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Lake house 1

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White Knight comes to the rescue

I was driving up highway 41 toward the Sierra foothills on my way to a lake where I sometimes went camping and fishing.   My plan was to spend a few days fishing and unwinding from 2 weeks of intense contract work for a client.   I was alone because I had made the decision on the spur of the moment and I knew none of my friends would be able to get free on short notice.   That was ok; I was looking forward to being alone.


I reached my favorite spot on the lake, a small clearing on the edge of a little cove and backed my truck in.   I decided to do some fishing before setting up camp, and just grabbed my pole and fishing gear, leaving everything else in the truck.  


The fish were biting and within a short time I had a couple of good size trout.   I decided to go for one more, and after bating my hook, I turned my back to the lake, holding the pole out so that the hook didn’t catch on anything, and swung it in a high arc to get it out as far as possible.


To my horror I saw that a young woman in a canoe had quietly paddled into my little cove and my hook was heading right for her.   She had noticed, and without saying anything was watching my hook and line sail in a high arc through the air directly toward her.   At the last second it occurred to me to yank back on the line, which I did, but that turned out to be the wrong thing to do.   My hook might have gone past the canoe, but I made sure it not only struck the canoe, but stuck in the wood just inside the right front end.   I breathed a sigh of relief that it had not hit her.


“Sorry” I yelled, “I didn’t see you coming”.

“That’s ok” she said, “I’ll just unhook it”.  

That turned out to be easier said than done.   The barb must have been embedded in the wood because she was not having an easy time of it.

I could see that the hook was not coming loose and I was concerned that she was going to hurt herself, so I yelled for her to leave it and start paddling toward me and I’ll reel it in and unhook it when she reached me.   She did so and a minute later I was pulling the front of the canoe onto the sand.   I apologized once more as I began working the hook loose, but she said not to worry about it, no harm done.


This was my first opportunity to see her up close, and I was quite taken by her.   She had a very natural look, not beautiful but pretty in a fresh sort of way.   She was wearing cut off jeans that were pretty short, and her legs were well worth a double take.   She wore a button down shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and the first few buttons were open, revealing an acceptable amount of cleavage.   I was taking all this in as I worked on the hook, and she asked me if I was camping here.   I told her that I was, that I had come up for the weekend to relax and do some fishing.  


She noted that I had a bucket with a couple of fish in it and asked if I was planning on eating them alone.   I said that I would be happy to share them with her if she didn’t mind roughing it.   She said she had a better idea.   She was staying in a house on the lake about a half mile up and around the bend.   She suggested I come up, bring the fish and she’ll supply the wine.   That way we wouldn’t have to be total strangers any more.  


I took the hint and said I didn’t have a better offer and asked how to get there.   She said it was on the opposite side of the lake and the easiest way would be for me to go with her in the canoe, and that she was tired of paddling anyway.   I looked down at my clothes, I was wearing shorts and a tank top, and I said to give me a minute to put on another shirt.   I didn’t have my tent set up yet, so I had to change in front of her.   I work out regularly and so was not embarrassed about what she was seeing.   I threw my gear in the front of the truck and locked it up.   As I began to push the canoe out I suggested that I take the rear, and so she moved to the front.   I shoved off and jumped in.


I am very familiar with canoes, having one of my own, and soon we had a good rhythm going and were making good speed.   I love paddling a canoe, they are so fast and quiet and I can get a good upper body workout.   As we paddled along she turned and told me her name is Linda.   I responded that my name is Brad.

It took about 20 minutes to get to their dock and we soon had the canoe out of the water and stored safely away.   We walked up the stairs to a deck that overlooked the lake.  


I turned and took in the view.   It was magnificent.   The Sierra foothills are beautiful and this was a beautiful lake.   Linda came up beside me, close enough for our arms to touch, and asked how I liked the view.   I said it was incredible and I envied her.   She said it had been her parent’s house and had hardly been used in years. Now it belonged to her and her brother. I asked if her brother was here now and she said no, she had come up alone.


We had turned to look at each other as we talked.   The sun was shining on her face and I noticed that she looked better than I had originally thought.   Her hair was auburn with a reddish tint, and her eyes were green.   I guessed her age at somewhere between 25 and 28.   I must have been staring, because she smiled and said “what?”   I quickly looked away and said “nothing, I guess my mind was wandering”.   She asked where it had wandered to, and she had a sly grin on her face.  


I suggested that we get the fish on ice while they were still fresh and motioned for her to lead the way.   She got a mock pouting look on her face but turned and started for the sliding door leading into the rear of the house.   As she walked I noticed what a great ass she had, and my mouth began to water.


Once inside I found myself in a living room, with the kitchen to the right and an island counter lined with stools separating them.   The freezer had plenty of ice, and I dumped the water out of the bucket and covered the fish with ice.   Linda then gave me a tour of the place.   Downstairs was the master bedroom with its own bathroom, and a separate bathroom next to the kitchen.   Upstairs were two more bedrooms and one bathroom.


It was late afternoon and too early to cook, so Linda brought out some cheese and crackers and asked me to pick a wine from the wine unit that was under the island counter.   I took a look and let out a low whistle.   On the top shelf were bottles of Screaming Eagle, Scarecrow, Caymus Special Select and Opus one, all 2004.

On the next two shelves were bottles of most of the first growth Bordeaux including Latour, Margeaux, Mouton and Lafitte, as well as Petrus which is technically not a Premier Cru; none younger than 20 years old.


Without looking any further I stood up and said “I can’t open one of these, they are worth hundreds of dollars each, some over a thousand.”

“Don’t be silly” she said, “If we don’t drink them my brother will, you can count on that.”


My mouth dropped open and I just stood there staring at her in disbelief.   She walked over and opened a drawer and took out a cork screw, grabbed my hand and placed it in my palm, and then pushed my mouth shut with her finger.

“I’m going to change clothes; I hope you have a glass of wine waiting for me when I get back”.


Considering the time of day, I decided it was too early for a red, so I continued perusing the wines in the lower racks.   I found a few white burgundies and selected a Montrachet.   It was a little too cold but would warm up nicely in the glass.   In a cupboard above the island I found some large wine glasses, and I opened the bottle and filled two of them a little less than half way.   I picked up one glass and swirled it a few times, then stuck my nose in as far as it would go and sniffed.   Oh my God, the fragrance alone was enough to tell me this wine was special.   I took a little sip, coating the inside of my mouth, and then took another, larger sip.   I began to wonder if this was a dream when Linda appeared and said “I can’t believe you started without me”.


I looked at her and this time was able to keep my jaw from dropping, but only because it was full of wine.   She was wearing a short yellow summer dress that came about halfway to her knees and the neck line plunged almost to the cellar.   She noticed me looking at her dress and asked if I liked it as she spun around, showing a lot more of those incredible legs and a bare back.   The material of the dress was thin and tight across her breasts, and I could barely see the outline of her nipples.   I swallowed the wine without tasting it.   At that moment I could have had a glass of water in my hand, I wouldn’t have known the difference.


I finally found my tongue and said that she looked radiant and I probably smelled like fish.   She suggested that I could take a shower and borrow some of her brother’s clothes, they would probably fit.   Since her brother wasn’t expected this weekend I readily agreed, and she told me to use the shower in the master bedroom and she would have some clothes on the bed when I got out.


Only she didn’t.   I came out of the bathroom and there were no clothes there.   I wrapped the towel around me and went to the door of the bedroom. She was sitting at the counter drinking the wine and told me I had picked a good one.   I asked about the clothes and she said “oops, I forgot”, smiled at me, and took another sip of her wine.   I decided that she wanted me to stay in the towel so I walked over and stood there boldly and took up my glass.   She looked me up and down brazenly, and I noticed that her nipples were a little more apparent than before.


I tied a knot in the towel at my side and sat on the stool next to her.    We chatted as we ate cheese and crackers and drank the wine.   The opening in the towel was toward her, and every now and then she would gesture as she talked and would touch my thigh briefly with her left hand.   The more she drank, the more she gestured.   The bottle of wine was almost empty and I decided that I should do something with the fish.   I said as much, and added that while the towel was comfortable, I should probably at least put on some shorts to do the cooking.


“Ok, I give in”, she said, “Let’s go see what my brother has to wear”.   We started up the stairs, me following and watching her ass move back and forth with each step.   I was a little aroused when we got to the top and went into one of the bedrooms.   She walked up to a dresser and opened a drawer.   I came up beside her and looked inside, but it was mostly underwear.   As we stood there together, our bodies touching, I leaned over and sniffed and said that she smelled good enough to eat.   She turned toward me and pressed her breasts against my chest and said “That’s the whole idea”, and suddenly our lips were pressed together, the passion of the kiss foretelling what was in both of our minds.


My hands went to her bare back, then down to her finely crafted ass.   The dress material was so thin it almost felt as if I was caressing her bare skin and the thin straps of her thong were clearly felt.   At that moment I felt her hand move from my side down to the bare skin below the knot in the towel, then under the towel to grasp my now rigid cock.


There was a fire raging inside me as I kissed her ear and her neck, simultaneously aware of her soft stroking of my hard manhood.   I reached my hands up and untied the bow at the back of her dress, and we separated so the dress could fall to the floor.   I looked at what had to be the most perfect breasts I’d ever seen, with large, stiff nipples pointing straight at me.   I looked in her eyes and she pressed her body against me again and we kissed, our lips and tongues and teeth all working together in a display of wanton lust.   She jerked on the towel and it came loose and fell to the floor.

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me all afternoon” she whispered, “I hope you won’t disappoint me”.


I lowered my head down so I could reach her breast and sucked a nipple into my mouth.   I hooked my thumbs under the straps of her thong and slid them down past her knees, letting them fall to her feet.   I then stood up, placed one hand behind her back, bent my knees and placed the other hand under her knees and picked her up.   She encircled my neck with her arms and pulled her face up to meet mine and kissed me as I carried her to the bed.   Her lips were full and inviting and just kissing her was exciting, but I was eager to taste her honey and I   quickly began to descend, my lips tracing a trail from her neck, to her breasts, to her navel, and finally to her neatly trimmed pussy.  


She was so wet I could smell her lust before I got there.   I repositioned myself between her legs and studied her glistening lips as I kissed all around them.   The top of her pussy was puffed up and I could tell that her aroused clit was standing tall just below the surface.   I licked and kissed and licked and kissed, my tongue barely reaching beneath the folds of her lips. Her breathing was fast and deep.   She was moaning quietly, patiently, allowing me to take my time, the excitement slowly building.   Her hips had a mind of their own however, and were pushing forward, hoping to prey on my tongue and suck it inside.  


I felt the teasing had gone on long enough and I slid my tongue inside, sucking up her juices and transferring them to my mouth.   I caressed one wall of her pussy and then the other, and without even getting close to her clit she had an orgasm, her juices flowing over my tongue and down my chin.   She had her hands behind my head now and was holding me in place, seemingly unaware that I had no intention of moving.   Her hips were grinding into my face and her head was turned to the side as her moaning got loader and louder.  


I could tell that she would have another orgasm without me touching her button, but I wanted it to be really good, so I slowly worked my tongue up and began licking her stiff clit.   Her orgasm was immediate and her moan became a scream.    I kept licking and she kept cumming, her screaming getting even louder.   Suddenly she clasped my head between her thighs, her hands still holding my head as she rapidly pushed her clit against my tongue, over and over, her orgasm completely out of control.   Her screaming was very loud, but I was spared by her thighs which completely covered my ears.   She nearly had me in a death grip with her thighs, all I could do was continue to lick her clit as hard as I could, nearly helpless to do else, nor wanting to.   It seemed like her orgasm continued for several minutes, but I had no way to judge time.   My tongue was definitely getting tired, but I was not going to stop as long as she kept cumming.


Finally she began to slow her thrusting and her thighs opened to release my head.   She was still in the throes of an orgasm, but it was subsiding.   I stopped licking her clit and began to lick up all of the abundant juices in and around her pussy.   As she relaxed I looked up at her and she looked down at me and smiled; a broad, radiant smile.  

“I want your cock” she said.

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