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Landyn Gets It Down Under

Tags: sex, aussie, love
Landyn gets her fill up down under ;)
Landyn always liked talking and meeting new people, she especially liked it when they were from places far from where she lived and the person she had just met was from a place farther than she had expected. This particular person found her this time, his name was Finn and he was from Newcastle, Australia. This seemed pretty cool to Landyn and they seemed to hit it off quite easily and became really good friends.

After awhile and a lot of talking, they became boyfriend and girlfriend; and the one day they spoke, Finn asked Landyn if she'd be willing to fly out to Australia to see him in person. Landyn was very taken back by this request, but her love pushed her and she got her tickets, packed her bags and left to go see her man across the world.

It was going to be a long, boring 12 hour flight and Landyn was not one of those people who liked sitting around for long periods of time with not much to do. She decided to fall asleep because nothing was going to happen and she just couldn't wait till she landed in Australia and saw her man waiting for her arrival. She got her carry on bags, got off the plane and as she was walking out of the gate bridge, she noticed Finn standing there, waiting for her.

Once Landyn saw him, she ran so fast and jumped into his arms, locking them together for the first time ever.

"I love you so much!" Landyn said as she held Finn closer to her.

"I love you too baby, and I can't believe you're here with me in Australia!" Finn said as he kissed Landyn on the neck.

They unlocked arms and started to walk towards baggage claim and as they walked Landyn would playfully pinch him on the ass and she knew he enjoyed it. They stood together for awhile as they waited for her bags to come out. There they came, Landyn grabbed them and now they could go to Finn's house and finally make love like they had been waiting for.

They got in the car and Finn looked at Landyn and she looked back and he leaned in and kissed her, they locked lips, started to make out and the feeling in the car was so special that Landyn and Finn did not want it to end. Then Finn broke the kiss and drove them back to his house in Brisbane.

They walked in and Finn took Landyn's bags and set them aside and grabbed her and carried her into his bedroom. They walked in and Finn set Landyn down on his bed and couldn't help but stare at his baby's perfect body.

"Are you just gonna stand there?" Landyn jokingly asked.

"Well you have such a nice body and I can't help but stare at it hun, I'm sorry!" replied Finn.

Landyn got to the front of the bed and started to remove his clothing, one bye one it fell off and she loved the sight of Finn's sexy body. One he was naked, Landyn started to kiss him, she started at his lips, moving to his neck, slowly kissing it and biting it, then she kissed down his neck to his chest, her tongue just lightly flicking his nipples and this aroused him very much. Landyn kept kissing down his body all the way to his cock.

"How are you liking this baby?" Landyn asked Finn.

"I love you and I love how this feels baby, please keep going!" Finn replied and Landyn agreed to this request of keeping going.

She saw how hard she had made his cock, so Landyn decided to go down on him. She started by slowly rubbing her hands up and down the shaft of Finn's six inch cock, then she started to slowly lick it, dragging her tongue up the shaft and down again, then got faster as she started to suck on it. His big cock was hitting the back of her throat and Landyn decided it was time to let her boy see her deep throating skills. Down she went, his cock all the way in her throat, slightly gagging her but that did not stop Landyn from going as fast and as hard as she could. She could tell Finn loved it because he could not stop moaning, oh Landyn as she got faster and harder.

She kept going, more speed and hardness added with each movement, then all of a sudden Finn yelled that he was going to cum. She kept going and then there he blew, all his hot, sticky cum down her pretty little throat.

"Damn baby that was fucking amazing!" exclaimed Finn after cumming down his girl's throat.

"I knew you'd love how I deep throat!" replied Landyn.

After that Finn removed all of Landyn's clothes and went down on her sexy little pussy. He started by kissing her pussy lips and the outside of it. Her pussy was shaved and that really made Finn happy. He kept going by lightly kissing her clit and giving it a little bite. After that he started to really suck on her clit, he sucked it as if it was a little cock and he was sucking hard and fast and Landyn loved this. She started to moan really loud and Finn just kept sucking. With each suck, Landyn moaned harder. He stopped sucking and decided to finger his babygirl. He entered his middle finger and his ring finger into her wet pussy and started to finger her. Going in and out, with a very paced speed, curling them and uncurling them, driving her nuts, making her moan so hard to the point that she was basically screaming in pleasure. Finn kept jamming his fingers in her so hard and fast that all of a sudden a big squirt came out of Landyn's pussy covering his face and hands.

"I loved that so much baby! You have no idea how good that felt!" Landyn told Finn.

"I am so happy you loved it baby, I am glad I got to pleasure that sexy little pussy of yours!" replied Finn.

"Shall we finally make love baby?" asked Landyn.

"Soon baby, very, very soon!" replied Finn.

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