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Lakeside Affair

Having an affair at a lakeside hotel I recall the day we spent together.
I don’t remember a time when my thoughts didn’t include Randy. The affair started as a way for me to finally get my sexual needs met. At home I had many things others would love to have but I always felt there was something missing. I never knew what it was until I met Randy. Randy had a way to make me feel alive and gave me the attention that I was lacking at home.

Over the past eight months I have shared many intimate details with him and was never ridiculed in what I had to say. Our meeting was by chance because I placed a personal ad for a casual encounter and he responded to it. Choosing him was easy because of the soft spoken words and the intimate details he shared.

As I park my jeep I am reminded instantly how nervous I am when I am waiting on him to arrive. With the last text message still visible on the phone letting me know he is minutes away. I can feel a mixture of nervousness and desire building up inside. I can feel the heat between my legs starting to radiate. A feeling I know is my body’s response to his expected presence.

I quickly climb out of the jeep and walk towards the shore of the lake. My mind is racing and thoughts about him are overwhelming my senses. I am so deep in thought I hadn’t noticed someone walking up behind me.

“Hi sexy, I’ve missed you,” Randy says softly.

He has my back pressed against his chest and I can feel his hot breath on my neck as he kisses it. I let out a tiny moan from the feeling of his lips pressed against my neck.

“I’ve missed you too.”

I spin around to face him and instantly I am met with a kiss on the lips. As the kiss deepens our lips part and I am instantly aware of his tongue searching my mouth. It’s searching for its dance partner in an erotic dance where our tongues are entwined. As the kiss continues, my body begins to mold into his. This kiss is full of longing and desire for each other.

As our lips part I am finally able to see his face. His eyes are on fire, a raging, burning desire deep within them causing them to be a beautiful emerald color. He is breathing deeply and I know he is recalling the scent I’m wearing. It’s an oriental blend that has become intoxicating to him.

I can feel his eyes sweeping over my body as he surveys me from head to toe. I’m wearing a red tank top that shows just the top of my white lace bra and a pair of blue jean shorts. Randy is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. This is normal attire for him at each of our meetings.

We make our way back to the vehicles to get our overnight bags. After we have retrieved our bags from the vehicles, Randy holds the door open for me to enter the lakeside hotel. He talks to the front desk clerk and gets our keycard.

The suite is large and has a queen size bed. I drop my bag and sit on the edge of the bed. As he surveys the room he walks to the window and pulls the curtains closed, causing the room to darken. As he turns I am able to notice his growing erection and feel my own excitement building.

He stands before me and places one hand on either side of me on the bed and begins to kiss me. As we kiss he pushes on me causing me to fall back against the bed. Lying on top of me, I can feel his erection against my leg and know in the state he is in he’s not going to last long. His hands begin to explore my body.

Pulling down on the top of my shirt and bra he is able to expose a breast. He begins to caress and pinch the nipple but his eyes never leave mine. When the nipple is erect he lowers his mouth down, taking it gently between his lips and pulling on it as he sucks. With his other hand he uncovers the other breast and caresses the nipple. As he greedily sucks on the nipple I can feel myself begin to get wet.

I run my hand through his short hair and moan as he switches to the other nipple. He licks the nipple before putting it in his mouth. As he sucks on my nipple, I reach down and rub the erection, begging to get free of his shorts.

When I slip one hand inside his waistband and find his erection I am able to feel the beads of pre-cum that are forming on the tip. I rub the tip with my thumb before I stroke the length of his erection. When he moans I push him off me and stand up.

As he watches me, I begin pulling my shirt off over my head and toss it off to the side. I unzip my shorts and allow them to fall to the floor. Reaching behind my back I unhook my bra allowing it to fall from my shoulders and onto the floor. As I hook a thumb under the waistband of my panties on each side I slide them down to my knees and allow them to fall the rest of the way to the floor.

“Do you like what you see?” I ask, in a playful voice.

Without any warning he has launched himself off the bed and is standing in front of me.

“Two can play this game,” said Randy.

He begins to pull his own shirt off over his head, exposing his chiseled chest. As he unzips his pants I try kissing him on the neck. His clothes fall to the floor and he stands in front of me, naked. My eyes sweep over his body and I feel myself getting turned on by just the sight of his naked body. Stepping closer, I reach out and gently touch his penis. Looking him in the eyes, I can see that my touch is turning him on.

“I want you, no I need you to make love to me right now,” is all I can whisper as I kiss him.

Randy takes me in his arms and pulls me to the bed. As my body is pressed against the bed, he uses one knee to push apart my legs. He positions himself between my legs and he rubs the tip of his penis along the inside of my pussy lips. From clit to vaginal opening and back up again. Continuously rubbing the tip until he sees I cannot take it any more. He only inserts the tip and pulls out. As he inserts the tip again, this time carefully pulling back out almost all the way. He reinserts his penis again, this time placing more of it inside. He continues this rhythm until his penis is inserted fully inside my pussy.

As he begins to thrust in and out, I can feel his balls against my buttocks. It usually takes a few thrusts before he finds his rhythm but this time he is quick and increases the speed with each thrust. While he continues to fuck me, I feel my body beginning to give way to his expert love making. I let out moans and cries of passion as an orgasm begins to overtake my body.

Using his mouth to cover my own, he attempts to muffle the sounds I am making. My pussy is contracting around his penis in a way that pushes him out. He reinserts his penis and continues thrusting through my orgasm. As my orgasm continues it sprays his penis and balls with juices. My orgasm subsides and I can feel the hardening of his penis within me. My orgasm has caused his to begin and he is quickly overtaken with his climax.

His penis hardens and pulsates as he releases hot cum inside my pussy. Randy cries out his own passionate moan. Collapsing on top of me, he is panting as I wrap my arms around him. With his head on my chest, I kiss his forehead and relish the feeling of his penis within me.

Looking up at me Randy smiles and softly says, “I’m so glad to be here with you.” 

Rolling off me and laying beside me, we curl up together. I place my head on his chest and listen to the pounding of his heart. He pushes the hair back away from my face. Holding each other close, I can feel how safe I am in his arms. As we lay there cuddling each other, his hands are exploring my body.

As he reaches down between my thighs, I can feel his fingers tracing the outside of my pussy. Parting the lips he finds my clit protruding from the hood. He uses a finger and begins to caress it, causing me to moan and twitch a little. I can feel his erection coming to life again on my side. I struggle to pull away from him and position myself so I am between his legs. His erection is rubbing against my breasts as I lower myself down. Taking a hold of his penis with one hand, I lick just the tip. Encircling just tip with my tongue and licking the shaft.

I only suck on the helmet and stroke the shaft with my hand. When I see his frustration I engulf his penis with my mouth in one swift motion. As I slowly move my mouth back up the length of his penis, I lick the shaft and encircle the tip with my tongue. I insert his penis into my mouth until I can feel it on the back of my throat. Each thrust in my mouth I can feel his penis entering the threshold of my throat opening. When his penis has completely entered my throat I take a moment to allow the muscles in my throat to adjust to his size before pulling out. As I’m pulling his penis out of my mouth I can feel his penis beginning to harden and his heartbeat pulsating in my mouth.

“I’m going to come. Oh my God, yes!” Randy cries out.

I take his penis to the hilt into my mouth and allow him to enter my throat opening again. As his penis jerks and pulsates, he sprays the back of my throat with his hot cum. The salty goodness of his cum slides down my throat and I release him from my mouth. Reaching up to kiss him, he can taste himself on my lips.

As I crawl up the bed, he pulls me close again and I lay in his arms. He kisses me on the forehead, then on the lips before leaving a trail of kisses down my neck to my chest. He continues to kiss my chest down to my belly button. As he lowers himself down between my legs I can feel his hot breath on my skin. He playfully pulls at my public hair letting me know that he notices the change I made from having a neatly trimmed pussy. He kisses the inside of each of my thighs before using his hand to open my pussy lips.

He reveals my already swollen clit and I can feel the juices of our love making dripping out of my pussy. Licking my pussy, he begins to clean up all the juices. Taking my clit in his mouth he sucks on it before releasing it. Using his tongue, he flicks my clit back and forth. This causes me to twitch and arch my back. I move my hips to grind against his face as he continues stroking my clit. Randy inserts a finger into my pussy and continues to move it in and out.

I can feel my body twitching and my climax has begun to overtake my body. I let out a moan and spray his face, nose and chin with my girl-cum. He licks me a few more times before he climbs up the bed and kisses me, allowing me to taste my own juices on his lips. As our lips part he instructs me to roll over.

I quickly roll over and get on my hands and knees, allowing him to access to me from behind. He slowly enters me in one thrust, grabbing my hips to pull me to meet him. Thrust after thrust he continues with his rhythm, occasionally spanking me on the buttocks. With each spank I let out a cry and moan at the same time. He continues this pattern of thrusting in and spanking me as he pulls out until my buttocks have turned a shade of bright pink. The spanking is bringing me closer to my orgasm and I can feel myself getting wetter. As my body responds, I know that the orgasm I’m beginning to experience is stronger than the last. I quiver and shake as my pussy contracts around his penis. With a final thrust, he cums inside me and continues to thrust making sure he has deposited all of his cum inside.

As well collapse on the bed in each other’s arms and we drift off to sleep.

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