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knockout punch

Billie was a seventeen year old girl living with her family in a small city. She enjoyed school and had a few close friends. When she was younger she was really athletic and was often said to be the best at sports in the school. As she grew older and her body developed she found it harder to play the sports she loved. She was too short for basketball and not bulky enough for football. Her legs seemed to long for her body and this made footwork much more difficult. Eventually the only sport she still played was gymnastics but she never made the school team.

To make up for her lack of after school activities she took up the drama club. Here she fit in easily with her perfectly angled cheekbones and pretty face. Although a number of guys approached her there she was never interested, party because half of them were very camp or they were just there because if they didn’t pick up any extra-credit they wouldn’t pass the year. This changed though when she played the part of Lady Macbeth in a school production.

The after party was held in Amy’s house who was a friend of Billies. The whole cast plus some other people from other schools drama clubs were all there. Amy’s parents were out of town and her older brother had bought lots of alcohol for the occasion. The centre piece was a huge bowl of Amy’s brother’s famous “knockout punch”. After a few cups of that Billie was feeling slightly woozy.

She wandered about the party in her tight skirt and string top looking for Amy who she found hooking up with some guy in the bathroom. As she watched his hands glide up Amy’s legs and under her skimpy dress she had this strange desire that she didn’t recognise. She quickly left and feeling the need to sit down rushed into the nearest room which was Amy’s older brother’s bedroom. It wasn’t until she was sitting on the bed that she noticed she wasn’t alone.

Amy’s brother was beside the wardrobe changing his t-shirt. Billie watched as the material glided over his washboard stomach accentuating each muscle. She let a small sigh out and he quickly turned around. “Hi, what are you doing in my room!” he asked. “Sorry I just needed to sit down, I had some punch…” “Oh you some of my knockout punch!’ he interrupted. “Strong isn’t it?” Billie smiled and gazed into his deep brown eyes. He sat on the bed next to her. She couldn’t help but noticing how hot he was! Just looking at him was sending new sensations throughout her body. He put a hand through his dark hair and smiled back at her. “So what’s your name” he asked Billie her heart racing. “Billie.” “I’m Mark.”

He took her hand in hers and before he knew it he was leaning in to kiss her. As his tongue entered her mouth she made no objections and began to kiss him back. As he pulled away he noticed her beautiful brown hair and green eyes. He suddenly realised what he’d done and made to say something just as she leaned in to kiss him again. Their kiss grew more passionate and his hands started to wander all over her body. First her back, then her waist and then her thighs. This excited them both and soon her were moving all over him. She felt his muscles underneath her fingers tensing and releasing as they both grew more and more excited.

She could her the noise of the party downstairs the music giving rhythm to their movements. His hands began fondling her breasts and she leaned back to give him more access. One hand reached back and undid her bra-strap. She quickly pulled her top over her head revealing her nipples which stood to attention in the cold air. As he pulled his top over his head he had an uncontrollable desire to put Billie’s nipple in his mouth. When he did this she began to moan with delight. He sucked harder and harder till she was practically screaming at the top of her voice…not that anyone could hear her over the music coming from below.

Suddenly she knew this wasn’t enough and she reached for Mark’s belt. As she loosened it his jeans fell to the floor revealing a large lump in his boxers. He slid off her skirt and pants in one swift move and watched as she parted her long legs and exposed her pussy which was red and glistening. He moved his mouth down to the right level and began to suck her sweet juices. This was not and experience Billie was used to and she groaned with delight as his tongue stimulated her in ways she’d never felt before.

She soon wanted to see the lump under his boxers and pulling away from his lingering lips she grabbed at his waistband and yanked. Once she saw the long penis she knew she needed it inside of her. Mark seeing her excitement barely had time to think about what was happening before his penis was between her pink lips. Her tongue stimulated the top before she ran here mouth all the way up and down his shaft. He reached into his dresser drawer pulling out a condom which she opened with her teeth and put on him with her mouth and fingers.

She jumped onto the bed spreading her legs as wide as she could. He lay on top of her. “Are you a virgin” he asked. She nodded “but I’ve played with myself” . “Well this may hurt a bit”. As he entered her he felt her tense up but he relaxed her by kissing her passionately. He slowly began to move in at out. Her finger nails dug into the bed and her eyes seemed to well with tears. He kissed each one away. He gradually began to quicken the pace but although her eyes were still full of tears she began feeling something else apart from pain.

When he put a hand down and began rubbing her clit new emotions took over her. She felt hornier than she had ever felt and she began to move with him. Their two naked bodies lay writhing on the bed. They were silent apart from the occasional moan. Then the excitement once again took over them they moved faster and faster each thrust penetrating deeper into her pussy. Soon the bed was wet with her juices. As they began to climax they both moaned with ecstasy. They moved faster until it was almost too much to bear. Finally they both came almost at the same time. Billie released a loud gasp and as they moved apart she collapsed. Mark lay next to her and whispered in her ear… “That’s why I call it knockout punch”.

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