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Kym's Special Room Service.

I swipe the card and push open the hotel room door, the lights are dimmed and the curtains closed, even though it’s only 4pm.

“Happy Birthday, Tim, grab yourself a glass of Champagne and come see if you like the present I’ve got you.”

I turn towards the bed and see Kym lying in it, duvet pulled up tight to her chin. She smiles and melts me. I pinch myself to convince myself this is not a dream. Lucky me, it isn’t.

I first met Kym just over a year ago, she is the twenty two year old daughter of my best friend. She often came into the club myself and her Dad frequented, usually accompanied by her boyfriend. We clicked instantly, our humour was on the same wavelength and both found the smallest thing funny, often collapsing into a fit of laughter, whilst everyone else sat straight faced wondering what was so funny.

One night she came in alone, explaining her boyfriend had stood her up, so she decided to come and see her Dad as she was at a loose end. Unfortunately her Dad had been called out to a work emergency. Anyway, to cut a long story short we got along famously and had a really great night. We caught a taxi home and spent the majority of the journey kissing each other.

We continued to see each other secretly. Apart from her boyfriend situation, I didn’t fancy upsetting her Dad, Lenny. He was super protective over his little girl and would tear me to bits if he found out. So our meets were always clandestine affairs.

Our relationship had reached the point where we wanted each other sexually but we had nowhere to go - Kym lived with her Dad and I was married.

We decided that a Hotel was the best idea. I had made an excuse that I had a Business meeting out of town, whilst Kym said she was staying with a friend. We decided on Thursday, a day after my Birthday.


“Want your present now, Tim ?”

Before I had chance to say yes she had flung the covers back to reveal her naked body.

“Like it, or shall I put it away ?”

I tell her I love it. My eyes take in her beauty - chocolate brown hair, green eyes, luscious pouty lips. Her face alone was a treat, but her body was really something else. She was thin but with breasts that were slightly too large for her frame, with really dark hard nipples, moving my eyes down between her legs I was glad to see she had not shaved her pussy hair off, but was trimmed into a pretty V, her triangle was a delightful chocolate brown as well, all in all, she was just perfect.

I take my glass of bubbly and tip it slightly, aiming it over Kym’s lovely body. I start at her breasts and move the glass down over her belly and finish the glass over her mound. “Oh god that feels so good, the Champagne is tingling all over me.”

I join her on the bed and trace my lips over the path of the liquid. Applying very little pressure, just using the tip of my tongue gently. This drives Kym crazy and I heighten her desire by gently tweaking her nipple whilst lightly circling the other, she is squirming now and obviously turned on. I remove my hands from her breasts and trail my tongue down over her toned stomach and over her curly pubes, deliberately kissing all around her area but not touching her lips or clitoris. Her squirming gets more frenzied and her hands grab my head, trying to push me down onto her sex. I have other ideas - I get up, remove the bottle from the ice bucket and pour more Champagne over her sweet looking pussy.

“Oooh yeah, that’s so good.” she gasps appreciatively.

I pick up a cube of ice and return between her legs. I languidly lick her pussy using slow deliberate strokes, opening her up and sticking my tongue in as far as it will go, she tastes amazing. I stimulate her clit using the ice cube and she nearly explodes, her groans and sighs tell me she is enjoying herself. I substitute my tongue for my fingers inserting two digits inside her and really work them back and forth roughly. She spreads her legs wide offering all of herself to me. The ice has gradually melted away so I replace it with my tongue and slowly lap away at her bud. Her legs start to twitch involuntarily and her toes are curling, she isn’t far away from coming. I make my tongue stiff and flick her clit with a little more pressure, all the time driving my fingers harder inside her. She lets out a low deep gasp “Ohhhh fuck, yes, yes, I’m coming.”

Her orgasm was so beautiful to watch, her pretty eyes shut tight, showcasing her lovely long eyelashes, her mouth ever so slightly open. She had my head gripped tightly to her, only letting me go when her joy had subsided.

I kissed my way back up her body, over her breasts and planted a long lingering kiss on her lips, caressing her cheekbone with my hand.

“I can taste myself on you.” she smiles sexily, “I taste good.”


I quickly undress, standing in just my shorts. They were uncomfortably tight as I had a huge hard on, her eyes don’t leave the bulge as she rises from the bed and stands facing me. Her palm traces my length back and forth through the fabric of my shorts, lightly massaging my already engorged penis. I’m unbelievably hard and so aroused.

“Looks like somebody’s a bit hot and bothered, I bet I can ease the pressure.”

She pulls down my underwear and as she does my cock slaps hard against my belly. I don’t think I’ve ever been bigger, and I gently massage myself, pulling back my foreskin back with the other hand.

She grabs an ice cube and gently rubs it down my length, paying particular attention to my swollen helmet, then down over my sac and back again. The sensation is amazing.

“Sit down on the edge of the bed.”

I do as she says. Kym picks up another ice cube and places it between her teeth. She kneels between my legs and slowly traces the ice up and down my dick before depositing the melting cube into my navel. This felt sensational on its own, but then Kym hungrily sucked on my length whilst cupping my balls. She gave really good head, not applying too much pressure to begin with, but then steadily squeezing my sac a little harder and taking more of my cock between her lips. She releases me from her mouth and turns her attention to my sac, her wide mouth accommodates my balls easily and gently sucks them, whilst wanking my dick furiously.

 The sensations overwhelm me and I can’t hold back any more, I release a torrent of sticky come all over her face, into her eyes and the remainder all into her hair. She carries on jacking me until every last drop is milked from me. She wipes my load from her eyes, “fuck that really stings.”


We decide to take a bath to remove the debris of our sex, soaping each others bodies. I take particular joy in massaging the suds into her pert breasts, paying a lot of attention to her erect nipples, they really are something else, I take my time, holding one holding one between my index finger and thumb and softly darting my tongue over it, flicking it from side to side, and then onto the other. She encourages me “oh that’s so good, please don’t stop.” She returns the favour, nibbling at my nipples whilst her hand coaxes me back to hardness.

I’m now fully erect again and want to fuck her so badly. I sweep her up in my arms and carry her back to the bed. I lay her out on the duvet and push her legs up flush to her chest, gripping her feet above her head. Her pussy is now beautifully exposed. I slowly easy myself into her, my god she’s tight in this position. I thrust my length into her in one go, eliciting a gasp which seems like a mix of pain and pleasure. I stop and look into her eyes, I need to make sure this is okay.

“Don’t stop, give me what I need, fuck my pussy, I really fucking want you, Tim.”

I push her legs even further over her head and really fuck her hard, her breasts wobbling up and down in rhythm to my thrusts. Her face is amazing, a twisted mix of pain and pleasure, her middle finger now furiously darting between her legs, manipulating her clitty.

The sound of our sex is incredibly erotic, her hole is now oozing juice and it lubricates my dick, encouraging me to go even harder. She is now accommodating my whole length. I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anyone so hard. Her gasps are now short and loud, out climax arrives simultaneously and I shoot another copious load deep inside of her. I release her legs and collapse on top of her, completely spent. I’m getting too old for this.

We are lying together in the afterglow of our passion, I have her cradled in my arms, not wanting to let her go, kissing her neck and caressing her hair, wondering how on earth I’ll ever look her Father in the eyes again.

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