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Knocking on heaven's door

Her inner thighs met gently to protect what he was sure must be the gates of heaven itself.
Heather turned the volume down on her stereo and answered the ringing phone.


“Hey girl. What are you up to tonight?” Jillian chirped.

“Not a thing. What’s up?”

“Just thinking about heading across town. I told you about my brother, DJ, didn’t I?” Heather and Jillian had met two years ago in their sophomore year of college and Heather felt as if she knew DJ even though she‘d never met him. “Anyway, he’s going to be at Jeri and Mike’s tonight and I thought maybe you’d want to ride over there with me.”

“Hell yeah, girl.” Heather loved having Jillian as a friend but even more, she loved the time they spent at Mike and Jeri’s. They were an odd, older couple but they made Heather feel as though she belonged to them. They were quickly becoming like family to her.

The girls agreed on what time they’d leave then Heather jumped in the shower. She didn’t blow dry her long blond hair; she just brushed it and let it hang heavy against her back. A little eye-shadow, a little blush and a double dose of mascara to make those big blue eyes sparkle and she was ready to go.

She donned her favorite brown leather vest, the one that made her waist seem to have a deeper curve, over her black lace bra and cinched it shut, leaving ample amounts of cleavage. Her low hung denim shorts didn’t quite hide the black g sting she wore. The brown leather high heeled, thigh high boots only served to elongate her already lengthy legs. She slipped the bangles on her arms that she never went without and tied a thin leather choker around the base of her neck.

Heather studied herself in the full length mirror for just a moment.

“Hmm. Not bad.” she shrugged her shoulders with absolute nonchalance. She’d heard stories about Jillian’s so called brother. He was supposedly sly and charming and so incredibly hot he was impossible to resist. She was definitely curious as to the validity of those rumors but she wasn’t going to hold her breath.

They drove across town in Jillian’s old Mercury land yacht flipping through radio stations and smoking too many cigarettes. Laughing and flirting with the men that drove along side them, screaming out absurd cat-calls.

“Looks like we’re running late.” Heather observed as they pulled into the cul-de-sac where Mike and Jeri shared a small two story home. Several cars were parked in their usually empty driveway. There was no point in asking an absurd question. They were having a coming home party for DJ.

Jeri assaulted the girls as soon as they walked through the door.

“Jilli-bean! Crucio!” Jeri squealed. She was a tiny thing of a woman. Maybe, by Heather’s guess, a little less than five-foot-two. With hair the vibrant red of molten lava and eyes that let you see her soul, Jeri was a force to be reckoned with. When she said jump, people pole vaulted. “You got to go get DJ. Sumbitches around here won’t get off their asses and go get him.” She hugged both the girls as she ranted about the house full of lazy testosterone.

“That’s fine, Ma.” Jillian shook her head, dismissing Jeri’s worry. “Is he at his mom’s?” With DJ‘s recent release from jail, she didn’t figure he’d have any where else to go.

“Yeah. I’ll let him know you’re on your way. Thanks, doll.” Jeri kissed Jillian’s cheek then turned and kissed Heather’s cheek. “Don’t hurt the poor boy, Crucio.” Jeri chided Heather. It was a long running joke between them. Jeri insisted Heather was a Crucio. A walking, talking incarnation of torture because of the way men fell at her feet. Heather winked then purposely shook her ass for Jeri as she returned to Jillian’s car.

Luckily, DJ’s mom didn’t live far. After only a few miles they were pulling into a dark driveway on the side of a modest house close to the naval base.

Heather waited in the car as Jillian reunited with her old friend.

Two shadows finally emerged from the front side of the house. Heather couldn’t make out any details but she could tell it was Jillian and a man headed for the Mercury. She opened the heavy door and climbed out of the car so that DJ could climb in the back seat.

Heather looked up just as DJ stepped into the dim reflection of headlights off the garage door. Her breath stopped short, a silent hiccup seizing her throat. He wasn’t the most incredibly beautiful thing she’d ever seen but he had an essence about him that seemed to scream sex. He moved like a fearless lion. Knowing he wouldn’t be denied any request. Sensuality was coursing through his veins.

He didn’t stop until he was mere inches away from Heather. She had to look up to see his dark, lurid eyes. A chill passed down her spine. He looked as though he was going to possess her body right then and there.

Jillian shattered the horrifically erotic moment of tension with introductions.

“Since y’all aren’t going say anything, Heather, DJ. DJ, Heather. Now get in the car.”

They rode back to Mike and Jeri’s in silence. Sexual tension thrummed so loud Heather couldn’t hear anything else. She didn’t dare turn in her seat to see him sitting behind her.

Talk about being a Crucio! Heather thought.

The torture she was under right now was enough to drive her mad. Her stomach was knotted and hurting. Air didn’t want to cooperate with her by filling her lungs. Parts of her body were crying out in a pain she’d never fathomed.

Heather was quickly out of the car and standing by the stairs in Jeri’s foyer, not waiting for DJ to follow. She wasn’t sure she wanted him to follow. Just knowing he was close to her sent fire coursing through her veins.

DJ stalked into the house. Lethal. Feral. Completely at ease. He stopped in front of Heather as everyone crowded around him wanting to hug him and shake his hand and welcome him home. He sounded perfectly composed acknowledging his friends and family, never going long without a side glance at the beautiful blond that was making his cock ache. Her legs never seemed to end. But, lord have mercy when they did. Her ass was tight and round and her inner thighs met gently to protect what he was sure must be the gates of heaven itself. And it only got better above her waist.

The crowed thinned leaving DJ and Heather uncomfortably close to one another. DJ’s cheeks mottled with heat as he realized Heather had caught him drooling over her. Of course, he wasn’t drooling but his body was burning so badly he was certain she could feel the heat radiating from him.

“Come on, Danny boy. I’ve got your favorite pizza in here.” Jeri bounded into the kitchen eager to get food into a young man she couldn’t have loved more had she given birth to him.

Heather could feel her pupils dilate. The way he stood there staring at her made every nerve ending in her body zing with desire. He was easily six inches taller than her, with her heels on. This put him somewhere around six-foot-five. Lust seemed to ripple through his sun kissed skin. She could just imagine the muscle definition that lay in wait beneath his plain black tee shirt.

His chestnut hair was cropped too short to run her fingers through but that was ok. She was sure she could find something to keep her hands occupied. His bottomless eyes seemed to be looking right inside her. Betraying her deepest desires.

“I’ll grab a slice in a minute, Ma.” DJ called over his shoulder, never taking his eyes from Heathers. With one swift sweep of his arms, he was cradling Heather against his chest as he ascended the stairs at an alarming speed. Heather gasped in surprise, but didn’t protest.

He pushed open the first door on the landing. The room was dark save for a streak of light from a street lamp peaking through the curtain. DJ captured Heather’s parted lips with his. The incredibly sweet taste of her soft mouth made his mind go blank. Instantly, his cock was ram rod stiff.

DJ released her legs to let her body trail down the length of his as she came to stand before him. Her breath came in short pants and her whole body trembled. The way her body was responding to his brought him to the brink of madness.

He continued ravishing her mouth, nipping her beautiful plump lips and shuddering at the feel of her tongue caressing his as he traced the contours of her magnificently sculpted body. For just the briefest moment, DJ considered ripping her clothes from her so he could get inside of her more quickly.

Somehow, he was able to maintain some semblance of rational thought. Though he honestly didn’t know how.

Heather breathed in the mouthwatering smell of DJ as she tasted the lines of his throat. He was woodsy and ruggedly musky. She wanted to lick every inch of his delectable skin.

With deliberate fingers, DJ unbuttoned Heather’s vest. Even the feel of the material in his fingers made his cock flinch. He had never been this hungry for any woman.

DJ’s hands shook under his determined control as he slid the vest from her velvety soft shoulders. The smell of her skin exploded in the air. The scent of her was more than he could take. He sank his mouth against her collar bone, nibbling as he slid his tongue against the delicate ridge.

Heather dropped her head back, giving DJ more room to lick and bite her slender throat. His powerful tongue sent shock waves through her body with each graze. The lusty nip of his teeth against her burning flesh was enough to bring her to her knees. She held on to the massive expanse of his hard back for dear life.

He slipped out of his shirt so he could feel her against his skin. Intense electrical jolts stung his body everywhere she placed her hands. Until now, DJ hadn’t known this type of sexual hunger existed. The snap on her bra gave way and he removed it from her chest without the same care he’d given the vest. His control was quickly depleting.

As he wrapped his mouth around her puckered nipples she let loose a moan so purely erotic DJ had to grab his sac and squeeze until a sharp pain tore through his body just to keep from cumming in his shorts. Her fingers traced the well defined lines of his muscled back while he paid gentle, expert attention to her aching breasts.

Heather couldn’t believe she was doing this. She’d known this guy, this beautifully feral man, for less than fifteen minutes and she was already half naked. The brief flash of momentary doubt was quickly overwrought by desire as he teased her nipple with his teeth. All she wanted now was for him to be inside of her, destroying this torture racking her body.

Her hands moved in lavish strokes down DJ’s back to the waistband of his jeans. Sinking her thumbs in, she traced the waistband around his hips until her fingers rested on the button in front. She smiled as the bulge twitched under her gentle touch.

DJ was as hard as he’d ever been. The smell of Heather’s skin was intoxicating. He breathed her in deep as he continued tasting the beautiful puckered buds of her breasts. The moment her fingers grazed his cock, an animalistic need to have her consumed him entirely.

He growled with pleasure as he quickly undid his pants, releasing his painfully engorged cock. Grabbing at Heather’s shorts, he stepped out of his jeans and kicked them aside. His need overpowered his desire to be gentle with her as he yanked her shorts, along with her panties, down to the floor, leaving her naked except for her boots.

The rush of cool air slamming against her heated core caused Heather to gasp as though she’d been punched in the stomach. Standing completely bare in front of DJ, who was now on his knees in front of her, tremors coursed through her body as her reservations vanished.

All he’d wanted as he snatched the tiny shorts from Heather’s sleek body was to feel it writhe beneath him as he slid deep inside of her. But as the smell of her desire filled his senses, there was nothing in this world that could stop him from tasting her. He spread her legs and rose up on his knees to gently kiss her swollen lips.

Heather felt her lungs collapse as all the air in her body rushed out in a heavy sigh. DJ’s mouth was warm as it enveloped her. She clutched at his hair, trying to maintain her balance as her head began to spin from the overwhelming pleasure his tongue caused when it slid across her cleft.

DJ ran his tongue against the swelling nub hidden in the tender folds of her body. She was sweeter than life itself. Feeling like a starving, dehydrated man seeking solace from the desert, he licked and lapped and sucked at the moisture she provided him.

Standing on shaky knees, Heather cried out his name as the intensity of his tongue brought her dangerously close to orgasm.

His cock pounded, demanding release, when he heard her call out his name. He unleashed his tongue in a frenzied heat. Stroking her cleft and lashing against the small hole where he buried his fingers.

Heather sank her nails into the flesh on the back of DJ’s neck. Gripping and pulling him closer, deeper into the wet embrace of her lust. The buzz of electricity drowned out the sound of their ragged breaths as flashes of lightening shot up the backs of her legs. She doubled over as her stomach seized in blinding ecstasy.

DJ growled knowing she’d cum for him. The evidence of her orgasm flowing down his fingers, covering his hand. He continued gently tasting her until she was sated and able to stand upright again.

She purred, wanting to feel him inside of her. Cupping his jaw in her hand, she pulled him up to taste her ecstasy from his lips. His tongue was no less frenzied as it swept across hers than it had been at the height of her orgasm. She grasped his rigid cock in her hand, pressing it against her dripping slit.

The wet caress against his cock was more than he could handle. He shuddered as an orgasm threatened to overtake him. Pushing her down on the bed, DJ lumbered over Heather, watching lust, passion and insatiable desire dance in her light eyes. They beckoned to his need. He was lost to it. Laying his weight against her naked body, he held his cock and guided himself inside.

Heather clamped her eyes shut, crying out at the deliriously painful pleasure of having the girth of his warm body inside of hers. She arched her back, drawing him deeper. Spreading her legs wide, she gripped his ass and thrust her hips up to meet his. All thoughts were lost to her as he completely consumed her.

The divine power of her pussy clutching at his body as he drove his cock to the hilt inside of her caused him to lose control. He slammed his hips against her, driving his cock as deep as it could go. It never crossed his mind that he hadn’t slipped on a condom as he spewed hot cum into the tight embrace of Heather’s groping body.

His body was racked by wave after wave of intense pleasure. He continued to slip in and out of the little slice of heaven he’d just found until he couldn’t stand it any more.

“Oh my god.” DJ breathed as he laid his head on her shoulder. “Oh my god.”

They were the only words that he could think of. He lay breathlessly against her breasts, his cock still held gently inside her warm, wet embrace. Never had he been this sated and still this hungry at the same time. His cock should be slowly shrinking but instead, it continued to throb with want.

Feeling his cock continue to flinch inside of her, Heather stroked her hands down his back. Gripping his ass again, she slowly lifted her hips. She teased him with a gentle wiggle to see if he’d give her more.

The little wiggle of her hips gripped his desire and he had to have her again. Pushing himself up on his arms, he watched her beautiful face reflect all the need he felt. He took her firm breast in his hand, filling his mouth with her pretty pink nipple. Her pussy reacted, gripping his cock again.

‘Oh, he can’t be for real.’ Heather thought. She’d never been with a man who wanted to keep going after he came. But the proof of his desire was written clearly on his face as he looked down at her and pressed hard against her pelvis again, driving his still ramrod stiff cock deep inside of her body.

Up to the hilt, she gasped as his pelvis pressed hard against her still sensitive clit. She felt drunk from the heightened pleasure. Her head swimming, she rolled DJ over and straddled his narrow hips.

A sharp growl escaped his lips as Heather slid her silky shaved slit against the ridge of his shaft. His balls were synched so tight he swore he could feel them in his stomach. Another orgasm wasn’t going to be hard to come by.

Watching his eyes flicker, his lips part as he fought for a ragged breath, Heather reached between their bodies and lifted him up so she could slide down on him. Taking him in all the way. Sitting straight up, her face lifted to the ceiling, she slowly ground her hips against his. His cock rhythmically brushing against that spot deep inside of her, making her want to explode.

DJ bent his knees for better support as he held Heather’s hips and ground against her with the same force she used against him. His balls pressed so hard against her ass he could feel it contract against him. If she continued to ride him like that, he was sure he’d loose his mind.

Escalating moans came on every breath Heather let out. DJ’s hands cupping and squeezing her bouncing breasts made each stroke more intense. She lifted her hips, feeling him nearly slide out of her, then slammed back down the length of him with a force that made them both cry out in pleasure.

If not for the uncontrollable need to cum, DJ would have been quite content to let her ride his cock for the rest of the night. But as she moaned and growled harder and louder with each thrust of her spasming pussy, his cock hardened to a painful new level.

An orgasm ripped though her with such intensity she clamped her knees against his sides and let go a scream so primal, it sent DJ careening over the edge. He buried his throbbing cock deep inside of her as he joined her in orgasm. Ribbon after ribbon of cum mixing with the cascade of her release.

Heather shuddered, and then collapsed against DJ’s heaving chest. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to move again. His heart clamored in his chest as he wrapped his arms tightly around her sated body.

Time had ceased to exist as she enjoyed the raw masculine strength of DJ’s body. She wasn’t sure how long they’d been laying there in a wasted, sweaty heap on the bed before he lightly kissed her forehead. She looked up to find a sweet, satisfied smile pulling at the corners of his luscious lips.

“Are you as hungry as I am?” DJ asked, his voice deep and raspy.

Not sure if he wanted a piece of pizza or another piece of her, she cocked her head to the side and offered him a devilish smile while she tightened her pubic muscles around his softening shaft. His body shook when she closed tight around him.

“Fuck.” He whispered as he grabbed her hips and gently lifted her off of him. He had to eat. He needed energy to do to her the things he was imagining in his head.

Yeah, the night was young. He wasn’t through with her yet.

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