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Lake House 2

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White Knight to the rescue

I didn’t think I had ever been so aroused.   I’d never had a woman have such a long or loud orgasm before.   I kissed my way up to her mouth, making a brief stop at each nipple along the way.   My raging cock just barely touched her wet pussy as I reached her mouth and we began to kiss.   She licked my chin and sucked my lips, cleaning her juices off of everything but my mustache.   Then she gave me a little shove to the side and rolled me over on my back.  

Now it was her turn, and she began kissing her way down my body, flicking her tongue over my nipples and making me shiver.   She ran her tongue down to my naval and continued to the tip of my pulsating cock.   She continued licking her way down to my balls, then shifted her position so that she could reach everything easily.   She gently sucked my balls into her mouth, one at a time. She was so gentle that at first I was not sure what se was doing, but I knew that it felt good.   Her mouth was warm and her tongue very soft as it caressed one ball and then the other.  

Then she slid her lips up and down the sides of my shaft, my cock half inside her mouth and her tongue filling the gap between her lips.   The sensation was tremendous and I couldn’t wait for her to take my whole into her mouth.   She didn’t do so right away though, she kept sliding her lips and tongue slowly up and down a few more times before lifting my cock with one finger.   Now she could get the tip in her mouth and she lifted it straight up, holding the head in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the head.  


The anticipation was driving me nuts.   I wanted to grab her head in both hands and shove my rod deep into her throat, but I resisted, letting her work her magic.   She was definitely taking it slow and I was not sure if that was because she was enjoying it and wanted it to last, or was deliberately teasing me, wanting me to feel the agony of anticipation and expectation without fulfillment.   Just as the thought passed through my mind she began licking up and down my shaft on all sides, flipping it back and forth so she could reach all sides, then when I thought that would go on for a while, she suddenly sucked me in all the way to the back of her throat.  


I gasped with the pleasure, tightening the muscles of my ass as I lifted my hips off the bed.   She began to suck slowly and deeply, occasionally licking around the head before pulling my length back into her mouth.   This went on for a little while as my excitement slowly built, her lips only pressing softly against my ultra sensitive skin.   But gradually she began to press harder with her lips, gradually increasing the tempo as her head bobbed up and down on my hardness.   She knew what she was doing, that was clear.   I was moaning now, and hoping that she would realize that this could not go on or I would shoot my hot cream in her mouth.


She kept sucking my cock with apparent gusto and I was getting too close.

“Linda, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum” I said, but she didn’t even slow down.

“Oooohhh Jeeeez, I’m cumming”, I said, as I shot my cum down her throat.   She held my cock in the back of her throat until I had shot several loads, then she moved her lips to the tip of my cock and just slipped the tip in and out between her lips several times quickly, sending me into another more intense orgasm.   All I could do was lay there, smiling and reveling in the fact that this woman really knew how to give a blow job.

She continued to suck until the last drop oozed out of me and then she moved up and laid half on top of me and snuggled close.   I squeezed her close and told her how incredible that was.


Then I said, “Oh great, now I’m starving and you’re not hungry”, to which she burst into giggles.

“What do you say we get that fish on the fire” I said, and we both got up off the bed.   We rummaged through her brothers clothes and I found some shorts and a shirt that would fit me.   At that point Linda picked up her things and left the room as I put on the clothes.   I descended the stairs to the kitchen but she was not there.  


I looked through the drawers in the kitchen and found a knife that would work for scaling and cleaning the fish, then picked up some newspaper and took the fish out to the deck.   I laid the newspaper down and began cleaning the fish, occasionally looking out at the view of the lake.   I finished cleaning the fish and wrapped the remains up in the paper and was about to return to the kitchen when Linda appeared in the doorway.  


She was now wearing a floor length blue dress with buttons from top to bottom.   The bottom buttons were undone to about mid thigh with a very shapely leg favorably displayed. She had freshened up and when I came up to her I smelled a different perfume than she had worn previously.   Mmmm, I said, you better get away from me or you are going to smell like fish.   She moved aside and I continued into the kitchen, dropped the wad of paper into the trash and set the fish on the counter.     I then washed my hands vigorously.


“Do you have any Jalapenos?/”, I asked.

“Yes, we have everything.” she said.   I then asked if she had any lemons, and she said   “we have a lemon tree on the south side of the house, come with me and I’ll show you.”

We ascended the stairs to the front door and then walked up to the driveway.   This was the first time I’d seen the front of the house, and directly across the road was a vineyard.


She noticed me looking and told me that was their old vine zinfandel vineyard.   I asked how many acres they had and she said 20.   I whistled and asked what they did with the grapes.   She said they sold them to Renwood who used them in their Grasper bottling.   I looked at her and she said “Yep, these are some of the oldest zin vines in the state”.  


She then took my hand and led me around to the side of the house where they have a small orchard of fruit trees, including a lemon tree.   I asked how many acres they owned Ire and she said 50.   I said I was impressed as I picked a nice looking lemon.


Back at the front of the house I noticed a small cottage next to the vineyard and asked who that belonged to.   She said it was the residence of the vineyard manager but was currently empty.  

Back in the kitchen I began working on the trout and Linda began putting together a salad.


First I turned the oven on to 400 degrees.   I then coated the fillets with olive oil and seasoned with garlic salt and black pepper, then laid them out on tin foil.   I topped them with jalapeno slices, and then squeezed lemon juice on them from the lemon ends.   I then arranged lemon slices over the top and covered the whole thing in foil, sealing it tightly.


“These are ready for the oven” I said.   “I guess it’s time for another bottle of wine”.

She looked at me and said that if I didn’t find anything to my liking in the kitchen that I could check the wine cellar.

“Wine cellar?   You have a wine cellar?”   I asked.

Linda took my hand and pulled me toward a door between the stairway and the bathroom.   I had not noticed the door before.   TI door was on the front side of the house and as the ground slopped up from there we only had to descend a few steps.


Linda turned on the light and I found a room about 10 feet deep and 8 feet across and 8 feet high.   TI left and right walls were lined with bottles to the ceiling, and the back of the room had cases of wine stacked several boxes high.   I was stunned and could not find my tongue.   I began looking through the bottles and found more of the same that I had found in the kitchen, only a much broader collection, including mainly American, French and Italian.


I finally found my tongue and said

These are the best quality, the most sought after, the most expensive wines in the world.
Why, on earth, would your parents leave These wines Ire if the don't plan to ever come back?  That just doesn't make any sense to me.

Linda suddenly burst into tears.  "My parents were killed in a car accident 3 weeks ago.  I've been living Ire alone for 2 weeks.  I didn't realize how much I needed company, needed someone, until I saw you as I rounded the point next to your little cove".  TI tears were streaming down her face and her body was racked with sobs.
"Christ Linda" I said, "If I'd have known we wouldn't have...I wouldn't have..."
"No, I wouldn't change anything,, are just what I needed." 
Linda looked up and realized that there were tears welling up in my eyes.
"Linda, I'm so sorry for your loss, I...don't know what to say. It was so sudden, I can't begin to imagine how you must have felt.  You're obviously a very strong woman to have stayed Ire alone for 2 weeks at a time like this."

"I didn't know what to do.  After the memorial was over I just couldn't stay in the city, I had to get away.  This place was my only option.  I've been so lonely" She sobbed, "but I could not leave.  My parents are Ire, our memories are Ire.  We spent so much time Ire together as a family.  This place reminds me of them more than anywhere, more than anything".  Linda's sobbing was slowing but the tears were not.  I pulled her to me and hugged her close, tears running down my face.  I felt ashamed to be crying when my feelings were nothing compared to hers, and I did my best to hold it in, to not feel for her.  I did not want to diminish the power of her grief by appearing to show any emotion of my own.  It would not be fair to her and she should resent me for it.  I continued to hold her close until I got himself under control, hopefully consoling her at the same time.

We stood there for several minutes holding each other as Linda's tears subsided and her breathing became normal.  I was in control by that time, and I looked her in the eyes, searching for an understanding of where her emotions were.  She looked into my eyes, sadness apparent in her gaze.

"This has been good for me, to get this out of my system, but I don't want to ruin this day by dwelling on it.   I’m going to finish the salad while you choose a wine,” and she turned and walked up the stairs.

Jesus, I thought, how can the day not be ruined.   I still had a knot in my throat as I watched her disappear from sight.


I turned my attention to the wine.   I needed something with backbone to counter the jalapenos.   There were a lot of wines to look at and I was having trouble focusing, but I saw a Dunn Howell Mountain and thought that would do fine.

When I returned to the kitchen Linda put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.   Let’s not spoil it by dwelling on sad things” she said.   “Ok?   What happened upstairs earlier was exactly what I needed.”


I smiled and nodded.   Now I understood why she clasped her thighs on my head and held my face to her pussy as she thrust with every fiber of her being.  Those orgasms were her release; they broke the locks that held her chained to he grief.  It was that desperate, frantic exertion, those long, repeated orgasms, that finally allowed her to let go.  No wonder she seduced me, she somehow knew that was the therapy she needed.   The grief wasn't gone, but she was almost herself again .   At least I hoped so.


The buzzer on the oven went off signaling that the oven was hot enough.

In went the trout and I set the timer for 15 minutes.   I then turned my attention to the wine and soon had a glass poured for each of us.

I looked outside and suggested we eat on the patio.   She agreed and grabbed a table cloth from a drawer and handed it to me while she began gathering plates and silverware.   I brushed off the table and spread the cloth.  


I noticed that there was hardly a breeze and asked if she had any candles.   She said of course, and shortly the table was set and the candles ready to light.   It was just sunset and we stood at the railing looking at the lake in the dwindling light.   I held her close as we sipped our wine, then turned her toward me and kissed her tenderly on the lips.   Soon we had set our glasses on the railing and were kissing and groping each other with obvious desire.   Just then the bell went off signaling that the fish were done.  


I smiled, kissed her on the nose, picked up my glass and headed for the kitchen.   Linda followed and we soon had dinner on the table.   I lit the candles as Linda poured more wine.   We both began eating, and suddenly Linda exclaimed that the fish was delicious and where did I learn how to cook like that.


“It was very scientific actually”, I said, “when you were out of the room I looked up a recipe on the internet with my iphone.   I picked a recipe with very few ingredients so my feeble mind could remember it.”   That elicited some giggles from Linda, then a look of obvious admiration.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a more romantic dinner” she said, “thank you.”

“I didn’t do much, this setting is just incredible, I can see why you chose to come here.”


We finished the meal and cleared the table, leaving only the table cloth left.   The sun was below the horizon and the clouds in the sky were all red and pink.   They stood on the patio taking it all in, one arm around each other.   The wine was having an effect on Linda and she was feeling very warm and comfortable.   She turned and pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed me on the lips.  


I kissed her back, pulling her closer to me, and she pressed her groin against my thigh.   That was all it took for my arousal to begin, and I knew that I wanted her here and now.   I took her glass and placed both of glasses on the railing, and then we returned to the embrace that we both wanted and had been waiting for.  


The kissing started at the lips, but soon moved to the ears and neck.   Our hands roamed freely, my down to her ass while one of her hands began to stroke my stiffening cock.   I moved my hands to the buttons at the top of her dress and began to undo them until I got to her waist, then I couldn’t wait and bent my head to her breast. Linda leaned back against the railing and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations that my tongue was creating on her nipple.  


With one hand she held my head to her breast, while the other hand continued stroking my cock through the shorts.   I reached down and undid a couple of the bottom buttons on her dress and reached inside to caress her upper thigh, continuing up to her hip, searching for but not finding the strap of her thong.   To my delight I realized she was not wearing any panties.   She was naked under the dress with only two buttons holding it closed at her hips.


Linda reached down with her other hand and unhooked my shorts and let them drop to the floor.   She slid down my briefs and took my fully erect shaft into one hand and began stroking it.   I stood up and began kissing her lips while sliding both hands inside the bottom of her skirt and placing a hand on each cheek of her bare ass.   One hand then moved around and I felt the heat as my hand got close to her mound.   When I touched her she shuddered and my fingers were immediately wet from her already dripping pussy.   I slid a finger inside and began to stroke her clit, not bothering to tease around this time.


“Brad”, she said, “I need to feel you inside me”.   I was kissing her neck, she was stroking his cock, I was stroking her clit, and both of us were as hot as we could be.   I stood back and took off my shirt and stepped out of my shorts and undies.   I then reached forward and quickly undid the last two buttons on Linda’s dress.   I took her by the hand and led her over to the table, lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge, then leaned her back and bent over her, my cock rubbing against her pussy.  


Linda let out a low moan and wrapped her legs around my waist.   I lubed up my cock by sliding it up and down her wet pussy, the pulled back and slid the head inside.   Linda moaned again, this time louder, and pulling with her legs shoved her pussy against him, swallowing the length of me inside her.   We both began a rhythm of pushing and pulling, slowly at first, then accelerating as our excitement grew.  


Linda was breathing hard and moaning loud and quickly had her first orgasm.   My excitement increased with the sound and feel of her orgasm, and I wondered if I could hold out very long.   I kept pounding in long steady thrusts, and Linda’s moans were again getting very loud.   She was getting close again and wanted me to cum with her.  

“Fuck me harder” she said, as she thrusted her own hips at me, her legs behind my ass trying to pull me closer.   Linda reached another climax as the sound of her pleasure began to echo back from the lake.   This was all I needed as I began to ejaculate my seed deep inside her.  


My orgasm intensified and prolonged Linda’s orgasm, and we both continued to cum together for many more seconds.   Finally we relaxed and lay there kissing as our mixed juices ran out onto the table cloth.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t hold out any longer, but you are so hot I just could not control myself”.

“That’s ok” she responded, “You are staying the night aren’t you.”

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