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Krista 01

The Best Friends Boyfriend

Krista watched her best friend Ashley hug her boyfriend Todd and then kiss him lightly on the lips. Krista sighed out in anger. It just wasn’t fair. She was the gorgeous one and she saw Todd first, so why did plain Jane Ashley get to have him, enjoy him?

He was to die for in that punk rocker way. And Ashley didn’t appreciate him that way. A guy like that deserved to be fucked...a lot. And Ashley was a virgin. She tried to give Todd head once but failed at it miserably.

Krista shook her head at the thought. Unbelievable.

Krista was older than Ashley by a month. Tonight was Ashley’s sweet 16 and Krista had tried to have a good time, but she couldn’t with Ashley fawning all over the guy that made Krista’s panties wet.

Ashley and Krista had always been best friends. But unlike Ashley, Krista had no other girlfriends. Unlike the boys, who loved Krista, the girls hated Krista. There was nothing Krista loved more than to get her fuck on, and anyone who knew Krista, knew that.

Krista watched as Ashley disappeared outside with some of these girls and Todd made his way over to Krista.

“Hey gorgeous, I’ve barely seen you all night.” Todd said.

“Well, I wanted to give you and Ashley some space. You know, give your relationship a chance to get off its training wheels.” Krista said with a hint of snobbery.

Todd and Ashley had been dating for less than 24 hours. “Don’t be ridiculous. We could never have too much Krista.” Todd joked.

“You’re an idiot.” Krista said with a smile. “Listen I need to go upstairs and get away from this crowd, k?” And Krista left Todd standing there and went to Ashley’s room.

Krista sat on the end edge of Ashley’s bed. She was so frustrated. She grabbed one of Ashley’s pillows and screamed into it until her throat started to feel raw. When she put the pillow down Todd was standing in the doorway.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Fine,” Krista replied. “Frustrated, but fine.”

Todd stood there with his arms crossed and looked at Krista doubtfully.

God he is so cute, Krista thought to herself. And before she knew what she was doing she took her hair out if it’s ponytail, ran her fingers through and looked seductively at Todd.

“What are you doing,” he asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Krista replied flirtatiously. She gave him her best doe-eyed, Bambi look.

“Nothing?” Todd repeated doubtfully. “I know you Krista, well enough to know that look on your face doesn’t mean nothing. You want something.”

“I do?” She asked innocently. “Like what?” Krista asked, purring softer than a kitten.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Why don’t you show me?” Krista said simply.

Todd snickered but moved closer to Krista, positioning himself in front of Krista.

Krista rubbed her left leg up and down Todd’s right leg. He smiled at her, grabbed her leg and unzipped her boot, slipped it off and then let her leg fall gently to the ground. He motioned for her to lift her other leg, and they repeated what they had just done.

Once her second leg fell to the ground, Todd just stood in front of her, staring at her lustfully.

“That’s what I wanted, for you to take my boots off for me?” Krista asked.

Todd laughed and then suddenly grabbed Krista by the hair and jerked her head back so that she was looking at the ceiling. It caused her to yelp a bit in surprise, but she liked it.

She couldn’t see Todd, but she could hear him. He was unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his pants.

He let her hair go and she looked at him. He had his left hand in his boxers, jerking himself off. She smiled at him, “Right now, what you want is to suck my dick, right?”

Krista smiled and nodded her head. She positioned herself closer to him and he pulled his rock hard cock out from his boxers. Krista took it in her hands and rubbed them up and down his shaft. He let out a few through the teeth breaths and then she kissed the tip of his penis. The salty taste of pre-cum was unmistakable on her lips. She licked it off and then placed the tip in her mouth. She gently grazed her teeth down the tip of his dick and rubbed the bottom of his penis with her index finger. Todd let out a loud moan.

Thanks to her past experiences she knew how to take entire cock into her mouth, and she took Todd’s quickly. He let out another moan and placed his hands on the end posts of Ashley’s bed to steady his weakening knees. Krista moved quickly and swiftly up and down Todd’s shaft, making him moan louder and louder with every movement she made. She fondled his balls with her fingers. They were hard and full of cum, and they promised her that when she was ready he had a decent load to spew into, or onto her.

She could feel Todd getting ready to explode, and while she wasn’t a fan of swallowing cum she would do it for the effect. Todd, possibly reading her thoughts, grabbed her roughly by the throat and slamming her down on the bed.

“Your turn,” He said and got down on his knees. He positioned Krista’s legs so that they were bent at the knee and resting on the footboard. He hiked up her skirt to her waist and ripped her panties down both sides exposing her hairless pussy. She moaned on the gesture alone.

Todd started slowly, kissing her thighs with little butterfly flutters. She was sucking in breaths threw her clenched teeth. “Would you just eat me already, Todd? This is torture, inhumane even.” Krista said in annoyance.

Todd laughed by complied with Krista’s tormented cries or torture. He started by licking the area where legs meet hips, and then he dragged his tongue across the top of her pubic area, stopped in the middle and then drug his tongue directly to the top of her slit and stopped dead, and pulled away.

“What are you doing?” Krista asked growing more and more annoyed. And if she weren’t so damn sore and swollen down there she’d get up and walk out on this dipshit. But she needed him to finish what they had started.

“Do you want me to?” Todd asked.

“Do I want you to what?” Krista asked in confusion

“Eat your cunt, do you want me to?”

 “Why wouldn’t I want you to?”

"It’s the point of no return. After I finish eating you out I’m going to stuff you full of my cock and fuck you like we’re both starved for it, and Ashley is your best friend. I’m just saying, it’s the point of no return. Be sure, because once I’m in, I’m in. If you scream stop, I’m not pulling out. Understood?”

“Eat my fucking pussy, already. Jesus Todd. Eat me, please, just eat me. I want you to.” Krista lifted her head and then dropped it roughly back on the bed. Tears of frustration formed at the corner of Krista’s eyes.

Todd lightly licked up and down her slit, not opening it. He then parted her outer lips with his fingers and looked at her womanhood. Her clit was throbbing, practically pulsating. Todd roughly bit her inner lips and grinded them between his teeth. Krista cried in pleasure and laughed a little at the amount of pleasure she was feeling. Todd then sucked her inner lips into his mouth and started to French kiss her entire cunt. Krista was moaning at the top of her lungs now. She couldn’t be quiet, this was all too much.

Krista could feel herself start to leak, which was a sure sign she was getting ready to climax and spill all her warm bodily juices onto her best friend’s bed and into her best friends boyfriend’s mouth. It made her get off more and then she started to scream a bit, not at her lungs full capacity, but still loud enough she was sure people in the hallway would know what was going on in Ashley’s bedroom.

Todd pulled away from between her thighs and looked at her. He dropped down on her and for the first time during their sexual encounter they looked each other in the eyes and kissed.

Todd pulled away and rested his upper body weight in his hands and thrusted rougly inside of Krista’s cunt. So rough, in fact, that the bed made a creaking noise and moved, Krista screamed out and Todd made a grunting noise. Todd had enough decency to wait for a minute for Krista to regain herself before he pounded in and out of her like fucking was going out of style, which is exactly what he did. He started slow at first and then he picked up his pace. Todd kept his eye contact with Krista, who wrapped her legs around his upper thighs to give his ass some leverage. Todd was moaning and panting loudly as he fucked Krista good and hard, giving it his all.

Krista was practically screaming from the pleasure Todd was giving her. And she had to admit, he was good. She had her doubts, but he was delivering. She could feel his balls slapping against her sticky skin and she could feel their bodily juices mixing together down her legs and inside of her.

Todd pulled out and laid down on the bed beside Krista, gasping for breath, “We’re not finished are we?” Krista asked hoping they weren’t.

“No, I need another position.”

“Okay.” Krista climbed on top of Todd, sliding his boxers and pants further down and hiking her skirt up higher, she grabbed his throbbing, hard cock and positioned herself above it. Todd let out a moan and grabbed Krista by the ass cheeks and squeezed and rubbed them.

Instead of sliding down his cock and going back to fucking Krista decided to take advantage of this opportunity and tease him back, a bit. She lowered herself so that the tip of his penis barely touched her wet, sticky, vaginal slit, and she slowly rocked herself back and forth, causing friction by their rubbing motions.

Todd let out a thunderous moan, “Jesus, Krista. Are you trying to kill me?”

Krista laughed and leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Payback’s a bitch.”

Todd growled and pushed Krista forward so that her pussy was now hovering over his face. Without hesitation she lowered herself down onto Todd’s face and he started licking, biting, and sucking her cunt. Krista moaned as Todd made love her to pussy and squeezed her ass at the same time. Krista started to rub her tits and massage her nipples in circular motions.

“Oh God, Todd. That’s, uh, it. Oh, Todd.”

Krista started to scream again just in time for Todd to lift her off his face. He sat up and placed her onto his lap. He pushed her onto his dick without hesitation and Krista started to pounce up and down on Todd’s lap. Laughing and moaning from the pleasure.

“God Krista, you’re fucking amazing, you know that? Your fuck is amazing.”

Krista sat still for a moment and then gently rocked herself back and forth on Todd’s lap, the two of them looking at each other, enjoying each other. Krista started to gain momentum and started rocking faster and harder until she could feel her hips connect with his.

“Oh Todd, I can’t fucking stand it. I need to cum, okay? Please just make me cum.”

Todd pushed Krista off of him and then positioned her on the floor, so that she was in praying position with her hands on the bed. Todd knelt behind her and forced his dick into her asshole. Krista cried out in pain. She was sexually experimental but she had never ass fucked before. Todd bent her a bit more at the hips so that her ass was sticking out and he pounded her like he was punishing her. He was being rough and it hurt her. With every thrust he pounded into her ass he grunted loudly, like when a person was angry. Krista was grabbing Ashley’s sheets to help with the pain and she was screaming out in pleasure at the same time.

“What...The...Fuck...Todd?” She said between his thrusts.

“What? You don’t like it, Krista?”

“A...Little...Warning...Would...Have...Been...Nice. It...Kinda...Hurts.” She was half hoping he’d pull out and find another hole to fuck, but at the same time she liked it.

“I know. You deserve it, bitch.”

Krista was surprised, “What?”

Todd pulled Krista by the hair so that the back of her head was on his shoulder, “You’re a bitch. I waited all year for you to hit on me so we could fuck before I started dating Ashley, but you didn’t.” He said as he fucked her asshole. “Instead, you waited until tonight, of all nights. And now you hit on me, knowing I couldn’t say no, thus forcing me to cheat on my girlfriend at her sweet 16, less than a day into our relationship."

Todd pulled out again, lifted Krista and pushed her onto the bed. He stood in front of Krista lifted her legs up and shoved his still hard cock into her sopping pussy. Krista screamed and moaned some more, “Oh Todd. I don’t even care right now. Just fuck me, please.”

Todd held her legs tightly and pounded in and out of her like a jack hammer trying to break concrete. “Yea, look at you, you little bitch. You get off on fucking your best friends boyfriend, don’t you?”

Krista grabbed the covers and moaned loudly, "Oh yea, I do, I really do. Uh, ah. I do." Krista panted.

Todd stopped fucking her pussy and let her legs drop to the bed. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head.

“Todd, you can’t stop yet.”

“Tell me how bad you want it, Krista. Tell me how bad you want my dick in your pussy, fucking you in Ashley’s bed. Tell me.”

“Todd...” Krista could barely speak.

“Shut up and tell me how bad you want me to fuck you in Ashley’s bed.” Todd yelled at Krista.

“Okay,” Krista said weakly. “I want you to fuck me so hard in Ashley’s bed. I want you to stuff your entire dick in every last hole my body has to offer you. I want you to fuck me so bad in Ashley’s bed, right now. I want both of us to fuck in this bed and soak her sheets with our juices.”

Todd picked Krista up and threw her so that she landed on the pillows. Todd crawled up to her and slapped her across the face. Krista cried out but gladly welcomed Todd to open her legs so wide it felt like they would fall off and roughly jabbed his dick back into her pussy. He started to fuck Krista so hard that the head board was knocking against the wall and they were both screaming from their pain igniting their pleasure.

Krista had never fucked like this before. It was usually over faster than it had started but this was different. She was amazed, in awe by this. She was sweating all over and her hair was matted to her face, neck and shoulders. “Todd, I love this fuck. I need you to go harder, faster and deeper.”

“Only if you tell me how guilty you’re feeling right now.” Todd pumped and started to leak a bit into Krista’s cunt.

“Ah, ahh, ahhhh,” Krista cried, “I’m not. I don’t feel guilty. I feel pleasure.”

Todd rammed deep into Krista, harder and faster with each pump. “Good, because I love fucking you in Ashley’s bed. I love that we are soaking her sheets with our fucking dick and pussy juice. I...” He pumped harder and deeper, “Love...” With the final thrust into Krista cunt he blew all his cum deep into her pussy. “Fucking you.” He said as he fell lifelessly on Krista’s body. After a few moments he looked at her, “You didn’t finish, eh?”

Krista was glad he noticed and was hoping he still had enough energy to finish her off.

“Okay,” He said as he rolled off of her, “Ride my face again.”

Krista gladly sat up and climbed atop Todd’s face. He held her by the thighs and helped her to rock back and forth while he pressed his face as hard as he could into her cunt and sucked it, he bit it, he licked her until he could feel her thighs stiffen and he felt the release of her vaginal fluids. He opened his mouth catching a majority of the liquid in his mouth and made slurping noises as he sucked what juice he could from her two sets of pussy lips.

Once he finished slurping her tasty juice she fell down beside him. “That is exactly what I needed.” She said, panting. “A good fuck like that.”

Todd smiled, “Glad I could help. Any time.”

Krista looked at Todd, “ Not any time. This is it, a one shot deal.”

Todd frowned and looked at her, they were both still short of breath, "But you just said...”

“It was a good fuck. But you’re dating Ashley now, my best friend. This will never happen again.”

“Krista, did you ever think that maybe this fuck was so amazing because Ashley’s your best friend.”

“What?” Krista didn’t fully understand what Todd was suggesting.

“It’s forbidden and wrong, and the worst kind of betrayed trust, maybe that’s why it was so amazing. We’ll fuck again, Krista.”

Krista didn’t reply because she knew he was right. They probably would fuck again.

Krista looked at ceiling and thought about what Todd was suggesting. A forbidden fuck... Interesting. She would surely have to fuck some more forbidden men to test this theory out.

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