed my body against him. I shook the water off my hands and looked up at him and smiled.

"Hey Scott," I said sighing when his fingers pushed a curly blonde hair away from my face. His hands gently caressed my cheeks and he smiled when I smiled again. Scott slipped his hands under my shirt and my bra and rubbed my nipples with his fingers. I moaned as his fingers teased my nipples into hard little pebbles. One of his hands slipped out of my shirt and found its way into my pants and boyshorts. His fingers spread my pussy lips and he moaned when he felt my juices gather.

"God Allie, you'r ealready dripping wet for me. I am going to have so much fun with your body tonight," Scott whispered into my ear. His breath on my ear caused me to feel goosebumps up and down my entire body.

He turned me around in his arms and kissed me hard, his tongue dueling with mine. His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me up against him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt him start to walk towards the hallway. He didn't break the kiss until he dropped me on our bed. I giggled when I bounced on the bed. He looked down into my eyes and smiled.

Scott grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off. His pants and boxers went off just as fast. My fingers went to take off my top, but his hands and voice stopped me.

"Let me do that. I want to feel your skin against my fingers," he said. His hands quickly got rid of my shirt and bra. He grabbed my pants and boyshorts and pulled them off with a hard yank. He looked down at my body and smiled.

"God I love your beautiful body. Your body screams for mine. Doesn't it?" he said getting on to the bed and kneeling between my legs.

"Yes. Please Scott. I don't think I can last long tonight. I need your hands on me. I need your cock inside me filling me up," I said moaning when his fingers teased my pussy. He slipped a single finger inside and slid it out.

He put his face between my legs and pulled on my clit with his lips. I felt my pelvis lift to his mouth. His hands grabbed my ass and squeezed as he licked inside my pussy. His tongue slipped inside me and I could feel myself want to cum.

"Don't cum till I say so," he demanded. Scott continued to bring me to the point I wanted to cum then he would stop till I calmed down and then start all over again.

"Please Scott. I can't take much more," I begged him.

He got up from between my legs and hovered over me. He kissed my lips hard and passionately. He pushed his cock inside me in one thrust filling me. I moaned as he began to thrust hard and deep. It felt like he was pushing his way into my stomach. He pulled my legs up and put them around his head and thrust into even harder and deeper then before.

"God you feel so good Allie," Scott said thrusting into me harder. It felt like he was drilling me with his cock, and I never wanted him to stop, but I knew he would at some point.

"SCOTT!!" I moaned feeling him smacking my ass. He knew what I needed at all times.

"Cum for me, Baby," Scott moaned as he began to cum inside me. I came harder then I have ever cummed before.

He pulled out of me and laid down beside me. "Clean me, Baby? Do it the way I like," he said looking over at me. I got to my knees and licked our cum off his cock slowly. I stuck the head into my mouth and sucked gently. I moved my tongue around his still hard cock. I tasted our combined cum and was in heaven. It tasted so incredible. Just a little salty with a little hint of sweetness. I couldn't seem to get enough of his cock. He grabbed my hair with his hand and pushed down making me deep throat him. I was used to him doing this. I loved how he would take control, and have me do things.

"God, Baby. Go slower. Yeah, that's it. Work for my cum," Scott said fucking my face with his cock. He would make me take him slow and deep. It felt like he was fucking my throat. His hands got tangled in my hair and his pelvis came off the bed as he cummed in my mouth.

"Damn, Allie. That was fucking wonderful. I never cum like that. Only with you," Scott said watching me swallow his precious cum.

I laid down next to him, and fell asleep wrapped in his arms with a smile on my face.

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