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Last Night

Your skin slides against mine as you come to our bed...
Last Night

Your skin slides against mine as you come to our bed, your chest brushing and settling against my back. You wrap me up in your strong arms; one under my head the other finding my already hard nipple. Your hand caresses my breast, tweaking my nipple, pulling, and rubbing it. Looking down at your hand against my body I can't help but love the contrast of our skin; your dark caramel skin against my milky white skin. We're beautiful together. We fit perfectly together; our bodies aline perfectly beside each other.

I turn my head and my forehead rests against your lips. You lightly kiss me and I hear you sigh. As you continue pulling my nipple you shift your other arm down my body. You find and start to rub my clit and play just inside my lips, rubbing, pulling and stroking me. I open my legs wanting more of your touch, but you stop and chuckle.

Rising above me you lick and suck my still hard nipple while sliding a finger just inside my pussy opening. You wiggle your finger moving in finding my spot.

Words aren’t necessary, we’ve done this dance before. Our moans tell our story. You pull your finger from me, kiss my nipple and move to your knees. You gently guide me over and onto my knees, your hands roam my back and sides, I feel you move in behind me lightly kissing the small of my back. I feel your long, hard cock resting in the cleft of my ass. I look over my shoulder at you; your head is leaning back loose on your shoulders, your mouth is smiling, and you look like your savoring this moment in time. I notice your breathing quicken, and I wonder what you’re thinking.

Your hands start to move over my hips, back and sides. You lean into me and shiver from the heat and sweet contact of our bodies. I feel you move your hips back and your cock slides down to my cunt. Your cock head rests just there; right at my opening, just on the edge of entering me. You pull back and enter me, stroking inside me once, twice, three times.

“Damn baby; so soon? I see your cum April."

Still stroking inside me, I can feel you stretching my walls. Your hands pulling my hips back into you, fucking me, our skin slapping. I hear your breathing pick up again and I feel your balls tighten against me, but you stop mid-stroke. You slide your right hand to my hair pulling me up and back to rest against your chest. Our lips touch, our tongues dance and we stare into each other’s eyes, and you playfully nip my lip causing my breath to catch.

You let my hair go and push me back down one hand on my neck the other against the small of my back, wanting me to arch my back, open myself more to you. I feel your wet thumb against my ass. You slowly slide your cock out of my cunt and bring it to my hole. Using our juices you slowly slide your cock, easing inside of me. I shift my hips knowing you’re going to take me there and hard the way you want. Pressing your cock head firmer against me you press inward, with a pop you enter my forbidden place.

“Oh my god. baby, please."

Moaning softly I relax and feel you enter me fully. As you start to stroke in and out, your hand comes to my right thigh and you position it where and how you want it for the perfect fit.

“April, stroke your clit for me."

I move my hand to my clit and start to stroke, and circle with my fingers. I try to push one inside me but I’m too tight, and that full feeling only gets me wetter. On my knees, legs open and my lower legs crossed; I feel my pussy juice drip hot and sticky, you're so deep in my ass and feel so good you're about to make me squirt.

You start stroking, moving, and pounding me harder. I can’t touch my clit any more because the feelings have gotten so intense. I reach back for you; wrapping my hand around your thick thigh, pulling you into me, needing more.

“Baby, let me ride you. Please?"

Pulling out you lay back adjusting our pillows half reclining against the headboard, you open your arms to me.

“Come here baby let me back inside you."

I slide up your legs, looking into your eyes I slowly lick your balls and slide my tongue against your long cock until I reach the head, where I lightly lick your slit.

“April, this isn’t riding me, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum."

I take my mouth off your cock and move up to your hips, taking your cock into my hand I guide you inside, slowly lowering myself on to you. I stop and enjoy the feeling; from this position I feel so full. I start my ride, sliding on your cock, rubbing my g-spot, the sensations are indescribable. Our eyes lock and hold as our foreheads rest against each other just breathing each other in. I start to ride your cock harder, my hips start to dance up and down, left to right as I move on your cock.

You sit up, wrapping your arms around me and up to my shoulders from my back, not pulling me but caressing. Our eyes find each other again, and show the intense emotions we have for each other.

“April, I love you."

“Oh damn; I love you too."

Stopping; we look into each other’s eyes. I trace your lips with my finger tip and softly kiss you.

“Damn baby. Ride me now. Cum for me. I need to feel your tight pussy milking me baby."

You lay back and I lay my hands on your chest. I ride you while looking into your eyes. You bite your lip, and bring your arms above your head to the headboard, holding on. Faster and faster, I churn my hips riding your cock like you want and like.

“Lorenzo, I’m going to cum!"

“Oh shit, oh shit me too baby, me too!"

I feel your cock throb as your thighs shake. My cunt milks your cock, squeezing and clenching your seed from you.

You pull me to your chest, kiss my forehead and my eye lids as I move off and lay against your side. My head is propped on your chest. I look up into your eyes, grin then lower my head.

I love your taste, when our cum mixes and I can taste us. I clean your cock, sucking you into my mouth tonguing your slit. You laugh,

“Okay baby stop now. You need to sleep. You’re working… later.

I let you slide from my mouth still not fully spent and settle my head on your stomach sighing.

“I love you Lorenzo."

“I love you too, April. Always."
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